41 Best Templates for Photography Websites

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A roundup of the best photography templates on the web

There’s an endless amount of photography website templates available these days, but it can be hard to tell the quality templates from the… not-so-quality ones. That’s why we’ve done the sifting and sorting ourselves – so you can check out the 41 photography templates below, and only choose from the best of the best.

We’ve divided this list into the best photography templates for website builders, and the best photography templates for WordPress.org.

WordPress.org photography templates are best for those who have technical experience and want full control over their design through coding. Website builder photography templates are best if you want high quality designs and easy customizations without any technical headaches.

All of the templates you see here are free. If you want to learn more, we’ve written a comparison guide to the differences between website builders and WordPress.org. Now, on to the templates!

We’re glad you asked!

First of all, you’ll need a template that is mobile optimized, meaning your website will be easily formatted and accessible across all platforms, from desktop computers to phones and tablets. A mobile optimized template ensures that viewers can still appreciate your photography on-the-go. That’s why all of the templates below are mobile optimized.

There are also a few stylistic points that you’ll want to consider when choosing your photography template. Templates with a ton of features and page elements may seem great in theory, but in practice, they’ll only crowd up the page and distract from your work. With that in mind, we carefully chose our top 41 templates based on minimalism, cleanliness, and organization, especially when it comes to photo gallery slideshows and image backgrounds.

More Resources

Website Builder Photography Templates

We’ve been researching the best website builders for years now, and we’ve even paid special attention to the best photography website builders. That means we have an eye for the photography website builders with the best templates – namely Squarespace, Wix, SmugMug, and Weebly. So without further ado, here are the top templates from the top builders.

#1 Urban Photography on Wix

wix template
Click on the image to preview Urban Photography on Wix

Wix’s Urban Photography template leaves no room for distractions. Aside from an easy-to-find navigation bar and a clear spot for your logo, every inch of space is dedicated to emphasizing your photographs.

The grid-style layout means visitors can view your portfolio straight away, and even “like” or share their favorites with this template’s built-in social media integration. We especially liked the online bookings page and members log in area – perfect for turning visitors into clients!

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this template will let your shots speak for themselves.

What we like about this template:

  • Useful built-in features to gain new clients, from contact forms to online bookings
  • Click-to-enlarge photo options without leaving the homepage
  • Social proof and easy social media integration– showcase the number of likes when hovering over an image

#2 Zion on Squarespace

zion squarespace best photography templates
Click on the image to preview Zion on Squarespace

Squarespace’s Zion template offers a clean, full-page layout that puts your photography front and center. The background image changes when you hover over new categories, which is a wonderfully simple way of inviting visitors to view more of your work. A built-in contact page makes it easy for interested clients to get in touch.

We spoke to photographer Jeff Johnson about how using a Squarespace template has worked for his website:

“I’m not very techy, and that’s why I like Squarespace. It’s simple and easy to use – I don’t get bogged down with technical gimmicks because there are none. It frees me up so that I am able to work on what’s important.”

What we like about this template:

  • Full-screen background image instantly grabs visitors’ attention
  • Modern, clean style is easy to navigate and creates a professional aesthetic
  • Fixed navigation bar helps potential clients find your about page, contact form, and social media links

#3 Elliott on Squarespace

squarespace elliott photography template
Click on the image to preview Elliott on Squarespace

The Elliott photography template is ideal for showing off the collections you’re most proud of. Visitors can scroll through slideshows of your work, navigating your collections using the numbers at the top. This puts the main focus on your work – the overlapping slideshow format constantly invited visitors to click the next image.

Your About and Contact pages can be found at the bottom of the page, which is unusual but suits the fresh aesthetic of the template.

What we like about this template: 

  • The nearly full-screen slideshow demands focus on your photography
  • Optimized for photographers with multiple collections to showcase
  • Minimal navigation keeps attention on your work

#4 Arrow on SmugMug

smugmug template
Click on the image to preview Arrow on SmugMug

SmugMug’s Arrow template is organized and efficient. Its full-width background images are unobscured by the semi-transparent navigation bar, and each separate photo gallery is easy to preview with thumbnail cover images.

