WordPress.com Unveils 5 New Themes

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An image showing a selection of WordPress.com themes
Source: WordPress.com
  • WordPress.com releases five new website themes perfect for bloggers, writers, photographers, restaurateurs, and online stores.
  • Four of the themes are free to use, but one comes with an annual cost.

WordPress.com’s creative department has been hard at work pulling together five new website builder themes for its users to explore and experiment with. The themes are designed to appeal to bloggers, photographers, restaurateurs, and online store owners. Below, we’ll take a look at each.

WordPress.com's New Themes

1. George Lois

An image of WordPress's new George Lois theme, with a grey background and bold, black font on top.

Inspired by George Lois, one of the most lauded advertising communicators of a generation, this text-forward theme leans into bold but classic typography and a monochromatic palette. It’s designed to appeal to minimalist bloggers who want to make a statement.

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2. Poema

WordPress.com's new Poema theme featuring a white background with delicate white writing on top.

Classic and minimalist without being stark or blunt, Poema is a digital tribute to Portuguese writer, poet, and philosopher Fernando Pessoa. Designed to exude elegance, this template has been crafted with a comfortable content width and deliberate white space that puts your writing front and center, immersing the reader in your words.

3. Archivo

A new WordPress.com theme with a black background, small white text, and a large photographic image of a girl in glasses.

Ever heard of Documerica.org? This theme is the result of a chance encounter with this online archive which houses public-domain photographs that were originally taken as part of a creative initiative from the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency. The theme prioritizes imagery over words, using small fonts to allow the photography to dominate.

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4. Bibimbap

A new WordPress.com theme, with a photographic background showing a bowl of Korean food.

Named after one of Korea’s most delicious national dishes, Bibimbap is ideal for foodies. From restaurants and bakeries to food trucks and pop-ups, this theme comes with unique menu patterns, locations, and mouth-watering food galleries to showcase your scrumptious morsels.

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5. Olymp ($79/year)

A new, paid WordPress.com theme with a black background, white text, and bright, bold, orange imagery.

Bright, bold, and exciting, Olymp is designed for WooCommerce users who really want their online stores to pop out of the screen. It comes with a number of built-in page patterns, so that users won’t need to start from scratch when constructing their online store.

Out of the five new themes, Olymp is the only one that isn’t free. Having recently introduced third-party themes to the WordPress.com marketplace, the platform offers this design on a subscription basis. Users will need to pay $79/year in order to access and use them.

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The five themes above are now live and can be found on the WordPress.com “Themes” page under “Appearance” in the left navigation menu of your WordPress.com dashboard.

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