12 Small Business Website Examples to Emulate in 2024

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With so many potential customers searching for brands online, a website is crucial for a small business. Whether you choose to use a small business website builder or another platform, a website helps to elevate your brand, creating an online presence and opening you up to a larger potential audience. 

If you’re stuck for ideas or just don’t know where to start when it comes to creating a website for your small business then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve searched the web and compiled this list of 12 of the best small business website examples. And the best part? They’re all built using affordable website builders such as Squarespace, Wix, or Shopify. 

Let’s take a look!

#1 Cafe Con Libros

Cafe Con Libros is an independent bookstore and coffee shop that uses its website to complement its brick-and-mortar store. 

This website does it all: it showcases the store by using images taken by customers to capture its overall vibe and ambiance, while also offering the ability to shop stock online. The website showcases upcoming in-person events and includes all the information you need to pay the store a visit in person, for example, location and opening times. 

Alongside all of this, there’s a regularly updated blog which helps to build a sense of community. Additionally, customers can reserve books to pick up in-store which is super convenient. 

Cafe Con Libros is a great example of a small business using its website to enhance the experience of visiting the store and building on its USP – its community. 

#2 La Petite Alice

La Petite Alice is a small business that sells made-to-order clothing for adults and children. 

The brand is committed to creating a sustainable and “slow” lifestyle and this is reflected in the earthy color scheme of browns and creams that generate a sense of calm for website visitors. 

Shopping on the website is easy, with popular and new items available to buy directly from the homepage and products broken down into easy-to-navigate categories. 

The main focus of the website is the brand’s products, and high-quality imagery reflects the La Petite Alice target audience, a key priority for any ecommerce business. 

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#3 Movement LAB

Movement LAB is a boutique fitness studio that uses its website to complement its brick-and-mortar studio. 

The website features information on the studio such as location, equipment, and fitness class listings, while personal trainer profiles allow users to find out more about the on-site team. 

There’s also a system that lets users sign up for a set amount of personal training sessions directly on the website, as well as a live chat feature that ensures potential clients can ask any questions without needing to visit the studio.

CTA buttons, social media icons, and contact details are all clearly visible on every page – something that’s essential for every website. 

#4 Simone Dicosta

Simone Dicosta is a professional photographer and uses his website to showcase his skills and work to potential clients.

This is a great example of a business website because it sticks to the basics and keeps the focus purely on the service offering.

It’s no surprise that the website is image-heavy. In fact, there’s almost no text at all, and the website acts as an online portfolio of Simone’s work. 

The clever use of white space helps to keep the focus on the images and portfolio and from the moment you land on the homepage, Simone’s credentials and contact details are clearly visible, making it super easy for clients to get in touch. 

#5 Wildwood Bakery

Wildwood Bakery made our list of best small business website examples thanks to the way it creates an engaging and compelling website but still keeps things simple.

The bakery website showcases the one thing everyone goes to a bakery for – the baked goods. It does this through the high-quality image close-ups, which leave your mouth watering. This is the perfect incentive to convince people to place an order, or pay the bakery a visit.

The navigation is simple, with just a few options to choose from, including the option to place an order.

The footer of this website is much larger than normal, showcasing all the most important information such as contact details, locations, sustainability steps, and FAQs. 

This is great as it puts all of the information customers need in one place and ensures the rest of the website focuses purely on the delicious baked goods. 

#6 Gone to the Dogs

Gone to the Dogs creates ethical, sustainable, and unique products for our favorite four-legged friends. 

The ecommerce store showcases an array of different products from squeezy toys to collars and leads. Thanks to the limited number of products the store sells, the brand is able to showcase almost all of them on the homepage.

This makes it super simple for customers to browse the catalog of products and make a purchase.

We particularly like the way each collection is introduced with content telling customers the story behind it, the ethical and sustainable steps taken in the creation process, and how the items can be reused and recycled in the future. 

Gone to the Dogs is an excellent example of a small business that combines the need to sell products with the desire to tell a story on its website. 

#7 Milestone

Milestone is a construction and renovation company that has created a strong brand identity through its website.

