How to Use Wix in 2022: An Easy Step by Step Guide

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Task time:
1- 3 hours

There are two ways to build a Wix website: using Wix Editor, or using Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence).

In this article, we’ll show you how to build your website using each of these methods. Both are super easy and after reading our step-by-step guide, you could have a fully-finished website in just one to two hours!

Tools You May Need

Here’s a list of tools you’ll need to build your Wix website. Some are essential, but you may find others useful too.

Wix – the platform you’ll use to build your website

Brand content – you’ll use this to fill in those all-important text boxes on your new website

Brand photos – don’t worry if you don’t have these, because Wix provides a library of free images

Is There More Than One Way to Make a Website on Wix?

Before we get started, it’s important you know that designing a website with Wix can be done in two ways.

side by side comparison of wix adi and wix editor
Wix offers two different, beginner-friendly ways to create a website

Wix Editor is the standard website builder we know and love. To start, you choose from over 800 templates. Once you’ve picked your ideal canvas, you can drag-and-drop different text and image elements to customize it. The best feature of Wix Editor is its extensive menu of options to play with.

wix editor menu
The menu in Wix Editor is easy to navigate, and provides a ton of options for customization.

So who is Wix Editor for? Wix Editor allows you to create a beautiful website in just a couple of hours or so. This makes it ideal for:

  • Small businesses
  • Restaurants
  • Online stores
  • Bloggers
  • Photographers

The second Wix option is slightly different: Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence). Using advanced technology, it creates stunning websites automatically. This is the best way to build a Wix website with minimal work on your part.

So how does Wix ADI work? Just provide some basic information, such as your business type, contact information, and online presence, and this tool will do the rest. Don’t worry though – you can even make small design changes to suit your taste once the site is generated.

wix adi intro questions
All you have to do is answer a series of questions about your site, and Wix ADI will create an impressive website for you.

So given its ease of use and impressive design speeds, Wix ADI is best for:

  • Less tech-savvy users
  • Busy business owners
  • Time-constrained bloggers

With Wix ADI, you’ll have a bespoke website in just a few minutes. Amazing, isn’t it? But with such simplicity comes less flexibility. You can’t seamlessly drag and drop elements such as images, videos and apps like you can in the Wix Editor; you’re more restricted.

Still, regardless of which tool you choose, you’ll find it quick and simple to build a beautiful website. Ease of use is one of Wix’s top-performing areas – it achieved a high score of 4.4 out of 5 in this category, meaning it’s the easiest builder to use out of those we researched and tested!

Can’t decide which one is for you? Well, we’ve produced a Wix how-to for each tool that shows you how to create a site for sore eyes (sorry, couldn’t resist).


Want a beginner-friendly website building experience?

Whether you use Wix Editor or Wix ADI, you’ll be able to create a fully functional, personalized site without any technical knowledge.

How to Use Wix Editor

Step 1

Wix Editor: Sign up

If you’ve compared the top website builders out there and come to the conclusion that Wix is for you, then a lot of your work is already done. All you need to do now is head to Wix, click on any of the large blue ‘Get Started’ buttons, and create your account.

Wix will ask for your email before prompting you to create a password. After deciding whether you want to use Wix ADI or Wix Editor, you’ll then be able to specify the type of website you want to build (there’s an option for everyone, from personal blog to online store!), choose your website name and select a template.

Wix Registration
Registering with Wix only takes a few seconds – just fill out the registration form!


It’s as simple as that! However, there’s still one more decision to make before Wix does the rest of the heavy lifting: you need to pick a pricing plan.

Wix offers eight pricing plans, so there are a few different places you can start. As with all subscriptions, the more you pay, the more features you get. You can also choose a free plan, but you’ll have to sacrifice a professional domain name and deal with on-site ads, which give websites a more amateur look.

We recommend the Premium plans because they open up more business opportunities, however they are a bit pricier than some plans offered by Wix’s competitors.

This is why we awarded Wix a score of 3.4 out of 5 for value for money. It’s not that it’s bad value, but Wix’s prices have crept up in recent years and become less competitive. However, Wix’s vast offering of features has also greatly expanded, so in our opinion, you do get what you pay for!

