Shopify Announces Organization Settings: Managing Multi-Stores Made Simple

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A page on the Shopify help center for accessing settings.
Easily access the new Shopify Organization Settings from the help center.
  • Shopify Plus merchants can access Organization Settings to help make managing multi-stores simpler.
  • For those with more than one store, you can now access settings in the admin that can do tasks that affect store management, users, and billing across all the stores in your company.

After Shopify recently announced its new Sidekick AI, this month it has announced a boost in Organization Settings. This means if Shopify Plus users have, for example, four stores, they can manage users and each store from one spot – rather than going in individually to manage them.

What Is Shopify Organization Admin?

The original Shopify organization admin allowed Shopify Plus customers to use tools like analytics and store management. Store management allows you to access all the stores you have and filter them by type or status. But now the Shopify organization admin is stepping aside to make way for Organization Settings! Which will help merchants even more.

Benefits of Shopify Organization Settings

Shopify Plus plan comes with some perks like the ability to run a wholesale and DTC business from one store, integrated customization tools for B2B, and automation of complex campaigns and discounts. Not to mention the new ability to manage all your stores and workflows in one place with Organization Settings. Let’s go over the benefits of this announcement below.

User Management

When building an online store you’ll now be able to add, suspend, or remove new users in bulk. In Shopify Organization Settings, you can assign or remove access to features for users, making it easier and more secure within your business. You’ll essentially have the ability to fully control your store’s access and permissions, and even add two-step authentication to help keep your store protected.

Store Management

Shopify Plus plan users can view all their stores, filter them by type or status, and create new stores all in one location. It will also import data from one of your existing stores when creating a new one – so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Bill Settings

Organization Settings offer users one billing entity for all stores, instead of going into each individual one to manage bills. You can manage usage fees, subscription payments, and one-time charges.

Lastly, you’ll be able to access your analytics to find out how each store is performing, as well as, all your stores. You’ll be able to see your total sales across every store which is a neat feature. This feels like a very holistic update from Shopify which could save multi-store owners time in the long run.

This new feature is now available for Shopify Plus merchants and if you’re curious to see if it could help your business, read our Shopify pricing review.

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