30+ Website Ideas for July 2024

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Want to build a website this summer? Whether you’re considering setting up a blog or want to sell products, the season brings unique trends alongside warmer weather.

In this article, I’ve compiled 30+ of the best website ideas for July to help you get started by diving into the latest demands and key summer events.

🛒 The Hottest Ecommerce Store

Building an online store is a great way to market and sell products to customers – and make some extra money in July. Searches in the US for “how to build a website for business” have risen by +1,275% since last year.

Of course, you need something to sell, so consider building an ecommerce store for these July-appropriate products:

  • Swimwear– it’s that time of year when everyone needs a new pair of swimming trunks or a bikini
  • Summer fashion – you could feature flip-flops, sunglasses, shorts, hats, t-shirts, etc.
  • Beach goods – products like towels, beach bags, and can coolers are a great idea (searches for “huge beach towel” are up +140%)
  • Back-to-school products – parents will start thinking about the post-summer months early
  • Crafts – sell crafts and share guides and tutorials to help keep kids occupied during the summer
  • Outdoor gear – sell products such as camping gear, sleeping bags, hiking boots, etc.
  • Cooling essentials – think water bottles, ice boxes, coolers, lunch boxes, etc.
  • Travel – specialize in travel necessities, such as luggage or weekend bags (searches to shop for “weekend travel bags” are up +600% since last year)
  • Gardening products – offer tips and sell garden tools in a single site

✍️ Summer Blogging

Starting a blog is another alternative website idea, especially if you have a passion and knowledge to share. You could start a blog about:

  • Summer activities for kids like arts and crafts, kid-friendly recipes, and game ideas
  • The local area to highlight spots to visit, local history, and more
  • Wedding ideas – July is the height of the wedding season, and the search volume for “wedding website” currently stands at 49,500 per month
  • Online education resources to support kids and parents over the summer break
  • Book reviews for all of your holiday and beach reads – read our guide on how to start a book blog from scratch
  • TV & movie reviews – share your favorite summer watches
  • Your favorite celebrity – fan sites are hugely popular and usually always have fresh content to write about (for example, searches for “Taylor Swift fan club site” are up +267%)
  • Event or party ideas that are suitable for July and the summer temperatures, such as pool parties or BBQs

🏈 A Season for Sports

July is a big month for sports – the men’s Euros and Copa América are coming to a close, and Wimbledon and the Paris 2024 Olympics are kicking off. And, interest is high! For example, search volume for “Summer Olympics 2024” currently stands at 74,000 per month.

Capitalize on the sporty mood of the world by building a website centered around the industry:

  • Report on sports events – create a blog to share commentary on the huge sports events happening in July, such as the Summer Olympics
  • Offer online fitness classes – plenty of website builders support online courses, such as Squarespace, so you can create content and classes to share with remote customers
  • Sell fitness products – build a fitness website that focuses on sports-related goods, such as exercise equipment or workout gear
  • Start a wellness business – consider mental health for athletes, accessible exercise classes, support for personal growth, etc.
  • Create a nutrition website to share top tips, recipes, lifestyle advice, and more

✈️ Time To Travel

The summer months spark the desire to travel and make new memories. In fact, searches for “new travel blog” are up +350% since last year, so consider these travel-related website ideas:

  • Create an online travel journal to remember your trips, recommend favorite spots to friends and family, and review your top destinations
  • Build a website for your hometown to help tourists in your area – share what’s going on in July, list local food spots, provide information on historical buildings, and more

📅 Get Holiday Inspiration

If you’re stuck on finding the right website idea, July brings with it a few notable holidays and a rising interest in all things related to them. These can also be a great option if you’re looking to build a website as a school project since they’re very topical:

  • Independence Day (Fourth of July) – create a website for 4 July celebration ideas and party ideas, sell party goods, or create a blog to share the history of the national holiday
  • School holidays – it’s summertime break so parents will be looking for suitable activities and events for their kids
  • National Grilling Month – this ties in quite nicely with Independence Day, but there are plenty of food-specific website ideas, such as a food blog or a website for grilling product reviews

💻 Alternative Website Ideas for July

In addition to all of these very July-specific website ideas, there are plenty of other alternative options that have seen a rise in popularity since last year:

  • Product review website – customers want helpful and detailed reviews from people who have tested products too
  • Job board website – this is trending up by +860% with individuals using the summer months to look for new jobs ahead of fall
  • Podcast website – podcasts are getting hotter and hotter, so a podcast website could be a fun project to kick off in July!
  • Events website – everyone’s cashing in on the good weather to host events, so you can share your expertise, offer services, and sell products
  • Online forum – build a community online and spark discussion over a favorite subject

Most importantly, choose a website idea that you’re passionate about. When you’re ready to get started, check out our guide on how to design a website.

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