I Found the 27 Best Wix Templates in 2024 so You Don’t Have To

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Wix has over 800 templates in its library – that’s a lot to choose from. In fact, it can be pretty overwhelming trying to find the best design for your website, especially as you can’t switch your Wix template once you publish your site.

Your website’s design is super important for making a great first impression as well as providing a smooth user experience and making your visitors happy. In other words, choosing your template is a big decision. And I’m here to help you get it right!

I’ve handpicked the best Wix templates for the 10 most popular industries – you’ll find image galleries, features, and a preview option for each template, to help you choose your perfect design.

Ready to find your next Wix template? Browse each industry below and see which designs I recommend!

Best Wix Templates for Online Stores

#1. Tote

  • Best For: Modern apparel brands
Screenshot of a Wix online store landing page with products listings of tote bags.
I love how Tote showcases the products on the landing page, since it encourages visitors to get shopping! You can also zoom into each product photo by rolling over the images. Source: Website Builder Expert

Wix’s Tote template is a fresh, modern design that puts the focus on your products from the get-go. Instead of a large hero image or header, visitors are immediately met with a product gallery, encouraging them to start browsing straight away. I love how easy to navigate this template is – with FAQ and Contact pages and Quick View features, Tote puts the customer experience first.

Tote’s Key features:

  • Quick View product window
  • Product zoom on rollover
  • Sticky social icons on right-hand side
  • Live chat support feature
  • Mailing list subscription in site footer
  • Search feature
Screenshot of a Wix product page with a photo of a tote bag, a product title, and add to cart button.
I liked the live chat function at the bottom right corner of the page. Customers can easily contact you when they need help. Source: Website Builder Expert

#2. Adalene

  • Best For: Luxury brands
Screenshot of a sophisticated Wix landing page for a leather goods brand.
I found Adalene's classy font and neutral color scheme ideal for luxurious brands, especially if you're selling upmarket clothes or accessories. Source: Website Builder Expert

Wix’s Adalene ecommerce template oozes class. It uses large images to create an engaging, creative aesthetic, and I especially like the use of the large square grid on the homepage to highlight products. The sticky menu, frequent calls to action, and Quick View feature all make customer browsing super easy. As well as product pages, Adalene is complete with two About pages, a Contact page, and social links, making it perfect for brand building.

Adalene’s Key Features

  • Product search
  • Filtering options on product pages
  • Social icons in the top navigation bar
  • Top and bottom menus
  • Homepage call to action
  • “Best seller” product gallery on homepage
Screenshot of a Wix Product page with a "you might also like" section displaying luxury leather bags.
I scrolled to the bottom of the product page and saw this "You Might Also Like" section. You can list similar products here that your customers could also be interested in. Source: Website Builder Expert

#3. Awesome Sneakers

  • Best For: Shoe or accessories stores
Screenshot of a Wix landing page for a sneakers brand.
Awesome Sneaker's header photo takes over the page. I think it's a great way to make your homepage standout with a high-definition image that catches attention. Source: Website Builder Expert

Wix’s Awesome Sneakers template is big, bold, and fun. It uses a blocky design throughout to grab attention and direct the customer’s focus. Large images, full-width backgrounds, and overlapping blocks create a dynamic, modern look. Despite all that, Awesome Sneakers is surprisingly minimalistic – for example, the homepage product gallery cuts away any text to keep all the emphasis on the product photos.

Awesome Sneakers’ Key Features:

  • Contact form in the site footer
  • Sticky top menu to aid customer navigation
  • Product collections featured on homepage
  • Large, full-screen hero image
  • Customer Service page with a contact form and FAQs
  • Product filters such as price, color, and size
Screenshot of a Wix website's contact us page with a contact form box and an FAQs section.
On Awesome Sneakers' Contact Us page, I could set up contact forms and fill in an FAQ section for website visitors. Site: Website Builder Expert

Best Wix Templates for Restaurants

#1. The Pizza Shop

  • Best For: Restaurants wanting to digitize their operations
Screenshot of a Wix front page for a pizza restaurant.
The Pizza Shop's front page caught my attention immediately with its bold font choice and enticing photo. I'm sure that hungry customers will feel the same way! Source: Website Builder Expert

The Pizza Shop template ticks a lot of boxes for restaurants – and it looks good at the same time. You’ll be able to digitize your operations through menus, reservation bookings, social feeds, contact information blocks, location maps, online ordering tools, and more, plus gorgeous images to show off your food. This Wix template uses a bold, no nonsense design with heavy fonts, straight lines, and clear cut sections, making it perfect for a modern restaurant.

