15 of the Best Blog Examples to Inspire You

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Are you thinking of starting a new blog, or improving an existing one? Great idea! People turn to blogs for a number of purposes, from instructions and advice to product reviews and inside scoops. Such popularity explains why there are already more than 600 million blogs online.

But how do you build a successful blog with hundreds of daily readers and subscribers? Or one that makes tens of thousands of dollars in recurring income every month?

The web is crowded with hundreds of self-proclaimed blogging “gurus” telling you a thousand different things. But the art of a successful blog essentially boils down to two main tenets: quality content and a captivating user experience.

To help illustrate these key ideas, we’ve put together a list of notable blog examples that you can use to take inspiration, and to get on the right path. So let’s get started!

1 Zion Adventure Photog

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Zion Adventure Photog is a great example of a blog that blends content with design. The blog’s posts offer comprehensive guidance on particular hikes, along with other more intrepid activities, such as canyoneering. The blog serves as both a repository of knowledge and a portfolio of founder Arika’s adventure photography skills.

Want to emulate Arika’s efforts? Explore our step-by-step guide to how to start a travel blog, today!

2 Floral Compass

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Floral Compass is glowing proof that having gorgeous photos can take your design and user experience to the next level. This beautiful blog example showcases founder Klair McDermott’s floral designs, while also sharing design techniques and educational tutorials.

3 Japan Mobility

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A strong online presence is essential for any small business, and a blog is your best means of forging one. From opening a bank account to converting your driver’s license, Japan Mobility features a lot of in-depth information, helping people moving to Japan make the transition as smooth and as easy as possible.

4 HEN and CO.

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This blog looks like a replica of Pinterest, the popular photo curation platform designed to engage visitors, and keep them scrolling down for more. By making the content easily pinnable, shareable, and aesthetically attractive, Kendra (the author) enhances its reach, and sets it apart from similar blogs.

5 Skint Dad

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Skint Dad is a great blog example of approaching a niche from a different angle. The blog helps new parents save more money in their day-to-day lives. There’s also a category of articles on how to make extra cash on the side, apart from a regular day job. Young parents usually struggle with financial issues at the beginning of their journey, and Skint Dad helps them solve these pain points.

6 KnowTechie

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Tech blogs are often too technical, and full of complicated jargon. That’s why we like KnowTechie as a blog site example. We’ve been following KnowTechie right from the time it started as the hobby horse of just a lone person writing about technology. Thanks to its unique angle of making tech news accessible to non-technical readers, it has grown steadily since then into a high-traffic website, with a team of writers regularly publishing several pieces of content.

7 We Talk Money

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We Talk Money is the blog of an Australia-based financial ads business. It gives unbiased, reliable, and balanced recommendations to the readers on financial matters. Blog posts are brief and informative, and followed by prompts to share on social media, and subscribe to email updates.

8 Pinch of Yum

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Pinch of Yum is one of our favorite food blog examples, as both the content and design are brilliant. With reminders to subscribe to the email newsletter in different areas of the blog, Lindsay has nailed the monetization aspect, too. There’s also a blogging resources page to inspire aspiring bloggers to start a food blog.

9 Evolved Habitat

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The Evolved Habitat blog sets the bar high for home comfort, with unparalleled content on topics related to home entertainment, automation, and security. The blog makes great use of beautiful images in both the header backgrounds and body of the content, to provide a highly visual user experience.

Evolved Habitat footer creates a strong contrast and highlights a lead magnet.

10 Styled Out West

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Styled Out West is another blog example that gets a lot of aspects right — simple navigation, cool images, and great typography. All these factors draw the readers in, and make them want to rethink their homes with the help from Jenna, the author. Moreover, using authentic, lively photos is another smart move to convey the lifestyle that she claims to help people achieve.

11 From Roses

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This beautiful photography and lifestyle blog includes everything from mental health and wardrobe help, and the design is just as impressive as the content. Additionally, the color scheme, visuals, and simple site layout create an inviting vibe for the reader to continue exploring different areas of the blog.

12 Lux Living Weekly

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Lux Living Weekly is a design and lifestyle blog by Casa Vilora Interiors, which uses it beautifully as part of its interior design portfolio. Veronica Solomon, the CEO, personally writes blog posts on subjects such as home decor, and design myths. By sticking to her core values in design and content, the blog serves as a natural extension of her brand, making it a great blog site example.

13 Brownstone Boys

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The Brownstone Boys – Jordan and Barry – incorporated this blog as part of their company’s website, to showcase their expertise in restoration and renovation. With renovation tips and design ideas, the blog serves as a supplement to other pages on their website. By using intriguing titles like “One Room Challenge” and “The Lowdown on Leveling Floors,” the blog highlights the Brownstone Boys’ industry knowledge, and builds trust among prospective customers.

14 GrossyPelosi

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If you think your blog posts need to follow a serious tone to be authoritative, think again! With this blog, Dan Pelosi shows that humor can make your brand instantly relatable. His recipes are as fun to read, and make Italian cooking look easy – while also managing to be deliciously informative, too. Another notable aspect is the creative design, which instantly makes the connection with Italian home cooking.

15 Stratechery

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Ben Thompson, a Taiwan-based blogger, uses this blog to educate people with his writings on marketing analytics and business technology. Having previously worked for tech giants like Microsoft and Apple, he has a wealth of information to share with his audience, along with his unique take on events such as Apple acquiring Dark Sky and the Windows 11 announcement.


As we discussed, learning from other successful blog examples is crucial to generate ideas and inspiration for your own blogging journey.

These blog website examples are living proof that – even if your niche isn’t as sensational as making money, dating, or getting six-pack abs –your blog can still thrive by having a unique, interesting take on your chosen subject.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, check out our list of the best blogging platforms to start with. Alternatively, you can learn more about the field with our wide range of blog-related material, which includes guides to starting a fitness blog, how to set up a fashion blog, getting a sports blog off the ground, and optimizing your blog for SEO.

Been inspired by the themes in this article, but still need a little more convincing as to whether blogging is for you? Head on over to where we’ll unpack all the reasons why you should start a blog – and soon!

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