We especially liked the search feature, making it easy for visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for in your portfolio of work.

What we like about this template:

  • Semi-transparent navigation bar keeps main focus on your homepage image
  • Built-in search feature helps visitors to browse your photography website
  • Organize your work into both folders and galleries, with clear gallery thumbnails

#5 Unite 2 on Weebly

weebly template
Click on the image to preview Unite 2 on Weebly

This template is Weebly’s fresh take on a classic. Neutral backgrounds and subtle design elements work together to set the perfect stage for your photos, without becoming too heavy-handed.

A standout feature in this photography template is the built-in blog, which is a great way to keep clients and visitors up to date with your latest projects. We would also like to see a contact page included, but you can easily add one using drag-and-drop.

What we like about this template:

  • Full width header image and built-in color palettes are easy to customize
  • Centered header text brings your brand to the forefront alongside your images
  • Built-in blog makes it easy to keep your website fresh while you’re working on new projects

#6 Birdseye 2 on Weebly

weebly template
Click on the image to preview Birdseye 2 on Weebly

Birdseye 2 from Weebly is a responsive template, with navigation elements that transition as you scroll. It provides all the minimalism that a good photography website needs, with a simple color palette that allows your pictures to shine.

Unlike many other website templates for photographers, the Birdseye 2 homepage features various sections, allowing you to showcase ‘about’ information, client case studies, a preview of your portfolio, and a contact call to action.

What we like about this template:

  • Animation options can boost on-site engagement
  • Responsive navigation and full width header image
  • Long-form, structured homepage helps visitors get the full picture straight away

#7 Matsuya on Squarespace

squarespace matsuya photography template
Click on the image to preview Matsuya on Squarespace

Squarespace’s Matsuya template uses uneven blocks separated by white space to display your photos with a fresh style. Visitors can click on images to open up an on-page slideshow to easily peruse your work. This photography template’s block-based grid designs and plain fonts give it a modern, minimalist feel.

What we like about this template:

  • Engaging, block-based design and clever use of white space
  • Visitors can see all your images on the homepage (best for smaller collections)
  • Minimal design keeps focus on the images – ideal for those starting out with smaller collections

#8 Oasis on Weebly

weebly template
Click on the image to preview Oasis on Weebly

Weebly’s Oasis template offers a split screen design in which the left pane emphasizes visuals, while the right pane elaborates with content. We liked the focus on gaining new clients, with a “Contact Me” call to action clearly displayed on the homepage.

The collapsible, left-hand navigation includes a blog, about page, and contact page – we’d like to see a gallery page built in too, but you can easily add one. You can also include maps and galleries that break out of the body width of this template, making for a truly unique user experience.

What we like about this template:

  • Split-screen design nicely balances images with content
  • User-focused features such as scroll to top feature and collapsible navigation
  • Strong focus on gaining new clients, with “Contact Me” call to actions and a dedicated contact page included

#9 Web Folk on Wix

wix template
Click on the image to preview Web Folk on Wix

Wix’s Web Folk template feels wonderfully interactive and designed to engage visitors. It lets you set up a photo gallery that users can interact with, without having to leave the page. Hovering over an image will reveal its title, while clicking will enlarge an image and show its caption.

The mix of full page images with grid layouts and block-based text creates a fun but professional vibe – perfect for a freelancer or small agency looking to generate more clients.

What we like about this template:

  • Room for (minimal) content, including ‘about’ information on the homepage
  • Fun, engaging design that can be customized to suit your own brand
  • Optimized for professionals, with online bookings and a dedicated “work and clients” section

#10 Smokey on SmugMug

smugmug template
Click on the image to preview Smokey on SmugMug

SmugMug’s Smokey template offers a collage-like gallery of different-sized images, which immediately engages the viewer’s eye.

Visitors are drawn in by a full-width header image, which gives way to a grid gallery of uneven blocks below – these can be clicked on to open up a full-page slideshow. We like this template because of its many viewing options and smart, simple design.