The Pizza Shop’s Key Features

  • “Order Now” call to action at the top of your homepage
  • Sticky top navigation menu
  • Online booking feature for reservations
  • Instagram integration to display your social feed
  • Contact details, including an interactive map
  • Online menus
  • Online ordering system
Screenshot of a Wix pizza website's reservation page.
I also found a reservation section on The Pizza Shop's homepage, making it easy for potential customers to book a table from one place. Source: Website Builder Expert

#2. White & Yellow

  • Best For: Neighbourhood cafes, coffee shops, or bakeries
Screenshot of a Wix Cafe landing page with high-quality photos of breakfast dishes.
It's easy to make your website look professional with this White & Yellow template. I could add high-quality photos and catchy text in an appealing font. Source: Website Builder Expert

With its contrasting color scheme and refreshing use of white space, White & Yellow is a bright and airy template ideal for aesthetic cafes, coffee shops, or bakeries. I particularly liked its generous photo placements, enabling you to add mouth-watering food and drinks images to your website and really seal the deal for hungry customers.

White & Yellow’s Key Features

  • Dropdown navigation bar
  • Attractive menu templates
  • Online ordering system
  • Clickable, fixed headers
  • “Our Story” and “Contact” pages
Screenshot of a menu page from a Wix website detailing breakfast dishes and prices.
I liked how the menu and bookings headers were fixed, since it lets website visitors click on them regardless of which page they're on. Source: Website Builder Expert

#3. Mr. Burger

  • Best For: Independent food trucks or market stalls
Screenshot of the top of a Wix homepage named "Mr. Burger" with a hero photo of a food truck.
I found Mr. Burger's design attention grabbing and made me want to keep scrolling and see what else was on the page. Source: Website Builder Expert

If your eatery is often on the move, then the Mr. Burger template will be an apt fit for you. You can use the map feature to let customers know where your food cart or stall will be on specific days, while you can showcase your mouth-watering menus, social media accounts, and key contact details from the homepage. Also, the eye-catching blue and yellow color scheme is impossible to ignore, giving your website plenty of character!

Mr. Burger’s Key Features

  • Sticky top navigation menu
  • Sticky social icons
  • Location maps
  • Contact form at footer
  • Online menu
  • Dedicated catering page
Screenshot of a location section of a Wix food truck website detailing the company's addresses with map links.
I could add multiple map links to my test website. It's helpful if your food truck or stall is often in different locations, so you can keep customers in the loop. Source: Website Builder Expert

Best Wix Templates for Portfolios

#1. Sophie Chamberlain

  • Best For: Artists or illustrators showcasing their work
Screenshot of a Wix portfolio website featuring an artist's illustrations
This Wix template is perfect for illustrators – I loved the homepage gallery that puts your portfolio of work front and center. I could also roll my cursor over each illustration to see the name of the piece. Source: Website Builder Expert

The Sophie Chamberlain template is perfect for illustrators and artists looking to showcase their work and attract new clients. It’s a simple template that puts the main focus on the homepage image gallery, using white space and a grid layout to help your work shine. This isn’t a complicated template – it only has three pages, including a store and an “Info” page, ensuring that your visitors don’t become distracted. The only thing I would’ve liked to see is a contact form, but you can easily add one during the customization process.

Sophie Chamberlain Key Features

  • Homepage gallery
  • Online store
  • License purchase as part of checkout journey
  • Sticky social links on every page
  • Mailing list subscription
Screenshot of a Wix portfolio website on the "Store" page where an illustrator sells digital prints.
I loved the template's "Store" page because it lets you sell digital prints of your work. Buyers can also click on the download icons to save a piece to their device. Source: Website Builder Expert

#2. Feta Morgana

  • Best For: Entertainment industry professionals
Screenshot of a Wix website homepage for a portfolio with a split screen layout.
I loved the eye-catching split-screen layout of this template alongside the social media links and all-important "Book Me" call to action button. Source: Website Builder Expert

If you are your brand, the Feta Morgana template could be for you. This template has features designed to help you engage clients, from social media links high on the homepage to a sticky “Book Me” call to action. I love the inclusion of an events booking calendar and an online store, and the expanding side menu is a lovely touch.

