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Online shopping is big business. Ecommerce sales continue to rise and people can browse and buy anything – from clothing and books to food and homeware – in just a few clicks.

If you’re thinking about starting your own ecommerce website, then you’ll probably already know how competitive the market is. But how do you make sure your ecommerce website stands out from the crowd?

By making sure the website builder, theme, and design features you choose are the right ones for your business, that’s how. These all need to be a reflection of your brand, and function in a way that provides an exceptional user journey.

Don’t worry though, we’ve been searching the web and found some of the best ecommerce websites to help inspire your website build. So what are you waiting for? Take a look and get designing your ecommerce website. 

1 #1 The Paper Cub Co

Made with Shopify

The Paper Cub Co is a stationery brand that’s kept its Shopify website simple in order to showcase its vibrant, aesthetic array of products. 

The homepage gallery allows users to shop some of the most popular categories and bestselling products, whilst the shop section funnels visitors through to the brand’s Etsy store to make a purchase.

The website also features key information, such as stockists’ listings and wholesale contacts.

Key features of the website include:

  • A simple white background to let the colorful products be the center of attention.
  • Links to Etsy store to showcase previous customer reviews.
  • A Press page, which features screenshots of press features in magazines and online, helping to showcase the brand’s reputation

2 #2 Bliss

Made with BigCommerce

Bliss is a beauty website that knows its target audience inside out. 

The website features a color palette of “millennial pink”, baby blue, and pastel yellow, all of which have purposefully been chosen to appeal to the company’s young, Gen Y target audience.

The font and image choices are a further reflection of the buyer personas the brand has identified, whilst the CTA (call to action) button copy features phrases such as “tell me more” creating the impression that customers are chatting to a friend about their skincare needs.

The “young and fun” vibe also runs through all the product listings and imagery.

Key features for the BigCommerce website include:

  • Gamified pop-ups give users the chance to take a quiz to find the right products for them.
  • Animated icons promoting free samples and free delivery when a customer spends over a certain amount.
  • Content geared to a young audience, including “stocking stuffers” and “gifts under $15”. 

3 #3 Little Clay Land

Made with Squarespace

Little Clay Land sells small, personalized clay figures. The moment they land on the website, your users are given the choice between three shopping options based on the products they’re looking for.

The clay figures are placed front and center of this Squarespace ecommerce website, while the embedded Instagram feed gives users the chance to see customer reviews and orders directly on the website.

Due to the personalization of the items, the store features detailed instructions on how to place an order whilst the “behind the scenes” video gives potential customers the chance to see how each figure is made.

Key features of the website include:

  • Product listings are broken down into different categories to make browsing easier.
  • Behind the scenes video on the homepage lets users see how each creation is made and helps to persuade people to place an order.
  • Gallery of previous, real-life orders to help inspire potential customers.

4 #4 Larq

Made with BigCommerce

Larq sells water bottles and – through the use of engaging copy and crisp images – they manage to get users interested (and even excited!) about the thought of simply drinking water. Not bad!

Users are encouraged to “join our bottle movement” rather than “buy a product”, which helps to make potential customers feel like they’re a part of something, and not just another sale.

The interactive videos help to highlight what makes a Larq water bottle so special. But it’s the personal waste calculator that makes this ecommerce site stand out. Users can calculate how much waste they produce based on how many single-use plastic bottles they rely on each week, while the results are sure to make anyone purchase a reusable alternative.

Key features of the website include:

  • The chance to pre-order new designs.
  • Interactive videos and animations that help to explain the technology behind the product.
  • Crisp and clean imagery that reflects the product’s simple – yet intuitive – design. 

5 #5 Pure Vida

Made with Shopify

Pure Vida is a massive ecommerce store with hundreds of products available to browse.

The brand helps to foster trust in its products by displaying product reviews and five-star ratings on its website’s homepage, meaning users have instant access to them.

Pure Vida also features quotes from key media publications – such as Buzzfeed and The Huffington Post – to help highlight its own brand’s reputation and credibility.

CTA buttons appear throughout the site, featuring prompts such as “Shop Now”, whilst the animated chatbot icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen gives users the chance to access help when they need it.

