1&1 IONOS vs GoDaddy 2022: Which One Will You Go For?

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1&1 ionos vs godaddy featured imageThis article will put your doubts to rest once and for all – let’s break down the key differences between 1&1 IONOS and GoDaddy, and see which will be best for hosting your website.

Choosing a hosting provider is an important step. 1&1 IONOS and GoDaddy are big names in the world of web hosting, so it’s understandable you might be torn between the two.

1&1 IONOS was born in 2018, but its roots were planted in 1988 with 1&1, its original brand. 1&1 IONOS has over 30 years of experience and manages 12 million domains.

1&1 IONOS is the biggest hosting company in Europe, but GoDaddy has made a big name for itself, too. In fact, GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain name registrar, with over 77 million domains under its management!

GoDaddy has helped over 18 million people get online, so it knows what it’s doing. Both 1&1 IONOS and GoDaddy offer helpful services for their customers, with all-round solutions for everything from website building, to hosting, and domains.

At first glance it seems 1&1 IONOS and GoDaddy are pretty similar in what they offer – so how are you meant to choose? Without signing up and paying money, how can you know which one is best?

That’s where we flex our research muscles and step up to give you the answers you need. We carried out hours of research into the best providers on the market, meaning we can help find the best choice for you.

The internet waits for no one, so we’re not going to keep you waiting. In our research, 1&1 IONOS beat GoDaddy, making it the better hosting provider overall.

Best for cloud hosting


out of 5

4 out of 5 stars

Types of Hosting

5 out of 5 stars

Help and Support

2 out of 5 stars

Value For Money

4.95 out of 5 stars

Hosting Features

3 out of 5 stars

Best for extra features


out of 5

3.5 out of 5 stars

Types of Hosting

4 out of 5 stars

Help and Support

3.8 out of 5 stars

Value For Money

4.3 out of 5 stars

Hosting Features

5 out of 5 stars

1&1 IONOS won the research battle, but will it win the war to be named the victor as your hosting provider? Or is GoDaddy actually offering exactly what you need?

This article will explore everything from features, to pricing, ease of use, performance, and more, to give you real insight into these providers. By the end, you’ll be in no doubt about which provider is the better fit for your hosting needs.

1 1&1 IONOS vs GoDaddy: Pros and Cons

1&1 IONOS Pros and Cons

  • Best provider for cloud hosting
  • One of the cheapest providers on the market
  • Every customer receives a dedicated support assistant
  • Dated and unintuitive control panel
  • Not very beginner friendly

GoDaddy Pros and Cons

  • Best provider for extra features
  • Free Office 365 with shared hosting
  • Scored full marks for its hosting features in testing
  • Higher pricing than competitors, and low value for money
  • GoDaddy’s unlimited offerings require a close reading of the fine print

Further Information

2 Performance and Security

1&1 IONOS Performance

The first provider to draw its sword when it comes to performance is 1&1 IONOS. First and foremost, it has 99.98% uptime, which is pretty impressive. Uptime is the percentage of time a server is up and running, meaning your website is live and available to visitors online.

In addition to that high uptime score, 1&1 IONOS has 10 data centers in five countries, including the USA, the UK, and Europe.

1&1 ionos data centers
1&1 IONOS has 10 data centers around the world, to boost your site’s performance and give visitors the best experience when browsing your website.

If you’re on cloud hosting, you can choose your data center. Why is this so handy? Well, if you have a large UK audience, for example, you can give them faster load speeds by choosing a data center based in the UK, rather than the US.

1&1 IONOS also optimizes your site for speed, whatever plan you choose. On shared hosting, for example, 1&1 IONOS maximizes your performance is by having the web servers and storage on the same platform. This might sound small, but it’ll really speed things up for your visitors!

GoDaddy Performance

GoDaddy’s hosting prioritises speed, reliability, and security, but does it deliver? It has slightly lower uptime than 1&1 IONOS – it comes in with a comfortable 99.97%, which is still good but not quite as impressive as 99.98%!

It combines this very respectable uptime score with lively and reliable site speeds, so your visitors should be getting rapid loading speeds across the board.

