150 Most Profitable Blog Niches to Inspire You

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So, you’ve decided on the best blog website builder and now you’re ready to build your own blog?

Great! People spend more time browsing the internet than ever before and the online world is now the place to go for answers and advice on anything and everything. 

With so many blogs already out there though, you’re going to need a niche. A niche is a specific area of content that your blog focuses on – for example, budget travel or workout routines. 

Why do you need a niche? There are two main reasons. First, you need to stand out from the crowd and second, it will allow you to position yourself as an expert. After all, nobody wants to read a blog from someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Focusing on a particular niche can help you to share your insights and be seen as a thought leader.

To help you get started, we’ve put together this bumper guide of 150 niche blog ideas. With so many options, there’s sure to be something in there to inspire you!

150 Profitable Niche Blog Ideas

Below we’ve listed 150 of the most profitable blog niches, broken down into categories. Let’s take a look…

Business and Finance

1. Personal finance – money management concerns everyone and personal finance blogs share tips and tricks for all financial situations and goals. 

2. Investing – investing is a bit of a minefield for most people so a blog that details how to invest, why you should invest, and the latest investment news and figures will always be popular. 

3. Business advice – do you have a ton of business advice to share? Whether you want to focus on building your own business or progressing in a career, business advice blogs are always best coming from someone who can prove their experience and successes. 

Fast Company business blog
Fast Company shares vast amounts of business-related content, broken down into categories.

4. Entrepreneurship – speaking of building a business, everyone wants to be an entrepreneur which means blogs that provide advice, tips, and reviews related to being your own boss could be lucrative. 

5. Marketing – marketing blogs that offer expert advice, reviews of tools and systems, and showcase inspiration can be a great source of information for individuals and businesses. Plus, they’re easy to monetize via affiliate links and adverts. 

6. SEO – we talk all the time about how important SEO is but unless you’re an expert, it can be overwhelming. The good news is that if you ARE an expert, you can share your knowledge on everything from SEO basics to advanced tips with an SEO blog that’s bound to attract traffic. 

7. Social media marketing – social media platforms are constantly changing so if you have your finger on the pulse, a blog full of all the latest news and tips for successful social media marketing, or how to make money on social media, could be a useful (and profitable) website. 

8. Email marketing – more brands than ever before are turning to email marketing to talk to their customers. If you have the knowledge, sharing email marketing best practices and successful campaign inspiration is one of the best niche blog ideas. 

9. Affiliate marketing – you can use affiliate marketing within your blog but if you’re particularly good at it, you can even blog about affiliate marketing. Blog post ideas for this niche include the best affiliate schemes and step-by-step tutorials on how to sign up for them. 

10. E-commerce – ecommerce blogs can span everything from tips and advice on how to pick the right ecommerce website builder and run a successful ecommerce store to trends and shopping insights to help ecommerce store owners build their own strategy. 

11. Dropshipping – dropshipping is becoming an increasingly popular business choice and therefore people are always turning to the internet to look for advice and expert insights on how to run a successful dropshipping business.  

12. Freelancing – freelancing can sometimes feel like a lonely career choice, so starting a blog to connect with other like-minded freelancers is a great blog niche idea. You can use your freelancing blog to share industry insights and build a community online. 

13. Side hustles – it seems like everyone has a side hustle these days so a blog featuring tips on how to manage and scale your side hustles, as well as side hustle ideas and case studies, is likely to prove popular online. 

14. Accounting – blogs targeted at accountants can be incredibly popular online, especially if you can break down new announcements, rules, and regulations quickly and clearly. 

15. Bookkeeping – a bookkeeping blog can be a great way to offer targeted advice to business owners. You could even niche down further by targeting specific industries. 

16. Taxes – we all have to pay them but we don’t all understand them, which is why a blog that offers reliable and trustworthy advice around taxes could be a useful resource to build online.

17. Real estate – from offering tips on buying an investment property to a checklist for purchasing a first home, the blog post ideas for a real estate blog are limitless. 

18. Insurance – oh, the complicated world of insurance. If you’re an insurance broker or expert then setting up an insurance blog is a great way to share your knowledge and even potentially gain more clients. 

19. Investing for beginners – we’ve already mentioned general investing blogs but what about creating a blog especially for beginners with tips, tricks, and expert insights? 

