Crafts That Sell: 11 Best Sellable Crafts

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Crafts have always been a popular way for people to express their creativity. But have you ever thought about how you may be able to turn that creativity into profit?

Whether it’s knitting, pottery, or woodworking, there’s no shortage of crafts that people enjoy making. However, not all crafts are created equal when it comes to selling them.

To help you narrow down your options, we’ve compiled a list of the 11 best crafts that sell. These crafts have proven to be popular in recent years and remain in high demand.

So…if you’re looking to turn your hobby into a craft business, read on to discover the best crafts to make and sell in the upcoming year.

1. Handmade Jewelry

Ruby bracelet on Mickey Lynn store with product description and pricing
Mickey Lynn is a great example of how a simple website can be used to sell beautiful handcrafted jewelry online.

Visit any online craft marketplace, such as Etsy, and you won’t have to search long to find several examples of beautiful handmade jewelry. This type of crafting has always been well-established as one of the best crafts to sell.

Jewelry is often a deeply personal item and can have important meaning behind it – for many, it becomes part of their identity. Some people love wearing very expensive jewelry, but others hunt out custom, handmade jewelry rather than opting for something “off the shelf”.

Handmade jewelry is especially popular as a gift for special occasions.

The time and money investment that goes into making custom jewelry can vary based on the materials used and the type of jewelry you make. For example, a simple bracelet made from semi-precious stones may take less than an hour to thread together and cost little to create. However, a unique necklace made from gold and crafted using advanced techniques will take much more time and money to make.

Top Tip: One-of-a-kind handmade jewelry gives your business a unique selling point, making it easy to market your products to new customers.

2. Candles

Festive Spirit candle being lit in product photo on
Seasonal candles are a popular product, making them perfect for boosting sales at specific seasons and events.

Adding candles to a room can create a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. This is why candles have always been a popular addition to the home.

They’re also fantastic craft products to sell online for several reasons. Firstly, candles are relatively lightweight which makes them easy to ship. They’re also affordable, giving customers a low-cost way to indulge and treat themselves or others.

Top Tip: Candles made from natural and eco-friendly materials can be a great way to tap into the growing eco-conscious customer base. Unusual candles, such as those with unique scents or a novelty twist, can also prove popular.

3. Home Decor

Throw pillows on couch in product photo on Adults & Crafts store
Using product images in an ‘at home’ setting can be a great way to show potential customers how your home decor products may look and feel once being used.

The US home decor market is expected to reach a massive $202 billion by 2024. This shows just how lucrative this space can be and the growing popularity of adding unique craft products to your home to create a warm and inviting environment.

There are countless home decor products you may be able to craft ranging from throw pillows and wall art to picture frames and coasters. The cost of materials and tools varies based on what you hope to craft. But simple home decor crafts can be put together using cheap materials and readily available tools – get creative!

Top Tip: Using recycled material to make one-of-a-kind home decor items can be highly lucrative and environmentally friendly. For example, you may use a second-hand dress with a beautiful pattern to create unique cushion covers.

4. Pottery

Gallery of product photos of Robert Maxwell pottery items on Lollygag store
Offering collections of craft pottery can help you sell more products to those who want the ‘complete’ set or simple want a handful of beautiful items from the same collection.

Pottery is another lucrative market, and the possibilities are endless – popularity for household items such as mugs, bowls, and vases remains high. More unique, unusual pottery items can pique potential customers and drive sales, too.

When selling pottery, looks are everything, so make sure you take plenty of professional and high-quality product photos.

However, set-up costs can be a little higher than other crafts because you’ll need access to specialist equipment, such as a kiln, to produce sellable products.

Top Tip: Businesses that offer luxurious experiences such as hotels and restaurants can be great customers for quality pottery products and will often buy in bulk to serve a large customer base.

5. Soap and Bath Products

Product gallery of decorative soaps on the Bali Soaps online store
Selling craft soap in multiple packs can be a time and cost saver for customers as well as helping you to make more profit with each sale made.

Soap and bath products are popular gifts. This makes them a great craft option for selling online.

Products such as handmade soaps and bath bombs can be put together with fairly inexpensive ingredients. As these products are typically being applied or coming into contact with people’s skin, natural and organic ingredients can often help make your crafted products more appealing.

Top Tip: Creating personalized scents and packaging can help you stand out from the crowd and encourage customers to give your products a go.

6. Knit or Crochet Items

Product photo of chunky green and white throw blanket on
Customizing your knitted products can make them feel more special and appealing to potential customers.

Knitted and crocheted items such as hats, scarves, and blankets can be very popular. This is especially true during gift-giving holidays in the colder months!