1&1 IONOS Security

Sure, 1&1 IONOS has got the speed to win this fight, but does it have the strength? Security is massively important not just for protecting your site, but also for building your site’s credibility and helps you rank in search results.

All 1&1 IONOS plans come with a free Wildcard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate, which encrypts any information, like payment details, being passed through your website. When a site has SSL, the URL address turns from ‘HTTP’ to ‘HTTPS,’ accompanied by a padlock symbol.

Visitors to your site will be warned that your site is not secure if there’s no SSL certificate in place, so it really is an essential feature to have. Wildcard SSL is even better, because it protects all your subdomains under a single certificate.

All plans come with a free Wildcard SSL, and some also include SiteLock malware protection, which scans your pages and protects you from any nasty bugs.

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection is also included, and keeps your website safe from malicious attempts to disrupt traffic to your website.

GoDaddy Security

GoDaddy wades right in with 24/7 security monitoring, combined with its own DDoS protection. You also get fraud, virus, and spam protection to keep your sites safe from attacks.

The best part? GoDaddy has dedicated website security plans which you can purchase for extra protection.

godaddy security plans
GoDaddy has separate security plans which you can subscribe to for extra protection and expert support.

The three plans range from $5.59 to $19.99 per month, and include features such as unlimited malware removal and brand reputation monitoring.

GoDaddy has got your back when it comes to security and protecting your site from any unwanted attention. However, where it falls down is in its SSL security. While it does provide its users with free SSL certificates, it depends which plan you’re on.

If you choose either of the two cheapest shared hosting plans, you won’t get a free SSL certificate at all. You get a free SSL for one year on most of GoDaddy’s plans, but it renews at its regular rate once that first year is over – adding $79.99 per year onto your hosting plan.

godaddy ssl shared hosting
GoDaddy doesn’t include SSL certificates on all of its hosting plans, and some will cost you an extra $79.99 after your first year. Only the Maximum plan gives you a free SSL forever.

Our top tip would be to always double check what you’re getting with your plan before you sign up – don’t assume you’ll get the full package with every plan!

1&1 IONOS vs GoDaddy: Performance and Security – Verdict

It’s a tough one, but 1&1 IONOS has to take the victory lap for this round. They’re both speedy providers, but 1&1 IONOS breaks away when it comes to security. GoDaddy’s lack of free SSL certificates on all its plans really lets it down in this section.

Further Information

3 Types of Hosting

Chances are, you might be after a specific type of hosting. Do 1&1 IONOS or GoDaddy have what you need?

Type of HostingWhat Is It?Best For1&1 IONOSGoDaddy
SharedHosting where the server is shared between multiple websites. The most basic type of hosting, it’s like having a room in a shared house.Very small and static sites, like blog pages.✔️✔️
VPS (Virtual Private Server)Sites still share a server but have more generous resources. More secure and sustainable than shared hosting, it’s like living in an apartment block rather than a house share.

Most websites! Small business sites, regular websites, and sites which are scaling up their growth.


CloudFlexible hosting, where you can change your resources as and when you need.Sites which have sudden hikes and dips in traffic, like an online store running deals and sales.✔️
Managed WordPressSpecific hosting tailored for WordPress sites, usually including automatic updates and specialist support.WordPress websites.✔️✔️
DedicatedHosting where your site has a server all to itself. Usually the most expensive type of hosting.Very large websites.✔️✔️

1&1 IONOS vs GoDaddy: Types of Hosting – Verdict

Both offer a broad range of hosting types, but 1&1 IONOS provides cloud hosting where GoDaddy does not, giving it another win over its rival. While this won’t affect those who don’t need cloud hosting, it does put 1&1 IONOS in a more dominant position than GoDaddy.

Further Information

4 Hosting Features

It’s GoDaddy’s time to shine! In our research, GoDaddy scored full marks for its overall hosting features – in fact, it pretty much wiped the floor with 1&1 IONOS. But how does that break down when you look at the different features that come with each hosting type?