The muted color scheme, minimalist design, and clever use of white space mirror the design concepts that Milestone is known for. 

The projects page showcases some of the brand’s past work and uses images to show off the finished renovation. Text is then added to explain the process and the materials used. 

The Milestone website also links to the brand’s multiple social media platforms, allowing potential clients to learn more about the brand and see what the team has been up to recently. 

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#8 Ception

Ception is a start-up offering AI-powered car data for vehicle owners. The brand made our list of the best small business website examples thanks to its engaging and visually appealing website design. 

The Ception offering is detailed and potentially hard to get your head around so the brand makes use of a combination of images, illustrations, animations, and colors to break up text and prevent users from getting overwhelmed. 

The website also includes a clear content hierarchy and easy-to-follow navigation which further helps to create a positive user experience. 

Despite the technical nature of its service offering, Ception breaks down and presents content in digestible chunks, keeping users engaged. 

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#9 Tattly

Tattly is a unique brand selling temporary tattoos designed by artists. Everyone knows that unique brands need unique websites, so it’s no surprise that it made our list of great business website examples. 

The brand’s website uses bold colors and striking product images to capture the attention and imagination of users. 

Fun animations and icons appear at various points as you navigate through the website, mirroring the fun nature of the products on offer. 

As this is an ecommerce website, there’s a strong focus on security and building trust with a secure checkout process ensuring users feel safe making online purchases. 

#10 Ladies Get Paid

The Ladies Get Paid website is an extensive online hub of resources including online courses, events, and even job listings. 

This membership website focuses on offering its members as much valuable content as possible and therefore relies heavily on a navigation system that breaks content down into categories. 

The website opts for a distinctive blue and pink color scheme that runs throughout, creating a strong sense of brand identity. 

Ladies Get Paid is a great example of a small business website that needs to include a hefty amount of content but avoids appearing overwhelming to users. 

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#11 Amber Haider

Amber Haider is a ballroom dancing coach who uses her website to promote her skills and experience, encourage people to book a class, and showcase digital content. 

Amber keeps her homepage simple and includes a personal profile to immediately introduce herself to potential students. 

She has also created a bank of online resources such as videos, blogs, and a podcast to showcase the value she can provide to prospective dancers. 

For small businesses that focus on education and coaching, following Amber’s lead with free online resources can be a great way to build a community and promote your skills and expertise. 

#12 Homes in Santa Barbara

Real estate websites need to have two key features – great listings and easy-to-use search functionality. Homes in Santa Barbara makes our list of best small business website examples because it has both. 

As the name implies, the Homes in Santa Barbara website focuses on real estate listings in Santa Barbara. Each listing features high-quality images as well as key details such as layout, location, status, and price. 

The website has an in-depth search tool that allows users to find exactly what they’re looking for, whilst the interactive map shows users precisely where available properties are located.

Homes in Santa Barbara is a great example of a website that invests in the areas that are most important to the brand. In this case, that means a search function, location capabilities, and listings. It avoids getting distracted by anything else. 

Small Business Website Examples: Summary

Creating a website for your small business is an essential step but we totally understand that it can seem like an overwhelming process. 

Now you’ve had a chance to look through these 12 business website examples however, you should have a strong idea of what you do and don’t want your small business website to be like.

It’s important to not overthink it and instead focus on creating a visually appealing website that combines colors, imagery, and branding with robust functionality such as easy navigation and, if appropriate, secure checkout. 

Now that you’re suitably inspired to build your website, take a look at our how to build a business website guide for all the tips you need to get started. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! In 2023 every business should have a website, even yours! It doesn’t matter what you do or who you serve, a website helps to build an online community and captures potential customers who are searching for options online.

How many pages your website includes totally depends on what type of business you have and what type of website you are looking to create. Some small businesses only need a one-pager with basic information and contact details, while others will opt for a more in-depth website with resources and ecommerce functionality. 

The good news is that you no longer need to have coding experience to build a website. Thanks to website builders such as Wix, Shopify, and Squarespace, you can build your website via drag and drop and need no code at all! 

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