Tana Newberry Interview: The Money-Making Method for Psychic Readers

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Tana is a woman of many titles. Psychic. Healer. Author. Mentor. Six-figure maker. Wix website owner. Orlando beach bunny. Emerging from a near-death experience with a newfound appreciation for life (and powers to boot), Tana turned her attention towards refining these abilities as a psychic reader. However, she saw a significant lack of business expertise being applied in this world of psychics.

Utilizing her background in sales and film production, she began to refine her image and created her first website. Gone were the crystal balls and incense and in were content strategies and models for success. Soon, she was a six-figure international psychic, publishing her first book Accepting The Call, a guide for others on how to start their own psychic-reading business.

Nowadays, Tana hasn’t got much time for her own psychic readings. Instead, she’s spending her time mentoring other psychics around the country on starting their own businesses with her Money-Making Psychic Mentorship Program.

We sat down with Tana to get the full scoop on her beginnings, psychic powers, what she thinks of Wix, and how to apply said powers online and run a successful business.

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Being psychic is sort of like, being your own Internet. That’s a non-local, virtual connection. In essence, it almost resembles being connected to Wi-Fi.”

Quick Insights

  • Industry: Psychic Readings
  • Website Founded: 2010
  • Website Builder: Wix
  • Education: Highschool graduate – some college classes
  • Article Highlight: You need to accept the call, master your magic, and get paid!

Tana's Background

“I’m a high school graduate with some college. I did something a little non-traditional – I went to a city college and took some classes at a state college, in San Francisco. And I call it ‘majored in film production’, but I’ve always kind of marched to the beat of my own drum and the idea of doing general education never worked for me in the past. I felt like life was short and I just didn’t want to spend time learning about math or things that I didn’t find enjoyable instead. So I would go and take all the film production classes and I would take them all the way from beginning to intermediate to advanced. After I finished those semesters, I would go take the same class from a different teacher all the way from beginning, to intermediate, to advanced again. And when I was done, I went to a different school and started doing the same thing. [I felt that] your experience can be more important than a degree. 

From there, I ended up doing some independent filmmaking in San Francisco. The only movie from that time that might be findable is a movie called Saltwater, starring Michael X. Sommers, who played Bug in Sense8. Also, when I was like, either 18 or 19, I got a job collecting debts for the US Department of Treasury. People think of collection agencies as really, really sleazy most of the time, but this collection agency was actually very reputable. And every Monday they would actually take me off the floor and they would give me high-dollar negotiation training and sales training and personal development training. It was amazing! And that job, as silly as it sounds, has shaped the entire rest of my life. [Since that time] I would always kind of gravitate towards sales jobs and really, really excel.

Today, I use the skill sets more to support my business and the businesses of my clients. I’m getting ready to host a retreat in Sedona, which is called the Authority Retreat. And it’s all about getting my clients the right aesthetic photos and a call to action, video production, and all sorts of things that create the right look for their websites as spiritual entrepreneurs. I’m not in the commercial film industry anymore but that is the training that I have the most outside of high school.”

“[I felt that] your experience can be more important than a degree.”

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Becoming Psychic

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“I was a very well-adjusted kid in high school. Homecoming Queen vibes, cheerleader, good kid, class president – these kinds of things. But I was really insecure and I had a relationship that I had been in for seven years. My high school sweetheart and I broke up and I was at a very pivotal point in my life.

One day I decided I wanted to escape and I tried a drug for the first time and the first time was all it took. For about three years, I found myself struggling as a young woman with addiction and sort of running away from any feelings or problems. But one day I had a near-death experience and I unfortunately found myself in an overdose situation.

And in that moment, I remember leaving my body and I felt like I was floating outside of my body and everything was getting blurry and dark and sort of pinpointing into a focal point of light, like they really say. I heard this voice begin to speak to me and say, “You don’t remember who I am, but I’m your great-grandmother, and you’re hearing me now to save your life.

I found myself losing my focus and sort of floating in and out a few different times through this whole experience until someone came and found me and got me help. This woman’s voice would speak to me and she kind of said, “Life is gonna be different.

Shortly after I realized that I would never be able to really know what was real and what wasn’t anymore because I was very psychic from that point on. It sort of happened instantly, which happens a lot after near-death experiences. It was a blessing in disguise because after I got clean and it saved my life, but it also rerouted my entire life. All the psychic stuff [was] happening and trust me, I thought I was crazy! For the first year, the jury was out like I could still be crazy, I could still be experiencing the confusion of when you’re doing drugs.

