Free Image Editor

If you are looking for a free image editor, we have 4 recommendations for you.

Having a trusty image editor comes in handy when you are building your website, and not everybody has really advanced and expensive image editors such as Photoshop – nor does everybody need one to get the job done.

So here is a list of free image editors that we find helpful (in no particular order).

If you want more in-depth discussions, check out this article here.

Happy editing!

1) Photoshop Express Editor

Just so we clarify this a bit, the version of Photoshop we are referring to here is a free version (versus the advanced version of Photoshop which is a paid monthly subscription program).

Photoshop Express Editor (free) has all the basic tools you’ll need to modify images, just that it doesn’t have all the advanced tools that’s available if you pay.

In our view, this is a pretty sweet deal considering that it is free.

Click here to see Photoshop Express Editor

Photoshop Online Editor - free image editor

2) Pixlr

Click here to see Pixlr
Pixlr - free image editor

3) iPiccy

Click here to see iPiccy
iPiccy - free image editor

4) PicMonkey

Click here to see PicMonkey
PicMonkey - free image editor