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Hi, I’m Jacqueline:

I’m a new writer here at Website Builder Expert, and I know the challenges of setting up an online business. 

I started my journey knowing zilch about tech. I think I made nearly every website builder mistake – I see it as prep to help you avoid them. I understand that starting your business (or online services) feels like you have to wear many hats – while also becoming a tech researcher on the side!

I joined Website Builder Expert to help you navigate the internet waters. I draw from my experience as a freelancer, setting up an ecommerce shop, and learning about website builders – to get you sailing online.

Let’s get you started on your online adventures!

More About Jacqueline

Jacqueline began, many moons ago, with a film business. She created video content for small businesses, already showing an interest in getting businesses off the ground. Her first website, though, was a questionable-looking one.  

She then went travelling and found her true purpose – helping people through writing. Jacqueline freelanced on websites, all with the common thread of wanting to improve people’s lives and careers. 

The more Jacqueline learned about online tools, the more fascinated she became. She’ll tell you herself: if I can learn to do it, you can too.

Outside being a writer, Jacqueline is a philosophy enthusiast. She’ll talk your ear off about the universe, psychology, meditation, films, and overly existential ideas.

Using her journey from tech allergy to tech savvy, Jacqueline offers guidance on how to build your website from scratch. Keep an eye peeled for her articles below, and feel free to share your thoughts on them in the comments section!

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