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Running a salon can be hectic. Alongside working hard to provide your customers with the very best treatments, you also need to consider employee development and wellbeing, keep your premises in order, and juggle all the admin requirements that come with maintaining a successful salon.

With so much to think about, it can be easy to overlook the need for a stunning website. Yet many salon customers will start their research online, with as many as 50% of those who look for local businesses on their smartphone visiting the premises on the same day. This means your website is often the first and most important impression that you’ll give your customers.

But how do busy salon owners create compelling websites to sell their services and products?

This is where simple to use website builder platforms such as Wix, Shopify, and Squarespace come in. Unlike traditional websites – which require considerable investment and time – these platforms allow you create a highly functional website with just a few clicks.

Website builders offer templates which can easily be filled in with the relevant info, and provide you with crucial functionality, such as online booking portals and payment pages. Many of these templates are also incredibly aesthetically pleasing, which is crucial given the nature of the health and beauty industry.

In this guide, we provide you with 15 of the best salon website templates from leading website builders.

1 Beauty Salon


Wix gets straight to the point with its templates. So, it’s hardly surprising that its ‘beauty salon’ template is ideal for, well… beauty salons! The example here is for a brow bar, which effectively demonstrates the relevant functionality that this template provides.

Simple to navigate, this template offers sections for general information and available treatments, as well as a login that allows your customers to manage their bookings with you.

2 Clune


They say there’s beauty in simplicity, and the stunning Clune template – by popular website builder Squarespace – is the proof. This theme creates a powerful visual impact, whilst channeling a stripped-back, minimalist design. It’s ideal for salons that focus on simple – yet luxurious – treatments.

This template offers all the sections your salon website will need, and is easy to navigate to boot. We also love the clear call to action in the top right corner, which makes it simple for your customers to book their appointments.

3 Lanily


The first (but not last) entry from GoDaddy on our list of the best salon websites is Lanily. Although this template hasn’t been designed specifically for salons, it’s still well-suited for businesses who want customers to call them to make an appointment, whilst also offering salon owners all the functionality they need to sell their own products online.

Like all the templates on our list, Lanily from GoDaddy is easy to navigate. It also includes a chat function, so customers with questions can reach out to your knowledgeable team about any questions or queries they may have.

4 Showcase


Shopify is one of the biggest and most recognizable names when it comes to ecommerce website builders. And its stunning ‘Showcase’ template truly lives up to its name, offering salon businesses a high-impact platform to showcase their products and services.

We really love the darker theme of this template, which is rarely found in the salon space. The various sections let you mix and match striking images and engaging videos, to give your customers a clear idea of what they can expect when they choose your salon.

5 Foundry (Light)


Keep things ultra-clean with the sleek Foundry (Light) template from BigCommerce. Primarily built for ecommerce salon websites, this template will attract salons that want to showcase – and sell – their products and services online. Moreover, the simple inclusion of contact details will make it easy for customers to book directly with you.

6 Makeup Artist


Our second template from leading all-round website builder Wix is the visually impactful ‘Makeup Artist’. The example above utilizes a simplistic approach, with plenty of white space complimenting splashes of bright, bold color that’s certainly easy on the eye.

This template is fantastic for salons who want to build the aesthetics of their brand. Yet it doesn’t just offer style, but substance, too, coming with a helpful customer area which you can use to manage your salon’s bookings.

7 Florence


The Florence template by Squarespace is arguably one of the most stunning options on the market. Once you open this website you are met with a full-page image that really makes an impact.

Perfect for businesses that want to keep things simple, this template just focuses on what matters most. Allowing customers to find essential information, find out more through social media links, and contact you to make a booking.

8 Glamour


Glamour by GoDaddy is the perfect option for those looking to deliver essential information, whilst painting a visual picture of what your clients can expect when they visit your salon. The darker theme style really gives this template a luxurious feel, with the inky color palette oozing class.

Filled with all the functionality your salon will need, ‘Glamour’ will allow your salon’s customers to easily book appointments, and buy your beauty products online.

9 Beyond


Go beyond basic templates with the ‘Beyond’ template from Shopify. This theme is ideal for salons that want to showcase the products they use, whilst also offering customers the option to buy them online.

Although this template has been designed to help ecommerce businesses make sales, it also includes helpful sections, such as a beautiful Instagram feed that can be used to promote the experience customers can expect when they visit your salon.

10 Soho Light


If you are looking for a template that offers a lot of elegance and style, then Soho Light by BigCommerce might be the perfect one for you. The use of white space draws the eye to key imagery and text, helping you clearly communicate essential information about your salon and sell visitors on the type of experience they can expect.

This is another theme that majors in ecommerce, making Soho Light ideal for those salons that want to sell their own products on the internet. However, it’s also a great template for selling experiences, and generating bookings directly to your salon.

11 Beauty Salon


You’ll have noticed that many of the templates on this list specialize in one thing – shades. And that’s understandable – after all, monochrome palettes will be perfect for salons looking to channel a more elegant, sophisticated vibe. However, some salons – particularly those that ooze personality – may be looking for something a little bolder.

Enter this stunning Beauty Salon website from Wix.

Much like the other templates on this list, this one contains everything you need to showcase your salon and encourage customers to make bookings. It also includes a clear call to action button in the top right-hand corner that shows customers exactly where to go when they are ready. Unlike most of the other templates on this list, however, Beauty Salon features vivid, provocative colors to catch the eye, and draw potential customers into your salon’s vibe.

12 Myhra


Although the Myhra template by Squarespace hasn’t been specifically designed for salons, it offers every ounce of the visual elegance and helpful functionality you’ll need to make your salon stand out from the crowd.

The example above leverages darker images and a responsive design to create a real impact that perfectly delivers your salon’s message. The dark greens aren’t essential, but will suit salons that specialize in natural ingredients and treatments.

13 Gentle


Gentle by GoDaddy offers salons a beautiful platform from which to sell their products and services. The design lends itself to minimalism by offering considerable white space, which helps draw the eye to a salon website’s stunning visuals and key information.

The site allows people to buy your salon products easily, and also includes an attractive section where you can promote your salon’s services and treatments, and take bookings, too.

14 Ritual


Ritual is a stunning template from Shopify that makes it easy to grab the attention of your customers, and immediately engage them with your brand, services, and products. This theme comes with all the functionality you’d expect from a big player like Shopify, as well as some additional functions. These include the option to add elegant banners and pop-ups to your salon website, which can help you do everything: from building your mailing list to promoting discounts.

15 Covent Garden Contemporary


The Covent Garden Contemporary template by BigCommerce is a perfect choice for salons that offer a wide range of products and services. The design allows for stylish animations as your customer moves down the page, offering an attention-grabbing experience that really draws people into your salon’s core offerings.

Top Salon Websites: Summary

It’s clear that building a salon website doesn’t have to be a huge time and financial investment. By choosing from the range of salon website templates we’ve highlighted in this guide, you can launch a functional and visually pleasing website quickly and easily.

Which template you pick for your salon website will depend on your brand and what you offer. Whereas some salons will exclusively offer services, others may also offer a range of quality products – so be sure to check the functionality of each template and website builder before deciding which one works best for you.

Ready to start building your salon website? Check out our complete guide to the best website builders. Good luck, and enjoy!

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