25 Best AI Prompts Examples to Build Websites

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking over the internet, but did you know that AI website builders exist to help you get online?

Using AI to build websites is a relatively new phenomenon and the key to success is making sure you use the correct prompts to get the results that you’re looking for. 

Luckily, we’re way ahead of the game and have been researching the best AI prompts to use. In this article, we’ll share our top 25 prompts that you can have to hand when creating your website.

Let’s take a look…

Using AI to Build Websites

Before we get stuck into our AI prompts, you must understand exactly what AI is and how you can use it to build a website.

AI stands for artificial intelligence and is effectively the ability of machines to perform tasks that traditionally require human intelligence to be completed. These tasks can be anything from writing a CV to, you guessed it, building a website.

AI works by users inputting “prompts”. These prompts effectively tell the machine what you want it to create. For example, you could ask the AI tool to “Write a tagline for my dog lead company”. 

AI is becoming so advanced and popular that many of our favorite website builders, such as Wix and Squarespace, are now adopting it. This means that users can input prompts and the machines will generate code, create content, and provide design recommendations to help you build a fully functioning website. 

Wix ADI allows users to create a fully bespoke website, all using AI.

25 AI Prompts Examples for Web Design

To get the best results out of AI, you need to use the right prompts. We’ve broken down our 25 best AI prompts into five categories to help you use AI to build websites. 

Site Layout 

  • Create a website layout that focuses on CTAs and encourages clicks
  • Suggest a layout for long-form content that keeps readers engaged
  • How can I display ecommerce products to encourage sales?
  • Design a contact page that includes a contact form and social media icons
  • Create a grid-style page layout to display portfolio items on a website

Optimizing User Experience

  • Create a user journey that seamlessly leads from the homepage to checkout
  • Design a web page that engages users with a content hierarchy and clear navigation
  • Suggest ways I can personalize the user experience of my website
  • Design a clear user interface that focuses on usability
  • Adapt the content on my portfolio website for mobile display

Designing Your Homepage

  • Design a vibrant and eye-catching homepage for a furniture store
  • Create a homepage with a clear content hierarchy and user journey
  • Create a homepage that focuses on images for my portfolio website
  • Design a homepage for a real estate company that includes a video header
  • Create a banner to display on a website homepage


  • Write a 500-word article about carpet cleaning, optimized for the keywords “how to clean a carpet”
  • Write accurate alt text for my website images to enhance usability
  • Create a tagline for my burger restaurant, optimized for SEO
  • Suggest anchor texts to use for backlinks pointing to my online coaching website
  • Write a meta description for my outdoor furniture website

Blog Post Ideas

  • Suggest SEO blog post ideas for my outdoor hiking blog
  • Create a list of blog post titles, optimized for the term “pet supplies”
  • Suggest content ideas for an online personal trainer
  • List 15 blog post topic ideas to help promote my latest vegan cosmetics product
  • Write an engaging introduction for a blog post titled “How to prepare for a winter camping trip”

Shop Page

  • Write a compelling product description for my personalized pet collars
  • Design a product page that utilizes both product images and videos
  • Create a layout for a simple product listing page
  • Provide a list of the features a good product page should include
  • Design a shop webpage that focuses on an “Add to cart” CTA

More Information

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using AI Prompts to Build Websites

Using AI to build websites has plenty of benefits, as well as some drawbacks…

Benefits of Using AI Prompts

  • Increased efficiency – AI can automate many of the time-consuming (and boring) tasks associated with web design, allowing designers to focus on the more creative aspects of a project
  • Improved accuracy – AI can help to ensure finished websites are error-free, fully functional, and compliant with industry standards
  • Enhanced creativity – AI can be used as an inspiration tool to generate new and innovative ideas and website designs
  • Maintains consistency – AI ensures the whole website is consistent, something that can often be tricky when you have multiple designers and content creators working on a site
  • Speeds up prototyping and iterations – AI can quickly come up with new ideas, tweaks to designs, and overall improvements when aspects aren’t working as they should be
Using ChatGPT to generate blog post ideas
AI can help with some of the more laborious tasks, such as generating blog post ideas, allowing you to focus on the creative tasks.

Drawbacks of Using AI Prompts

  • Cost – AI tools come with a price and can often be expensive and out of budget, especially for small businesses
  • Data privacy – AI tools can collect and store vast amounts of data from across the internet which raises privacy concerns for some users
  • Bias – AI tools can be biased which can lead to discrimination against certain demographic groups
  • Uniqueness – While AI tools will create a custom website, they use content and designs that are already available online for inspiration which can raise questions about copyright, authenticity, and ethics

Best Practice for Using AI in Web Design

Now that you’re ready to use these AI prompts to build your website, be sure to remember these best practices for using AI in web design.

  • Choose the right AI tool for your specific needs – different tools will create different results so be sure to “shop around” and do your research
  • Before you get started, be clear on what your goals are – if you don’t know what you want, how can you expect a machine to?
  • Provide your chosen AI tool with clear and concise instructions – don’t overcomplicate it
  • Test and iterate your designs – discover what features work well and which ones need adapting
  • Be realistic – AI tools can create amazing results but it’s important to have a realistic expectation of the website an AI tool will be able to provide you with
  • Avoid reliance – there will always be a place for human designers and creativity so it’s important to not get complacent and rely on AI too much

AI Prompts to Build Websites: Summary

Your website is one of the most essential tools you can have up your business sleeve so you need to make sure it’s engaging, optimized, and functional. 

Leaving such an important task up to AI can seem daunting, but providing you follow the advice in this article and make use of some of our AI prompt examples, there’s no reason why you can’t use AI to create a quality site.

Want to find out more about AI and the future of web design? Be sure to take a look at our expert article next. 

Frequently Asked Questions

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and is the concept of machines performing tasks that are usually undertaken by the human brain, such as writing content or graphic design. 

The content AI creates for you will be unique. That being said, it’s important to consider the fact that AI machines “learn” from existing content on the internet, using this to inspire the end result. You’ll need to take into account the ethical considerations around this.

To be honest, AI can do practically anything. It can offer you inspiration and ideas as well as design your website and even write your web copy. Just remember that the quality of the results will be determined by your prompts. 

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