20. Investing for retirement – we all know that investing for retirement is important but not all of us know the best ways to do so. If you do, then setting up a blog with the best options, the latest news, and even expert interviews and advice will be universally popular. 

21. Financial planning – financial planning and savings blogs can be useful tools for those who want to figure out the best places to put their money and how to plan for big life events. You can create categories for your content, for example: “saving for your first home” or “saving for your children’s future”. 

22. Passive income – building a passive income stream is the dream for many people which means there are a lot of online users looking for advice on how to start, business ideas, and how to keep the income coming in. 

23. Early retirement – wouldn’t we all like to retire early and fill our days with our favorite hobbies? A blog focused on not only how to retire early, but also how to fill your early retirement years is therefore a popular niche blog idea. 

I Retired Young blog
I Retired Young is a blog that gives advice on how to take early retirement, written by someone who has already done it and has wisdom to share.

24. Cryptocurrency – if you fancy yourself as a cryptocurrency whizz then setting up a blog to teach others all about it is a great idea. 

25. Blockchain – breaking down blockchain transactions, updates, and news is a solid blog idea for industry experts. 

26. NFTs – similar to cryptocurrency, NFTs are becoming more and more popular which means now is an ideal time to launch an NFT blog full of advice and informative blog posts. 

Health and Fitness

27. Weight loss – weight loss blogs can cover various topics including healthy eating, diet plans, exercise routines, and success story case studies for inspiration. 

28. Muscle building – a blog centered around building muscle in the gym is likely to be popular with experienced bodybuilders as well as beginners. Just be sure that you’re offering safe and accurate advice to readers.

29. Nutrition – if you have a nutrition qualification then starting a food and nutrition blog is a great way of sharing your wisdom with others. 

30. Fitness tips – from qualified personal trainers to those who have spent years practising a specific sport, there are plenty of people who could start a fitness blog. 

31. Workout routines – people are always looking for new workout routines online. You could even create a membership scheme and offer premium content and routines for a fee, too. 

32. Healthy recipes – if you enjoy rustling up healthy recipes in the kitchen, why not snap some photos and share them on your own healthy recipe blog?

33. Yoga – know your child’s pose from your downward dog? If so, then a blog dedicated to all things yoga could be right up your street. 

34. Meditation – meditation has gained a large following in recent years and as the pressures of life mount, teaching people the art of switching off could prove profitable. 

35. Pilates – a Pilates blog is a great way to share tips and advice for both beginners and experts. If you build an engaged community you could even look to host in-person pilates events, too. 

36. Barre – barre is a type of exercise that combines elements of ballet, pilates, and yoga, and barre classes are popping up more and more. Get ahead of the game and set up your barre blog now, this one is going to be big, mark our words!

37. HIIT – from workout plans to the best HIIT workout gear and equipment, choosing HIIT as your blog niche could be both fun and profitable. 

38. CrossFit – With more and more people turning to the sport as a way to keep fit, CrossFit is no longer just for elite athletes. If you decide to launch a CrossFit blog we recommend targeting a specific demographic, for example, athletes or women. 

39. Marathon training – training for a marathon is no easy feat which means people often turn to the internet for tips and tricks. Whilst this is a great niche blog idea, it’s probably best left to those who have actually run or trained for a marathon before. 

Hungry Runner Girl blog
Hungry Runner Girl is a blog that focuses on all things running and the foods you need to fuel a run.

40. Triathlon training – similar to marathon training, if you’ve competed in a triathlon before and have some tips to share then a blog is a great way to do so. You can also launch a triathlon training blog to track your progress ahead of your first race. People are bound to be invested in your journey to the start line! 

41. Vegan cooking – a vegan cooking blog is a great way to share recipes, cooking tips, and handy swaps to make non-vegan meals plant-based. 

42. Vegetarian cooking – enjoy rustling up meat-free meals? If so then launching a vegetarian cooking blog is a great way to grow an audience of like-minded novice chefs. 

43. Gluten-free cooking – from recipes to gluten-free product reviews, there are loads of blog post opportunities for a gluten-free cooking blog. 

44. Paleo cooking – a cooking blog dedicated to a specific diet, such as paleo, is likely to be popular with people looking for meal plan ideas and product reviews. 