The Wix Premium plans are:

  • Combo plan: $16/month
  • Unlimited plan: $22/month
  • Pro plan: $27/month
  • VIP plan: $45/month
  • Business Basic plan: $27/month
  • Business Unlimited plan: $32/month
  • Business VIP plan: $59/month
  • Enterprise plan: Custom pricing (for large businesses)

We recommend the Combo plan for small businesses. It’s free from ads, comes with a personalized domain name for one year, and provides enough storage for most website needs. It’s also very reasonably priced.

If you’re starting an online store, the Business Unlimited option allows for – you guessed it – unlimited products. For larger online stores, though, the VIP plan is best because it offers first priority customer support.

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Want to read more about the features included in each plan?

Wix offers many different pricing plans to choose from, with a range of features fit for different sites.
Step 2

Wix Editor: Choose a Template

We awarded Wix a score of 4.4 out of 5 for its design functionalities, due in large part to the 800+ templates there are to choose from. Really, you’re spoilt for choice!

Wix’s vast library of templates is split out by industry, making it easy to narrow your search down even further. And if your dream template isn’t in your selected category, you can always use the search bar to find more.

Wix Templates
Wix has over 800 templates to choose from.

Each template can be previewed before you commit to it and start editing. This is particularly useful because you’ll be able to explore all of its separate elements before making it your own. In short, you’ll be seeing it like your visitors will see it!

Making use of the preview function is especially important when you consider one of Wix’s biggest drawbacks: once you’ve chosen a template and published your site, you can’t change it at a later date.

You’ll therefore want to make sure you’re happy with the template you choose, else you’ll need to start from scratch further down the line. Don’t worry, though – Wix’s flexible editing features make it easy to spice up whatever design you do choose at any time.

Once you’re happy with the template you’ve chosen, just click the ‘edit’ button in the top right corner.

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Step 3

Wix Editor: Update Text and Images

Once you’ve previewed and chosen your template, it’s time to get to the fun stuff: editing!

You’ll automatically be redirected to the Wix drag-and-drop editor. If you’ve never heard of drag and drop before, it’s the feature that makes Wix so easy to use. All you need to do is select the component you want from the left-hand toolbar, drag it where you want it to go and drop it!

Many website builders can be quite restrictive with where they allow you to move elements, but Wix isn’t like that. You can put anything anywhere, meaning you have a ton of creative freedom!

When you begin editing your site, the first thing you’ll want to do is update your company, portfolio, or blog details. To do this, simply click on the text you want to change, then rewrite – it’s that easy. You can also change the font size and color, and typeface favorites like italics and bold are there for some extra font-based fun.

Editing on Wix
Editing text on Wix is easy – just click and type

Most templates come with images, and these can be changed too. This is what makes Wix the best – you get to personalize every part of your website, one click at a time.

If you don’t like an image, or just want to swap it out for one of your own, click it and select ‘Change Image’. A popup will then appear, where you can upload your own images, edit them, and add descriptions.

Add Images
You can add as many of your own images as you like, or use some of Wix’s free photos instead.

Wix also comes with a ton of free images, so if you don’t have any of your own to hand, you can browse the photo library and select those that fit your brand and website.

Once you’ve uploaded and added the image you want, you can drag the corners to resize it, or click and drag to move it to a new location entirely.

If you’re looking for some more in-depth assistance, check out this video on building with Wix:

Step 4

Wix Editor: Personalize the Background

When small images aren’t enough, you can also change your template background. The left-hand sidebar features an icon called ‘Site Design’. It looks like a capital ‘A’ with a color drop in front of it.

When you click on this, a panel will open giving you the option of changing your color scheme, your page background, or your page transitions. To add background images, you’ll need to click on the ‘Page Background’ box.

To add an image, you can choose one of Wix’s free photos, or click the ‘Image’ button at the top of the tab. The same image upload pop-up will appear as before, so you can select the image you’d like to add. You can also do the same with a video if you’d rather have something more dynamic in the background!

Wix Change Background
You can click ‘Apply to Other Pages’ to roll out your background change across your website

If you like the idea of fancy backgrounds, but you’d rather just keep things simple, you can choose to set your background to a flat color. Once again, you’ll need to follow the steps we’ve outlined above, but select the third button (labelled ‘Color’).

This will open a color picker, which allows you to choose the perfect shades to suit your brand. You can choose one of the theme colors, or find your own using either the custom color option or the specific color code.