Shared Hosting

Features1&1 IONOSGoDaddy
cPanel ✔️
Disk space100GB – 500GB100GB – Unlimited
Number of sites1 – 501 – Unlimited
Free backups✔️✔️
Free domain✔️✔️*
Free SSL security ✔️✔️

*Free SSL is not included on GoDaddy’s two cheapest shared hosting plans. The Ultimate plan gives you a free SSL certificate for one year, and the Maximum plan gives you free SSL for as long as you stay on that plan.

Despite the fine print that comes with GoDaddy’s free SSL offers, overall it far outshines 1&1 IONOS when it comes to shared hosting features. 1&1 IONOS has more limits on it resources, and doesn’t use cPanel, which is a popular, reliable, and easy to use control panel.

VPS Hosting

Features1&1 IONOSGoDaddy
Disk space50GB – 160GB40GB – 200GB
Root access✔️✔️
Free backups✔️
Free domain
Free SSL security ✔️✔️

Again, GoDaddy steals the win over 1&1 IONOS in its hosting features. Its VPS hosting plans have a wider range of disk space, and come with free backups where 1&1 IONOS does not. Root access allows you to access your server and customize it to suit your needs.

Dedicated Hosting

Features1&1 IONOSGoDaddy
Disk space240GB – 1TB1TB – 2TB
RAM8GB – 64GB4GB – 32GB
Number of server location options37
Free backups✔️
Free SSL security ✔️✔️

This is where 1&1 IONOS fights back to win a features round. Its dedicated hosting plans come with just an edge over GoDaddy’s, thanks to its free backups and more generous RAM. However, it only has three server location options and a smaller amount of disk space, so it’s a fairly tenuous lead.

1&1 IONOS vs GoDaddy: Hosting Features – Verdict

GoDaddy triumphs with more quality features than its competitor. Yes, 1&1 IONOS steals a win here and there on individual plans, but it can’t keep up with GoDaddy’s extensive offerings. And it’s no wonder – in our research, GoDaddy scored full marks for its hosting features!

5 Ease of Use

Hosting can be pretty daunting for anyone who’s new to the world of servers, control panels, and domain names. But it doesn’t have to be a difficult task – hosting providers should make running your site as easy as possible.

One of the main things that affects ease of use is the provider’s control panel. The control panel is a central dashboard, where you log in to run your site. You manage everything there, including domains, security, and email accounts.

Most providers use cPanel, as it’s a user-friendly control panel with a clean and easy to use interface. However, 1&1 IONOS does not use cPanel – instead, it has its own custom control panel. Compared to cPanel, it’s frankly a bit dated and cluttered.

In contrast, GoDaddy has followed the crowd by using cPanel, and it’s paid off. GoDaddy’s branding revolves around being beginner friendly, so it makes sense its control panel would keep things simple and straightforward.

godaddy cpanel shared linux hosting
GoDaddy uses cPanel for its control panel, meaning you are guaranteed a reliable, easy to navigate interface to manage your account and website.

GoDaddy also has one-click app install, making it effortless to download software like WordPress or Drupal. With cPanel you get over 125 apps to choose from – and it only takes a click to get started!

1&1 IONOS vs GoDaddy: Ease of Use – Verdict

GoDaddy is the clear winner for ease of use. 1&1 IONOS isn’t exactly difficult to use, but it can’t compete with GoDaddy’s choice of cPanel or beginner friendly focus. 1&1 IONOS gives you a custom, tailored control panel, but GoDaddy gives you uncluttered and seamless service.

Further Information

6 Domain Registration

Both 1&1 IONOS and GoDaddy provide domain name registration services, making it easy to kill two birds with one stone when you sign up. Get hosting for your website and register your own custom domain at the same time. Simple!

1&1 IONOS Domains

1&1 IONOS actually throws in a free domain name with most of its hosting plans, meaning you don’t have to pay for the first year. This is an easy, headache-free way of getting a domain that won’t cost you the earth – or anything, for that matter.

If you do need to buy a domain, you can do it through 1&1 IONOS directly.

1&1 ionos domain registration
It’s easy, secure, and hassle free to buy your domain through 1&1 IONOS.

You can check to see if your domain is available, and see how much it will cost before you purchase it. You even get a free email, private registration, and an SSL Wildcard certificate thrown in too.

