11 Easy Jewelry to Make and Sell

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Jewelry making can be an incredibly creative and satisfying hobby, allowing anyone to express themselves and create beautiful items. However, it’s not only a fun hobby. It can also be a very lucrative side hustle or career. In fact, Statista estimates the global online jewelry market will be worth about 117 billion U.S. dollars by 2027. That’s a LOT of bracelets, rings, and necklaces!

There’s a huge opportunity to make money here, especially not that it’s so easy to sell online through website builders or marketplaces like Etsy, so we’re going to explain how.

Read on to discover some of the easy jewelry to make and sell that we’ve seen perform especially well online, how to make, customize, and market them, and the skill level required.

Read on to become a jeweler extraordinaire!

1. Minimalist Necklaces

A trend that’s going nowhere, minimalist necklaces are very popular because they can be stacked and layered. The simple style means they’re popular for everyday wear, and as a bonus, simple styles are also easier to make!

Materials needed: Jewelry wire or chain, jewelry pliers, clasp, beads, or charms

Pricing: Dependent on the metal used, and the type of charms, this can either be a low-cost or mid-cost option. Precious metals or gems would increase this to a high-cost item

Skill level: Easy – mid level

Customization options: Choose from silver, gold, or rose gold chain, or cheaper metal or plated alternatives. The choice of beads or charms makes the styles limitless

Top tip: Charms such as initials, numbers, or star signs are very popular, making it easy to personalize, and you can make these unique by choosing a particular style or font.
Etsy product page showing a dainty necklace
A minimalist necklace with initial and charms sold on online platform Etsy

2. Bracelets with Charms

Charm bracelets, as made popular by Pandora, are a jewelry-lovers staple. They are much-loved because they can be highly customized, often to mark significant moments in a person’s life such as an anniversary, birthday, or birth of a child. Or, there are a huge number of more playful charms available, such as favorite foods or disney characters.

Materials needed: Bracelet chain, charms, jump rings (to attach the charms to the chain), pliers, and a clasp

Pricing: Usually mid-range

Skill level: Easy to mid skill level; you will need a bit of practise to correctly cut the length of the chain, and attach the jump rings and clasp

Customization options: The type of metal and charm make the customization options potentially limitless. Offering different types of clasp is also a good idea

Top tip: Charms are highly collectable, and make lovely gifts. Consider selling sets of charms, for example different types of animals or astronomical symbols.
Online store The Charm Works showing charm categories such as dinosaur, cat, and sealife charms
Online jewelry retailer The Charm Works offers a wide range of themed charms

3. Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are a chic option that can range from tiny, minimalist ‘huggie’ hoops to larger, statement pieces. They suit almost anyone, for any occasion, and this means they are a brilliant style to include in your online store.

Materials needed: Depending on the style you choose, hoop earrings can be made simply with jewelry wire, pliers, wire cutters, and earring hooks. Alternatively, you may choose pre-made hoop earrings, which can be thicker or more ornate in style. Add charms or embellishments to these as you wish

Pricing: Usually low to mid cost, depending on the base metal chosen

Skill level: Mid to skilled, as some hoops require expert manipulation of the metal

Customization options: Customize hoops with different metals, wire gauges, hoop sizes, and charms or embellishments

Top tip: Huggie hoops (earrings that “hug” the ear!) are proving ever-more popular, as multiple earrings can be worn at once. Consider selling these in a wide variety of metal types and styles, and use social media to market them to a younger audience.
Oliver Bonas product collection showing three different hoop earring styles
Hoop earrings from online retailer Oliver Bonas

4. Beaded Anklets

When thinking of easy jewelry to make and sell, beaded anklets may not spring first to mind, but they are the ultimate boho accessory, perfect for a summer trip to the beach. They are also one of the easiest jewelry types to make, and just require a little time and patience.

Materials needed: Beading wire or threads, a variety of beads (plastic, glass, metal, or stone), crimp beads, crimping pliers, a clasp, and jump beads to attach the clasp to the bracelet

Pricing: If you buy wire and beads in bulk, then beaded anklets or bracelets can be a low-cost item to produce

Skill level: Easy

Customization options: Limitless! Mix things up with different color themes, types of beads, bells, charms, twine, thread, or metals

Top tip: For a full-on beach vibe, shell and pearl anklets are very popular. You might want to consider using tarnish-proof metals, to ensure your anklets withstand the waves.
Three different product photos on Pineapple Island store showing beaded anklets modelled at the beach
Pineapple Island’s offering of beaded anklets

5. Boho-Style Bracelets

These are particularly popular with younger jewelry fans, and are often given to friends as gifts. They are another jewelry style which is easy to layer and stack, so the wearer can create a whimsical, hippy look totally unique to them.

Materials needed: Elastic cord, embroidery threads or leather cord, plus beads, tassels, and other charms

Pricing: Low to mid cost

Skill level: Medium skill level, moving to advanced if the design incorporates intricate braiding styles

Customization options: Again, the possibilities here are endless, especially as boho bracelets often incorporate coloured beads, threads, or cords

Top tip: Consider using feathers, dreamcatchers, tassels or astronomical charms for a beautiful boho effect.
Three different beaded bracelets in different colors and styles
Boho bracelets sold on the Boho Betty website

6. Statement Rings

Statement rings are bold and eye-catching and can add flair to an outfit. They are often made with non-precious materials, meaning they can be low cost to make. We recommend starting with a simple design using a pre-manufactured ring base and specially-made stones, however – there are many more intricate ring designs for advanced jewelers.

