Pixpa Introduces Video Cover Layouts for Photo Albums

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Pop up box with video cover layout templates to choose from in Pixpa client gallery settings
It took me less than a minute to navigate to my album’s cover layout and add a video link.
  • Add a dynamic element to your photo albums with Pixpa’s new feature, Video Cover Layouts
  • The feature is only compatible with YouTube and Vimeo videos

Pixpa, the website builder specializing in portfolios, has introduced a new feature to help users showcase their work online. You can now use Video Cover Layouts to elevate your albums, replacing static images with eye-catching video banners to help your portfolio stand out.

At present, the new feature is only compatible with YouTube and Vimeo video links but all Pixpa plans have access to Video Cover Layouts.

After adding a video background to your album, you can tweak the settings to offer full-screen playback. This can be fully customized depending on your needs – you could add a teaser trailer or present different videos between the cover layout and the full-screen playback.

But why is this feature so exciting? Adding dynamic videos to your website or online portfolio can help engage your target audience, enticing them to click on your photo albums. This results in more people viewing and sharing your work – they could later convert into customers or clients.

How to Add Video Cover Layouts

To navigate to your photo albums, you’ll need to click on “Client Galleries” when in the Pixpa dashboard. Select “Albums” from there and find the album you’d like to edit. To upload a video cover, dive into the album settings and choose the “Design” tab. This is where users can upload, remove, and customize their cover image and cover layout.

You’ll be presented with a variety of video layout templates – once you’ve found your preferred style, simply add your video link and check your viewing options.

But remember, you can only link to videos from YouTube and Vimeo so make sure you’ve uploaded what you need to these platforms first.

If you need more advice on making an online portfolio or want to learn about video SEO, you can read our detailed guides to help you get started.

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