Print on Demand Mugs – Top 5 Suppliers

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This article is a must-read for anyone curious to find out more about print on demand mugs. Whether you’re a small business owner, an entrepreneur, or an individual looking to expand your online store, this article will help to explain everything.

We’ve researched the market to bring you the top 5 suppliers of print on demand mugs. Our recommendations are based on real customer reviews and research, so you can be confident you’re choosing a credible supplier. As well as supplier recommendations, read on to discover top tips for creating mug designs, pros and cons of different mug types, and much more!

What Is Print on Demand?

Put simply, print on demand is a business and technology model whereby products are only printed when an order is actually placed. For business owners this model offers simplicity and flexibility. Small quantities can be produced quickly and cost-effectively, and there are no major upfront costs.

Print on demand allows for brilliant creativity, since you can produce as many different and varied designs as your customers desire. As an added bonus, print on demand can also be more environmentally friendly, because there is likely to be excess unsold products.

Print on Demand Mugs: Considerations

So, you’ve made the decision to sell print on demand mugs. But what do you need to consider to help you pick a supplier? The biggest decision to make is potentially the type of mug you want to create, so here’s a helpful summary of the main varieties.

Pros and Cons of Different Mug Types

Classic ceramic mugs

Pros: a true classic which is popular and cost-effective

Cons: a more simplistic design

Latte mugs

Pros: elegant design which is perfect for… a latte!

Cons: depending on the supplier, may be more expensive

Enamel mugs

Pros: durable and great for the outdoors

Cons: cannot be used in a microwave

Accent mugs

Pros: eye-catching with matching colored handle and interior

Cons: may be more expensive to produce

Once you’ve narrowed down the right type of mug for your online store, there’s some more things to consider for your print on demand mugs business:


Make sure to do your math and understand how much the product will cost per unit, what your margins are, and (most importantly) how much profit you stand to make. Check out our article on how to price products for helpful tips!


Costs associated with shipping can vary greatly so make sure you do your research here too. Also consider whether the supplier offers dropshipping – a model where you don’t need to keep the products in stock yourself.

Supplier Specifics

Several factors can determine which supplier you choose to work with, including their reputation, refund and returns policies, production times, and whether they offer online store integrations.


Of course, be sure to consider the quality and range of products on offer, and to what extent custom designs can be easily created.

Creating Mug Designs

The best print on demand mugs are those with eye-catching designs that your customers will love!

Top tips for creating mug designs:
  • Don’t be afraid of color – bold, vibrant designs often sell well
  • Use playful typography and quotes
  • Consider using well-known brands, characters, or motifs
  • Create a range of designs that will appeal to all types of customers
  • Offer personalization with names, initials, colors, and more
  • Be creative and have fun with your designs!

For a source of inspiration, you could look to your favorite brands to help guide your own ideas. Logos, characters or catch phrases from TV shows, films or bands can make brilliant mug designs – just make sure that you have the appropriate license. There’s more guidance on that in this helpful article.

Similarly, you could gain inspiration from looking at the best-selling mug designs on other online stores. These can be a brilliant way to understand what themes and types of designs are currently trending, and will make for a successful online print on demand business.

Top 5 Print on Demand Mug Suppliers

The following print on demand mug suppliers are all excellent choices. They’re all based in the USA and have stellar reputations.

#1. Printful

One of the market leaders when it comes to print on demand mugs. Printful is a reliable choice of supplier who offers comprehensive support, services and add-ons, including a graphic design service.

  • Pros: USA-based and operate across all five continents of the globe. Plus, Printful offers integration across a huge range of online store types.
  • Cons: A smaller range of products compared to some competitors.

Costs: Starting at $8.49 per mug.

#2. Promotique

Promotique is part of the global Vistaprint ecommerce group, and offers a comprehensive range of print on demand products, including mugs.

  • Pros: A huge selection of 45 mug types to choose from, with very competitive prices.
  • Cons: Compared to other suppliers, Promotique offers fewer sophisticated services such as fulfillment, warehouse storage, and online store integration.

Costs: Starting at $2 per mug.

#3. Prodigi

Prodigi prides itself on a super fast delivery service and eco-friendly credentials. Its print on demand website is slightly simpler than some of its competitors, but it’s still an excellent choice.

  • Pros: Excellent print quality and an eco-friendly business which uses water-based dyes and zero plastic.
  • Cons: No tool to create custom designs other than uploading a single image.

Costs: Starting at $7 per mug.

#4. Printbest

Printbest is a brilliant option if you’re looking for a simple and straightforward print on demand supplier. Their main focus is on helping entrepreneurs, artists, and designers create and monetize their designs.

  • Pros: Offers a dropshipping service and many online store integrations.
  • Cons: Limited range of just three mug styles.

Costs: Starting at $5.78 per mug.

#5. Gelato

Tastily-named Gelato is a big player in the print on demand industry, with a comprehensive service that can deliver to over 200 counties with 100 print partners.

  • Pros: Brilliant customer testimonials, plus a wide range of mug designs.
  • Cons: Some customization options add considerable costs.

Costs: Starting at $5.97 per mug.


We wrote this article to give you a comprehensive overview of print on demand mugs and why they are an excellent product to sell online. Our supplier recommendations and tips on creating mug designs should give you the confidence to get going!

Plus, there’s a whole world out there beyond mugs. For more print on demand products ideas and inspiration don’t miss this article on the 15 best selling print on demand products, and the best general print on demand suppliers.

Thanks for reading!


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