45. Keto cooking – if you follow a keto diet why not share your favorite recipes and the tips and tricks you’ve learned along the way with others through your own keto cooking blog?

46. Intermittent fasting – blog post ideas for an intermittent fasting blog include tips on how to make your fast last longer and the best fast-breaking foods and recipes. 

47. Meal planning – through a meal planning blog you can teach people how to meal plan, what to meal plan, and how to make food last. 

48. Healthy eating on a budget – targeting your healthy eating blog towards those on a budget is a great way of creating content for a specific audience that will add value to their everyday lives. 

49. Fitness tips for beginners – starting a fitness journey can be overwhelming so if you can build an online community of readers interested in fitness tips for beginners, you’ll be helping others to grow in confidence. 

50. Fitness tips for busy people – it’s hard to squeeze a workout in amongst work, family, and social commitments so providing people with tips and tricks and quick workout plans would be a great blog idea. 

51. Fitness tips for women – Ideas for a female fitness tips blog include how hormones impact fitness levels and the best workouts to do with friends. 

52. Fitness tips for men – If your expertise lies in male fitness, you could blog about how male hormones impact fitness levels and all the best fitness equipment reviews. 

53. Fitness tips for seniors – targeting your fitness blog to senior citizens is perfect if you want to share advice and inspiration as well as your own experiences. 

54. Fitness tips for kids – a fitness tips for kids blog can be targeted at both the kids themselves and their parents. Posts can center around fun workouts and include reward charts to boost motivation. 

55. Fitness tips for people with disabilities – if you have experience in making fitness accessible to everyone then why not share the intel you’ve learnt with others?


56. Gadgets – gadget reviews and seasonal gift guides would both make great content for a gadgets blog. 

Engadget blog
Engadget is one of the biggest and most popular gadget blogs on the internet.

57. Software – from the latest releases and updates to tutorials on how to make your own software, there are loads of areas you could focus on with a software blog. 

58. Apps – our phones are full of apps so there’s definitely a market for a blog about them! You can include content on everything from reviews and updates to task-specific listicles, for example, top 10 apps for productivity. 

59. Gaming – the online gaming world is huge and we recommend finding a specific area of gaming to focus on for your blog. For example, you could post about your favorite game series or review new releases. 

60. Artificial intelligence – the world of AI continues to grow and evolve. You could take advantage of this and launch a blog centered around how to use AI, how to develop AI or even future predictions for AI. 

61. Machine learning – for those with a high-level understanding of machine learning, launching a blog that focuses on how to utilize it could be a profitable endeavor. 

62. Data science – data science blogs can cover topics such as the best data science tools, industry updates, and even how to become a data scientist. 

63. Web development – building websites is a big business and so are web development blogs. Whether you want to offer practical tutorials or focus on the business of web development, there are plenty of content options for you to choose from. 

64. Mobile development – if you’re an expert at creating apps to run on mobile devices, why not start a blog about it? Share your insights and expertise, review products, and showcase your work. 

65. UX/UI design – UX and UI design blogs can focus on tutorials and industry updates, or you could even create content breaking down and analyzing famous UX and UI website designs. 

66. Programming – a programming blog is a great way to share best practices and expert tips and tricks for the programmers of the future. 

67. Cybersecurity – every online business needs to be clued up on cybersecurity so launching a blog that guides people through security threats and how to mitigate them gives you the chance to create informative and valuable content. 

68. Networking – news, trend analysis, and longer-form thought pieces all make great content for a computer networking blog. 

69. Cloud computing – if you’re interested in cloud computing and enjoy predicting future trends and software, then launching a cloud computing blog could be perfect for you!

70. Internet of Things (IoT) – The Internet of Things refers to connected devices e.g. smart home hubs or smartwatches. An IoT blog therefore can focus on specific devices or wider content on how to utilise the IoT now and in the future. 

71. Metaverse – the metaverse is billed as the future of digital communication therefore now is the time to launch a metaverse blog to get ahead of the crowd.

72. Virtual reality – from gaming to training and product development, there are various different uses for VR headsets. You can either focus on one or keep your blog centered around virtual reality as a whole.

73. Augmented reality – augmented reality blogs are a great way to showcase your favorite augmented reality use cases as well as to share your own tips and tricks. 


