Shopify Brings Its POS Go Device To UK & Ireland

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  • Shopify has announced its mobile POS device, the POS Go, is coming to UK & Ireland Shopify store owners.
  • The device allows you to accept payments wherever you are, as long as you are already signed up for Shopify Payments.

Shopify has announced it will be bringing its mobile, all-in-one point-of-sale system, the Shopify POS Go, to British and Irish online retailers who use the ecommerce website builder this month.

The device, which can be acquired by Shopify store owners for $429, enables card payments wherever you go, as well as a whole host of other commerce features.

Why Use A POS System?

POS systems are a great way of not only diversifying your customers but also expanding your business into new territories. In our recent report on retail statistics, we found that in-store spending is increasing 8% year on year. And retail selling can now take place both concurrently online and offline from the same location with a POS system.

For instance, Shopify’s POS Go not only allows card payments, it can also scan barcodes for checking inventory, and even keep staff members up to date on all product availability across multiple locations. Additionally, staff can use their own IOS or Andriod cell phones as POS systems as long as they download the Shopify POS Go app, even furthering the flexibility for your store.

As Arpan Podduturi, the VP of Product for Shopify Retail says of the device, “We built Shopify POS Go to help brands bring all-day on-the-floor checkout to their physical stores. Up until now, merchants have had to choose between a mobile payment terminal that doesn’t have POS software, or installing POS software onto a smartphone or tablet and pairing it with an external card reader and scanner. We knew we could do better for our merchants.”

Unlike other similar POS systems, Shopify designed it to be used frequently and on the go, giving the device a secure, 5.5-inch screen of Gorilla Glass and a hand strap on the back to keep it secured as you move around your store. As Arpan continues “It is a deeply merchant-centric product”

Time will tell if the Shopify POS Go system makes its way into other territories, but its inclusion into the UK and Ireland is a good sign that Shopify wants to take the technology global. After all, the global POS system market is estimated to be $103 billion as of 2023 alone.

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