Squarespace Has Released Its ESG Report

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  • It shares insights on security, employees, community support, environment, and corporate governance
  • How it commits to improving its Scope 1 emissions over the next year

The website builder Squarespace releases its 2022 Environmental, Social, and Governance report at the end of March. Technically speaking it’s a report that follows the guidance of the “Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and the recommended disclosure topics for the Internet & Media Services industry under those standards as promulgated by the International Financial Reporting Standards Foundation and the International Sustainability Standards Board.” As Squarespace puts it.

Don’t worry if you’re still not clear on the ins and outs of the ESG – we’ll go through and explain what it all means.

What Is the ESG Report?

The ESG report is when a company discloses its environmental, social, and corporate governance data. Squarespace is doing this to show its ESG activities to help with investor transparency and to inspire other companies to disclose the same information. This report was for the year 2022 – let’s get into it.

An Overview of the Environmental, Social, & Governance Report

Some of the key takeaways from Squarespace’s ESG report for 2022 are:

  • Squarespace added over 100 features and updates
  • Added Fluid Engine


  • Adjusting the privacy policy to keep it secure for users
  • Squarespace has a dedicated in-house security team


  • Has a talent accelerator program that provides 1:1 coaching for employees
  • Offers employees a flexible paid time off policy
  • Squarespace have an Inclusion Advisory Council (IAC) to advise and is composed of employees across various departments, geographies, and levels
  • Squarespace supported five global Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) with chapters across office locations
  • Employee gender representation is nearly 50% male and female, with 1% not declared – making efforts to bridge the representation gap
  • Squarespace donated $100,000 to Black Connect. Black Connect elevates existing black-owned businesses


  • Squarespace uses cloud service providers and third-party data center facilities to bring down its electricity considerations. These third-party services control their own electricity and water usage, which make up Squarespace’s Scope 3 emissions. Scope 3 emissions means it’s not directly Squarespace causing the environmental impact but still connected to the business.
  • Squarespace has said it’s working to lower its Scope 1 emissions by creating a framework for healthy, efficient, carbon-saving buildings.  Scope 1 means that it is directly the business creating the emissions – Squarespace’s main source of Scope 1 emissions come from its offices.

Also in 2022, Comparably recognized Squarespace as having the Best WorkLife Balance, Best Perks & Benefits, Best Company Happiness, Best Company NY, and Best Company for Diversity and HR teams.

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