Key features of the website include:

  • Vibrant product images help to showcase individual items in their best light.
  • Bespoke discount and sales pop-ups.
  • Shoppable Instagram feeds give users the chance to shop individual items featured on social media.

6 #6 Ryan Putnam Shop

Made with Squarespace 

Ryan Putnam Shop is a design and illustration website. This Squarespace site is super simple, and utilizes plenty of white space in order to let the vibrant and colorful pieces of artwork for sale do all the talking.

There are no ads of any kind, and products are displayed in a simple grid format. All of this has been chosen so as to not distract the user’s attention away from the products.

The website’s primary purpose is to sell products, but Ryan has also added an about page so that potential customers can get to know him better, and sign up for regular updates.

Key features of the website include:

  • A simple blue and white color scheme that lets the products for sale stand out and stick in the memory of site visitors.
  • The left-hand vertical menu contrasts to usual header menus and reflects the individual theme of Ryan’s work.
  • Users have the option to scroll through all of the products or choose a specific category to browse.

7 #7 Woodlot

Made with Shopify

Woodlot is a natural wellness brand, and its ecommerce store is designed to reflect the natural and calming tones of its products.

The color palette employed features whites and creams, whilst the font is simple and subtle. Visually, Woodlot’s products are broken down into collections to allow potential customers to browse exactly what they’re looking for. Elsewhere, the brand’s on-site blog offers insight into the background of its products and how they can improve customers’ everyday lives. 

Key features of the website include:

  • Detailed product descriptions give customers background on each item.
  • The website footer includes links to further resources such as blog posts and social media accounts.
  • Visitors are referred to as “our community” creating a sense of togetherness and helping to build the brand-customer relationship.

8 #8 Solo Stove

Made with BigCommerce

Solo Stove creates and sells high-quality camping stoves for a range of purposes. 

The brand is a great example of how to use icons and animations within an ecommerce setting. The website features an individual icon for each product, helping to better communicate some of the key product details to customers.

The website also features how-to videos explaining to customers how to use their products safely to get the most out of them, while an FAQ section adds even further detail. Solo Stove is clearly a brand that cares about its customers, and wants to provide them with as much value as possible – and its ecommerce site demonstrates this!

Key features of the website include:

  • Orange and black font color scheme that mirrors the fire created in the stoves.
  • Gamified quiz to allow users to find the right stove for their needs.
  • On-site gift guides aimed at different buyer groups.
  • Customer reviews on the homepage. 

9 #9 Burrow

Made with BigCommerce

Burrow is a homeware store that believes assembling furniture shouldn’t take hours, and lead to family fall arguments!

The brand portrays this with the use of a clever video on its homepage. It shows a young couple easily putting together one of their sofas in seconds, with not a quarrel in sight.

Product listings feature a mixture of product and lifestyle images, which help potential customers to picture the items in their own homes. This ecommerce website features limited text, and instead relies on CTA buttons with phrases such as “find your sofa” and “shop seating”. 

Key features of the website include:

  • Interactive product displays show how items can be customized.
  • Shoppable images that allow customers to select individual items from lifestyle shots.
  • Quotes from major publications and partners featured on the homepage to highlight the brand’s reputation.

10 #10 Coal and Canary

Made with Wix

Coal and Canary is a candle company with a vibrant Wix ecommerce website that instantly welcomes users in. 

The brand knows who it’s targeting, and uses a color scheme and imagery that reflect its main target audience: millennial women.

Coal and Canary’s multiple products can be categorized using various filters, including price and scent. The website also features a nice addition in the shape of staff favorites, where selected members of the team highlight their own favorite product to customers. 

The homepage also features a video with founder Amanda, which helps to put a face to the brand, and further nurtures the customer relationship.

Key features of the website include:

  • Vibrant images and colors instantly draw the user into the website.
  • Staff favorites help to humanize the brand and offer product advice to new customers. 
  • CTA’s use phrases such as “make it yours” which help the website and brand to feel more approachable.