Feta Morgana Key Features

  • Social icons under the homepage heading
  • “Book Me” sticky call to action
  • Events calendar and booking system
  • Online store
  • Contact form
  • Email subscription sign-up
Screenshot of a Wix portfolio website with an "All About" section with videos and photos.
I could add a variety of media to my test website's homepage, ranging from videos to photos. You can use a mixture multimedia to showcase who you are! Source: Website Builder Expert

#3. Kiss & Makeup

  • Best For: MUAs, hair stylists, or fashion stylists
Screenshot of a wix portfolio template with a hero image of two women in editorial makeup.
Though this Wix template is designed for makeup artists, I think that it could be repurposed for other industry professionals, like hair stylists. Source: Website Builder Expert

If you’re after a one-page design, Kiss & Makeup is a stylish choice. It covers most of the essentials on a single page, from a photo gallery to testimonials and a contact form. This template design uses color blocks particularly well to separate these sections and encourage clients to keep scrolling. The top navigation is sticky, making it easy to jump between sections. The one thing I would like to see from this template is a built-in booking feature, but you can add that yourself later if you need it.

Kiss & Makeup Key Features

  • Large hero image
  • Services section
  • Testimonials
  • Portfolio gallery
  • Contact form
  • Social integration
Screenshot of a gallery section of a Wix portfolio website showcasing makeup looks
I loved the gallery photo layout and I could easily add new photos and rearrange them from the media library. Source: Website Builder Expert

Special Mention for Beginners: #4. Odam Lviran

  • Best For: Professionals who are just starting out
Screenshot of a Wix portfolio homepage with a gallery of illustrations on show
I could tweak the layout of the image gallery straight from the editor. Even if you don't have customer testimonials or media mentions yet, this homepage gallery will let your work speak for itself. Source: Website Builder Expert

Many of these templates are designed for people with tons of work and clients to showcase. But what if you’re just starting out? The Odam Lviran template proves you can still have a beautiful portfolio even if you just stick to the basics. It makes simplicity part of its charm, with a homepage gallery, “About” page, and “Contact” page, and social media integration thrown in too. Let your work speak for itself, and add to it as your experience grows!

Odam Lviran Key Features

  • Homepage gallery
  • Social media integration
  • Contact form
Screenshot of a minimal contact us page on a Wix portfolio website.
I loved the minimalist style of the "Contact" page, though I could also tweak the design from the editor if I wanted something more complex. Source: Website Builder Expert

Looking for more portfolio designs? Check out the Best Personal Website Templates for inspiration.

Best Wix Templates for Business

#1. Naomi Rhyme

  • Best For: Entrepreneurs and public speakers
Screenshot of a Wix motivational speaker website with a video header and bold headline reading "successful you"!
Right off the bat, I noticed a video background, social icons, and a call to action above the fold - all key ways to grab a site visitor's attention! Source: Website Builder Expert

The Naomi Rhyme template is perfect for entrepreneurs – it’s a template that puts you at its heart. From social icons above the fold to testimonials, this template has all the features you need to help customers get to know you. This is a modern, fun, yet professional design that makes use of white space and contrasting colors to keep visitors on the page. One word of warning, though – Wix makes it easy to upload videos to this template, but using video can seriously impact your loading speeds, so keep that in mind!

Naomi Rhymes Key Features

  • Video backgrounds
  • Social media integration
  • Blog
  • Online bookings
  • “As Featured On” clients highlight
  • Testimonials
  • Subscription feature
  • Contact form
  • Online services
  • Members area
Screenshot of a subscription section of a Wix Business website with a subscribe call to action button.
On my test website, I could let site visitors subscribe and receive a free resource like this eBook. I could tweak the call to action button too by changing its font and shape! Source: Website Builder Expert

#2. Allan Johnson

  • Best For: Industry professionals offering services online
Screenshot of a Wix landing page for a life coach with a hero image of a man at the top of a mountain.
This template's large header image and bold text instantly grabbed my attention. Additionally, the "Book Now" call to action button encourages interaction straight away. Source: Website Builder Expert

Cool, calm, and collected, the Allan Johnson template is a bright and easy-to-navigate design. There’s zero clutter, helping visitors hone in on what you’ve got to offer – for example, the “Book Now” button at the top of the homepage inspires visitors to take action straight away. With Wix Bookings built in, this is a great template for service-based businesses. It’s also worth mentioning the “Guides” page, where you can upload files for visitors to browse or download – they can even upload their own files to the page!

