15 Best Lawyer Websites: Do Justice to Your Site

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Welcoming potential clients to your law firm takes a lot of thought. You want to appear professional and experienced, whilst also creating a welcoming environment where people can feel at ease. 

Well, when creating a website for your law firm you should follow the same principles. 

A great website combines excellent content with an easy-to-navigate layout, welcoming aesthetics – such as carefully selected colors and images – and a tone of voice that portrays you as professional yet human.

There’s a lot to think about when building a lawyer website, but – luckily – you’re in the right place. We’ve scoured the web and found 15 of the best law-based websites to provide you with some inspiration and insight. 

1 DKM Law Group

Made with Squarespace

Squarespace is known in the website builder world for its easy-to-use block builder, which is exactly what this website has taken advantage of. 

DKM Law Group is a group of US lawyers who specialize in representing financial, insurance, and real-estate institutions. 

Its website has a strong B2B feel, and the simple color scheme and square designs keep it simple, to the point, and professional, mirroring the service the firm offers.

The law firm hasn’t overloaded the website with content, and instead has focused on an individual page for each attorney, showcasing their qualifications and experience. These pages also act as a portfolio of work for potential clients to look through.

The square design and background is found throughout the website – forming either the main background or header on every page – which helps to create consistency, and cultivate a strong brand identity.

Standout features of the website include:

  • Square sections, keeping everything simple and concise.
  • Individual web pages for each team member, which are laid out to feature their education, qualifications, and previous experience.
  • Easy to access contact information for each office, including clickable phone numbers and email addresses. 
  • Interactive maps.
  • A black and white color scheme throughout to not detract from the attorney profiles.

2 Nicole Black

Made with Wix

This website is focused on the services offered by lawyer Nicole Black, including law-based technology, speaking, and teaching. 

The visual-centric website is built with Wix and features parallax scrolling and full-width images that fill the screen.

The website layout is spacious, utilizing border and white space in order to focus the user’s attention on the small chunks of content on each page. 

Due to the nature of her work, the website also features icons that link to Nicole’s social channels – including LinkedIn and Twitter – in order to allow visitors and potential clients to get to know her better.

Each web page focuses clearly on an individual area of Nicole’s work, with Amazon links to purchase her books and longer-form content that she has contributed to.

The website header features both an email address and phone number, making it easy for visitors to get in touch from the moment they land on the homepage. At the opposite end of the homepage, a contact form embedded in the footer helps to keep communication simple.

Standout features of the website include:

  • Wide images that fill the screen.
  • Parallax scrolling between sections.
  • Social media icons in the main header menu.
  • Embedded contact form.
  • Individual web pages for each area of work.
  • External links to purchase materials.

3 Kaufman

Made with Squarespace

Kaufman is a New York-based law firm that represents employees and companies in matters relating to employment law. The theme of its work is apparent straight away, thanks to the professional header image.

Kaufman has chosen a blue and white color scheme that runs throughout the website and appears in headers, fonts, and buttons as well as within the company logo that features on images.

The homepage clearly lays out the areas of expertise for the firm and the use of small icons – designed within the existing color scheme – help to make each service less daunting for a potential client.

Kaufman’s website uses the same shaped header image on each page, featuring a unique cutout that reflects the company’s logo. This helps create consistency, and cultivate a strong brand identity.

The main header menu features a standout blue ‘Call Us’ button which directs users straight to the contact information. 

Standout features of the website include:

  • A consistent color scheme that runs throughout the website.
  • Icons to depict individual services and website sections.
  • Professional images to mirror the nature of Kaufman’s services.
  • Easy to find contact information and social icons.

4 Carmen Roe

Made with GoDaddy

Carmen Roe is a defense attorney who utilizes vast amounts of content on her Godaddy-created website to provide potential clients with insight and background information. 

Each page is packed with digestible content, helping users to understand Carmen’s experience. The website understands that choosing the right defense attorney is a decision that requires research. 

A scrolling bar on the homepage depicts logos of organizations and titles that the lawyer is accredited with, helping to boost her reputation and reliability. 

The website features a client reviews page that lays out several testimonials from Carmen’s clients that cover each of the lawyer’s specialist areas. These act as a way of increasing client faith in Carmen’s experience and talent.

There’s also an “In the Media” page, which features a gallery of Carmen’s publications and social media posts, as well as her television appearances. 

Standout features of Carmen Roe’s website include:

  • A dedicated client testimonial page.
  • Scrolling bars featuring company logos and accreditations.
  • Embedded Instagram feed.
  • Image gallery showcasing media appearances.
  • Large contact button on the homepage for quick and simple access to contact details.

5 Melanie J Bowbell

Made with Wix

The light, neutral color scheme of Melanie J Bowbell’s website helps to create an immediate sense of calm and serenity. Visitors to the website are immediately put at ease. 

The areas that the firm specializes in are clearly visible in the header, and this block stays in position as users scroll down the web page. 