Wix Change Background Color
You can tailor your website’s background so that it matches your brand’s color scheme.

Step 5

Wix Editor: Add Pages

Once you’ve created a stunning homepage, there are a few other pages you should add to ensure your website has everything visitors are looking for – an “About” page and a “Contact Us” page, for example.

To add a page to your site whilst in the Wix Editor, click the down arrow next to your current page at the top of the editor, then click “Manage Pages.”

Wix Manage Pages
Use the dropdown menu in the top left hand corner to manage your pages.


From the resulting menu, you’ll be able to add pages and customize them to serve different purposes.

If you want to dig even deeper into the makeup of your pages, click the three dots next to your page title. This will open a sub-menu where you can tweak your SEO settings and rename, duplicate, copy, or even hide a page.

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How to write an “About Us” page

Step 6

Wix Editor: Add Apps

Out of all the website builders that we’ve researched and tested, Wix has by far the best website tools on offer. It really does have something for everyone, whether you’re opening an online store, starting a personal blog, or launching a portfolio to showcase your artwork. With this in mind, we awarded Wix a score of 4.9 out of 5 for website features, putting it firmly in first place for this category.

Plenty of these tools and features come built into Wix’s editor, but one of the biggest reasons Wix steals the crown here is its ever-expanding app library. To date, Wix’s App Market has over 300 amazing applications to boost your site.

They cover everything from from restaurant orders to interactive quizzes. In short, this means that when it comes to what exactly your Wix website can do, the possibilities are endless. The apps don’t just look great, either – they also provide your website with the modern interface necessary to stay competitive.

To add apps, head to the left-hand toolbar once again, and click on the icon that looks like a grid – this will open the app market.

Wix App Market
The Wix App Market has over 300 options to help boost your website’s functionality.

There are a couple of ways to browse the app market. You can either use the search bar, or browse Wix’s trending favorites and featured picks. Each app has a thumbnail preview, with a ‘Free’ or ‘Premium’ price option (or both). And best of all, unlike most markets, you won’t need to haggle for prices.

It is worth noting, though, that some of Wix’s apps can get a bit pricey – particularly if you choose some of the premium options. This means that your monthly costs can rack up pretty quickly if you’re not careful!

We recommend planning out all the apps you’d like to use before downloading them. This way, you can keep an eye on your costs!

Want to know more about Wix App Marketplace? We’ve reviewed it!
Step 7

Wix Editor: Set Up a Blog

This isn’t a necessity, but lots of businesses like to add a professional-looking blog page to their website to keep their audience in the loop with what’s going on. Luckily, Wix is one of the best website builders for blogging!

To add a blog, click on the pen-shaped icon in the left-hand toolbar. A tab will appear, inviting you to add a blog to your website. You’ll be given three different options: a personal blog, a blog with a writing team, or a blog with a members’ area. Choose the one best-suited to your brand.

Wix Add Blog
Click the ‘Add Now’ button to integrate a blog and start writing.

Wix Manage Blog Posts
Once your blog has been added, you can manage all of your posts and create new ones from the ‘Blog’ tab.

Of course, there are a wealth of blogging apps available on the app market, but we recommend Wix Blog for its ease of use and sleek appearance.

When you’re ready to create your first blog post, click on the blog icon in the toolbar, and select ‘Create a Post’. A window will open that looks a bit like a Word document, and this is where you can start writing.

Wix Add Blog Post
Wix provides a specific area to write your blog posts.

Wix Editor isn’t the only place you can write blog posts, either. You can also create them in your dashboard. Click on the ‘Blog’ header in the dashboard’s side toolbar, and then select ‘Create New Post’ in the top right corner.

Wix’s blog app itself is easily manageable. Not only can you write awesome posts but you can add some useful extras, too. In the editor, click the same pen-shaped button as before, then select ‘Add Blog Elements’. From here, you can throw in some handy features, such as an Instagram feed, events, or an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) button used for sharing content online.

Step 8

Wix Editor: Add an Online Store

If you’d like your site to function as an online store, then you’ve made a good choice using Wix. In fact, we’ve rated it as our overall top ecommerce website builder, as well as the best website builder for small businesses.

Adding an online store to your site is simple. By clicking the “+” icon in the left-hand menu, you’ll be presented with a list of add-ons for your site. From this list, click “Store,” and you’ll see the option to “Add a Store.”

