Pagecloud’s Spring Update: Introducing AI and Analytics

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Creating a blog post with Pagecloud, with a line of text highlighted for the AI pop up to generate enhanced copy
We tested Pagecloud AI on a sample of text to see how it improved the copy.
  • Pagecloud shares the latest spring updates and improvements
  • Pagecloud AI beta launches to help users create website content

Pagecloud, a popular website builder, shared a post outlining its recent product updates and improvements for Spring 2023. Along with general usability fixes, such as site speed when editing, Pagecloud has also introduced a handful of new features.

While we primarily recommend Pagecloud for web designers and those with experience in building a website, these additions to the platform will benefit all users.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s been rolled out:

  • Pagecloud Analytics – this new feature gives you access to your website’s data, including page views and referrals, to help you build a successful digital marketing strategy and understand your audience better
  • Pagecloud AI (beta) – with the help of artificial intelligence, Pagecloud can help you generate and edit website copy for your site’s pages or blog posts
  • Pagecloud Warnings – when editing, users will now be given warnings when elements could be hidden on a smaller screen or if an alternate layout would work better
  • New Components – Pagecloud has introduced pre-designed elements such as FAQs and numbered lists to bring increased functionality to your website

These new features, particularly Pagecloud Analytics and the AI text generator, will be incredibly useful for website owners and small businesses. For example, blog posts can help drive traffic toward your website and promote your website as an authority in your niche. And enhanced website analytics are useful when trying to understand your customer’s needs and what they’re engaging with the most.

Future Updates

Not only is Pagecloud one of the best free website builders out there, but it has a bunch of improvements in the pipeline! Think more analytics and AI features to support content marketing strategies and help you grow your business. So, stay tuned!

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