The embedded contact form goes further than most common forms and asks detailed questions such as “do you have children?” in order for the firm to gain as much insight and information as possible from the very first touchpoint with the customer.

The website also features a blog section – written by Melanie herself – which covers topics and themes that relate to her key area of expertise: family law. This blog helps to portray Melanie’s extensive knowledge of the subject, and her awareness of the sensitivity of the themes that arise within it.

Standout features of the website include:

  • A neutral color scheme creates feelings of professionalism and calm.
  • An on-site blog that covers topics relating to the lawyer’s key areas of expertise.
  • A detailed contact form that features multiple in-depth questions.
  • Social media icons that link to Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.
  • A simple one-page template.

6 Matrona Law

Made with Squarespace

The Matrona Law website is an interactive website that puts the focus on two key areas: law and learning.

The homepage features two options, as a user hovers over the law section the background image changes and they are navigated to more information on this area. The same happens if a user chooses to hover over learn.

The blog section is updated regularly with commentary pieces and industry insights from different members of the firm. 

Elsewhere on the site, Matrona’s main menu header stays in place as users scroll through the web pages. It features social icons to the firm’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as a direct link to email the business.

The footer of the website features important information, including location and opening hours. 

Standout features of the website include:

  • Interactive homepage elements that allow the user to choose their journey.
  • On-site blog with bylines for individual writers and team members.
  • A menu header that stays in place as users scroll through the website.
  • Simple, neutral images that don’t detract any attention away from the content on the webpage.

7 Dave Lackey

Made with Wix

Dave Lackey’s website leads with large text and a courthouse image, ensuring users automatically know exactly what services it’s offering.

A simple, neutral color scheme runs throughout the website, which creates a sense of both professionalism and calm. 

Each chunk of text is clearly structured so that it’s easy to digest. The beginning of each paragraph is larger and bolder, helping to highlight the most important information to users.

The simple, one-page layout keeps the focus purely on the services offered, and makes everything easy to navigate and absorb.

The standout features of Dave Lackey’s Wix-created laywer website include:

  • Neutral color scheme creates a professional and safe environment. 
  • Simple one-page layout means that users have access to all of the information they need at a glance. 
  • The use of corporate and relevant stock images helps to create the tone of the brand, and mirrors the firm’s work. 

8 The Tech Law Firm

Made with Weebly

The Tech Law Firm offers a very specific service that’s depicted on its homepage from the minute you land on its website. The firm focuses on the contract needs for IT and tech companies, and its website’s choice of images and logos naturally showcases this field of expertise. 

This lawyer website uses a gradient on the images that mirrors the company logo and branding, helping to create a strong identity throughout the site.

The Tech Law Firm keeps things simple with a one-page website, made with Weebly, that details all of the information a potential client needs. The menu in the header navigates users to different sections of the homepage, while all the details you need – background, attorney expertise, and contact information – are available at a glance.

Standout features of the website include:

  • A simple one-page layout that features all relevant information at a glance.
  • An embedded contact button in the main menu header.
  • A gradient on images that matches the company branding and logo.
  • Images that clearly depict the industry the company operates in.

9 Fresh Legal

Made with Squarespace

Fresh Legal is one of our favorite Squarespace legal websites. The family-run firm has created a professional and light website that’s easy to navigate and keeps the user engaged.

In the header menu is a yellow button to “book a free call”. This is a great incentive – particularly because one of the biggest blockers to accessing legal advice is often cost. 

The ‘Meet the Team’ section features professional headshots in warm, neutral tones that are welcoming, and don’t appear too corporate or daunting for users. The brief bios give just enough information on each team member, without being overly complicated.

Each service area has its own dedicated web page, which features an array of information and insight. Meanwhile, Fresh Legal’s on-site blog helps to position the firm’s team as experts in their field.

Standout features of Fresh Legal’s Squarespace-crafted website include:

  • Bright images that mirror the warm yellow and white color scheme.
  • Integrated contact form with extensive kick-off questions.
  • Multiple call to action buttons on each page.
  • A regularly updated blog that positions the team as industry leaders.

10 Jameson Law Office

Made with Wix

This one-page website is simple and practical, and provides visitors with all of the information they need on Jennifer Jameson’s practice and service areas.

The focus of the website is quality content, and – as users scroll down the webpage – they’ll receive info on each area of law that Jennifer specializes, in as well as insights into her experience and credentials.

Jameson Law Office’s website also provides the option to download Jennifer’s CV, which adds a professional touch – and ensures that the page doesn’t become overcrowded with content. 

Plus, the embedded contact form isn’t just simple to follow, but also features all of the details a potential client will need: such as a telephone number and location. Social links in the footer allow users to find out more should they wish to.

Standout features of this Wix-created lawyer website include:

  • A simple one-page layout that keeps the website straightforward and easy to navigate.
  • A downloadable CV that allows users to find out more without cluttering up the website visually.
  • Minimalistic imagery and color scheme allow the content to be the main focus.