Once you’ve completed this step, the next time you navigate to the ‘Store’ option, you’ll be able to add different ecommerce features such as different product galleries, add-to-cart buttons, and a currency converter.

Wix Add Store
Add elements like shopping carts and product galleries.

You’re not just limited to the features in the store menu – Wix has a ton of ecommerce apps in its app market. From dropshipping to payment gateways and tax support, there are plenty of tools to increase the selling potential of your website.

Although you can set up an online store in the blink of an eye, you’ll need to choose one of Wix’s three ecommerce plans before you can start selling. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to sell on its free plan.

Wix Pricing
Wix also runs discounts on its plans, so you could save 50% on the annual cost of the Business Unlimited or VIP plans.

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Step 9

Wix Editor: Optimize for Search Engines

Wix Editor makes it straightforward to work with your site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) capabilities. On the left side of the site editor, you can click “Menus and Pages,” then click on the ellipses next to any page to be presented with this list of options:

Wix SEO Help
SEO help is one of many options that will appear.

Then, click “SEO Basics.” This will open another menu, where you’ll be able to see all of your site’s basic SEO functions. You’ll have the option to view your URLs, as well as edit the site description that will show up in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

There will also be a button inviting you to ‘Go to SEO Wiz’. This is an awesome tool for SEO newbies, and helps you to cut through the jargon and optimize your website with ease.

Wix SEO Wiz
Wix SEO Wiz provides you with a tailored SEO checklist to help you fully optimize your site.

It’ll prompt you with a short questionnaire, and once you’ve filled in all of your answers, it’ll create a handy SEO checklist to make sure you’ve ticked off all the most important things.

Step 10

Wix Editor: Mobile Optimization

Making sure the mobile version of your site looks great is vital to its success, since mobile is pretty much taking over the world – these days, 40% of people search only on a smartphone.

Thankfully, with Wix Editor, mobile optimization is as easy as it is important. To start, hover your mouse over the desktop screen at the top of the editor.

Wix Mobile View
You’ll see the option to switch your page view to mobile

Then, click the mobile icon to see what your site will look like when viewed from a phone screen.

Odds are, Wix has taken care of mobile view for you, and your site already looks awesome in this format. But you can still make as many changes as you want, and any edits you make in mobile view will not affect the desktop version of your site.

Step 11

Wix Editor: Choose a Domain Name

Before you publish your Wix site, you’ll need to set your domain name (Wix will prompt you to do this when you click “Publish”).

If you’re using Wix’s free plan, then you won’t be able to use a regular domain name like “” or “” (domains like this only come with Wix’s paid plans). Instead, your site will follow the format www.yourname.wixsite/yoursite, which is enough to get it up and running. But if you’re going for a more professional look, then we recommend upgrading to a paid plan to secure a more polished domain!

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Step 12

Wix Editor: Publish

By now, your Wix Editor site will be ready to go. Throughout the Wix editing process, you can preview your masterpiece with the button in the top right corner. Once you’re satisfied, simply click “Publish” next to “Preview,” and… it’s live!

You can always edit your Wix site after publishing, so don’t feel like this is a permanent commitment to the changes you’ve made. Just open the dashboard, click “Manage Site,” then “Edit Site,” and off you go. To re-publish, just click “Publish” again in the top right corner.

Just remember – you won’t be able to change your base template once you’ve published, so make sure you’re happy with that choice before you commit!

How to Use Wix ADI

Step 13

How to Use Wix ADI

If you don’t have the time or the technical confidence to dive straight into Wix Editor, Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) has made it easier than ever to design a website. You’ll be asked a few questions and then given a stunning website, just like that. As if Wix couldn’t get any easier, right?

After you’ve registered your account, click the “+ Create New Site” button and then “Start with Wix ADI.”

wix adi selection page
Select Wix ADI to save time and creative effort.

You’ll then be asked which features you might need. Tick the relevant boxes, and then click “Next” on the bottom right-hand side. Don’t worry if you change your mind, or even your business model – you can edit Wix ADI at any time.

Wix ADI Add Features
Personalize your site with Wix features, choosing specific ones for your brand.

Wix ADI will ask you for the contact details you’d like to include on your site. Try to provide as much information as possible, as this allows the ADI to create detailed navigation menus, footers, headers, and contact pages with ease.

