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Hi, I’m Dan:

I’m now an expert in website builders (more specifically, in ecommerce platforms), but it wasn’t always that way! I’ve been writing across different channels for years, and I used to think website design was just for professionals, because maybe like you, I had no coding or design experience.

However, with the help of our expert researchers at Website Builder Expert (and after testing every website builder myself), I can confidently guide you through on how to get the most out of each one.

More About Dan

Dan has been a writer at Website Builder Expert since late 2018, and has since become a pro in the world of website builders. He’s grown to love ecommerce platforms in particular, focusing his energy into researching, testing, and reviewing each platform to give you the best possible advice.

While his passion for soccer might be on a par with his passion for ecommerce platforms, we can assure you his skills are anything but. Put simply, he’s no Pele. However, he is one of the leading ecommerce writers on WBE, and particularly loves a ‘versus’ piece. And a pun.

On the soccer theme, one of the biggest fixtures on his content calendar was Squarespace vs Shopify, a contest between two heavy hitters and one of his favorite articles. It doesn’t stop there. He also oversees the WBE social media, tweeting tremendous tales of website builders, hosting providers, and online stores.

He has also written for big publications like the International Business Times, discussing the rate of ecommerce returns, and he has recently crossed the border into the world of website hosting. By broadening his writing horizons, he can now help even more people get online more easily.

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