Allan Johnson Gallery Key Features

  • Homepage calls to action
  • Online bookings
  • File uploads
  • Sticky contact form in template footer
  • Social media integration
  • Blog
  • Sticky top navigation menu
Screenshot of a services section of a Wix life coach website.
You can make it easy for clients to book your services by offering an online booking system. I could also click on manage services and edit the services on show. Source: Website Builder Expert

#3. Wright & Taylor

  • Best For: Businesses with a small team
Screenshot of a Wix business landing page for a color consultant business with a header that goes "Where Paint Is Our Passion".
I liked Wright & Taylor's use of color blocks to create a stylish look. The top navigation is sticky, and the phone number in the top corner is an excellent addition. Source: Website Builder Expert

Are you looking for something stylish and sophisticated? If so, Wright & Taylor could be the perfect Wix template for your business! Despite its simplicity, this template packs in useful features to help you connect with customers. The main thing missing is a “click to call” button, which is better than just listing a phone number. You can have real fun with your color palette thanks to the use of color blocks to help your brand shine!

Wright & Taylor Key Features

  • Sticky top navigation including social links and a phone number
  • Large images
  • Image galleries
  • Instagram grid showcase
  • Contact form on every page
  • Location map
Screenshot of a Wix Business website's about page with a meet the team section and photos of staff.
I love this "About" page where you can show off your team and forge a connection with your customers. I could also adjust the caption and photos from the editor! Source: Website Builder Expert

Best Wix Templates for Blogs

#1. Turning Heads

  • Best For: Fashion and lifestyle blogs
Screenshot of a Wix blog website with three header photographs.
I love the fresh, image-focused design of the blog's homepage, which grabs attention straight away. Source: Website Builder Expert

The Turning Heads template is fresh, visual, and welcoming – it’s easy for readers to navigate and uses sections to avoid clutter. Above all else, this template promotes readability – I love the use of blocks to separate content and display the blog feeds. There are plenty of images to give your blog visual appeal, and lots of white space to help focus attention on your content.

Turning Heads Key Features

  • Search feature
  • Homepage blog feed
  • Social media icons in sticky top navigation
  • Contact form at the bottom of every page
  • Email subscription sign-up form
  • Instagram feed
  • “Recent Posts” feature
  • Author bio sidebar
Screenshot of the Wix editor showcasing a blog website with split screen contact from and blog post display.
This split-screen display lets you show more content without risking clutter. I could also delete the contact from and replace it with another block from the editor if I wanted to! Source: Website Builder Expert

#2. Read Over

  • Best For: Hobbyist blogs
Though this is a book blog template, it can be customized to suit any topic. I love the use of animation because it brings the page to life. Source: Website Builder Expert

The Read Over template is designed for book blogs, although it can be customized using Wix’s drag-and-drop editor to suit a different topic. This template favors big, bold fonts, tons of white space, and a blocky design. At times this template feels a little too big, but the upside is top-notch readability. This layout also lets your content speak for itself, but doesn’t suit a text-heavy homepage. I would like to see a search feature built into this template, but other than that it ticks a lot of boxes!

Read Over Key Features

  • Animation on homepage
  • Collapsible navigation menu
  • Social icons in top left corner
  • Image slideshow
  • Latest posts feature on homepage
  • Quote section
  • Email subscription sign-up
  • Contact form
Screenshot of a contact form and quote section on the Wix editor.
Simple doesn't have to be boring. The bright color sections and text help direct the reader's attention, and I could experiment with the theme's colors via the editor. Source: Website Builder Expert

#3. Going Places

  • Best For: Travel blogs
Screenshot of a Wix travel blog design with a large hero image.
I thought that this large hero image grabbed immediate attention. It invites visitors to start reading straight away with its blog post categories. Source: Website Builder Expert

If you’ve got a lot to say, the Going Places template is a great choice. It’s well equipped to handle large amounts of content, with a search feature, categories, and homepage feed displaying recent posts. There’s an Instagram feed and “About” bio at the bottom of every page to help readers get to know you, and even a “Videos” page! If you only have one or two posts to share, this template may be overkill, but it’s perfect for larger blogs.

