Pixpa Listens To Creatives With Its Range of New Features

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Watermarks is just one of the many new features Pixpa offers with its latest update.
  • Enhanced watermarking grants more customization and flexibility
  • Added visual impact with new animation effects
  • Custom fonts let you establish unique brand identity

Pixpa, the website builder helping creatives build their online presence, has introduced a whole heap of powerful updates to help professionals showcase their talents and make sites truly their own. Let’s take a look at what they’ve put together over at the Pixpa labs.

New Watermark Feature

The highly requested enhanced watermarking capabilities now provide more control over applying watermarks to images. Users can maintain multiple text and image watermarks within their accounts, choose between tiled or fixed position watermarks, and customize size, transparency level, and precise placement.

As any visual artist knows, a watermark is equivalent to a signature. Pixpa understands creators want to get credit for their work while still allowing viewers to appreciate the art. The improved watermarks mean photos are identifiable as the owner’s while not overly distracting from the image itself.

It’s features like this that makes Pixpa such a good photography website builder and clearly shows Pixpa’s understanding of what its users need from it.

Animations and Custom Fonts

In addition to advanced watermarking, Pixpa users can now add new animations when their website loads. Choices include fade-in, slide-up, scale-up, scale-down, and reveal effects at slow, medium, or fast speeds. This subtle yet impactful touch helps make sites more engaging and dynamic for users.

Site owners can also upload and leverage custom fonts to brand their online presence. Whether applied to headings, body text, menus, or buttons, customized fonts blend with specific aesthetics related to the site owner’s brand of an even more personalized look and feel.

With these custom fonts, Pixpa offers one-click font pairings and color palettes that can change the entire feel and personality of a website. Curated combinations now means that testing different looks is an effortless task.

Find Out More

With animations and custom fonts, you need to be careful about impacting your site’s loading speeds. Find out why this is so important in our report on Website Load Time Statistics.

Extra Features

For photographers looking to impress clients with online albums and galleries, the updates also introduces new features like:

  • Detailed single image views to showcase stories
  • Automated email responses to submissions
  • Added flexibility over favorites listings

Taken together, these latest Pixpa improvements help artists, photographers, and other users easily make online portfolios and develop websites aligned with their brand. Between establishing a unique visual identity and showcasing work in more helpful ways, the updates aim to solve multiple user requests.

Summary: Putting Creatives First

With a ton of new features, Pixpa is really putting creatives front and center, giving you more options to craft a compelling website that hits all the right notes. These features from Pixpa serve as a platform to let you do what you do best—create.

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