But what ended up happening is I started doing readings and helping people and realizing, “Wow, this information that comes up and checks out.” So I got sober in 2005 and started officially becoming a businesswoman doing readings for a profession. Even just part-time starting in 2008, after I had really sort of nailed it down, my awareness of how it could help online visitors began to formalize.”

“But one day I had a near-death experience and I unfortunately found myself in an overdose situation.”

What Are Psychic Powers?

“It’s just the ability to divine Truth and the Nature of Things. Believe it or not, everyone has psychic powers, and like muscles, they can be developed. So a lot of people have gut feelings about things, like they can walk into a room and hair can stand up on the back of their neck or goosebumps on their arms.

A lot of people, not to sound too crazy, have telepathic connections, which just means your awareness is entangled with someone else. Mother’s intuition, we’ve heard of that; something happens to the child and no matter where the mother is across the country, she’s aware. A lot of times, people think [psychic abilities] have to be someone talking to you. When really, it’s more like, opening your eyes to the environment you’re already in and everyone can actually develop it.

I sounded like a really silly person for a little while and I don’t recommend this to my students. Today we set up containers where this is more appropriate to discuss, but I got to be honest, [back before] I would just tap someone on the shoulder and say, “Would you mind if I ask you a question about such and such?” and I would figure out what I knew was correct. So I drove my friends crazy for a little while because I was tapping people on the shoulder all the time. And so for me, one of my main focuses when I teach people to cultivate their abilities is to have avenues where it is safe to test.

I mean, I guess I want to clarify just one more thing too, in case it becomes useful to mention at any point, but I’m a very open-minded, very analytical person, but my mind is so open that the jury’s out on almost everything. I see things as more of an experience and a possibility than I do a principle that I think is a hard fast rule. I love skeptics because, how would you know something if you’ve never experienced it and how is your experience better than my experience?

“I love skeptics because, how would you know something if you’ve never experienced it and how is your experience better than my experience?”

Helping Others

“Spiritual advisors of any kind are an important part of our humanity. We fulfill a role for those who resonate with our values. I believe there is something for everyone in the spiritual space, for those who want to engage with it.

There are as many ways to be psychic as there are people. However, there are some general concepts like the “Clairs”:

  • Clairvoyance (psychically “seeing”)
  • Clairaudience (psychically “hearing”)
  • Clairsentience (psychically “feeling”)
  • and Claircognizance (psychically “instant knowing”)

It’s sort of like having a lot of Internet browsers open. And so I have to intentionally shut them down to keep my focus streamlined, most of the time. So if you’re around me and you’re afraid I’m reading your mind, I’m probably not doing it on purpose because I have more important things to focus on.

Because when you’re reading the person in front of you, another technique would be to actually get the information from a higher source. And in that case, those students and those readers (and I’m a little bit like that as well) usually prefer methods that are just over the phone or sometimes [we’ll] just send you an email with the answer and they don’t want their person involved in the process at all. For me, it was always the phone. That was that sweet spot where I wouldn’t get distracted by you personally and I still would be able to dialogue and hear from you what you needed. I mean, I did a lot of in-person events too, but when it came to just building my business online, telephone readings were where it was at.

I really loved predicting babies from clients who are having trouble conceiving. That’s one of my favorite things to do. And I don’t just tell everybody who’s trying to conceive that they will be successful because sometimes that’s not a probability. But when I get to tell the information for struggling parents that really, really, want children… And I can see the children. It’s really powerful, and a lot of times I’ve gotten to meet the babies and hold them. And they look at me like they know me. Baby energies are really interesting.

In harder times there can also be really great beauty too. So for example, death can come up a lot. Whether it’s a parent or a spouse or even someone themselves with a terminal condition, a lot of times because I have made a deal with my guides and with my clients that I will go there, but I’ll take responsibility. I never confuse my gift with my job. My job is to deliver comforting messages and help people. I’m a healer first, right? So there’s the gift and then there’s the job.”

“I did a lot of in-person events too, but when it came to just building my business online, telephone readings were where it was at.”

Turning It Into A Business

“I’m an international psychic who mentors other driven psychics to book more clients and build six-figure businesses. I do it through a process of my own called The Money Making Method for Psychic Readers, which consists of a few different elements, mostly sort of accepting your calling, mastering your magic, and getting paid. So it’s a mixture of all things. Psychic readers need to build profitable businesses. I used to be a psychic reader specifically serving consumers who are interested in all things, psychic and spiritual but my business has evolved especially over the past year.