GoDaddy Domains

GoDaddy has already established itself as the world’s largest domain registrar, and it definitely knows how to flex those muscles. Say hello to a host of domain services, including various domain name searches, domain privacy, and even domain auctions!

godaddy domain services
GoDaddy offers a massive range of domain name services, from searching and registering domains to securing and auctioning them.

Unlike 1&1 IONOS, however, GoDaddy doesn’t include a free domain on most of its hosting plans – you’ll need to sign up for shared or WordPress hosting to get the free domain.

GoDaddy can have lots of details in its renewal terms, so always make sure you read the fine print so you know exactly what you’re getting, and for how long.

1&1 IONOS vs GoDaddy: Domain Registration – Verdict

It’s a draw! Yes, GoDaddy may be the biggest domain registrar worldwide, and has a ton of helpful services, but, 1&1 IONOS includes a free domain in more of its hosting plans, making your life much easier.

Further Information

7 Help and Support

What would you do if your php.ini/user.ini changes aren’t taking effect? If you know the answer, you can probably skip straight past this section! For most people, that question will have you scratching your head and looking around for clues.

Enter the game-changing help and support.

1&1 IONOS Support

1&1 IONOS has a range of support options for you to use if you ever need a helping hand with your hosting. These include:

  • 1&1 IONOS Help Center
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Contact Support
  • 1&1 IONOS Community

The phone support is the most personalized – you can ring any time, seven days a week, or request an immediate callback by leaving your number.

Contact Support works by tailoring suggestions for you based on the options you select, and the Help Center has plenty of useful articles to help you out.

The best thing about 1&1 IONOS is you get your very own personal consultant when you sign up. This is a fantastic way of getting personalized answers to questions, and lets you experience a whole new level of customer support. Plus, it’s free!

1&1 ionos personal consultant
1&1 IONOS gives you a free, personal consultant to support you when you sign up.

The main downside of 1&1 IONOS is there’s no 24/7 live chat feature, so it can feel a little slow finding answers, depending on how busy the phone support is at the time you need help.

GoDaddy Support

GoDaddy also has a range of options:

  • GoDaddy Help Center
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Live chat
  • Community
  • Videos

GoDaddy doesn’t have a 24/7 live chat feature, but its Monday to Friday chat is very easy to find and tells you when it’s busy or available.

godaddy help center
GoDaddy has a range of support options, including the Help Center where you can find articles and guides.

You can also contact the support team by phone, or go to the GoDaddy Help Center for articles and resources.

GoDaddy also has a ton of videos to help get started with domains, find your way around cPanel, and more.

How Do They Compare?

Overall, GoDaddy and 1&1 IONOS are quite evenly matched when it comes to the support options they offer. So whether it’s something simple, or a complex conundrum, you should have no trouble reaching out.

1&1 IONOS vs GoDaddy: Help and Support – Verdict

Neither could gain the upper hand this time – it’s a draw! Whether you’re a fan of getting support straight from the experts via phone, or prefer browsing for answers in the help center, both 1&1 IONOS and GoDaddy have got something for you.

8 Pricing and Value for Money

Let’s be honest – in the war to be your hosting provider, the battle of pricing is often the deal-breaker. We don’t just look at how much these providers charge, though – we also look at how much value you get for your money.

Pricing varies depending which type of hosting you choose, so we’ll have a quick comparison of the three main hosting types, and then have some final thoughts below.

Shared Hosting

1&1 IONOSGoDaddy
Cheapest Plan: Sale$1$4.99
Cheapest Plan: Regular $8$7.99
Most Expensive Plan: Sale$1$19.99
Most Expensive Plan: Regular$14$24.99
Number of Plans34
Money-back Guarantee60 days0 days

*Prices shown per month

As you can see, 1&1 IONOS offers considerably lower sale and regular prices than GoDaddy. In our research, 1&1 IONOS scored slightly higher than GoDaddy for shared hosting, meaning you get more for your money with this provider.

When you throw in that 1&1 IONOS includes free SSL certificates and a money back guarantee on all its shared hosting plans, it’s clear which offers the better value!