74. Fashion – fashion blogs can be one of the most profitable blogs online, but there are already a lot of them. To stand out from the crowd, focus on a specific style or target audience, for example, luxury fashion or fashion for women over 50. 

50 is Not Old fashion blog
50 is Not Old is a fashion blog aimed at offering women over 50 fashion advice.

75. Beauty – like fashion blogs, the trick with beauty blogs is to focus on a key subject such as skin type, or a specific demographic like age. 

76. Travel – we’ll talk more about the different travel niches you can explore later but if you want to keep your options open, generic travel blogs are always popular too. 

77. Food – food blogs can be focused on anything from restaurant reviews to specific recipes, or even grocery store product reviews. 

78. Parenting – parenting blogs have been growing in popularity and you can keep yours generic or focus on specifics such as parenting styles or parenting children with advanced needs. Just be sure that you’ve done your research or have the relevant experience if you do decide to create a more specialized parenting blog, especially if it covers anything to do with children’s health. 

79. Relationships – offering relationship advice can be fun and engaging. It also offers a ton of flexibility, too: you can opt to focus on romantic relationships, family relations, or the importance of friendships for your blog. 

80. Home improvement – if you’re undertaking or overseeing a home renovation then starting a blog can be a great way to track your progress and you’ll likely find that plenty of people decide to follow along, too. 

81. DIY – DIY tips and project ideas are some of the most-read blog posts online, making a DIY blog a popular and profitable option. 

82. Gardening – if you have green fingers then why not launch a gardening blog? You can share your tips and tricks as well as the best seasonal flowers and when to plant them. 

83. Photography – smartphones mean practically anyone can be a photographer these days and if you particularly enjoy being behind the camera, blog topics include film photography, iPhone camera tips, and new product reviews. 

84. Music – music is a broad blog niche and you can either keep your music blog generalized or do what we recommend, which is to focus on a specific genre such as rock or hip hop. 

85. Movies – Everyone loves a cinema night, so it’s no surprise that movie blogs are a surefire hit. Movie reviews and upcoming release news always prove popular with online readers.

86. TV shows – a TV show blog allows you to review the latest offerings on the small screen or you can niche down even further and create a blog dedicated to your favorite series. Game of Thrones blog anyone?

87. Books – book blogs prove popular with a wide-spanning audience. You can write book reviews, interview authors, and even launch your own online book club. 

88. Sports – if you have a sport that you love to follow then why not start a blog on it? Team news, match reviews, and performance analysis all prove popular with sports fans. 

89. Celebrity gossip – know your Kim Kardashian from your Katy Perry? Are you up to speed with who’s dating who in Hollywood? Starting a celebrity gossip blog could be perfect for you if so…just make sure you double-check your sources before posting! 

90. Hobbies – a blog centered around hobbies not only lets you showcase different hobbies, but you can also offer advice and guidance for adults looking to join a club and start something new. 

91. Personal development – personal development focuses on looking inward and finding ways to improve aspects of yourself and your life. This niche blog idea gives you the opportunity to share your passion and help others, or it could give you a chance to share your own personal development journey. 

92. Self-care – self-care can be anything from enjoying a long, hot bubble bath, to putting your phone on airplane mode for an evening. In an increasingly switched-on and stressful world, offering self-care advice is bound to attract attention. 

93. Minimalism – want to teach people that they don’t need endless amounts of stuff to be happy? Starting a minimalism blog is the perfect way to do exactly that.

94. Sustainability – people are always looking for ways to live a more sustainable life which is what makes a sustainability blog such a good idea. You can provide tips and tricks and review the latest green products to help your readers make informed purchasing decisions. 

95. Zero waste – embarking on a zero-waste lifestyle can be hard, which is why people will often turn to the internet for help. Make your blog posts approachable and digestible and don’t overwhelm your readers. Remember, every little step counts in the fight to repair the planet.

96. Van life – van life, the concept of living in a campervan and traveling around the world, has grown in popularity in recent years. Offer your top tips and advice and if you’re embarking on your own van life experience, be sure to document the experience on your blog too.

97. Nomadic lifestyle – Nomads tend to move from place to place and job to job so why not offer tips on the best places for nomads and the best ways to find work in a new place?

