Exploring the 8 Best Single Property Websites

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Great properties deserve more than a basic listing. This is why many sellers now use website builders to create dedicated, bespoke websites for each individual property they sell.

In this article, we’ll show you eight market-leading examples of single-property websites to get the inspiration flowing. We’ll also highlight some of the features of each site that are worth considering for inclusion on your own single-property website.

Benefit of Single Property Websites

Creating property listings on websites such as Zillow certainly has its value. These types of websites can help you get your property seen by countless property hunters who are looking to buy properties such as yours.

However, creating a dedicated, single-property website can be a smart way to make your property stand out from the crowd and get you noticed in highly competitive property markets.

Single-property websites give you plenty of space to show your property off in the very best light, allowing you to break out of the limited options offered on property listing sites. For example, your single-property site can provide much deeper insight into the benefits and features of your property through written descriptions, images, and videos.

If you decide to build a single property website, you’re also able to develop a stronger brand through targeted marketing activities. For example, you can run specific marketing and ad campaigns directing potential buyers straight to your dedicated site.

In contrast to listing on property sites or property management websites, you’ll benefit from the “ownership” of your single-property website. You’ll be able to collect data from those who visit your website, which can then be leveraged as part of remarketing campaigns. It also means you can benefit from direct lead generation without third-party intervention or costs.

Best Single Property Websites

There are lots of benefits to creating a single-property website. In this section, we show you some of the best single-property websites out there, offering you inspiration for your site.

Palos Verdes Estates, CA

Palos Verde Estates in California is a great example of a single-property website. It highlights some smart functionality that you, too, could consider for your site.

The first thing you notice when visiting this page is the large, full-screen image. This approach helps to make a big impact and immediately demonstrates the visual impact your property can make.

Two other really interesting and engaging features include a virtual tour of the property and a list of local schools along with details on their quality. Both of these will play a key part in helping potential buyers assess the suitability of the property you are selling.

Top Tip: Make sure all of your images are fully optimized for the best results. If images aren’t optimized, this can result in slow page loading times and an increased chance of visitors leaving your site before they’ve even had a chance to view your property! For more tips, check out our image optimization guide.

College Ave, Santa Rosa

The single-property website for College Avenue is simple in its real estate website design but it has some great features to consider.

For example, it’s essential to include information on your website that makes it easy for people to contact you with further questions. A regular contact page will do, but we love that this website goes one step further and allows interested parties to book a viewing directly from the site.

Another essential from this example is a map highlighting exactly where your property is located. This allows potential buyers to investigate the area around the property, which is often just as important as the property itself!

One Vanderbilt, Manhattan

Although this website is not strictly a single property, but a single building with multiple properties, One Vanderbilt offers a great example of a sleek and well-put-together property website.

Striking imagery and videos are some of the key elements of this site that make it stand out from the crowd. Playing to its strengths, the site shows off the breathtaking views that can be seen from and around the building in order to capture your attention and make a strong brand impression.

One other element that’s well worth noting is the use of an infographic to highlight the different spaces available on each floor. Although your property may not be a skyscraper, you can use the same approach to help show potential buyers the layout of your property’s interior.

Cummings Drive, Santa Rosa

Simple in its design, this single-property website template offers everything you need in one easy-to-navigate website. When you visit this site you’re immediately met with a gallery of images from within the property, making it easy for visitors to quickly get to grips with the style and vibe of the property being advertised.

This site also offers a handy finance calculator. Doing so makes it quick and easy for interested individuals to see if the property is truly affordable for them.

Portage Drive, Plano TX

One thing we really like about this Portage Drive website is just how simple it is. By using lots of white space, the eye is naturally attracted to the most important elements such as the images of the property and the top-level menu.

This simplicity carries through to the menu options, with just the most essential areas featured here such as key documents and a 3-D walkthrough tour.

Remember, you don’t have to go over the top with your single-property website. Sometimes all you need is the essential information in an easy-to-navigate format.

Icon Cir, Newport Beach, CA

Icon Cir’s stunning website offers plenty of inspiration for those who want their single-property website to exude luxury.

The clear ‘Schedule a Tour’ tab is a great addition, making it easy for visitors to book a viewing as soon as they’re convinced. And thanks to the stunning visuals throughout the site, we don’t think that would take too long!

By focusing heavily on visual assets such as photos, video, a 3D tour, and floor plans, this website uses a smart multimedia approach to communicate the style and features of the property.

Elendy Lane, Anytown, CA

The single-property website built to show off Elendy Lane has actually been created on the same platform as our last example – Rela.

One high-impact feature of this website is the use of scrolling videos on the homepage. This approach uses the super engaging nature of video, whilst showing the various features of the property. The overall result is a comprehensive and visually stimulating property overview.

Terry Francine St. San Francisco, CA

This isn’t actually a real single-property website, but a template by Wix. It’s a great option for those looking to create a stylish but simple single-property website.

It includes many of the features we’ve seen in other examples on this list such as a permanent ‘Schedule a Tour’ button, a property gallery, a large header image on the landing page, and a video tour.

One nice change here is the use of an open image gallery. This means visitors can get a comprehensive view of the property without the need to scroll. When designing your website, you might want to think about how you want your visitors to experience your website when choosing a gallery style.

Best Single Property Websites: Summary

A single property website can bring a lot of benefits to the table. We’ve shown you some of the most inspiring examples out there, all of which differ in their design and features.

However, there are a few common themes that appear in each. For example, every single-property website above places a heavy focus on media including images and videos. Additionally, they all have the ability to schedule a tour or contact the seller for more information. When taking inspiration from our examples, it’s important to remember to include these must-haves in your own design for the highest chance of success.


There are several benefits to creating a single property website. For example, a single property website offers a much greater opportunity to exhibit the property and its various features. It is also easier to market and advertise your property, offering a signal location to drive traffic back to. This traffic can then be further leveraged through retargeting.
A single-property website is a website dedicated entirely to one property. This is unlike property listing sites where multiple properties are represented on one site. A single-property site will use a dedicated domain to offer information specifically on the one property it is advertising.
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