What we like about this template:

  • Centered navigation bar, which includes a search feature
  • Click-to-enlarge images – a nice touch to get the most out of your photos
  • Borders between images keeps the gallery easy to browse
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#11 Falodu on Squarespace

squarespace falodu photography template
Click on the image to preview Falodu on Squarespace

This template is perfect for sweeping landscape photography, featuring a full-width slideshow on the homepage.

Falodu also uses huge banner layouts on gallery pages, so that your photos take up the whole screen as the visitor scrolls through your collections – it almost feels immersive, and is ideal for showing off the quality of your photos.

We especially liked the option to add context to your work with the homepage text boxes, and the fact users can easily navigate through your collections one at a time. We highly recommend exploring Falodu to get the full effect of this simple yet impactful template.

What we like about this template:

  • Horizontally scrolling gallery on the homepage to instantly show off your favorite photos
  • Hugely impactful gallery layout using full-width banners to really highlight image quality
  • Optimized for large landscape photos, with option to provide context on your homepage

#12 LuLu on Wix

wix template
Click on the image to preview LuLu on Wix

The LuLu template from Wix adds a touch of personality to your website, without taking too much attention away from your photos. You can easily position images and text boxes to wherever you want them, or you can let the preset design speak for itself (and we wouldn’t blame you – it looks great!)

This particular photography template comes packed with features, from services information to an online booking form, making it easy to earn money through your photography website. The mix of full-page images with Instagram-style galleries makes sure your photos get the appreciation they deserve.

What we like about this template:

  • Embodies Wix’s “drag-and-drop” functionality – for example, overlapping text and images is easy
  • Endless customization options, from elegant fonts to fun color combinations
  • Full-width photo sections and grid-style Instagram galleries create an engaging homepage display

#13 Travel Photographer on Wix

wix template
Click on the image to preview Travel Photographer on Wix

This template’s full-width imaging and default white background make it an intuitive choice for travel photography – but it’s also a versatile choice for any type of photography website.

What we really like about this photography template is the dedicated videos page and the clients page – both are effective ways of showcasing your skills outside of just photography and are sure to grab potential clients’ attention.

What we like about this template:

  • Extra features included such as built-in video and client pages
  • Centered headers on each page ensures easy navigation
  • Featured albums automatically appear on the homepage

#14 Mandy Miller on Weebly

weebly template
Click on the image to preview Mandy Miller on Weebly

Mandy Miller’s clean Serif and Sans Serif typography, paired with its muted color palette, will let your work do the talking. This photography template is ideal for those who want to document their photography through blogging – the built-in blog page features an appealing centered format.

The boxed header image remains on every page and brings a nice consistency to your site. The homepage is the standout part of the Mandy Miller template, featuring services, work samples, and (our favorite) testimonials from clients.

What we like about this template:

  • The “one-stop shop” homepage tells visitors all they need to know, with links to see more
  • Blogging, testimonials, and social media integration encourage engagement from visitors
  • Boxed header image puts your brand front and center
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#15 Darin Smalls on Weebly

weebly template
Click on the image to preview Darin Smalls on Weebly

This Weebly template’s navigation elements transition as you scroll, so your site is constantly working to frame your content perfectly. Draw visitors in with a bigger-than-full-screen image to make the most of this template, before adding about information, gallery images, and social links further down the page.

This template design nicely balances text and imagery – ideal for photos that have a story behind them!

What we like about this template:

  • Headline fade effects and animation create a subtle but engaging design
  • Plenty of white space ensures the site doesn’t become cluttered
  • Full width header image instantly catches attention and invites visitors to scroll down

#16 Max by SmugMug

smugmug template
Click on the image to previewMax on SmugMug

The Max template from SmugMug offers large-scale photos that don’t take up the whole width of a page, which creates an organized tone (especially against the default white background).

The sample images in the Max template use a lot of action shots, which suits the layout – this is a design that requires a lot of scrolling, so action shots compliments this movement perfectly.