98. Digital nomad lifestyle – thanks to the internet you can make money from your laptop and more people than ever are adopting the digital nomad lifestyle (you might too if your blog starts to make money!) Showcase the best places in the world for digital nomads and the best ways to earn money…you can even interview digital nomads for reader inspiration. 

99. FIRE (Financially Independent, Retire Early) – FIRE is a lifestyle movement that encourages extreme saving and investing in order to retire early. A FIRE blog therefore would likely focus on the very best savings and investment tips. Remember, don’t offer financial advice unless you’re qualified or experienced to do so.

Find Out More

Stuck on how to start a lifestyle blog? Our experts have you covered with this guide on starting a lifestyle blog in 8 simple steps. 


100. Dance – from modern dance to ballet, Irish dancing to ballroom, there are plenty of styles you can focus your dance blog on.

101. Musical Instruments –  whether you want to teach people to play or provide informative content for those who already do, a blog on musical instruments is a great driver of traffic.

102. Arts and Crafts – arts and crafts blogs can include everything from tutorials to reviews on the best equipment to use for certain projects.

103. Fishing – if you know what bait catches the best fish then why not launch a fishing blog for like-minded readers?

104. Hunting – hunting tips, news, gear reviews, and strategies can all be featured on a hunting blog.

105. Anime – the Japanese animation style has a cult following meaning there’s a ready-made audience just waiting for your blog.

106. Manga – if you love the Japanese comic book style why not share your passion with others by starting a manga blog?

107. Cosplay —cosplay content is huge online and you could focus your blog on a specific genre or keep it broad to attract a larger audience. 

108. Martial arts – if you know the difference between karate and kickboxing then a martial arts blog could be a great place to share knowledge, tips, and upcoming events. 

109. Magic – you don’t have to be able to pull a rabbit out of a hat to launch your own magic blog. Content ideas include magic trick tutorials and equipment reviews. 

110. Puzzles – there’s nothing more wholesome than settling down to complete a jigsaw puzzle. That’s why puzzle blogs prove popular with both enthusiasts and casual jigsawers alike. 

111. Board games – content ideas for a board games blog include new game reviews and cheat sheets for games already on the market.

112. Card games – fancy yourself as a whizz at solitaire? Maybe you’re more of a rummy expert? No matter what your card game of choice is, a card game blog could provide hours of fun. 

113. Languages – learning a language isn’t easy which means people are always looking for insightful tips and online lessons. 

114. Jewelry design – from how to make jewelry to how to sell it, there are tonnes of content ideas for a jewelry design blog.

115. Beekeeping – if you’re at one with our yellow and black friends why not talk about it online? You can share your best hive tips and reviews of the best equipment on the market.

The Perfect Bee blog
The Perfect Bee blog has grown into an online community for beekeepers.

116. Brewing – from beer to gin and practically every alcohol in between, no matter what you brew at home, you can feature it on a brewing blog.

117. Origami – origami is fascinating to many and if you’ve learned how to turn a simple piece of paper into a swan, you’ll definitely have some tips you can share with others.

118. Bullet journaling – bullet journaling is a phenomenon that’s only getting bigger which makes a bullet journaling blog almost guaranteed to be a success.  

119. Scrapbooking – everyone loves a good scrapbook! Content ideas for a scrapbooking blog include layout tips, tutorials, and equipment reviews. 


120. Homeschooling – for parents looking for advice and lesson plans, a homeschooling blog would be incredibly useful. 

121. Online courses – whether you want to launch your own or simply teach people how to create one, a blog dedicated to online courses will always be popular. 

122. College prep – a college prep blog could provide students with intel on everything from what to pack, to how to manage their timetable, and the best paying on-campus jobs. 

123. College-to-career prep – leaving full-time education is daunting and if you think you have some wisdom to pass on to the next generation, why not start a college-to-career blog?

124. Advice for teachers – ah teachers, the unsung heroes of the nation. Teaching blogs can include anything from lesson ideas to equipment reviews. 

125. Studying hacks – every student would be grateful to learn new studying hacks so why not start a blog full of tips and tricks? 

126. Special education – special education blogs can cover everything from tips for additional needs teachers to advice for parents looking for the right school for their children.

127. College savings – saving for college can seem like an impossible task so why not create an informative space online for both parents and students alike?

128. Adult learning – content ideas for an adult learning blog include how to budget to help you get back to school as well as how to fit lessons around a job. 