And remember – the more accurate your answers, the better Wix ADI can customize the perfect site for you.

wix adi contact details form
Fill out the contact detail page for high quality headers, contact pages and navigation menus.

Yes, the design is up to the ADI, but you can still have some input if you want it. The ADI can produce billions of text combinations and images, so you’re guaranteed a website that’s sleek and unique.

Wix ADI Pick Theme
Picking a color theme lets the ADI tailor the design to your preferences.

Now that the ADI knows what you need, it will take you through the design process. Once you click “Start,” you’ll be presented with some color schemes. Take your pick, but don’t stress too much – you can change these later on if you like.

When you’ve picked the color scheme that appeals to you most, Wix will show you a choice of three homepage designs. If you hover over each one, you can scroll down to see the entirety of the design. Pick the one you like best!

Wix ADI Homepage Options
Wix ADI will give you a selection of slick homepage suggestions

After this, you can choose from a number of extra pages to add to your website, such as an “About Us” page or a contact form. If you’re not sure what pages you’re going to need right now, you can also add a blank page that can be edited later on.

Confounded by color schemes? We can help with that! Check out our guide on How to choose a color scheme for your website

When you’re happy with the overall appearance, click the blue “Edit Site” button in the top right corner. This allows you to personalize your website further by changing fonts, adding media, and introducing a whole host of other functions with the help of Wix ADI’s smart assistant. It’s fast, and gives you a small amount of creative control. It’s like handing an artist the paints you’d like them to brush with.

Wix ADI Smart Assistant
The smart ADI assistant allows you to make small tweaks to your design.

However, the smart ADI assistant is far more restrictive than Wix Editor. So, if you’ve been inspired to really put your stamp on your site – or if you’re simply not happy – you can easily switch to Wix Editor mode whenever you like. Think about it, though, because it’s harder to reverse the process – you’d need to save your last ADI version, then restore it.

If you thought SEO and mobile functions were easy to implement with Wix Editor, then we have good news: it only gets easier with Wix ADI.

To edit the SEO functions of any page on your site, click on the page in the left-hand toolbar and choose “SEO Basics.”

Wix ADI SEO Settings
Select SEO basics to edit and manage your website’s SEO settings

Like the Wix Editor, this will then open another menu where you can edit your meta description and title tag, and add keywords for specific pages.

Wix ADI Edit SEO Basics
The page-specific SEO menu allows you to personalize your SEO settings

Read our Wix SEO Review for more information

Optimizing your Wix ADI site for mobile requires even less effort than SEO. When you click on the desktop icon on the top menu of your site page, you’ll be able to switch to a cell phone icon.

Wix ADI Mobile View
Choose between mobile and desktop view using the dropdown menu .

Clicking this will take you to the mobile view of your site, which you won’t have to make any changes to (unless you want to). Wix ADI has already prepared your site to look sleek for viewers on the go!

When you’re done creating your site, you can click “Publish” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and you’ll get this page:

choosing a domain
Set a domain name after creating your site

Upgrading to a paid plan is the only way to secure a domain in the regular format of “” If you’re using Wix’s free plan, you’ll have to use a domain with the format www.yourname.wixsite/yoursite.

Your final product is now ready to publish. Click ‘Preview’ at the top of the ADI screen to have one last check, then simply press the X icon to return to the editing page. Now, hit ‘Publish’ at the top.

Doubting the design? You can make edits after publishing on Wix ADI at any time. Just go into your dashboard after signing in, click “My Sites,” then “Edit” on your ADI website. Should you want to, you can always unpublish your Wix site at any stage, too.

wix logo

Is ease of use your top priority?

Wix ADI will do the work of website creation for you, without sacrificing quality.

Get to Know the Wix Dashboard

Step 14

Get to Know the Wix Dashboard

You’ll be using the Wix dashboard pretty much from the get-go, whether your site was built with Wix Editor or ADI. Once your site is live, the Wix dashboard will be where you can make any updates or changes to your account – so it’s best to get comfortable with this page as soon as you can!

Wix Dashboard
The dashboard will be the brain of your Wix website

There are three main areas that it’s important to get your head around. The first is the toolbar on the left-hand side. This is the analytical hub, where you can control potential site functions like an online store (“Financial Tools”), marketing and publicity (“Marketing Tools”), and a blog (you guessed it, “Blog”).