What we like about this template:

  • Slideshow feature is available on every page, making it easy for users to get a closer look at your images
  • Large homepage images are the main focus for visitors landing on the site
  • Collage-like galleries make use of different-sized blocks

#17 Ann Young on Wix

wix template
Click on the image to preview Ann Young on Wix

Wix’s Ann Young portfolio template offers a full-width photo slideshow as a homepage background, so you can really put your work on full display. Individual photo galleries also slide from left to right, so flipping through different albums truly becomes an experience.

What we like about this template:

  • Full-width images and automatic slideshow makes for enjoyable photo viewing
  • Easy social media integration lets users like or share photos straight from your gallery
  • Horizontal scrolling keeps visitors focused on your images

#18 Gates on Squarespace

squarespace gates photography template
Click on the image to preview Gates on Squarespace

The Gates template’s bold, grid-style layout landing page makes a dramatic visual impact on visitors – the lack of borders is extremely striking and compliments photos featuring large color blocks and abstract shapes.

This template is all about putting your photos first – the top navigation flies up and out of view as soon as you scroll down, leaving an unobstructed view of the gallery. It reappears when you scroll up, meaning you don’t sacrifice usability for looks.

What we like about this template:

  • Seamless grid layout removes white space to make a bold statement
  • Strong focus on the visuals of your site – top header doesn’t distract from the images
  • Keeps features simple but essential with a gallery, an about page with a contact form, and social links

#19 Talva on Squarespace

squarespace talva photography template
Click on the image to preview Talva on Squarespace

Squarespace’s Talva template creates a collage-like effect, while still maintaining borders between images.

We like this style because it doesn’t sacrifice organization for trendiness. The top navigation banner is pretty subtle, but goes a step further by disappearing when you scroll down to maintain focus on the images. It reappears when you scroll up, keeping navigation easy but unobtrusive.

A standout feature of this Squarespace template is the built-in blog, which features large, nearly full-screen featured images to go with each post – we love this balance of visual and written content!

What we like about this template:

  • Built-in blogging tailored to photographers, with large images alongside post titles
  • Border between images keeps the collage-like gallery clean and structured
  • Minimal, left-centered, collapsible header menu makes navigation easy but subtle

#20 James Coleman on Weebly

weebly template
Click on the image to preview James Coleman on Weebly

This Weebly template’s full width header images and default dark color palettes help your work make an impression. Bold fonts are loud without sacrificing simplicity, and add to the modern vibe.

This design is perfect for creating a photography portfolio or CV – the prominent “about me” and “my work” sections are great for advertising your services.

What we like about this template:

  • Collapsible navigation means more space for your images and content
  • Responsive scroll gives your site a more sophisticated feel
  • Well optimized for photography portfolios to market your services alongside your work

#21 Modus Operandi on Weebly

weebly template
Click on the image to preview Modus Operandi on Weebly

The Modus Operandi template offers default light color palettes and centered galleries to complement your images. Clear borders between photos also leave plenty of space for each piece to breathe.

The homepage gallery is reminiscent of Instagram’s grid layout, giving it an arty, modern feel. The photos are the main focus, with only an about and contact page built in. You can add more pages, but we recommend keeping your site simple to match the template’s style.

What we like about this template:

  • Balanced grid layout with same-sized blocks and structured white space
  • Minimalism and simplicity reign on every page
  • Fixed navigation and logo make your site easy to navigate

#22 Photos by Kim on Weebly

weebly template
Click on the image to preview Photos by Kim on Weebly

This template has its roots in black and white type, but it’s not just for writing portfolios. Photography websites will benefit from the minimalism and versatility on display here.

Full-width image banners contrast nicely with the square-grid gallery in the “My Work” section of the homepage.

We really liked the built-in map on the contact page – it’s perfect for those with studios looking to get more traffic through the door as well as online.

What we like about this template:

  • Versatile light and dark color palettes to help you create consistent branding
  • Attractive photo footer with navigation and social media links
  • Social media integration, built-in blog, and map feature are all designed to boost engagement with your audience

#23 Octavia on SmugMug

smugmug template
Click on the image to preview Octavia on SmugMug

The Octavia template from SmugMug offers the perfect amount of simplicity for a photography website: its default white, black, and gray palette, plus its compact grid layout, let the photos take center stage.