Going Places Key Features

  • Search tools
  • Blog categories
  • Homepage blog feed
  • Video page, including categories and video search tool
  • Sticky top menu for easy navigation
  • Social icons and Instagram feed
  • Email subscription sign-ups
Screenshot of a blog page on a Wix travel blog via the editor.
I found the blog posts easy to digest, since there's zero clutter on these pages that help readers focus solely on your content. Source: Website Builder Expert

Best Wix Templates for Photography

#1. Amanda Willman

  • Best For: Travel, nature, or landscape photographers
Screenshot of a Wix homepage for a landscape photographer with a large hero image.
I love the large image background that welcomes visitors onto this template – it instantly shows of your work and grabs attention! Source: Website Builder Expert

The Amanda Willman template creates a pretty immersive experience for visitors with its full-screen image slideshow background – perfect for landscape photography. It’s a very modern and minimalistic template design, which really keeps the focus on your photos. The only thing missing is a booking feature for new clients – however, there is a contact form, which is the next best thing.

Amanda Willman Key Features

  • Homepage image slideshow background
  • Online store
  • Portfolio categories
  • Sticky top menu to help visitors navigate your site
  • Social links in site footer
  • Contact form
Screenshot of a Wix photography website with a collection of photos entitled the desert.
I could split the portfolio into different collections, like "The Desert." This portfolio gallery lets the photos speak for themselves with a simple grid layout. Source: Website Builder Expert

#2. Emilia Carter

  • Best For: Portrait, family, newborn, or wedding photographers
Screenshot of a Wix commercial photography website template with three photos of children
I think that this template is great for a large collection of work, since you can display it all in an organized way. Source: Website Builder Expert

Elegant and understated, the Emilia Carter template favors serif fonts and a muted color palette to showcase your work. You can switch up your fonts and colors in Wix’s editor, of course, but I love the focus this design gives to your photos. I recommend this template to anyone with a large collection of work split across different categories – the addition of a booking feature and client albums are perfect for photographers working with families.

Emilia Carter Key Features

  • Client albums
  • Booking feature
  • Social icons in sticky site footer
  • Collection galleries
  • Contact form
Screenshot of a "Bookings" page on a Wix family photography website with three services to choose from.
I noticed that the bookings feature was built into this template, so it's easy to gain new clients. You can start adding your services from the editor! Source: Website Builder Expert

#3. Benjamin Diaz

  • Best For: Contemporary or experimental photographers
Screenshot of a vibrant Wix photography website with colourful photos mixed with illustrations.
Do you want a fun, vibrant portfolio? I think that the Benjamin Diaz template is a great fit, since it used multimedia elements and different-sized blocks to mix things up. Source: Website Builder Expert

The Benjamin Diaz photography template is fun, vibrant, and designed to delight your visitors. It uses blocks, bright colors, and grid layouts to engage potential clients and show off your work. This template is perfect if you combine photography with other mediums, such as illustration or animation – the homepage multimedia gallery has a dynamic, modern look to draw visitors in. I particularly like the “Client” page, store, and the contact form in the site footer.

Benjamin Diaz Key Features

  • Animation
  • Sticky top navigation menu
  • Online store
  • Homepage multimedia gallery
  • Contact form on every page
  • “Clients” page with links to galleries
Screenshot of a Wix photography website with a clients page showcasing colorful photographical works.
I think you should make the most out of this "Clients" page. You can easily display as many works as you'd like too and add additional content from the Wix editor. Source: Website Builder Expert

Best Wix Templates for Hotels

#1. Anton & Lily

  • Best For: B&Bs or boutique hotels
Screenshot of a bed and breakfast hotel website with a hero image of the exteriors.
I love that this hotel template features a sticky top menu, sticky social icons on the right side, and a classy aesthetic. Source: Website Builder Expert

The Anton & Lily template has everything a hotel website needs. From a booking feature on the homepage, to galleries and an interactive map, this template does everything it can to help you bring in guests. In terms of style, Anton & Lily oozes sophistication – it features a pretty monochrome color palette and uses plenty of white space. You can easily customize this to reflect your own hotel’s personality using Wix’s drag-and-drop tools, though!