The second section 2 is the top banner, where you can see the heading “My Site.” This is your gateway back to the site editor, where you can make more creative changes. By clicking on the “Site Actions” menu, you’ll be given a list of options including the following:

  • Rename Site
  • Get Feedback
  • Preview Site
  • Transfer Site
  • Invite People
  • Duplicate Site
  • Move to Trash
  • Create New Site

From this section, you can also upgrade your Wix plan and edit your domain name.

The third section is underneath this, with a heading that says “Let’s set up your site.” It’s a scrolling to-do list that you can work your way through in order to create the most effective site possible. When it comes to add-ons and ideas, Wix has thought of everything for you, so you can take your time picking and choosing which options you’d like to implement.

How to Make a Wix Website: Summary

Want to try out Wix's website building tools?

The free plan means you can test this builder out to see if you like it, risk free.
Let's recap

How to Make a Wix Website: Summary

Whether you decide to use Wix ADI or Wix Editor, you now have all the tools you need to build the Wix website of your dreams. Let’s recap the steps once more, just to check you haven’t missed anything!
Wix Editor: Sign Up
Setting up an account with Wix takes less than two minutes
Wix has eight pricing plans to choose from.
Wix Editor: Choose a Template
Wix has over 800 templates to pick from.
Using the preview function lets you take each template out for a spin before you make a decision.
When you’ve found one you like, just click the “Edit Site” button.
Wix Editor: Update Text and Images
To add or update text, just click the text box and type.
You can upload your own images, or choose from Wix’s free image library.
Wix Editor: Personalize the Background
Use the side toolbar to set an image as your background.
You can also upload videos to play in the background, too.
If you want to keep things simple, use the color picker to set a single shade for your background.
Wix Editor: Add Pages
Use the menu in the top left corner to manage existing pages and add new ones.
Wix Editor: Add Apps
Wix has a massive App Market, where you can browse and download over 300 apps for your website.
Wix Editor: Set Up a Blog
Add a blog to your website using the pen icon in the editor toolbar.
You can add and manage your blog posts from both the editor and the dashboard.
Upgrade the functionality of your blog by inserting some extras like an Instagram feed or an RSS button.
Wix Editor: An Online Store
Use the editor to add an online store to your website.
There are tons of ecommerce apps available on the Wix App Market.
You’ll need to upgrade to one of three ecommerce pricing plans if you want to sell online with Wix.
Wix Editor: Optimize for Search Engines
Edit your website’s basic SEO information, including meta descriptions and keywords.
If you’re new to SEO, the Wix SEO Wiz will build you a customized SEO checklist for your site.
Wix Editor: Mobile Optimization
Use Wix’s mobile editor to see and edit how your website will look on different screen sizes.
Wix Editor: Choose a Domain Name
If you upgrade to a premium plan, Wix will throw in a free domain name for your first year, but if you’re using the free plan, you’ll need to use a Wix subdomain.
Wix Editor: Publish
When you’re ready, hit that “Publish” button!
How to Use Wix ADI
Register your account, and choose the ADI builder option when asked.
Select the features you want to include on your website.
Input any contact details you’d like to be visible on your website, including an address and contact number.
Choose a color scheme and homepage design.
You can make minor edits to your finished website design using the Wix smart assistant.
Edit your SEO settings and check the Wix mobile editor for full website optimization.
Pick your domain name before you publish, or edit your free Wix subdomain.
When you’re happy with the final product, click the “Publish” button and make your website public!
Get to Know the Wix Dashboard
There are three main areas of the dashboard that you will use to manage your website.

Are You Ready to Build Your Wix Website?

Regardless of which option you go for, building a website with Wix is easy and straightforward. Why not try it risk free today and sign up for the free plan?


Ascend (or “Ascend by Wix” officially) is a platform that integrates with your website to help you manage and promote a business, right from the Wix dashboard. With Ascend, you can outfit your site with professional capabilities, like sending out sleek email marketing campaigns or allowing visitors to set up member accounts.

As many as you need!

Generally, we’d recommend Wix’s Combo plan ($16/month) for personal websites, and the Business Basic plan ($27/month) for small ecommerce sites. But we’ve also written this Wix pricing review to help you weigh your options.


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