3 Amazingly Easy Responsive Website Builders To Use in 2018

Last updated on February 26, 2018

how to make a responsive website builderSurfing the internet with a mobile device is the norm nowadays and knowing how to make a mobile responsive website has become more and more important.

Imagine if someone visited your website, and it looked pretty terrible on their mobile device, what do you think they will do next? My bet is that they might leave and look elsewhere.

It’s tough enough to get a visitor to your site, so having them leave because your website didn’t look very user-friendly on a mobile device is a really big problem.

So knowing how to create a mobile responsive website is actually quite critical to your success.

In this article, we’ll explore what exactly is a mobile responsive website (in simple, non-geek terms) and one of the easiest and fastest way to creating one (using a responsive website builder!)


What Exactly is a Mobile Responsive Website?

In simple, non-techie terms, a mobile responsive website is a website that detects what your visitor is using (a smartphone, a tablet, or a desktop computer), and automatically adjusts the layout of your website to conform to the size of the device that’s being used.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that a mobile phone screen is much smaller than a tablet screen, which is much MUCH smaller than a desktop / laptop computer screen.

Responsive website builder - comparison

So if you try to jam how a website looks on a larger screen (such as your laptop or desktop) into a tiny mobile phone screen, it makes it really challenging for your visitor to surf around your website.

They’ll end up shaking their fists in the air, curse out loud a couple of times, and move on to your competitors’ website.

Sarcasm aside, making your website content easy to read on a tiny screen is absolutely critical to retaining your visitor on your website nowadays – and a mobile responsive design can help you accomplish just that.


How Will A Mobile Responsive Website Help You?

Very simplistically, what a mobile responsive website will do, is automatically re-arrange your content and menu bar so that they fit very well into a smaller screen.

The menu bar is usually shrunk into a tab so it’s accessible when you tap on the menu bar button.

On the other hand, for non-mobile responsive websites, all your menu items are usually just shrunken into the size of ants where it’s virtually impossible to see them unless you have a magnifying glass – nevermind trying to tap on them to get to certain pages.

The different content sections on your website are automatically re-arranged into a vertical column so again to make viewing much more pleasant.

For non-mobile responsive websites, your content / text are simply shrunk to sizes comparable to sand (okay, so a bit of exaggeration here, but you get the point).

How To Create a Responsive Website - mobile responsive

Mobile responsive designs automatically re-arrange your content on mobile devices to make it easier to read.

Imagine if you had 3 columns with images and text, and try to jam that into a tiny mobile phone screen, it’ll be pretty tough to read.

So what a mobile responsive website will automatically do, is re-arrange the 3 columns into a vertical column, as the content / text size are at least legible on a smaller screen.

This will significantly improve your visitors’ user experiences.


How To Make A Responsive Website with a Responsive Website Builder?

If you’re a code guru, you can code up a template that is mobile responsive. But 99.9% of the entire population are not code gurus, so don’t be so hard on yourself.

So what can you do?

The easiest solution is to use tools to help you create a responsive website.

There are responsive website builders out there that can help you create a site without you knowing how to write one line of code.

Their tools are very easy to use – literally drag and drop your content into a website and you can publish your own mobile responsive website.

You no longer have to be a technical genius to build your website.  Those days are long gone and certain website builders (more below) will help you ensure that your website is 100% mobile optimized.

When you sign up to use one of these website builders, they give you all the tools to add content to your website, and they host the website for you, meaning that your website can exist on the internet.

Don’t know what hosting means? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to. They deal with all this technical stuff for you so you can just focus on inserting your own content into the website with their drag and drop tools.

Sounds too easy right? It is.

Technology has made it really easy to build mobile-friendly websites nowadays. I mean look at Facebook. They’re connecting hundreds of millions of people around the world. So it’s not surprising that there are tools out there to help you build websites without you touching any codes.


What Are Some Of These Responsive Website Builders?

There are a few good responsive website builders that you can check out.

They all include free trial periods so you’re not obligated to pay any of them at all to use their tools. You only need to subscribe to their plans if you are happy that they’re actually helpful to you.

Responsive Website Builders
  1. Squarespace
  2. Weebly
  3. Duda


1) Squarespace

Squarespace is probably the best responsive website builder in the market today.

They enable non-technical users to build beautiful, professional looking websites as all their design templates are very polished and stunning.

(Click on image above to watch a short video of how Squarespace works)

They focus so much on design that can make your visitors feel as if you’ve had the website custom built for thousands of dollars (but you’re actually paying much MUCH less – here are more details about Squarespace’s pricing plans).

They’re a market leader in creating responsive websites, we hear a lot of positive user experiences about them all the time. Not only are users pleased about how they are able to create great looking websites, they’re also happy that Squarespace provides 24/7 support, where they answer your email questions in less than 1 hour.

Try Squarespace Free for 14 Days

2) Weebly

Weebly is hands down, the easiest drag and drop website builder to use.  So if you are deathly afraid of anything technology, they’re a good candidate to test out.