What we like about this template:

  • User-centric features, such as a “back to top” scroller and fixed navigation bar
  • Stylish fonts to complement the simple, stylish aesthetic
  • Square gallery grid is a professional, classy way to showcase your work

#24 Nevins on Squarespace

squarespace nevins photography template
Click on the image to preview Nevins on Squarespace

Squarespace’s Nevins template features a grid-based layout that makes it easy to organize and display different projects, and you can put titles underneath each image if you like. Displaying multiple projects is made easier by this adaptive gallery format.

This photography template provides gallery pages, a blog, and a contact page, as well as social media links – everything you need to share your work and win new clients. We highly recommend checking out Nevins’ gallery pages – it features big, full-width images that really pack the wow factor!

What we like about this template:

  • Clean, minimal, modern design that lets your photos speak for themselves
  • Customizable borders between page elements so you have control of your design
  • Navigation thumbnails for galleries add context and help users browse your work
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#25 Charlotte McCoy on Wix

wix templates
Click on the image to preview Charlotte McCoy on Wix

You don’t need to be a wedding photographer to reap the benefits of this image-focused template from Wix! Our favorite feature is the layout, which leaves no borders between photos, giving each gallery a stylish collage feel.

We also like that the homepage has everything your visitors may be looking for – an about section, a gallery showing off samples of your work, testimonials, a contact form, and even a link to book sessions. Thanks to Wix’s drag-and-drop tools, you can easily edit these to fit your own needs.

What we like about this template:

  • Dedicated client album pages add a whole new level to your showcase
  • No image borders in the gallery section, giving your portfolio a fresh look
  • Simple navigation bar and vertical social links add to, rather than spoil, your site’s design

#26 Balboa on Squarespace

squarespace balboa photography template
Click on the image to preview Balboa on Squarespace

Squarespace’s Balboa template offers a simple, attractive layout that keeps text and images very separate. It makes great use of white space, effectively drawing the visitor’s eye straight to your images and using different sized blocks to invite them down the page.

Gallery pages feature a full-page image header, which gives way to a large grid of images below. You can easily add a blog and contact pages to this template depending on your needs.

What we like about this template:

  • Gives more room for text than most templates, without drawing attention away from the images themselves
  • Custom banner images for each page with the option to add a text overlay
  • Bold fonts and effective use of white space really make a visual impact

#27 Street Life on Wix

wix template
Click on the image to preview Street Life on Wix

Wix’s Street Life template can accommodate any type of photography, although this demo site does make us want to get out and take some street shots.

This photography template is also well-suited to commercial photographers, with a dedicated client showcase page and online booking function.

The design itself is fresh and different – the homepage is a single, full-screen photo, which remains the background image throughout the template. We recommend checking out the gallery page, which features a split-screen design where you choose which collection to view.

What we like about this template:

  • Interesting design choices that make visitors sit up and pay attention
  • Full-width background image shows off your favorite shot
  • Prominent logo space in header – great for both navigation and branding

#28 Backstage on Weebly

weebly template
Click on the image to preview Backstage on Weebly

The Backstage template from Weebly has the kind of minimal, dark palette that will expertly emphasize your shots.

This particular photography template features more text than most, and is well optimized for blogging – you can either remove this, or use it to provide context and story around your work.

What we like about this template:

  • Collapsible navigation keeps attention focused on your images
  • Full-width header image with option to add text over the top for instant impact
  • Clear call to action buttons are perfect for engaging visitors

WordPress Photography Templates

WordPress.org offers plenty of free templates in its theme directory, which you can then easily implement on your site. WordPress.org gives you total control over your site, so bear in mind you can customize these templates however you like – especially if you have coding skills!

It’s worth noting you’ll need web hosting before you can start building with these WordPress templates – we recommend Bluehost as it’s the best WordPress hosting provider, with a cheap starting price of $2.95 per month.

Onto the fun part, though – there are literally hundreds of photography-focused WordPress templates to choose from, but we’ve gathered the 13 best options below, all of which have a free option.

