Discover the 12 Best Real Estate Website Templates for 2024

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OK, so you’re ready to build a real estate website, where do you start?

Building a website involves a lot of steps, from creating your content to optimizing for SEO and user experience. And of course, the design. 

The good news is that if you choose to build your website with a website builder (and we would strongly recommend that you do) then you’ll be able to choose from hundreds of real estate website templates. 

A website template is a pre-designed layout that you can customize with your content to create your own unique website. They’re a particularly great option for those who don’t have extensive coding experience or the time to build a website from scratch.

Our experts have searched the internet for the 12 best real estate website templates to help you pick the right one for you.

Let’s take a look…

How To Choose the Right Real Estate Website Template

Before we jump into the website templates, you need to know how to pick the right one for you and your business. 

Some of the factors to consider when selecting a template are:

  • The purpose of your website. Is your real estate website going to act as an agent’s portfolio? Or do you want it to feature property listings? This will play a major role in the template you choose.
  • User experience and navigation. Choosing a template isn’t just about what it looks like. You need to ensure your chosen template offers easy navigation and the best user experience possible.
  • Mobile responsiveness. Most real estate templates will have a mobile-first design but be sure to double-check this before you commit. Ensuring your website can be viewed on multiple devices and screen sizes is non-negotiable. 
  • SEO-friendliness. If you want your website to appear in search results, and we’re guessing you do, then you’ll need to ensure your chosen template hits all the SEO basics and doesn’t include any hidden malicious code.

Top tip! Remember, you can personalize your chosen template, changing things such as fonts, colors, and images to create your ideal real estate website.

12 Top Real Estate Website Templates

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at 12 of the best real estate website templates for website builders such as Webflow, WordPress, and Wix. 

1. ApartRent


Cost: $49

ApartRent is a clean, modern website template that is the ideal option for real estate businesses that want to showcase properties and position themselves as a luxury option.

The responsive design is 100% customizable and includes an on-site blog as well as location functionality that lets you embed maps and property addresses.

The template creates the perfect balance between white space, written content, and high-quality images. 

2. Hamlet


Cost: Ranging from $19-$349

This mobile-responsive website template uses imagery and clever layout options to create an eye-catching and engaging design. 

The Hamlet homepage includes a full-width slider that you can customize with your own images and videos while the advanced property search function ensures your real estate website will meet the needs of your users.

Content loads while scrolling and you can also add animated statistics to property listings for a fun experience. There’s also the option to embed Google Maps and create your own on-site blog, too.

3. Real Estate Firm


Cost: Free with Wix plan

The Wix Real Estate Firm template includes property listings, on-site blogs, embedded social media, and advanced search functions.

Each property listing includes fun icons depicting key metrics such as the number of bedrooms and square footage, making it easy for you to display all the content you need.

You can also add an advanced menu option to your homepage, allowing users to choose if they want to see content related to buying or renting a property.

The homepage header image is full-width and will need a high-resolution photograph, but providing you have one, nothing is stopping you from customizing the header to display your main content messaging. 

4. Fuller Group


Cost: Free with GoDaddy plan

The Fuller Group template is image-heavy and relies on visuals to sell your brand.

Page options include a portfolio where you can list your properties and a contact page. The website is relatively simple and acts as a showcase of what you have to offer. Clients can get in touch with you and your team via the main CTA. 

Parallax scrolling and multiple image galleries further add to the visual focus of the template, meaning this is the ideal option for real estate brands who already have a large bank of photography they are looking to showcase.

5. Really


Cost: $79

Really is one of the sleekest and most modern real estate website templates out there. It’s fully adaptable to all screen sizes, making it ideal for users who access your website on a tablet or smartphone.

The template integrates with the Webflow CMS, allowing you to easily update your property listings in the backend of the website.

You can customize aspects such as the color scheme and font style, as well as choose which pages you want to include from options such as an on-site blog and “meet the team”.

6. Construction Company


Cost: Free with Wix plan

When researching real estate agent website templates, Construction Company by Wix caught our eye. 

This is a great option for real estate businesses that want to showcase previous work or current listings thanks to the advanced portfolio options available.