Not having a ‘money mindset’ is a really big issue within the psychic community. Many aspiring psychic readers find it difficult to charge for their time and their insight. Thinking that some judge for charging to use a ‘God-given gift.’ I help break down these restrictive beliefs. One of my famous quotes is that “Psychic readers and spiritual entrepreneurs should be paid for their gifts just like pro athletes are paid for their gifts.” I think this concept provides a healthy juxtaposition to the money shame. It’s important.

Aside from doing the mindset work I just explained. It’s about as easy as running any other business. There’s marketing, lead generation, building authority, providing an honest product or service, using best practices, and nurturing repeat customers. If more psychics looked at it this way, more would be successful at having a profitable business and scaling their goodness and impact.

You can be a psychic online just as easily as you can be a psychic in person because it’s just as accessible virtually as it is having someone in front of you because the people that we serve is sort of a niche audience to be honest. Not everybody is into it. Based on my previous research, there are approximately 330 million people in the US, and half of those people have or would consider receiving a psychic reading. There are approximately 10,000 psychic readers in the US psychic communities. The internet brings all of us together regardless. That’s why it’s so powerful.

“Psychic readers and spiritual entrepreneurs should be paid for their gifts just like pro athletes are paid for their gifts.”

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Day In The Life

“When I was a psychic reader, I’d do four readings a day for three days a week. I’d do two, take a break, and then do two more. I would spend my other days running the business and wearing all those other hats I mentioned before.

I’d make my own schedule and have fun in the sun when I felt like it. I live near Disney World, so I go play or catch a concert in the parks quite a bit. I have the freedom to do what I want when I want.

Today, as a mentor for psychic readers, much is the same. But here’s the difference: instead of reading clients 12 hours a week, I’m creating content for my coaching programs or coaching my students about building their six-figure psychic businesses. It will probably sound like I’m a broken record, but this still applies… it’s a business!”

“I’m creating content for my coaching programs or coaching my students about building their six-figure psychic businesses. It will probably sound like I’m a broken record, but this still applies… it’s a business!”

Using Wix

“How my business worked was that someone would find me and come to my website and they would use a booking system, which is from Wix. I’ve always used the Wix booking system. They would put in their name and their payment information and their phone number and then they’d get a little email due to an automation from Wix. It says, ‘Hey your appointment’s tomorrow.’ And then at that time, I would open up my Wix app on my phone, and simply check in for the day and say, “Who am I calling?” And I would tap their number and I would call them on the phone.

In later years, it has become a one-stop shop for my clients to run a simple lead funnel that I teach in my program. To explain more deeply, my “Become a Money-Making Psychic Mentorship Program” consists of a turn-key solution for building a six-figure psychic business. I literally hand over my business in a box. Let’s just say I’ve been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars through the years I’ve been in business. And it all runs on Wix. 

My clients use the web designer, obviously, but also the booking system, automation, CRM system, coupon systems, shop features, payment integrations, (even their beta “programs” online course hosting), and so much more. Everything they need, Wix can do.

My advice to people starting out is to start with a template… but see through it! Look at the bones. Do you like how the images and information are organized? I’ve had many versions of my website over the years; some were built from pet hospital templates or bakery templates. Don’t let that throw you off. You’ll get better at really seeing a template the more you create. Also, use the features! Learn about how to maximize your business strategies with the tools right there on Wix.

When teaching my clients, I happen to provide them a few “canned” template options that are specifically designed to hold the content we’ve produced together, so it’s a simple drag-and-drop process for them and entails minimal designing… unless they want to. Over time, they usually feel confident enough to spruce them up. I would love them to add a private/internal notes section for the booking system to jot down a few things after a client session. [I want to be] creating and selling more automated, effective content that gets my clients results. Eventually, a more hands-off approach without compromising client experience.”

“Let’s just say I’ve been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars through the years I’ve been in business. And it all runs on Wix.”

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Final Thoughts

“The best thing about being a psychic is being in on the magic and seeing behind the curtain. You get to have some of the answers to some of the Universe’s big questions.

If you’re sitting on building your business, six months from now you’ll wish you had started sooner. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Be brave enough to suck at something new. If you feel the call, go for it. Seizing the day is basically the meaning of life.

Tana would also like our readers to know that by following the link, you can sign up for her free 90-minute How to Make BIG Money as a Psychic Reader (Without a Big Following) webinar. Sign up here.
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