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Lucy's Short Bio:

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Hi, I’m Lucy:

I know how scary building a website can be – I’ve been there myself, back when I didn’t have a clue about servers or site speeds. But after working alongside our inhouse experts, testing everything from ecommerce to hosting providers, I’ve got the know-how to help you out. Everyone should have the chance to share their ideas online, whether you’re a tech pro or total code-phobe. That’s why I joined Website Builder Expert – not just to find you the perfect builder or provider, but to make it enjoyable! The virtual world is waiting, so let’s get on our way!

You can find me on Linkedin here.

More About Lucy

Lucy used to have a pretty turbulent relationship with technology. Computers would switch off when they saw her coming, and phones had a terribly sad life expectancy in her hands. The idea of building a website seemed ludicrous, to say the least. Luckily, that didn’t stop her – and one blog later, she had the bug.

Fast forward to her start at Website Builder Expert in 2018, where she combined her true love, writing, with her new-found interest in technology. She hasn’t looked back – since then, her writing has featured on other sites including Usability Geek, Digital Doughnut, Serpstat, and the Shopify Partners blog.

She started out focusing on website builders, but is now an  ecommerce platforms and hosting pro, too. She uses her expert knowledge to write reviews connecting people with the perfect platform for their needs.

Lucy can usually be found blasting the Harry Potter soundtrack through her earphones while she writes, both in and out of work. When she’s not writing, you can find her swimming, reading, or out walking.

Phones may never be safe around her, but when it comes to finding you the best way of getting online, you’re in good hands with Lucy. Read any of her articles below, and let her know if you enjoy what you find!

Articles Lucy Has Written: