Hostinger and Monarx Partner Up for Instant Malware Protection

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The hosting provider Hostinger has started a partnership with Monarx, a robust security software for Linux web hosting. Hostinger users won’t need to worry about installing additional security features since this new Monarx addition will provide easy protection.

What Exactly Is Monarx?

Monarx was founded in April 2017, it’s a relatively new cloud-based software that, as stated on the website, blocks 290K attacks each day. The way Monarx works is by constantly scanning and detecting even the most sophisticated PHP malware – instead of detecting signatures that can evade a lot of malware protection, it analyzes what the code intends to do.

Also, Monarx explains that every user will always be protected and that it “automatically protects the entire server and all its users from new infections all the time.

What Does This Partnership Mean?

It means Monarx will be protecting shared hosting plans offered by Hostinger, providing instant malware protection. So if you have a shared domain with Hostinger you’ll have a secure server without the need for any installation. Monarx also built additional features tailored to Hostinger users, which include:

  • The Linux Audit daemon: for performance optimization
  • Enabled telemetry and identification of malicious processes: telemetry is used to monitor the health of applications and application components in real-time. It measures processing times, user behavior, crashes, and resource use.
  • A new capability to identify and remediate malicious processes: like in-memory malware, crypto miners, and more.
  • New optimization and security opportunities: for example, a file manager bug, WordPress filesystem access method, backup solution ownership, and more.
  • A site cleanup service: as a response to Hostinger’s customer service needs which drastically reduces the time of ticket resolution.

The CEO of Monarx, Jeremy Warren, noted that Monarx was happy to be Hostinger’s chosen solution for website security. Stating that, “our hybrid agent and cloud-based malware protection is a new take that provides off-premise analysis, resulting in minimal performance impact.

This exciting partnership between Monarx and Hostinger could lead to a more secure platform for businesses and customers alike. We’re excited to factor this into our next round of hosting research and testing here at Website Builder Expert – to see if it holds true to being more secure.

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