They don’t have as many tools as Squarespace, but it’s intentional to keep their user interface minimalistic and simple.  This doesn’t mean they can’t help you build a good looking and functional website – they can!

How to Make a Responsive website - Weebly

Just be aware that even through Weebly’s websites are mobile responsive (see their mobile features here), their collection of designs are not as good looking as Squarespace’s.

If design is really important to you, Squarespace would be better for you.  But if simplicity and ease of use are more important than design, Weebly is a strong candidate.

This is not to say that Squarespace is not easy to use by any means.  We’re just saying Weebly is even easier, but a trade off is the design templates you get from Weebly is not as professional looking and updated as what you get from Squarespace.

One last thing – Weebly doesn’t have a limited time trial.  So you can keep using Weebly for free for as long as you want, until you are ready to upgrade.  Of course, the number of tools and support services you have access to as a free user will be limited.  But you can take your time to build a presentable website at the very least, for free.

Try Weebly For Free

3) DudaOne

DudaOne is not as popular as Squarespace or Weebly, but it is also a very capable responsive website builder.

One of the special features that DudaOne offers you, in addition to enabling you to build a mobile friendly website, is that they can “copy” any website into DudaOne. So if you have an existing website already, and you want to transfer it to DudaOne, they can quickly copy your existing site so you don’t have to rebuild it again.

That’s a major time (and sanity) saver!

How to Make a Responsive website - DudaOne

Another way to think about this is if you see a website design that you really like, and you want to “imitate” the design, you can just insert that website’s address into DudaOne and it can almost duplicate the same design for you.

But just keep in mind about creative copyrights of other websites. Don’t blatantly copy others work and straight up duplicate their design.

DudaOne offers this tool to make life a bit easier for you, so please don’t abuse it!

Try DudaOne Free for 30 Days


Conclusion – Responsive Website Builders

As more and more people are using their mobile devices to surf the web, making your website mobile friendly is becoming ever more important.

One of the best way to ensure that your website is ready for more mobile visitors in the coming years is to make a responsive website.

Creating a mobile responsive website is not as difficult as you might think nowadays, as responsive website builders such as SquarespaceWeebly and DudaOne has made it quite easy for you, even if you are not technology savvy.

If you have a computer, internet connection and can drag stuff around your screen, you can also build a website with them.

Building your own website is no longer a very expensive project.  Website builders charge you a transparent, monthly fee for their services.  So you’re not handing over thousands of dollars to a random freelancer without knowing what you’re getting yourself into.

(Note: if you are just starting out with your first website, I highly encourage you to try building your website with a drag & drop website builder by yourself. Why shouldn’t you hire a designer or developer yet?  See our discussion here.)

Sounds too good to be true? It is! And you need to see it for yourself to believe it.

You’re just a few clicks away from owning a mobile friendly website online. Time to show it off to your friends and family!

Oh one more thing – if you’re not sure how to pick the right design template for your website, we have a tutorial here that will show you the 3 simple criteria to choosing the right design that works for your needs.

Try Squarespace Free for 14 Days Try Weebly for Free (No Time Limit) Try DudaOne Free for 30 Days

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Jeremy Wong

About Jeremy Wong

Maybe just like you, at first we didn't have a darn clue about how to build a website, nevermind write half a line of code if our life depended on it! We wanted to build a website to start a side business, and felt overwhelmed, confused & scared about how to actually do it, which builder to use, and making wrong decisions. After years of trials & errors using different website builders, we're here to share our experiences with you.


Jeremy Wong

About Jeremy Wong

Maybe just like you, at first we didn't have a darn clue about how to build a website, nevermind write half a line of code if our life depended on it! We wanted to build a website to start a side business, and felt overwhelmed, confused & scared about how to actually do it, which builder to use, and making wrong decisions. After years of trials & errors using different website builders, we're here to share our experiences with you.

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22 Responses to 3 Amazingly Easy Responsive Website Builders To Use in 2018

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    Excellent. Learn very new things. Great work keep up it.

  2. #

    Weebly seems to be what we will go with. Very easy to get started. Been using Frontpage Express then ExpressionWeb for a long time. The drag and drop with Weebly is great!

    • Jeremy Wong

      Hi Ernest,

      Weebly is indeed good! They’re very user-friendly and is suitable for users of all skill levels. Have fun using it and thanks for sharing your feedback with us!


  3. #

    Hello.. I design and maintain 3 websites for my employer. I use the WYSIWYG web builder 9. I need to make the sites look better on a smart phone. WYSIWYG has an upgrade that has Responsive Web Design software built in. Do you know anything about it? I am not overly fond of paying “per month”.. Any suggestions on software that i can buy.. outright.

    • Jeremy Wong

      Hi Chuck,

      Unfortunately I’m not familiar with the website builder that you are using.

      Sometimes paying on an ongoing basis is worth the investment, as long as the website builder continues to improve, introduce new features, provide ongoing support, maintaining security to keep your website safe, etc.

      Here is a list of website builders that offer such advantages.


