Wix Helps Restaurant Businesses With Square Offerings

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  • Wix is expanding its integration with Square to help restaurant websites speed up delivery times. Users can expect to go from around 45 minutes to about 20 – 30 minutes — now that’s customer satisfaction.
  • Restaurant owners can easily manage operations of daily business from items, menus, catalogs, descriptions, and images straight on Wix using Square for Restaurants.

This is exciting news for restauranteurs that have built with the Wix restaurant website builder, since integrating operations with Square couldn’t be simpler. You just need to sync up your Wix restaurant business with a Square account to get a plethora of extra tools.

The hassle of online ordering, slow order times, or having an extra order tablet in store is over – instead Wix and Square bring you a streamlined solution.

What Does the Wix and Square Restaurant Integration Mean?

The Square and Wix restaurant solution helps streamline the ordering process. What you can look forward to if you’re using these two, according to Wix is:

  • Goodbye to the extra tablet: you’ll get orders directly on your Square account and won’t need the extra tablet in store.
  • Easy menu setup: you can easily set up your menu by importing your item catalog from Square into Wix.
  • Organized and streamlined orders: the Square dashboard lets you review in-store orders and online orders, all in one place.
  • Direcly refund in Square: you can refund any items directly if you use the Square payment processor.
  • Less customer dissatisfaction: You can turn on inventory tracking so when your stock levels are low it’ll notify you. This prevents overselling and ensures that your customers only purchase menu items that are currently available.
  • 24 hour reservations: customers will be able to reserve their table anytime they like.
  • Updates are synced: Any updating you make on the Square POS will automatically update your Wix site.

Imagine a world where you could automatically have your orders synced and running at faster speeds with less staff needed for the task. A world where you can focus on delivering excellent food and customer service – that’s the vision Wix and Square have for businesses.

Can You Use Square POS With Wix Websites?

Even regular Wix websites can integrate with the Square POS, if you want to track your sales directly in Square’s dashboard. If you’re wondering how this works, simply log into Wix and go to the “Store Manager”, here you can click “Business Setup.” Then click “Payments” and you’ll see in the Credit Cards section, an option to “Connect”. Here you can find Square and connect your account!

To connect your Wix restaurant to Square it’s the same process but instead of “Store Manager” head to “Orders” and then “POS system,” and follow similar steps to connect to Square.

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