Wix Studio: Easy Code-Free Creativity for Website Creators

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Tools for website creators as fresh as the Wix Studio logo.
  • Create responsive designs in Wix Studio without any math needed.
  • It combines AI-powered tools, the latest designs, and integrates workflows.

On August 1st, the Wix website builder announced its new design solution, Wix Studio. Think of it like a website designer’s studio that uses AI tools to help speed up the design process and help to create cool animations for your website. But let’s delve into what it really does.

What Is Wix Studio?

Wix Studio is an extension of what Wix already does, adding AI technology to create more dynamic designs and better websites at scale. You’ll be able to use code in new ways, as a kind of mixing pot with AI technology to create more interesting movement in your site. You will also be able to create a workplace for multi-site management to effectively have more websites with less of the time-consuming mathematics involved. Here’s a snippet from Wix’s announcement:

“Create anything from custom components to full-stack solutions. Build on your preferred IDE to empower your process and ship even faster with our AI code assistant.”

The Benefits of Using Wix Studio

The main benefit of Wix Studio is the collaboration with AI. It will help you to resize elements for mobile optimization in a few clicks, generate responsive layouts, generate text and imagery, and add animations or interactive components in a more seamless way. This will be a new way of creating websites at lightning speed without sacrificing complex design.

Wix Studio users will also have the ability to manage clients and projects straight in the dashboard – with all teams in one place, the idea is to inspire better collaboration.

For designers too, it’ll allow custom CMS and become a more open platform to build upon any creation that comes to mind. There will also be an AI code assistant to help you spot coding errors and find the solution.

Further Information

Coding for Beginners – read our article if you want a beginner’s guide to coding.

Wix Studio vs Wix AI Site Generator: What’s The Difference?

Wix AI Site Generator will completely design your website for you at the click of a button, whereas Wix Studio is for creating complex designs with a lot of moving parts – quite literally. Wix Studio is also more geared towards agencies or organizations that are creating multiple websites and really care about the design side of their website.

Wix Studio is ideal for freelancers or agencies that manage multiple sites or work with multiple teams. If you’re already using Wix or Editor X, you’ll receive an invite to switch to a Wix Studio account. At the moment Wix is gradually releasing Wix Studio so that it’s less of a huge shift, and not to worry, all your work won’t be lost in the switch! Lastly, you’ll get access to all Wix editors from X to Studio – we’re excited to test it out ourselves.

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