Anton & Lily Key Features

  • Sticky top navigation, with a “Book a Room” call to action
  • Sticky TripAdvisor, Facebook, and Instagram icons
  • Quick booking search tool on the homepage
  • Homepage gallery
  • Testimonial box
  • Contact form
  • Location map
  • Booking system
Screenshot of a guest review on a Wix hotels website
To boost your social proof, I recommend displaying guest reviews. You can easily replace the text and add your own! Source: Website Builder Expert

#2. Be My Guest

  • Best For: Resorts or holiday villas
Screenshot of a international hotel Wix website with a large hero image of Rio.
I was impressed by this template's calm color scheme, large background image, and booking feature that's difficult to miss. Source: Website Builder Expert

Running a hotel is all about being welcoming, and that’s something the Be My Guest template aces. It has a super friendly feel, with large photos and plenty of chances to include information about you, your accommodation, your area, and more. I love the sideways transitions between pages and the alternating block layouts. If you’re aiming for a personal, approachable vibe then this template ticks all the boxes!

Be My Guest Key Features

  • Homepage booking search tool
  • Sections for location and “About” information
  • Social integration
  • Email subscription sign-ups
  • Online booking system
  • Contact form
  • Location map
Screenshot of a hotel website landing page displaying a holiday apartment.
The alternating layout is clean but engaging, mixing images with text and color blocks. I could also switch up the design from the layouts tab. Source: Website Builder Expert

Best Wix Templates for Real Estate

#1. Faber & Co

  • Best For: Real estate agencies selling modern, luxury homes
Screenshot of a hotel website landing page displaying a holiday apartment.
The alternating layout is clean but engaging, mixing images with text and color blocks. I could also switch up the design from the layouts tab. Source: Website Builder Expert

Modern, smart, and simple, the Faber & Co template is designed to get down to business. Straight away, clients are met with a large image slideshow to help you show off your properties, plus two calls to action inviting them to get in touch. Your properties are given center stage through use of white space and plenty of images. The online bookings feature is particularly useful – clients can choose the property they want to view, the realtor they want to book, plus the available date and time that best suits them.

Faber & Co Key Features

  • Sticky “Chat With Us” live chat tool
  • Online booking system with an integrated calendar
  • Testimonials
  • Contact form
  • Location map
  • “Agents” page with “Book Now” buttons for each member
Screenshot of a Wix real estate website with a listing of three different properties
I recommend looking out for templates with plenty of white space (like this one!) to ensure that your properties remain the central focus. Source: Website Builder Expert

#2. Gail Sharp

  • Best For: Real estate agencies who need a page for a singular property
Screenshot of a real estate Wix website with a hero image of a property covering the screen
I liked how the property covered the screen in this hero image, since it makes it the central focus of the page. Source: Website Builder Expert

If you have a particular property you’re advertising, the Gail Sharp template is perfect. It lets the property speak for itself rather than overcomplicating matters – large image backgrounds, galleries, and even a video tour help potential clients picture themselves in the property. The sticky “Schedule a Tour” button makes it easy for visitors to quickly become potential buyers.

Gail Sharp Key Features

  • Large image background
  • “Schedule a Tour” online booking feature
  • Gallery
  • Video
  • Contact form
  • Location map
Screenshot of a "home information and amenities" section of a Wix real estate website listing house details
I could use the "Home Information" page to provide details about the property in a clear, easy to understand format. I also found a gallery section when scrolling down the page. Source: Website Builder Expert

Best Wix Templates for Weddings

#1. Bella and Brown

  • Best For: Couples who want to easily create a page for their special day
Screenshot of a wedding website landing page with a large couples hero image and purple RSVP button
With an events page, I think you should give your visitors all of the key details straight away. This template includes the date, time, place, and RSVP call to action (plus a nice big background image of course!) Source: Website Builder Expert

The Bella and Brown template is minimalistic, but still manages to be fun and bright. You can change the color scheme and images to reflect your own theme, and it’s a great canvas to start with for wedding invitations. I especially like the mix of traditional serif fonts with bolder, more modern fonts, and the use of a gallery to introduce the wedding party!