Although materials are relatively cheap, this craft typically takes a considerable time investment to complete each item. This is especially true when you’re new to the craft and getting used to the various methods and techniques used to create stunning knitted and crocheted products.

Top Tip: As these items typically take a large time investment, it can be worth offering customers unique items based on different factors, such as size, color, and pattern.

7. Pet Accessories

Gallery of cats and dogs on the Pet Accessories category of the Dyari store
People LOVE their pets, so offering them bespoke, handcrafted products for them can be a great way to tap into the lucrative pet market.

The majority of pet owners love their pets and want to create the best life possible for them. So it’s hardly surprising to discover that the global pet supply and accessory market is predicted to reach $42 billion by 2026.

Crafters can tap into this market by creating items specifically for pets such as collars, bandanas, toys, bowls, and even bags for carrying your furry friend.

The financial and time investment will vary based on the products you make. If you want to get started quickly, we’d recommend basic products created using simple tools, such as Paracord dog collars, since they’re cheap and easy to make.

Top Tip:Allowing the customer to customize their pet accessories will make your product even more popular and appealing to pet-loving owners.

8. Woodworking

Product gallery of wooden kitchenware on Wooden Earth online store
With growing concern around the use of plastics, wooden kitchen products are growing in popularity as an alternative.

Woodworking is a historically popular craft. Nowadays products are being made from cheap plastics, and consumers are looking for an alternative – in this case, high-quality wooden products that have been lovingly crafted.

Items such as cutting boards, coasters, coffee tables, and picture frames are all popular. How much this costs to make will depend on the product and the methods you use. Almost all products will require some investment in tools such as chisels, saws, and sanders to help you shape the wood into the product you want to sell.

Top Tip: If you can use eco-friendly methods and materials, this can help you stand out from the crowd. So, make sure you include your product’s eco credentials in your product descriptions.

9. Paper Goods

Product categories for journals, notecards, and planners on Papier store
Paper goods are always popular, but you can jump on trends - such as academic planners in the Fall - to help boost sales.

Paper goods such as greeting cards, journals, and planners are a great option for selling online. These products are popular with those looking for a higher quality, more personal experience when compared to their digital alternatives.

If you’re a keen artist, greeting cards can be relatively easy and cheap to create, although they can be time-consuming depending on your methods. Products such as journals will require specialist equipment for binding the paper, so will require a larger investment.

Top Tip: Since customers buying paper goods are usually investing in an experience, you may want to offer personalization to make their experience even better. For example, you could print customer initials or names on journals.

10. Leather Goods

Product photos of aqua leather journal on store Journals by Jane
Journaling has exploded in popularity in recent years. As a highly personal experience, offering handmade journals is the perfect way to tap into this area of growth.

Crafting with leather goods can be a rewarding experience, with many of the goods made from leather materials lasting a lifetime.

Leather products such as wallets, bags, and belts can be lucrative due to their popularity. However, learning how to craft from leather is a time-consuming task and will require at least a small investment in specialist tools.

Top Tip: Using eco-friendly or recycled materials can help you appeal to a wider audience of environmentally-minded consumers.

11. Floral Arrangements

Product photos of different styles of flower bouquets on the Floom store
Sending floral arrangements by posts can be a great gift for a special one.

Floral arrangements have long been used to bring color and interest into many spaces. This is what makes them a great option for selling as a craft.

With advancements in technology, artificial flowers can be incredibly convincing and long-lasting which helps your business avoid waste. This offers you (and your customers) options. You may choose to offer real, artificial, or a mix of both types of floral arrangements to your customers.

Top Tip:To make your floral arrangement service stand out from the crowd, such as other options on the high street, you may offer bespoke and customizable options for special occasions including weddings and baby showers.

Crafting to Sell: Summary

If you want to turn your craft into a business, there are several big markets with ample opportunities to tap into. In this article, we’ve walked you through 11 of the very best (and most popular) craft products you can sell.

Once you’ve decided which is right for you, it’s time to start selling online. This can be done in several ways – through a website builder, like Wix or Squarespace, or by selling on craft websites, such as Etsy.


Selling crafts online can be a great way to turn a hobby into a business. Regardless of whether you do it full-time or part-time, profit is there to be made. Doing so can help you express your creativity and make unique items that can be appreciated by others. Additionally, selling crafts can also promote a culture of sustainability and conscious consumption.
The best crafts that sell are unique, practical, and in demand. Examples include handmade jewelry, pottery, candles, leather goods, and floral arrangements. Crafts that reflect current trends or cater to specific markets, such as eco-friendly or personalized products, are also popular and profitable choices.
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