#29 Elemento Photography on WordPress

wordpress template
Click on the image to preview Elemento Photography on WordPress

The Elemento Photography template on WordPress offers a clean, minimal layout that leaves no room for distractions. If you’re looking to sell your photos, this template makes it as simple as possible to attract viewers’ attention.

What we like about this template:

  • Plain and simple design lets your images do the talking
  • Full-width background images provide instant impact
  • Transparent header background keeps focus on your images
bluehost logo

Do You Need WordPress Hosting?

Sign up for cheap WordPress hosting to get started with your chosen template – we recommend Bluehost (and so does WordPress!)

#30 AltoFocus on WordPress

wordpress template
Click on the image to preview AltoFocus on WordPress

The AltoFocus template from WordPress features a collage-like grid format that automatically shifts to make room for new posts. The stylish block formation of the photos is ideal for photographers looking to show off their creative flair.

This template is also optimized to support writing projects alongside photography, making it ideal if you have a story to tell.

What we like about this template:

  • Responsive grid format keeps your photos looking their best
  • Simple background creates a clean, professional look
  • Optional room for written content to supplement each photo

#31 Rebalance on WordPress

wordpress template
Click on the image to preview Rebalance on WordPress

Rebalance lets you display large-format images with captions on the same page. If you like to provide plenty of context alongside your images, this template offers an easy way to do it. We liked the inclusion of tags to help organize and display your collections.

What we like about this template:

  • Tiled gallery of large-format images avoids clutter
  • Custom header image and sitewide logo ensure your site looks professional
  • On-page photo captions provide plenty of context to your shots
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#32 Illustratr on WordPress

wordpress template
Click on the image to preview Illustratr on WordPress

Illustratr is designed to help you introduce your portfolio to new viewers. It meets all the requirements of a good photography theme, with its simple background and easy grid layout. Plus, it lets you supplement your photos with written content if you want to.

What we like about this template:

  • Bold fonts create a modern, eye-catching design
  • Plenty of white space frames your work nicely
  • Titles and subheadings for featured images

#33 Bold Photography on WordPress

wordpress template
Click on the image to preview Bold Photography on WordPress

The Bold Photography template has a default dark color palette that dramatizes your work effortlessly. Its dedicated portfolio section keeps things organized, and the top navigation bar makes it easy for visitors to find your work.

You’ll find fresh design choices, such as vertical social links, plenty of image sliders, and multi-sized gallery blocks – these bring a seriously modern feel without sacrificing usability.

What we like about this template:

  • Logo in header and design-conscious menus that suit the modern style
  • Dark palette that captures attention and shows off images
  • Statement design choices such as bold fonts, auto-sliders, and multi-sized blocks

#34 Photography Gridly on WordPress

wordpress template
Click on the image to preview Photography Gridly on WordPress

WordPress’ Photography Gridly template does exactly what it promises: your photos will be on display in an orderly grid. Over 1,000 WordPress users have already installed this reliable theme, but don’t be concerned about originality – we’re sure your photos will make this layout one-of-a-kind!

What we like about this template:

  • Simple style = fast loading times
  • Reliable layout that’s easy for visitors to navigate and follow over time
  • SEO friendly and with space for monetization through affiliate programs

#35 Gusto Photography on WordPress

wordpress template
Click on the image to preview Gusto on WordPress

The Gusto Photography template is muted and simple – a perfect backdrop for image galleries. The vertical navigation bar on the left side keeps this template fresh and organized, while your photos can take center stage.

Curved grid corners lend a smooth feel to your homepage gallery, while the image captions and blogging feature leave plenty of room for context.

What we like about this template:

  • Black and white palette draws attention to your photos
  • Vertical navigation creates an organized, user-focused feel
  • Borders between images make browsing your photos easy
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#36 Stylish News on WordPress

wordpress template
Click on the image to preview Stylish News on WordPress

The Stylish News template is built to accommodate photography portfolios, entertainment blogs, and everything in between – which means it’s great for offering written insight into your photo galleries, if that’s something you’d like to do. We recommend it most if you’re running your own photography publication or blog online.

This photography template is compatible with WooCommerce, which is the best WordPress plugin for selling online, putting you in a great position to monetize your photography.