  4. #

    I joined weebly today, built a responsive web design with them then they demanded dollars when I hit the publish button. NOT FREE… NOT FREE AT ALL.

    • Jeremy Wong

      Hi Evocrim,

      You can publish your website for free and people can visit your website. However, if you want to have your own custom domain address or access more advanced tools, then you’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan.

      The pricing page is prominently displayed on Weebly’s main menu bar and the page outlines what you get under the free plan as well as the paid plans.

      But your website under the free plan can be published and will exist on the internet for your visitors to visit.


  5. #

    I just re-built a website for a pet shelter I volunteer at. I made it responsive using CoffeeCup responsive site designer. Took me awhile to get used to thinking about all sizes and not just one single size, but it helped that they had a cool template for me to learn (copy) from. It was code-free which I liked – I’m no coder.

    • Jeremy Wong

      Thanks for sharing, Desiree.

  6. #

    I checked out Dudaone and I dont see any other articles about it from you, nor do you rank it in comparison charts you have. Besides the lack phone support, it seems like a really good platform. How does it fare with the other Giants out there? What about their SEO? I also think what’s very interesting is the designer side of it. I would love to see more articles from you about it and maybe you can reply here…I am seriously considering them and I definitely need to pick a website builder for my website. Thanks.

    • Jeremy Wong

      Hello Frank,

      We haven’t written a guide about Duda yet, but they’re a pretty decent website builder. In terms of SEO, I suggest you take a look at our website builder SEO guide here. You might find it insightful.


  7. #

    Awesome thanks for share informative list for help our responsive website.

    • Jeremy Wong

      No problem, Julia. Thanks for reading!


  8. #

    Great article! I agreed on your post that today in this online world with mobiles and tablets with different sizes and inches our website should be responsive. And thanks for sharing about DudaOne. I just tried with my existing website and it is really effective. Looking forward to read more from your posts..

    • Jeremy Wong

      Thanks Shefali. Glad you found our discussions here about responsive websites helpful!


  9. #

    Thanks a lot! This post certainly helped me decide to choose whether I should go for a responsive design or just a dedicated mobile design. As I was reading here ‘http://www.lionleaf.com/blog/responsive-design-or-a-dedicated-mobile-website-which-is-better/, I’ve realized that both have their own advantages. But you certainly helped me a lot! I think I’m already choosing a responsive design, but is it true that it is expensive?


    • Jeremy Wong


      Getting a responsive website isn’t too expensive as there are many templates available nowadays that’s mobile responsive. But if you want to custom build one, then it can be a bit more expensive, depending on the quality of the developer you hire.

      But if you use a website builder such as Squarespace, all of their templates are fully mobile responsive and you get access to all of their templates if you sign up to their monthly plan. They will service / update all of their templates, and will also provide you with a drag and drop website infrastructure to help you build your site. Not to mention they will provide all the hosting services for you.

      So in a way, you can get a lot of value by subscribing to their plans, versus purchasing a template, finding your own hosting services, and spending a ton of time dealing with all the technicalities of getting your site up and running.


  10. #

    @Tanya – Wix is in no way a responsive website builder. It would be impossible based on how Wix sites are being built. Wix may have the “its easy” edge and the app is pretty intuitive but end-result (which is most important) is a site that does not respect modern standards.

    If you’re looking for a responsive website builder, check out LiveControl.net or Webflow.


  11. #

    The Wix website lists this as one of their features: “Get an automatically optimized version of your website for mobile in just one click, letting your site visitors view the same design and content on all devices.”
    and all their templates are shown as a full and mobile version. Am I misunderstanding their options. Would I have to design a mobile OR full version with Wix?

    • Jeremy Wong

      Hi Tanya,

      Yes Wix does offer you a mobile optimized version of your website. However, that’s technically different from a “responsive” website.

      For a responsive website, the template automatically adjusts to fit a mobile device’s screen by re-arranging its content within the same template.

      For a mobile optimized site, what happens is that you are using a separate mobile template, and it just grabs the content from your desktop template and insert that into the mobile template. So the template being used for a desktop display is different from the template that is used for mobile display.

      So in a way, a mobile responsive website retains the template’s design even when displayed on a mobile device, but a mobile optimized site will look different.

      Hope this makes sense!


      • #


        Our ad agency is currently using Adobe Muse. And as of a couple months ago we have been building responsive sites with it. The way Muse lets you re-layout your design to the responsive sizes takes a lot of extra time that almost doubles our working hours for each web site project. Is there a better program or is this typical when building responsive web sites with any web site program? I would love to know the pros and cons. The bottom line is to keep the cost down for our clients, but still give the a nice responsive site.


        • Jeremy Wong

          Hey Mark,

          Take a look at Squarespace. They’re easy to use and all content uploaded into the website builder (images, text, videos, etc) are automatically made responsive within the template design you choose. So everything is mobile ready once you hit publish.

          They’re free to sign up to (free trial) and just pick a template, throw up some sample content, publish and you’ll see if it’s the right fit for you. It will literally take less than 10 minutes!