Designing Tomorrow: 11 Top-Rated AI Graphic Design Tools for 2024

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AI graphic design tools can help to streamline workflows and boost creative ideas and, just like AI website builders, are becoming more and more common. 

With the help of artificial intelligence, normally time-consuming tasks can become a whole lot simpler. That’s why we’ve collated the 11 top-rated AI graphic design tools that you need to add to your workflow to ease your workload.

Canva: Empowering Designs with AI

Canva is one of the most popular design tools on the internet and its simple drag-and-drop interface and pre-made templates make it perfect for designers of all abilities. 

You can create everything on Canva from social media posts to leaflets and presentations.

Canva’s Magic Studio
Canva’s Magic Studio creates designs from text prompts.

The design tool has added various AI features including the Magic Design feature where users simply input text prompts to create the design they’re looking for.

Like any AI design tool, it may need some tweaking to get it how you want, but it’s a great way to save time instead of searching through the thousands of different templates Canva has to offer.

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Adobe Sensei: Intelligence in Creative Cloud

Adobe Sensei is a great example of an AI tool that can help streamline workflow and automate tasks in graphic design.

The tool can be integrated with key Adobe Creative Cloud applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign and takes on mundane tasks such as removing backgrounds from images and image resizing. 

Figma: Collaborative Design Revolution

Figma is a cloud-based collaborative design tool for web and app designers. 

The tool has grown in popularity in recent years and has incorporated AI features such as the ability to generate design ideas from text prompts, shapes, and images. 

It also allows you to use AI to create smart layouts and responsive designs for various screen sizes – tricks that every designer needs up their sleeve in this mobile-first world! 

Designify: Crafting Social Media Brilliance with AI

Designify is another great AI graphic design tool that focuses solely on creating social media graphics.

You can do all sorts on Designify including remove image backgrounds and use existing images to create new graphics.

Perfect for not just graphic designers but also social media managers and marketers who have little design know-how, Designify has a library of templates and customization options available. 

The built-in AI tools allow you to create professional designs to represent a brand from just a few text prompts. 

Tailwind Create: AI Magic for Marketing Materials

Another great AI graphic design tool for marketers to make use of is Tailwind Create.

This AI-powered tool designs marketing materials, offering a ton of template options for social media posts, blogs, and email marketing. 

With just a few prompts you can create designs that are automatically optimized for social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook. A Universe of AI Design Possibilities is one of the most extensive AI graphic design tools on the market with an array of design possibilities such as logos, videos, and social media adverts.
Once you’ve put your text prompt in, you can edit aspects such as colors and lighting.

The extensive toolkit can create personalized designs and its machine learning capabilities monitor your likes and dislikes to serve up the right templates for you.

Whether you want to use AI to create business cards or to edit a video, has the tools you need.

Piktochart: AI-Infused Infographic Design

Infographics can be useful marketing tools but if you aren’t skilled at graphic design, it can be daunting to design one. Enter Piktochart. 

These are some of the infographics Piktochart creates for the text prompt “top 5 reasons to work from home”

Piktochart uses AI-driven data visualization to suggest layouts and design styles for informative and engaging infographic creation.

Uizard: Bridging the Gap Between Ideas and Digital Designs

Most of us presume that to create great web pages or mobile apps we need coding experience. Luckily, Uizard proves that’s simply not true.

Uizard has loads of templates for digital web page and app designs.

This AI design tool can take ideas and sketches and turn them into functional designs, simplifying the process of creating complex digital designs. 

Artboard Studio: Elevating Designs with AI Precision

Artboard Studio is a design tool that allows you to create visually stunning marketing materials. It uses machine learning to understand both what you’re looking for and what’s popular online to create design ideas and variations that will resonate with your audience.

You can create everything from icons and illustrations to branding and patterns with maximum ease and efficiency. Effortless Background Removal with AI

When it comes to designing graphics, one of the most frustrating tasks can be removing an image’s background. makes it quick and easy to remove an image background.

Often a time-consuming and fiddly process, this AI tool for graphic design saves time and brain power by doing it for you. 

It’s ideal for people designing websites, social media posts, or presentations who are looking for a quick and efficient way to remove image backgrounds.

Deep Art Effects: AI Transforms Images into Masterpieces

Deep Art Effects is an AI graphic design tool that allows anyone to be an artist.

The tool takes your existing images and designs and applies artistic styling and creative flair, transforming them into works of art inspired by the styles of famous artists. 

Deep Art Effects
An example of the type of art Deep Art Effects can create.

This is a great AI tool that can be used for both business and personal graphic design needs.

Top Rated AI Graphic Design Tools: Summary

Using AI for graphic design is becoming increasingly common and, with these 11 tools, anyone can become a designer.

To recap, our top 11 AI graphic design tools are:

  • Canva
  • Adobe Sensei
  • Figma
  • Designify
  • Tailwind Create
  • Piktochart
  • Uizard
  • Artboard Studio
  • Deep Art Effects

Adding AI graphic design to your existing design workflow can be a great way of working more efficiently and creatively, opening up new design opportunities and automating time-consuming tasks. 

Why not try some of these for yourself and let us know in the comments what you think?

Frequently Asked Questions

AI can be used in graphic design in numerous ways including automating time-consuming tasks such as image background removal and template design, as well as adding creative flair to your existing design ideas.

Thanks in part to how new the industry is, legalities and copyright surrounding AI design work is complicated. Every AI design tool has its own legal compliance requirements so be sure to familiarize yourself with these before you design and share work.

Most AI graphic design tools require a fee to use them, however many include a free trial, a set number of designs for free, or simple features on a free plan. This means you can try them out, commitment-free. 

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