Square Online Unveils 10 New Generative AI Features to Empower Businesses

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Square Online is an ecommerce builder that's recently added extra AI tools.
  • Square Online’s AI Revolution: Square Online launches 10 new AI features, streamlining business operations from menu creation to email marketing.
  • Operational Efficiency Boosted: Square Online’s new AI tools focus on operational efficiency, allowing businesses to focus more on sales and customer engagement.

Square Online has taken a significant leap in integrating artificial intelligence into its ecommerce website builder by launching 10 new generative AI features. Aimed at automating operations and speeding up workflows, these features are designed to assist businesses of all sizes.

A New Wave of AI-Powered Tools

Earlier this year, Square prioritized generative AI to offer time and cost-saving tools to sellers. The new features mark a substantial move towards fulfilling this commitment. They are seamlessly integrated into Square’s robust business software and provide an extra set of hands for businesses grappling with multifaceted demands.

Key Features Unveiled

Photo Environments

Ecommerce sellers can elevate their websites by adding hyperreal AI-generated backgrounds. The Photo Studio app offers more than 50 style prompts, and sellers have already created over 14,000 AI Environment images since July 1.

Personalized Email Copy

Square Marketing’s integrated AI generates personalized email copy, making email marketing more efficient.

Team Announcements

Employers can now quickly generate and send out team announcements using AI-generated copy, streamlining internal communications.

Website Copy Generator

Square Online’s AI-assisted copy generator helps sellers save time and boost SEO, from setting up to refreshing websites.

Suggested Replies

Square Messages now offers more sophisticated AI responses, personalizing messages to buyers with suggested replies that prepopulate names.

Auto-Generated Library

Square Point of Sale’s new AI-powered starter library suggests items for sellers to adopt based on insights about their business, making the setup process quicker.

Auto-Imported Services

Square Appointments now allows salons and spas to automatically import service names, descriptions, durations, and prices during onboarding.

Menu Generator

Restaurants can now generate a full menu in just a few clicks, saving valuable time designing restaurant menus when launching operations on Square Online.

Kitchen Categories

Square KDS can auto-assign menu items to kitchen categories and station screens, optimizing restaurant operations.

Item Descriptions

Sellers can now set up and manage their catalog with ease, thanks to compelling, auto-written product descriptions.

Operational Efficiency and Beyond

These features focus on operational efficiency, enabling sellers to concentrate on making more sales. “Our goal is to help businesses of all sizes scale their operations and take advantage of these new innovations,” says Saumil Mehta, Head of Point of Sale and Omnichannel at Square.

All features are currently available to sellers, with some accessed through Square Online’s beta program. For more information, visit Square Online’s AI for Businesses.

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