11 #11 The Mountain

Made with BigCommerce

The Mountain has a lot of products listed on its ecommerce store, but – thanks to clever product categories – users don’t feel too overwhelmed. 

The hero slider on the homepage is regularly updated to showcase best-selling products, new offers, and seasonal product ranges. The Mountain’s website’s main header menu is broken down into easy-to-navigate categories, whilst the search bar function allows website visitors to find the exact item or product type they’re looking for.

The product imagery is simple, too, and clearly indicates the different design possibilities to potential customers.

Key features of the website include:

  • Recommended products bar makes shopping and finding new items simple.
  • The Green and orange color scheme that runs throughout helps to create a strong brand presence.
  • Product listings feature extensive personalization details as well as shipping and product care information. 

12 #12 Topo Designs

Made with Shopify

Topo Designs actively try to resonate with its key audience demographic through an ecommerce website that its target audience can relate to. 

The brand stands itself apart from other outdoor-wear brands by featuring specially-designed, animated backgrounds for its product images. The navigation bar for the website runs along the top of the page, allowing users to quickly find what it is that they’re looking for, and creating a consistent user journey throughout the website.

Top Designs’s website also utilizes stand-out boxes with discounts, sales, and free-shipping opportunities to help draw user attention to their current special offers.

Key features of the website include:

  • A red and white color scheme helps to make CTA boxes stand out from the rest of the content on the page.
  • Grid-style layout for new collections on the homepage.
  • Individual pages for in-person stores featuring store history and location details.

13 #13 Cosmik

Made with Squarespace

Cosmik sells snackable, freeze-dried ice cream sachets (no, we didn’t know that was a thing either!), and has created an instantly accessible ecommerce store.

A simple landing page features all of the products available to buy, meaning users don’t need to click through to different pages or categories to make a purchase. Aesthetically, the pastel color scheme that runs throughout reflects the product’s subtle packaging, as well as the traditional colors associated with ice cream. 

The website features quotes from key publications, too – such as The Huffington Post – as well as background information on this range of unique products.

Key features of the website include:

  • Pastel color scheme that mirrors the products for sale on the website.
  • Ability to shop items straight from the homepage.
  • Footer which includes social icons and the chance to subscribe to receive company updates.

14 #14 Revelry

Made with BigCommerce

Revelry is a bridesmaid dress brand that knows exactly how to target its key audience: time-strapped brides.

The hero slider on the homepage showcases two key features of the Revelry brand: the chance to order free fabric swatches, and a try-on-at-home service. By showcasing these on the homepage, Revelry is instantly solving the audience’s problems. 

The navigation system of this ecommerce store is excellent, and breaks down items into subgroups based on dress style, color, and material. Meanwhile, the soft pink color scheme creates a sense of calm and sophistication. 

Key features of the website include:

  • A welcome pop-up that determines what the user is looking for and where to direct them within the site.
  • The neutral color scheme doesn’t detract attention from the dresses and instead creates a calm environment.
  • Reviews from the “revelry girl gang” helping to create a sense of community amongst customers.

15 #15 Modern Urban Jungle

Made with Shopify

Modern Urban Jungle is a plant website that aims to “bring the outside inside”, a mission it achieves through high-quality, vibrant photos. The website utilizes white space and backgrounds to help the green-centered plant images catch the eye. 

Users can find shipping information straight off the bat via the homepage, helping them make an informed purchasing decision. In terms of social media, Modern Urban Jungle’s Instagram feed is embedded at the bottom of the homepage, while the images featured mirror the colors and styles of the rest of the website.

Key features of the website include:

  • A grid-style product layout helps each individual item to stand out.
  • Green CTA buttons mirror the green-focused product images.
  • Top navigation bars make shopping and exploring the website easy.

Best Ecommerce Website Designs: Summary

Ecommerce websites are crucial if you want to sell your products online – so getting the design right will have a major impact on how successful your business is.

This article has provided you with plenty of inspiration that you can use to help inform your own website build…so be sure to let us know in the comments which ideas you’re going to use!

If you feel ready to start building your ecommerce site, then check out some of our other articles that cover free ecommerce website templates and a website builder comparison. 

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