Wix Has Introduced an AI Text Creator for Its Editor

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Wix has recently launched an AI text feature within its editor to allow users to generate text-based content for their sites.

A screenshot of Wix's AI text feature with text box and then then an insert and instruct box
Source: Wix

The AI Text Creator runs off of ChatGPT 3 by OpenAI and promises that

“creators will no longer struggle with content in order to complete their sites”.

Wix states in its update that the AI Text Creator is very user-friendly, and can be used to create anything from catchy titles to detailed text. For Wix users, this means less need to worry about writing for the web.

This update comes off the heels of the explosion of ChatGPT as a tool in many online sectors. As of February 2023, it’s reported that ChatGPT now has over 100 million active users around the globe – a record-breaking adoption rate within the tech industry!

However, the open usage of AI tools like ChatGPT has not come without their complaints. Many see it as a major industry disruptor, a potential threat to an entire industry of online content writers. Others see it as a savior, massively improving the workflow of online marketing and SEO.

OpenAI recently announced the launch of ChatGPT 4, the newest iteration of their AI tool, able to answer queries and create content in only a few seconds. Its developers claim it works at a ‘human level’ and gains the ability to understand images as well as text.

On its current trajectory, Wix users can expect this technology to be more prevalent as it becomes more accessible and handy to the users.

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