11 K Bennett Law

Made with Squarespace 

K Bennett Law offers strategic legal and brand advice to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

The firm’s modern approach is mirrored in its vibrant website, which features a bright color scheme, call-outs, and embedded images and videos. 

One of the stand out features of this website is its chatbot function that allows users to give personalized feedback on their experience.

Not only does its site have an on-site blog, but this firm also has a podcast that users can listen to on its own dedicated page. The addition of a podcast helps to set K Bennett Law apart from their competition, and offers even more added value to visitors. 

Users can also navigate to the events page, where they can access the listings of all past and future events that the team are hosting.

Standout features of this Squarespace-created website include:

  • A modern approach to business is mirrored in the vibrant color scheme and images used.
  • Content is broken down into easily digestible chunks.
  • The calendar feature allows you to directly book your first session
  • The podcast page lists all recent episodes of the brand’s podcast allowing you to listen directly from the website.
  • The chatbot allows you to provide feedback on your experience and begin your journey with the firm by determining your needs.

12 Shumway Van

Made with Wix

The team at Shumway Van has opted for a grid-style layout that expertly blends one section with the next.

Throughout the website, the firm mixes both a serif and a sans serif typeface, which creates an effective and professional aesthetic and brand theme.

The professional headshots used to introduce the team are high-quality and offer a luxurious feel, mirroring the high level of service the firm offers its clients. The neat, grid-style layout used to display the headshots also reflects the style that’s used on each page, helping to create an impression of brand cohesion. 

The website features various insights and commentary on industry news and trends, which helps to position the team as experts in their field.

Standout features of the website include:

  • A professional navy and gold color scheme runs throughout the website, helping to create a strong sense of branding.
  • An embedded Google Maps widget allows users to obtain exact location details for each office.
  • The contact telephone number is featured in the menu header of each page for easy access.

13 Kinchloe Law

Made with Squarespace 

Kinchloe Law are family law specialists who aim to find the right resolutions to your legal disputes.

The website is content-focused and offers users multiple resources and information to help them on their family law journey. These resources include an on-site blog and podcast episodes. You can also request a consultation with Kinchloe Law directly via its website, as well as sign up to the firm’s newsletter for more information.

Each web page features a similar header, and chunks of text are broken up by pull quotes and images.

The website’s menu header features links to the brand’s social media pages, boosting its online profile and reputation. 

Standout features of this Squarespace website include:

  • Live chatbot to begin your journey and answer your customer service needs.
  • Option to choose which of the brand’s two blogs you’re subscribing to when signing up to its newsletter.
  • Events listings of past and upcoming industry events led by the Kinchloe team.

14 Ada Evans Chambers

Made with Wix

Ada Evans Chambers has opted for a chic black and white theme, and – via a scrolling gallery of images on the homepage – allows users a sneak peek at its chambers and court thanks.

The headshots of team members featured are also black and white – in keeping with the website’s design – and users are able to click on each one to learn more about an individual’s experience and contact details.

The map located on the ‘Find Us’ page allows users to plot their route to the firm, whilst the page also provides further information around nearby public transport stops.

Ultimately, this lawyer website example is easy to navigate, and focuses on providing a clean and simple user journey.

Standout features of the website include:

  • Black and white theme that runs throughout the website helps the firm to stand out against their competitors. 
  • Each barrister has its own profile page feature experience and certifications. 
  • Rather than overloading the website with content, the firm has chosen to list all of its service areas on one page. 

15 The Hutt Law Firm

Made with Wix

The Hutt Law Firm uses parallax scrolling to create a simple, eye-catching, and easy-to-navigate website.

Its individual practice areas are clearly laid out, whilst the website also offers an extensive resources section full of relevant and useful information. 

The Hutt Law Firm’s website makes users’ lives easier with the option to directly book a consultation via the website, with no need to email or telephone the team beforehand. 

The simple font used matches the company logo, while the high-quality images help to create a professional standard.

Standout features of this Wix website include:

  • The chance to book consultations online including price information. 
  • Downloadable legal resources to offer users more in-depth information and insights. 
  • Parallax scrolling throughout the homepage makes it easy to navigate and engaging. 

Best Lawyers Website Examples: Summary

Creating a website for your law firm can be a major boost for your business. 

As well as opening you up to a wide range of clients, lawyer websites are a great way of showcasing your expertise and documenting your key service areas. 

There’s a lot to think about when designing a website, though. Everything from the layout you choose to the color scheme you opt for can impact how successful your website – and, by proxy, your firm – is going to be. 

This article has highlighted some of our favorite law-based websites built using some of the best website builders in the industry. 

If you’re full of inspiration and think you’re ready to start building, then be sure to read our in-depth guide to the best website builders on the market – and let us know in the comments how you get on!

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