11 Best Property Management Websites Examples

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A website is a powerful tool for property managers. Whether you choose to build it yourself or use one of our recommended real estate website builders, a website is a great way to reach users searching for recommendations and information. 

The trick to building a great property management website is to balance functionality and user experience with design and informative content. 

Sound like a lot? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of 11 property management websites to help inspire your own website and keep you ahead of the competition. 

Best Property Management Websites

A property management website acts as an online hub for your property management company. Often including content and member portals for both tenants and owners, designing a website for your property management services should combine eye-catching visuals with resources and easy navigation.

When it came to selecting the real estate websites that made this list, our experts looked at every little (and big) detail, such as the user experience, functionality, content, design, innovation, SEO, navigation, and overall effectiveness. 

These 11 websites smash most, if not all, features on that list, making them some of the best property management websites currently on the internet. That means they should come with tons of inspiration to get your own creative juices flowing! 

Alpine Group

Alpine Group is a property management group based in Portland who have been serving clients for over 20 years. The website caters to both owners and tenants with separate log-in areas for each and swathes of content and resources.

There are two different CTA buttons for the two different user types and content is clearly categorized for ease of use. The website also showcases the company’s history and experience in the homepage header, immediately positioning the management service as reliable. 

An interactive map, embedded from Google Maps is a nice, engaging feature while pop-ups offer a free rental evaluation if you sign up to the mailing list – a great way to offer exclusive content to subscribers. 


Belong is a property management company focused on making the renting process easy for both landlords and tenants. 

The design of the website combines imagery and graphics, creating a welcoming and engaging online experience; it mirrors the exact experience the business claims to offer clients. 

Live chat icons appear in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and promotional videos on the homepage grab users attention from the moment they land on the website. 

Property Management Select

Property Management Select has a simple and clear offering, making property management easier. It’s no surprise, therefore, that the brand’s website matches that simple, no-nonsense approach. 

Operating in Sacramento, the website has a page dedicated to each suburb and embedded Google Reviews help to provide reliability and trust to the brand’s voice. 

There are separate log-in areas for residents and landlords, while links to the brand’s social media pages add much-needed social proof to the management company’s online presence.

Boundless Management

Boundless Management is an Arizona-based property management company that uses its website to showcase the outcomes of its services.

Rather than focusing solely on what the different services are, Boundless Management uses its website to show users what they can get out of using them, for example, freedom for owners and comfort for tenants. Clever.

This is a great way of creating a positive impression of the brand while the on-site blog and client testimonials all help to position the brand ahead of the competition. 

Urban Group

Urban Group is a San Francisco-based property management company that offers a little bit of everything, including investments and buying and selling.

The brand has stuck to its San-Fran roots with its effortlessly cool, modern, and sleek website design including high-quality property photos and a modern typeface.

The Meet the Team page adds a personal touch to the website, allowing users to see and get to know the team members they would be communicating with, putting a face to the name. 

We Lease

We Lease made our list of property management websites to be inspired by thanks to the brand’s unique branding approach.

While most property management companies focus on high-quality images and formal branding styles, We Lease uses vibrant graphics and illustrations to stand out from the crowd.

CTA buttons for both tenants and owners are displayed right under the header section of the homepage, making for easy navigation and a great user experience. 

Separate log-ins and an online payment collection system ensure the website is not all style over substance. 

HCM Property Management

HCM Property Management is a company that operates in Southern California and claims to offer innovative property management solutions. 

The website hosts a large amount of content meaning categories and member areas are crucial, broken down into tenants, owners, and those looking to enhance their investment portfolio. 

The blue and red color scheme is memorable for users who land on the website whilst the drop-down main menu makes navigating the masses of content simple and easy. 

Kanga Property Management

Kanga Property Management’s website is one of the best property management website templates to use to inspire your own website. Why? Because the website is the perfect mix of design flair and functionality. 

A blue and white color scheme, unique icons, and high-quality background images work alongside an in-depth search function, on-site blog, and member portals to create a winning property management website. 

We especially like the way the website keeps content to a minimum on the main pages, offering more in-depth information once users have logged in. This helps to ensure users just looking to browse the website and get an impression of the brand aren’t overwhelmed with content.

USA Real Estate

Las Vegas-based USA Real Estate has built an eye-catching and modern website that aligns with the brand’s service offering and history.

The homepage states the business has been operating since 1971, adding gravitas to its service offering, while the modern, high-quality images and typeface prove the brand keeps moving with the times.

A banner runs along the top of the website featuring contact details including a phone number and email address, ensuring users can always find the information they need, no matter where they are on the website. 


Formatic is one of our favorite property management websites thanks to the unique way it displays content.

An introduction video appears in the homepage header, giving users the chance to meet the Formatic team and understand the services on offer.

The drop-down menu makes navigation easy and the green and white color scheme is just the right side of vibrant to be eye-catching and memorable…without needing to grab your sunglasses.

More information

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Bringing our list of property management websites to a close is Circle, a North Virginia property management company.

Navigation is simple as Circle uses its homepage header to direct users to the area of the website they’re looking for, using icons and linked boxes to keep the process simple.

An introduction video, embedded from YouTube, on the homepage allows users to learn more about the Circle mission without needing to read pages of content. The on-site blog focuses on market news, helping to position the brand as a leading industry expert. 

Best Property Management Websites: Summary

So, there you have it, 11 property management websites smashing the online world and offering inspiration for you to take away and utilize when building your own website.  

The key things we’ve learned from these sites are:

  • Make sure you have clear log-in portals for both tenants and owners.
  • Use your homepage header to position yourself ahead of the competition.
  • Consider adding a video to introduce your company and services.
  • Embedding Google Reviews and Google Maps is a great way to keep users engaged.

Now, all that’s left for you to do is take these lessons and site examples and get cracking with designing your own property management website. If you’re still looking for more inspiration, check out the 10 best real estate website designs and let us know in the comments which website elements you’ll use for your site!

Frequently Asked Questions

A property management website is a website for a property management business. A property management business manages and looks after rental properties on behalf of owners and websites can include tenant-facing and owner-facing content and features.

This all depends on what you want to use your property management website for. If it’s simply to promote your business then you might be able to stick to a simple one-pager. Most property management websites are more complex, however, featuring resources and content for both owners and tenants as well as log-in portals and contact forms. 

A website for your property management business not only helps you to promote your services to property owners looking for a management firm but also enables you to centralize all of your content and member areas in one place, making processes and communications much more efficient and streamlined.

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