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Last updated on September 12, 2018
At a Glance So, you’re thinking of using WordPress? WordPress is a big name in the online world, and for good reason - it powers over 30% of [...]
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SiteGround vs GoDaddy

SiteGround vs GoDaddy: Which is Right for You?

Last updated on August 8, 2018
Picking the right hosting platform can be daunting. It isn’t the sexiest topic, and at face value there’s little to separate the top providers. Is there any real [...]
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How to Start a Blog: the Complete Beginner's Guide

How to Start a Blog: the Complete Beginner’s Guide

Last updated on July 9, 2018
Blogging has come a long way since the web logs of the ‘90s. We’ve stopped calling them web logs for a start. Who has time for that in [...]
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Best WordPress hosting provider

Best WordPress Hosting Provider: The Verdict

Last updated on September 12, 2018
"Just like flowers need the right environment to grow, WordPress works best when it’s in a rich hosting environment." So say WordPress, a noted authority on WordPress. It’s [...]
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WPEngine review

WPEngine Review: WordPress Hosting Specialists

Last updated on August 2, 2018
There are many web hosting providers who make small businesses their primary goal, but they still have prices that are accessible to individual users. Then there are hosts [...]
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WooCommerce vs Shopify: Who Comes Out On Top?

Last updated on June 22, 2018
WooCommerce vs Shopify is a showdown between two super popular ecommerce gladiators. Shopify powers over 600,000 businesses. WooCommerce claims to be the web’s “most popular ecommerce platform”. But [...]
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wordpress review logo

WordPress Review 2018 | Is WordPress Right for You?

Last updated on September 12, 2018

“Is WordPress the best way to build a website? We get asked this a lot, so this review will address that question. I’ll discuss my personal experiences as […]

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