LinkedIn’s Newsletter Upgrades Help Businesses Reach New Subscribers

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LinkedIn has upgraded its newsletter tools to better support businesses. Users can now design covers, deliver subscriber alerts, embed profiles, and more.

This comes in the wake of the company announcing that LinkedIn has seen a 59% increase in people publishing newsletters, and a 47% boost in newsletter engagement in the last year. The improved newsletter features aim to meet the rising demand for this type of content and help individuals and businesses grow their audiences on social media.

Read on to find out more about LinkedIn’s newsletter upgrades, and why your business should start tapping into this market.

What Newsletter Upgrades Can You Expect?

LinkedIn recently shared the news through – you guessed it – a LinkedIn newsletter. Keren Baruch, the Director of Product at LinkedIn, highlighted the impact of publishing through the platform:

“The more than 184k newsletters being published on LinkedIn cover a wide range of topics and industries, making it a great way for sharing valuable insights with communities and professionals who need them most.”

Baruch goes on to discuss the expanded suite of newsletter tools, available to all users, including:

  • A redesigned layout – the updated interface improves the overall reading experience, making it easier to engage with content and leave comments through a new right-hand sidebar
  • Design cover images – the AI-powered Microsoft Designer tool generates personalized cover images to make your content visually appealing from the get-go
  • Improved subscriber notifications – your readers will receive email and LinkedIn alerts, plus LinkedIn will do more to encourage readers to subscribe for notifications
  • Embed links to other profiles – add direct links to profiles and pages in your newsletter (for example, if you’re mentioning Website Builder Expert, you can now link to our LinkedIn page within the article)
  • Preview your newsletter – review your work before publishing and sharing it widely
LinkedIn newsletter showing a cover image and sidebar for comments
The newsletter layout now features a cover image and an easy-to-access comments section. Source: Website Builder Expert

Why Should Your Business Start a LinkedIn Newsletter?

Given the rising popularity of LinkedIn newsletters, it’s smart to get your business involved so you can tap into the growing community. Several leading publishers, such as CNN and The Wall Street Journal, utilize LinkedIn’s newsletter functionality.

With the new features, LinkedIn’s newsletters are giving business users more ways to drive engagement, grow their online audience and presence, and easily interact with readers. Plus, it’s free to use, so you won’t lose a cent experimenting on the platform.

However, there are limitations to consider. The LinkedIn newsletter is restricted to a single platform and its existing members – you’re not connecting with people from other channels.

That said, if your business is already active and sharing posts for the feed on the LinkedIn platform, it’s worth branching out into the world of newsletters, too.

How To Set Up a Newsletter on LinkedIn

Whether you’re running a personal or business profile on LinkedIn, every member can create a newsletter.

To start your first newsletter, you only need to click the “Write article” option in the share box at the top of the screen. This is where you normally create new posts. You’ll be taken to a separate page to start writing your content. The layout looks like a Word document, with all the usual styling options.

When you’re ready to publish, click “Next” to publish and share your post. Alternatively, you can click “Manage” to schedule your post for another time or tweak any settings.

For more newsletter advice, check out these monthly newsletter examples to help you feel inspired.

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