What we like about this template:

  • Multi-purpose template can be customized to various needs
  • Blocked content sections are easy to format
  • Optional blog feature for engaging visitors and providing context to projects

#37 Photo Journal on WordPress

wordpress template
Click on the image to preview Photo Journal on WordPress

Photo Journal is another WordPress theme with a dark, impressive palette that will draw viewers in. It also comes with a “Featured Content” section to highlight your favorite or most recent works. A built-in search function and back-to-top scroll button make this template a joy for users too.

What we like about this template:

  • Dozens of customizable gallery settings to make your site your own
  • Dark color palette helps your work stand out
  • Bottom header shows your ‘about’ information and on-site links
Learn more about WordPress.org from our full WordPress Review.

#38 Fog Lite on WordPress

wordpress template
Click on the image to preview Fog Lite on WordPress

The Fog Lite template from WordPress is a one-page template, meaning it’s best for simple photography sites. If that sounds like you, then you’ll love Fog Lite’s full-width layout and simple color scheme.

We would’ve liked to see a “back-to-top” button seeing as it’s a single page template. That said, Fog Lite is SEO friendly, responsive, and minimal, and features parallax to bring a sense of sophistication to your one-page photography website.

What we like about this template:

  • Clean design that keeps users scrolling through your content
  • Full-width images let you make bold, eye-catching statements with your photos
  • Stylish design touches such as a blocked header, parallax, and full-width layout

#39 TS Photography on WordPress

wordpress template
Click on the image to preview TS Photography on WordPress

WordPress’ TS Photography template is perfect for photo sharing and photo blogging, or for simply displaying your regular photo galleries.

You get three pages on the free version, but you’ll need to upgrade for $39 to get a contact us page thrown in.

TS Photography is based on Bootstrap, which is designed to help boost your website’s performance – this template is also translation-ready, in case you want to go international with your photography.

What we like about this template:

  • Multi-purpose, from blogging to commercial photography
  • SEO friendly, fully responsive, and compatible with WooCommerce
  • Blocked header, grid gallery layouts, and slideshow functionality

#40 VW Photography on WordPress

wordpress template
Click on the image to preview VW Photography on WordPress

WordPress’ VW Photography template is full of personality – but banners and carefully blocked images ensure that your photos will still be the number one focus.

This well-structured, responsive template has tons of potential when you begin customizing it – it’s also SEO friendly, responsive, and translation ready.

This is an attention-grabbing, fun template that creates impact through a big mix of grids, text blocks, icons, sliders, and full-width banners.

What we like about this template:

  • Versatile design can be used by freelancers, teams, hobbyists, or pros
  • Blocked content sections give the whole template a fun but structured feel
  • Large sliders draw visitors in and are perfect for highlighting your favorite images

#41 Seos Photography on WordPress

seos photography wordpress template
Click on the image to preview Seos Photography on WordPress

The Seos Photography template offers full-width background images and centered text that make your images easy to focus on. Calls to action give this photography template a commercial feel, and the gird galleries are ideal for showing off work to potential clients.

It has to be said that the free version of Seos Photography seems a bit limited – if you love this template it’s worth checking out the pro version for maximum impact.

What we like about this template:

  • Clear call to action buttons for gaining new clients
  • Range of features, from blogging to shop pages
  • Bold fonts and clean-cut grid gallery blocks create a strong visual impact
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Best Photography Templates: The Wrap-Up

A great photography website template needs to be mobile optimized and minimal – not to mention free! We chose the 41 templates gathered here because they’ve exceeded our expectations, and are both stunning and functional.

If you want an easy to customize template for your photography website then a website builder is the best choice for you. These designs come with everything you need already built-in – and if you need extra features, you can easily add them during editing.

WordPresss.org’s templates are more powerful and flexible – you’ll find customization beyond your wildest dreams if you have the right tech skills! You’ll need hosting before you can start customizing, so bear that in mind while you choose.

We’ve combed the internet for the highest quality templates, and now it’s time for the fun part: picking your favorite. Which template best suits your own photography style? We’d love to know what you decide – drop us a message in the comments below sharing your top choice!

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