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The best ecommerce templates are sleek and simple, optimized for viewing on any screen (desktop or mobile), and are particularly good at showing off product images. We’ve carefully handpicked this list of the 26 best ecommerce templates with these criteria in mind, and the best part is they’re all totally free!

You’ll find ecommerce templates for clothing, jewelry, health and beauty, art and photography, food and drink, fitness, electronics, and general store designs. We’ve even included a link to the demo version of each template, so you can test each option out for yourself.

Use the sidebar to start browsing our top picks for each industry, or – for examples of real life online stores that are killing it in the aesthetic game – check out our guide to the 15 best ecommerce website design examples on the net.

Best Ecommerce Templates for Clothing

#1. Awesome Sneakers by Wix

This template offers a vibrant, interactive design that’s well-suited for retail, and strikes a great balance of eye-catching effects that won’t distract your customers.

What we like about this template:

  • Fixed navigation bar
  • Animation
  • Engaging hover effects

#2. Tresoire by Squarespace

Tresoire’s dark color palette and sleek fonts create an elegant website layout that’s perfect for clothing and jewelry stores.

What we like about this template:

  • Dark color palette
  • Minimal navigation bar
  • Collage-like product photo grid

#3. Gling by Wix

The Gling template from Wix is a trendy option for most ecommerce sites. The default layout offers a good balance between photos and text, which makes Gling a great choice for selling products that customers will want more information about before purchasing.

What we like about this template:

  • Logo in site header
  • Stylish font options
  • Clear CTA buttons

#4. BKLYN by Shopify

The BKLYN template from Shopify emphasizes brand imagery and uniqueness, and provides a perfect digital home for any trendy apparel shop.

What we like about this template:

  • Header slideshow
  • Dynamic product grid
  • “Add to cart” option without leaving current page

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Best Ecommerce Templates for Jewelry and Accessories

#1. Debut by Shopify

Debut is Shopify’s classic template, and its simple layout is a perfect backdrop to showcase jewelry and accessories. Debut also comes with two different styles to choose from, so you can pick between a light color palette and a darker version.

What we like about this template:

  • Slideshow for showcasing products
  • Promotional banners
  • Predictive search terms

#2. Ania Gaudin by Wix

Larger-than-life images are a common feature for maximum impact. Hovering over them swaps the photo out for another in the gallery.

This template by Wix has all the trappings of a high-end luxury brand. Large-scale images and a sticky, central logo add a thick gloss of polish whilst the hidden navigation menu ensures your brand and products remain at the forefront of every page.

What we like about this template:

  • Big-impact images
  • Hidden navigation menu
  • Members-only area

Best Ecommerce Templates for Health and Beauty

#1. Alta Loma by Squarespace

The checkout process happens on a single page and users can track their progress as they move through the sections.

The Alta Loma template from Squarespace is full of character despite its neutral color palette. Its muted hue makes it perfect for natural beauty brands, and we love the contrast between its crisp, square images, and fun, rounded text.

What we like about this template:

  • Bold, playful font and CTAs
  • Clear, staggered checkout page
  • Space to advertise ethos of your brand

#2. Bliss by Shopify

Bliss’s checkout is straightforward and simple. The CTAs are labeled so that customers know where they’ll be redirected to once they’ve completed the form and clicked on the button.

Clean and minimal, but without feeling too clinical, the Bliss template from Shopify is well-suited to the health and beauty industry. The slideshow-style banner cycles through many images and its multiple product categories allow you to present a large inventory in an attractive way.

What we like about this template:

  • Sidebar accordion menu
  • Product image zoom
  • Image animations

#3. Nude Makeup Store by Wix

Uncluttered cart and checkout pages give the site a nice, clean consistency, and make it easy for customers to complete their purchases.

If you’re looking for a clean, elegant, and refined design to showcase your beauty products, the Nude template is a top contender. We particularly like how easy it is to integrate your social media platforms onto your homepage, so you can feature your latest Instagram posts alongside your products.

What we like about this template:

  • Slideshow image header and gallery carousels
  • Product quick-view feature
  • Animated image hover effects

Best Ecommerce Templates for Art and Photography

#1. Ventura by Squarespace

Squarespace’s Ventura template strikes a balance between artistry and professionalism that works with any type of ecommerce website, but we especially recommend it for sites selling art and photography.

What we like about this template:

  • Easy social media integration
  • Emphatic product images
  • Simple color palette

#2. Paper by Weebly

The Paper template from Weebly is modeled after the structure of digital publications, which makes it perfect for selling art or photography online.

What we like about this template:

  • Light and dark color palettes
  • Collapsible navigation
  • Product hover effects

#3. Minimal by Shopify

The main goal of this template is to keep the focus on your products, and that goal is accomplished in style with three different color scheme options to choose from: Vintage, Fashion, and Modern.