Bella and Brown Key Features

  • RSVP call to action
  • Online RSVP form
  • Galleries
  • Registry logos and links
  • Location map to help guests find their way
  • Social media integration
Screenshot of an "Our Story" page from a Wix wedding website displaying photos of the couple and a brief description
I loved the "Our Story" page because it gives you the chance to describe your background and show off any memorable photos at the bottom of the page. Source: Website Builder Expert

#2. Twilight Events

  • Best For: Professional wedding planners showcasing their business and past work
Screenshot of a Wix events planning website with a large hero photo of an evening marquee lit up
I found the Twilight Events template a beautiful starting point for any wedding events business. Source: Website Builder Expert

The Twilight Events template is ideal for those in the weddings business, rather than those creating a wedding invitation website. It comes packed with features but always maintains a classy, professional aesthetic. If you don’t love the golden-brown color scheme, you can easily change it with a few clicks in your template’s editor!

Twilight Events Key Features

  • Online booking system
  • Live chat tool
  • Galleries
  • Services information
  • Testimonials
  • Contact form
  • Members login
  • Contact details in the footer of every page
  • Sticky top navigation menu
Screenshot of a Wix weddings website and its "Gallery" page with a slider of images.
I think that the "Gallery" page offers a great way to showcase past events with a large slideshow at the top and a grid display underneath. Source: Website Builder Expert

Best Wix Templates for Arts and Music

#1. Urban Adventures

  • Best For: Contemporary artists, photographers, or videographers with an edge
Screenshot of a Wix landing page with a large hero image and three menu buttons
The video background of this template piqued my curiosity and made me want to click on the portfolio. This template will leave your website visitors with a strong first impression. Source: Website Builder Expert

Modern, visual, and engaging, the Urban Adventures template is perfect for artists who want to let their work speak for itself. The single page design keeps things simple, while parallax scrolling invites visitors to keep engaging. I love the monochrome style color scheme, but you can always make this your own using Wix’s editor.

Urban Adventure Key Features

  • Homepage background video
  • Projects gallery
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Contact form
Screenshot of an about section sandwiched by two, black and white stock photos
The template was split into alternating sections, which I could organize straight from the editor until I was happy with the finished look. Source: Website Builder Expert

#2. Alexa Hill

  • Best For: Solo musicians or bands building their online presence
Screenshot of a Wix landing page for a solo musician with an image, header, and intro text
I found this Wix template beautifully minimalistic, with a large image and playlist featured on the homepage. Source: Website Builder Expert

This music template keeps things simple so that you can pack it with content without creating clutter. The minimalist, monochrome design keeps the focus on your content – you can add your own color and flair to match your brand though! I love the fact this template comes with an Electronic Press Kit page built in, plus the ability to play your tracks and music videos.

Alexa Hill Key Features

  • Wix Music – upload your tracks for fans to sample, listen to, or download!
  • Social icons on every page footer, including YouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify
  • Electronic Press Kit automatically included
  • Tour dates
  • Contact information
  • Email subscription form
Screenshot of musician's template for a Wix website
I liked how the template makes it easy for you to display your work through music players and videos. You can place them throughout your website, or use the pre-existing ones that come with the template. Source: Website Builder Expert

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our shortlist of the Best Wix Website Examples

Wix Templates: Summary

Using a Wix template makes creating a unique website easy and effortless – you don’t need code to personalize your design, and there are endless ways to make each template your own. Change colors, add buttons, create new pages, and edit text, all with a click of your mouse!

The difficult part is choosing the right template for you. With over 800 to browse, it can feel pretty overwhelming!

You can’t switch your Wix template once you’ve published your site, unless you want to start from scratch again, which is why we’ve handpicked this shortlist of the very best Wix templates. Remember to look for useful features as well as attractive designs – starting out with useful features built in makes your life even easier.

Now that you know which Wix templates I’ve recommend, the fun can really begin. Every Wix template we’ve listed is free to use, so it’s time to go preview and play with your favorites to get started!


No! All of these templates are totally free with Wix’s pricing plans – even if you use the free plan. That’s right, you don’t have to pay extra for any of Wix’s designs, so you can make your decision feeling confident that it won’t cost you any extra money.
No, you can’t switch your template once you’ve published your Wix website. However, you can choose a new template and begin customizing it from scratch. You just can’t take your existing site and play with different templates – Wix won’t reformat your content for a new template, so you have to copy it over yourself if you want to change.
Very easy! I love Wix’s drag-and-drop editing tools for this very reason, as they mean even total beginners can take Wix’s designs and create a unique website. You can change colors, fonts, backgrounds, and more, and add new features, sections, pages, and elements such as images and text boxes. All you need to do is drag and drop things where you want them!
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