Hackers Stole Accounts and Installed Malware in GoDaddy Breach

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Website builder GoDaddy announced last month that for the past three years, it had been under attack from a

“sophisticated and organized group targeting hosting services”.

Sources say that a multi-year security breach had allowed unknown assailants to install malware and harvest source code from the website builder and hosting provider, as well as gain access to customers’ accounts in order to target them.

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GoDaddy filed an SEC report in December 2022 after customer complaints that their website domains were redirecting to random addresses. However, in the report, it listed that the attacks had been ongoing since March 2020, during which they

“discovered a threat actor compromised the hosting login credentials of approximately 28,000 hosting customers to their hosting accounts as well as the login credentials of a small number of our personnel”

The Securities and Exchange Commission is an independent agency of the federal US government to enforce the law against market manipulation. It was founded in 1934, in response to the Wall Street Crash of 1929.

Another breach in November 2021 cemented the idea that these breaches were linked, and that an ongoing attack was underway against GoDaddy.

The November 2021 breach was particularly bad, leading to 1.2 million managed WordPress users getting their passwords compromised.

Since these attacks, GoDaddy has vowed to work with cybersecurity experts in order to root out these hackers and make sure users can entrust their data to GoDaddy’s hands. It’s more important than ever to ensure that you have secured your website.

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