VPS Hosting

1&1 IONOSGoDaddy
Cheapest Plan: Sale$5$19.99
Cheapest Plan: Regular $10$29.99
Most Expensive Plan: Sale$30$74.99
Most Expensive Plan: Regular$40$139.99
Number of Plans44
Money-back Guarantee60 days0 days

1&1 IONOS once again beats GoDaddy with consistently lower prices for its VPS hosting plans. Its second most expensive plan, the 1&1 IONOS VPS XL, which is usually $30 per month, is on sale for just $1 per month. In contrast, GoDaddy’s second most expensive plan is on sale for $39.99 per month!


1&1 IONOSGoDaddy
Cheapest Plan: Sale$50$89.99
Cheapest Plan: Regular $70$169.99
Most Expensive Plan: Sale$120$179.99
Most Expensive Plan: Regular$140$349.99
Number of Plans44
Money-back Guarantee30 days0 days

Dedicated hosting plans are always on the pricey side, because you get much more advanced features thrown in. That explains why you don’t see the $1 deal from 1&1 IONOS – but don’t be too down-hearted, because it still offers cheaper dedicated prices than GoDaddy!

In our research, 1&1 IONOS just crept ahead of GoDaddy for dedicated hosting, so once again it succeeds in offering better value for money.

Which Is Better Overall?

Although costs differ from plan to plan, overall 1&1 IONOS is pretty consistent with offering lower prices and better value than GoDaddy. Its $1 sales are really appealing, and its regular rates are still cheaper than GoDaddy’s renewal prices.

Overall, GoDaddy scored higher for features in our research, so the extra cash is justified in the benefits you get back. But on a plan by plan basis, 1&1 IONOS’s prices have got GoDaddy beat.

1&1 IONOS vs GoDaddy: Pricing and Value for Money – Verdict

You guessed it – 1&1 IONOS wins! GoDaddy is definitely not one of the most expensive providers on the market, but it didn’t stand a chance against 1&1 IONOS and its killer promotions. GoDaddy’s lack of money back guarantee put the last nail in its virtual coffin.

Further Information

1&1 IONOS vs GoDaddy: Conclusion

This article has seen 1&1 IONOS and GoDaddy battle it out to be your hosting champion. We’ve seen each blow in performance, every swing in features, and didn’t miss a scratch in pricing.

By the end of it, there’s one provider whose banner is still flying strong – our winner is 1&1 IONOS! It dominated in the pricing round, took the winning title for performance and security, and tipped the scales with its free SSL and domains.

Still, that doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone…

Why Should You Choose 1&1 IONOS Over GoDaddy?

Are you still torn between GoDaddy and 1&1 IONOS? Here are the three main reasons to choose 1&1 IONOS:

  • You need cloud hosting
  • You want a free Wildcard SSL certificate
  • You want cheap promotional prices

Why Should You Choose GoDaddy Over 1&1 IONOS?

Just because 1&1 IONOS is our winner, doesn’t mean it’ll be the perfect provider for you. You’re better off with GoDaddy if you:

  • Want an easy to use control panel
  • Need a wider range of hosting features
  • Will use most of GoDaddy’s domain services

1&1 IONOS vs GoDaddy: FAQs

Do I really need SSL?

Yes! SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encrypts information passing through your site to keep visitors’ information safe, whether it’s payment details or passwords. Even if you don’t think this is important, Google doesyour site will struggle to rank in search results without SSL.  

How long do promotional prices last?

Usually, it’s for your first term – so if you choose a yearly contract, then the sales price will last for the first year. However, it’s always worth checking. The $1 shared hosting promotions with 1&1 IONOS, for example, last between six and 12 months depending on which plan you choose. Our top tip: always read the small print!

Can I use GoDaddy or 1&1 IONOS to host my WordPress site?

Yes, of course! Both 1&1 IONOS and GoDaddy offer managed WordPress hosting to keep your site running smoothly and securely. Out of the two, we would recommend choosing 1&1 IONOS to host your WordPress site, as it performed better in our research. If you want truly stellar WordPress hosting though, take a look at Bluehost instead.

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