Parallax scrolling ensures the homepage is engaging whilst a stats block allows you to input and present some of your key business stats to users.

You can also embed a Google Map into your contact section if you want to direct users to your company office to arrange meetings and viewings. 

7. Oakside


Cost: Free with GoDaddy plan

Oakside is a modern and sleek, free real estate website template that includes appointment booking, email sign-ups, and a portfolio.

You can also add subtle animation to your pages – such as fading in images when a user hovers over them – to create a more engaging user experience.

There are loads of customization options available, such as adding your own font and imagery. This is the ideal template for those looking for a simple real estate website that signposts users to business services. 

8. Nextmove


Cost: $49

Nextmove is a mobile-friendly real estate website template that focuses on high-quality content.

The template is relatively text-heavy, which is something to keep in mind, however, this does make it the perfect option for those who want to focus on SEO and offering quality content to users.

Speaking of SEO, the template is fully SEO-optimised and offers a range of customization options including colors, fonts, spacing, and image sizes, allowing you to create a bespoke finished design that suits your brands needs.

More Information

Want to know more about SEO before you build your website? Check out some of our guides below!

9. Uptown


Cost: Ranging from $19-$349

Some of the key features that ensured Uptown made our list of the best real estate website templates include parallax scrolling, an advanced search function, sticky navigation bars, and scrolling galleries and testimonials. 

With all of these functions available to play around with, you can add everything from customer reviews to property images and previous brand partnerships to showcase your expertise to potential customers.

The template also supports adding an on-site blog, an ideal way of positioning your brand as an industry leader and providing users with quality and insightful long-form content.

10. Architecture Firm


Cost: Free with Wix plan

Architecture Firm is a Wix template that creates a magazine-style website for your real estate firm. 

The template combines text, images, and white space for a modern and elegant feel. 

You can upload your own visuals to create image galleries and header images, but we recommend sticking with the template’s black-and-white color scheme if you want to position yourself as a luxury option.

The template also includes news and portfolio pages, meaning you can add tonnes of your own content.

11. Atlantic Edge


Cost: Free with GoDaddy plan

Atlantic Edge is the perfect choice for those who want to create a simple, yet visually appealing, real estate website.

The design is simple and combines image and text boxes to ensure content is readable and not overwhelming for users. 

Page options include a portfolio or listings page and an “about us” page – perfect if you want to provide more information about you, your team, and your experience.

The website footer can be personalized with options including contact details, social media icons, and an email sign-up box.

12. Warehouse


Cost: Ranging from $19-$349

Last on our list of realtor website templates is Warehouse, a WordPress template ideal for those who want to focus on stunning property images. 

You can create your own image galleries and populate pages and product listings with multiple images, allowing users to get a strong idea about what you have to offer.

The homepage includes a full-screen header slider which you can customize with your own content, making this the perfect place to put your key messaging or current focus. Remember, you can always change up and edit your header content in the future, too!

A sticky navigation bar remains in place on every page and you can also add a back-to-top button to pages that include large amounts of content to further enhance the user experience.

Best Real Estate Website Templates: Summary

Hopefully, within these 12 real estate website templates, you’ll have spotted the perfect one for your website. 

Even if you haven’t, you should have a strong understanding of what to look for in a real estate website template and the key features you want to include when designing your website. 

Remember, you can customise a template to meet your needs, changing up design aspects such as colors and fonts and in most cases adding and removing pages and content blocks. 

Now that you’ve reached the end of this article, take a look at our 10 best real estate website designs for more tips and inspiration you can implement when building your own website.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! The great thing about website builders is that you don’t need to understand code to use them. No-code builders such as Wix and Squarespace make building a website easy, even if you have no prior experience. 

Absolutely! In fact, we strongly recommend that you do! You can customize an array of features within your chosen template, such as colors, fonts, images, layouts, and spacing. Adding your own branding and design preferences allows you to create the website that’s right for you.

The key to ensuring your website is found by users is to implement an SEO strategy. SEO is the process of optimizing every aspect of your website, from content to backlinks, so that Google’s bots can find and crawl your website and rank it for your target search terms. 

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