Materials needed: A bead or cabochon, ring base, jewelry glue, and pliers

Pricing: Low cost, unless a precious or semi-precious gemstone is used

Skill level: Easy

Customization options: Go wild with different colors of stone size, color, and metal type

Top tip: Adjustable ring bases are a brilliant option for an online store as they’ll fit anyone, meaning more satisfied customers and fewer returns.
A product grid of eight photos showing different colors of large statement rings
A selection of statement rings by Corky & Stoner

7. Tassel Earrings

Did you know, tassel earrings were historically used as a talisman against evil? Neither did we, but we’re convinced this is the sign we need to start making our own!

Materials needed: Embroidery thread or yarn, jump rings, earring hoops, scissors, and for more advanced styles, additional beads or charms

Pricing: If only using thread, this is a low cost option. Additional beads or charms will add cost

Skill level: Medium – advanced

Customization options: Different color threads mean the customization options are endless

Top tip: To create the tassel, you’ll need to wrap the thread around a small object 20 – 30 times. A larger item = a longer tassel. More wrapping = a full tassel.
Product page for blue tassel earrings on Laura Danby store
Tassel earrings sold by Laura Danby

8. Leather Chokers

Chokers are a flattering jewelry style that’s hugely popular because they are said to elongate the neck. They come in plastic or metallic styles, but these choker versions are particularly simple to make.

Materials needed: Leather cord, scissors, some type of closing piece such as a lobster clasp and jump rings, and decorative elements

Pricing: Mid to low

Skill level: Easy

Customization options: Beads, charms, or pendants can all be added to customize the choker

Top tip: Black cord can be used for a more gothic or dramatic look, or use lighter coloured leather for a hippy, boho look.
Product results on Etsy for leather chokers, shwoing four product photos of various leather chokers
Leather chokers on Etsy

9. Dainty Bracelets

Cute and simple, these bracelets are a jewelry-makers dream because they are super easy jewelry to make and sell. You could choose to create them with precious or semi-precious jewels and metals if you are going after a premium market, or more basic materials.

Materials needed: Jewelry wire or thread, beads, jewelry clasps (such as a lobster clasp), jump rings, spacing beads, pliers

Pricing: Average cost, depending on the materials chosen

Skill level: Easy

Customization options: Lots of potential for customization, but remember simple, elegant, and pretty styles are the most popular

Top tip: Dainty bracelets make excellent gifts, especially when personalized with birthstones or initials.
Four product photos of gold dainty bracelets on the Monica Vinader store
Dainty bracelets sold by Monica Vinader

10. Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces usually use three or more chains of different lengths, layered with different charms. Achieving this look yourself can be a little tricky, because it requires having necklaces of the right length that work together well as a set. This means that pre-created layered necklaces are a particularly popular item to sell in your online store.

Materials needed: Chains of different lengths, necklace clasps, jump rings, charms or pendants, jewelry pliers

Pricing: Mid-high

Skill level: Mid level – some skill required in getting the correct necklace lengths and creating a seamless set

Customization options: Gold, silver, or rose gold are the most popular metals

Top tip: Mix it up even further by varying the style of chain, such as different thicknesses, or by using a beaded chain.
Four layered necklaces on Lovisa store, three silver and one gold
Layered necklaces on Lovisa

11. Simple Stud Earrings

Last but not least, simple stud earrings have grown in popularity along with the trend of having multiple ear piercings in each ear. These are among the quickest jewelry types to make – just pick your style, glue the pieces together, and wait for the glue to dry!

Materials needed: Earring posts, backs, super glue, tweezers, and any decorative elements you want to use

Pricing: Medium

Skill level: Easy – as long as you have a steady hand

Customization options: Birthstones, star signs, initials, or animals are all popular ways to customize stud earrings

Top tip: Ensure the adhesive has fully dried before wrapping the earrings
Four product photos of stud earrings shaped like stars and wings
Astrid & Miyu stud earrings


That’s your 11 ideas for easy jewelry to make and sell, folks! Whether you’re drawn towards the simple and elegant dainty necklaces, or prefer to go wild and bold with statement rings and tassel necklaces, we hope these ideas have sparked your imagination.

Anyone with a passion for jewelry can turn this into a thriving online business. In fact, jewelry is one of the most popular crafts to sell. Remember the trick is to find your niche, create products that will appeal to a target audience, and market the product imaginatively. Check out this article for even more tips on how to sell jewelry online.

Thanks for reading – and good luck in your jewelling journey!


Generally speaking, simple charm bracelets or necklaces are the simplest to make, or stud earrings and rings.
One of the best ways to learn is by watching video tutorials on YouTube, or by following jewelry makers on social media. Try making jewelry for yourself and your friends and family, before you take the plunge and begin selling it online.
Although you can also sell in a physical store or market, the easiest way to start selling is in an online store. Shopify is the best online store builder, while Etsy is one of the most popular marketplaces for handmade items – our Shopify vs Etsy comparison will help you pick the right option for you.
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