What we like about this template:

  • Product image zoom
  • Homepage video feature
  • Optional product filtering by type, price, and best sellers

#4. Home Accessories by Wix

Everything about the Home Accessories template is catered to selling online. Our favorite feature is the enlarged, detailed version of an item that appears when you hover over its product image.

What we like about this template:

  • Product image hover effects
  • Flag products as “New,” “Best Seller,” etc.
  • Centered logo on homepage

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Best Ecommerce Templates for Food and Drink

#1. Hester by Squarespace

The Hester template from Squarespace offers bold blocks of color and clear CTAs, to make the shopping experience as easy – and aesthetically pleasing – as possible.

What we like about this template:

  • Bold fonts
  • Full width backgrounds
  • Centered top navigation bar

#2. Express by Shopify

Shopify’s Express template makes ordering food products as simple as possible, since customers can read content and view products all on one page.

What we like about this template:

  • Slide-out cart
  • Featured collections on home page
  • Built for small catalogs

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Best Ecommerce Templates for Fitness

#1. Dusk by Weebly

The Dusk template from Weebly is image-focused and offers bold colors. Clear CTA buttons and a fixed navigation bar ensure that your main messages won’t get lost, either.

What we like about this template:

  • Fixed navigation bar
  • Full width header images
  • Evocative color palettes

#2. Boundless by Shopify

Shopify’s Boundless template immediately catches the customer’s eye with a full-width header image of your choosing. It’s attention-grabbing but not gimmicky, and the rest of the layout is simple and product-focused.

What we like about this template:

  • Optimized for large images
  • Slideshow with fading effect
  • Fixed navigation bar

#3. Simple by Shopify

Shopify’s Simple template lives up to its name, with clean fonts, an ordered product grid, and a black-and-white default color palette. However, you can keep things from becoming too simple by choosing from two other color scheme options!

What we like about this template:

  • Product recommendations
  • Accordion-style sidebar menu
  • Product image zoom

#4. Supply by Shopify

Shopify’s Supply template comes with two color palettes – “Blue” and “Light” – which both blend seamlessly with the simple product grid and large navigation bar.

What we like about this template:

  • Built for large product catalogs
  • Filter products by brand, price, and other customizable options
  • Optional homepage slideshow

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Best Ecommerce Templates for Electronics

#1. Vault by BigCommerce

The Vault template by BigCommerce offers a clear layout, timeless fonts, and simple color schemes that keep things elegant while your products take center stage.

What we like about this template:

  • Frontpage slideshow
  • Product comparison table
  • High res product images

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#2. Venue by Weebly

Weebly’s Venue template offers funky fonts, centered text, and larger-than-life images to bring your ecommerce store to life.

What we like about this template:

  • Full-width header images
  • Collapsible navigation
  • Easy social media integration

#3. Fortune by BigCommerce

BigCommerce’s Fortune Minimal template offers simple navigation and a clear product grid, which combine to create a fashionable shopping experience that’s never overwhelming.

What we like about this template:

  • Customizable product selector
  • High res product images
  • One page checkout

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Best General Ecommerce Templates

#1. Cornerstone by BigCommerce

BigCommerce’s Cornerstone Light template offers a clean and simple homepage carousel to help promote your products. Simple fonts and color palettes also accentuate what your specific branding and products will bring to the table!

What we like about this template:

  • Display featured and top selling products
  • Easy social media integration
  • Customized checkout

#2. Venture by Shopify

Venture is designed for high volume stores with large inventories, so if you sell more than 50 products, you’ll want to consider this minimal but striking design.

What we like about this template:

  • Edge-to-edge slideshow
  • Multi-column drop-down menus
  • Promote a featured product on the homepage

#3. Brisk by Weebly

The Brisk template from Weebly combines fresh color palettes with bold design to help you build a unique and modern ecommerce website.

What we like about this template:

  • Side navigation bar
  • Easy social media integration
  • Modern fonts

#4. Lifestyle by BigCommerce

BigCommerce’s Lifestyle Default template was made with branding and style in mind, which means it’s great for showcasing your unique brand identity while you sell your products.

What we like about this template:

  • One page checkout
  • High res product images
  • Product comparison table

Free Ecommerce Website Templates: The Wrap-Up

Ecommerce templates vary by industry and scale, but one thing’s for sure: no online store should have to compromise on the basics. That’s why all of the 26 templates above are stylish, product-focused, and optimized for viewing on any screen.

You can’t go wrong with a template from this selection – so it all comes down to which design you like the most! And remember, you don’t have to eliminate a template just because it’s not listed under your specific industry. Most of these ecommerce templates will work with any type of online store – just think of our different industry sections as a rough guide!


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