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jordan glover

Hi, I’m Jordan:

As a Senior Writer for Website Builder Expert, I use my hard-earned expertise to produce high-quality content to help small business owners build websites, get online, and grow their digital confidence. I previously worked in email marketing but joined the Website Builder Expert team in 2021, and have since tested and reviewed dozens of website builders and platforms to become the expert I am today. Since becoming part of the team, I’ve published over 30 articles for Website Builder Expert, and have attended industry conferences to further my knowledge and keep me up to date with the peaks and troughs of the online world. I’ve also written for various publications, such as Noupe, State of Digital Publishing, Sprout24, and more.

You can find me on Linkedin here.

More About Jordan

After working as an elementary school teacher, Jordan moved to the big bad world of email marketing where she got her first taste of all things digital. Since 2021, she’s been writing for Website Builder Expert and producing high-quality content to help arm our readers with the knowledge and guidance they need to get started. Jordan’s answered over 160 user comments on our website and has also used her experience in email marketing to revamp Website Builder Expert’s newsletters.

With over 30 articles produced for the website, Jordan’s been able to put her true passion – writing – to work, inspiring and helping others succeed online. So much so, she’s currently undertaking a Masters in Creative Writing, and has written for many publications on topics such as branding and SEO, including Noupe, Promotion World, State of Digital Publishing, Sprout24, 60 Second Marketer, and more!

At Website Builder Expert, expertise and experience are hugely important because we want to help our readers make informed decisions with the content on our site. As a result, Jordan keeps her knowledge up-to-date by taking part in hands-on website builder testing, and by attending the latest industry conferences and talks. You can read through Jordan’s articles below, or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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About Jordan Glover


Once upon a time, my digital knowledge was virtually nonexistent – I couldn’t even hook a printer up to my laptop without a good helping of blush-inducing curses. Since then, I’ve worked hard to change that and, thanks to the team here at Website Builder Expert, I’ve learned a lot (who knew that hosting doesn’t just refer to handing out drinks at a summer BBQ?). Using my passion for words and my own experiences with website-building and digital marketing, I’m determined to help others like me get comfortable and take the internet by storm– without any stress or the need for profanities!

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