129. Education news – education is a fast-moving industry so why not share the latest news and updates for teachers in your state?

130. Classroom technology – these blogs focus on the new technologies available to teachers and showcase key information such as price and feature reviews.

131. New teachers – share tips and advice for new teachers who are just starting out in the profession. 


132. Travel tips – a travel tips blog can cover everything from how to save for bucket list trips to how to travel with only a carry-on. 

133. Travel deals – if you’re nifty at finding great travel deals online, why not create a place to share them with others?

134. Luxury travel – enjoy the finer things in life? If so, a luxury travel blog could not only align with your lifestyle but also be a profitable side hobby. 

135. Budget travel – tips and tricks on how to travel the world on a budget are always popular. 

136. Adventure travel – from climbing mountains in Asia to kayaking through New Zealand, adventure travel blogs are a fun choice… we’re getting itchy feet just thinking about it!

137. Family travel – family travel blogs are incredibly popular and many are monetized to allow the owners to earn an income from posting too.

Where’s Sharon? blog
Where’s Sharon? creates content focused on family travel and tips for traveling with kids in tow.

138. Sustainable travel – we’re all looking for ways to make travel more sustainable so why not share expert insights to help save the planet?

139. Accessible and inclusive travel – travel should be accessible to all and blogs that review the best places with an accessibility focus are informative and valuable to readers. 

140. Rail travel – enjoy going from A to B via train? If so then a rail blog could be perfect for you!

141. Ocean travel – ocean travel and cruising is a big business which means there’s plenty of opportunity to monetize your ocean travel blog.

142. Disney travel – did you know there’s a whole demographic of adult Disney lovers online called Disney adults? Disney travel is therefore a blog niche that’s sure to gain readers fast. 

143. Backpacking – if you know a thing or two about backpacking, why not share what you’ve learned with others on your own backpacking blog?

144. Hiking – content ideas for a hiking blog include the best hikes in specific places, dog-friendly hikes, and hiking equipment reviews. 

145. Country-specific travel – you can niche down your travel blog even further by focusing your content on a specific country or region. 

146. Road trips – from Route 66 to the Great River Road, there are plenty of national and international road trips you could feature on your blog. 

147. Home exchange – chances are someone considering a home exchange program will be looking for advice online… which is where your home exchange blog can help. 

148. Voluntourism – voluntourism is the process of volunteering your time in a different country whilst learning about the culture. If you have experience on the topic, there are always users looking for country-specific content.

149. Pet-friendly travel – for those who don’t want to leave their furry friends at home, a pet-friendly travel blog could be an incredibly useful online hub of information.

150. Spiritual travel – spiritual travel can span everything from visiting ancient holistic sites to undertaking modern-day classes in new countries. Whatever it is you enjoy, you can write about it on a spiritual travel blog.

How to Choose the Right Niche

With so many niche blog ideas to choose from (150 in this list, to be precise!), we understand it can be hard to find a niche that will be both profitable and enjoyable. 

Some best practices to follow when choosing your blog niche include:

  • Consider your interests and expertise. 
  • Weigh up your personal passion against the profitability potential of your niche.
  • Research your target audience and determine who would read your blog.
  • Evaluate the competition and see what blogs already exist in your niche.
  • Take the time to decide if there is potential to monetize your blog and how you would do this.
  • Think about long-term sustainability and how much content scope there is. 

Most Profitable Blog Niches: Summary

And there we have it, 150 niche blog ideas for this year…and many more to come! 

Hopefully, we’ve covered a vast array of potential topics and niches that your blog could focus on and you’ve managed to spot one in this list that’s right for you.

Remember, you not only need to choose a niche that will attract an audience and offer the potential to make you money, but also one that you have a strong knowledge of and will enjoy writing about. 

Take a look at our article full of blogging tips for more expert guidance and of course, make sure you let us know in the comments which niche you decide on for your blog!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are various ways you can make money from your blog including by positioning advert banners on blog pages, including affiliate links in your content, and writing sponsored posts for brands. 

Every blog needs readers. Some of the things you can do to attract readers to your blog are optimizing your content for SEO search terms, building an email mailing list, and promoting your blog and blog posts on social media.

There are various great website builders that you can use to build your blog without needing to use any complicated code. Our favorites include WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix. 

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