30 Best Templates for Photography Websites

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All the best photography website builders on the web come with a variety of photography-specific templates for you to choose from. In fact, there are so many photography website templates out there that choosing one for your website can be tricky. So to save you going through them all, our team of experts has narrowed down the best 30 options.

Let’s take a look…

30 Best Templates for Photography Websites

We’ve scoured the internet for the best website templates for photographers from our top website builders and these are, in our humble opinion, the best of the bunch.

1. Travel Photographer: Wix

Travel photographer Wix
I love how the wide imagery of this theme creates an immersive experience for visitors. Source: Website Builder Expert

We love Wix’s Travel Photographer template thanks to its full-width imagery, making your photos the star of the show.

Ideal for all photographers, not just those specializing in travel shots, the template comes with not just a portfolio page but also a “clients albums” page, allowing you to showcase certain projects to prospective clients.

You can also add featured albums to the homepage, another way to highlight your favorite or best work, and the template also supports video uploads – great if you offer both photography and videography services.

Check out our Wix review to find out if it’s the website builder for you.

2. Gates: Squarespace

Gates Squarespace template
The lack of borders on this grid layout creates a dramatic impact that I think will attract and engage your visitors. Source: Website Builder Expert

The Gates template from Squarespace is all about the images, as you would expect from a template for photography websites!

The grid layout creates a dramatic visual impact, as does the lack of borders. Your chosen images will fill the whole screen, so if you choose this template make sure you select your most high-quality shots.

As users scroll down the page, the navigation bar disappears so as not to distract from the imagery, but we like the fact that it reappears when users scroll back up, making it easy to navigate to a new page.

The Gates template doesn’t overcomplicate things, sticking to a simple page selection of home, gallery, about, and contact, meaning this is a good choice for photographers who simply want to use their website to showcase their work and not much else.

3. Charlotte McCoy: Wix

Charlotte McCoy Wix template
While this is a wedding photography theme, I’m confident any photographer could use this and create a great website. Source: Website Builder Expert

Wix’s Charlotte McCoy template is made for wedding photographers, however it can definitely be used by other specialty photographers, such as travel or nature, too.

The main homepage is a collage-style of photographs, giving a relaxed feel to the experience of browsing the images.

While the template does feature multiple pages such as about and portfolio, we particularly like the fact that as users scroll down the homepage, there are sections that cover everything they need such as contact details and client testimonials.

This is perfect as it helps to keep the user experience and navigation of your photography website super simple.

4. Zion: Squarespace

Zion Squarespace template
I like how this theme keeps things simple and even the navigation bar blends into the imagery. Source: Website Builder Expert

Zion, a Squarespace photography template, is one of the most simple templates on our list, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great choice.

The template puts your imagery front and center with larger hero images and a simple navigation menu that doesn’t attract too much attention.

One of the standout features of the Zion template is the way that as a user hovers over a new category, the background image on the page will change. This is a great and unique way to showcase relevant work for each category.

We aren’t the only ones who love this template either. Photographer Jeff Johnson uses Zion on his website and said this about the template:

“I’m not very techy, and that’s why I like Squarespace. It’s simple and easy to use – I don’t get bogged down with technical gimmicks because there are none. It frees me up so that I am able to work on what’s important.”

5. Urban Photography: Wix

Urban Photography Wix template
I picked this theme thanks to the artistic layout, it mirrors the artistic nature of the content! Source: Website Builder Expert

Urban Photography is a great Wix website template choice for those who want to swerve too much text and simply focus on the imagery.

Aside from the top navigation bar, the whole homepage is dedicated to imagery and the grid-style layout allows users to view your portfolio as soon as they land on your homepage – no hanging around!

There’s also built-in social media integration which allows users to like and share individual images straight from your website. We love that the template includes a client booking page to capture leads and a log-in area for existing clients to view their imagery.

This log-in area makes this a great choice for photographers who do bookable shoots such as family or wedding photographers.

6. Exhibit: Shopify

Exhibit Shopify template
Bold branding is the name of the game for this template, I love it! Source: Website Builder Expert

Shopify’s Exhibit template looks like an art gallery from the moment you land on it thanks to the combination of white space and bold font.

We love how many different ways there are to display your work on the Exhibit template, including versatile grids, carousels, slideshows, and video integration.

Exhibit works especially well for photographers who have honed their branding. There’s a huge space for an oversized logo or brand name, which means you really need to have a high-quality version of your logo ready to go.

If you don’t have a high-res logo, stick with your brand name to prevent your website from looking unprofessional and low-quality.

Check out our Shopify review to find out if it’s the website builder for you.

7. Love Captured: GoDaddy

Love Captured GoDaddy template
This slideshow is a great way of showcasing multiple images, without being overwhelming to users. Source: Website Builder Expert

The slideshow header of GoDaddy’s Love Captured template allows you to showcase your images one at a time, with the images appearing translucent until they are the main image on the page.

We really like this template as it has everything you need to run a successful photography business online. The built-in features include an online booking system where users can book a consultation or shoot directly, which links through to your calendar.

The header is clean and features all the navigation icons you need and you can add a banner to the top of your page to promote key offers or events.

If you’re serious about growing your photography business online then Love Captured is a template that can support your needs.

Check out our GoDaddy review to find out if it’s the website builder for you.

8. Flashfolio: Webflow

Flashfolio Webflow template
I like the use of the white space on this website, it helps images to stand out and reminds me of looking at photos in a gallery. Source: Website Builder Expert

Flashfolio, a photography template for Webflow websites, combines images with white space to create a sleek and modern design that mirrors an art gallery. Clever.

The template supports various pages in addition to the homepage such as an about page where you can tell users more about your experience, a blog for longer-form content around photography, and of course, a gallery page to showcase your work.

The template also supports the creation of a password-protected area which is ideal for photographers as this means you can give clients a password to use to view the results of their photoshoot.

Check out our Webflow review to find out if it’s the website builder for you.

9. Bold Photography: WordPress

Bold Photography by WordPress
If you’re a fashion photographer, I think Bold Photography could be the perfect website template for you. Source: Website Builder Expert

The Bold Photography template is a modern and dramatic template for WordPress photography websites.

The dark background lends itself perfectly to black-and-white imagery and is a great choice for fashion and art photographers who want to focus on creating an overall atmosphere on their website.

There’s also plenty of choice when it comes to how you want to showcase your photographs, you can choose from image sliders, grids, and multi-sized gallery blocks. This means that despite using a photography website template, you can still make your website your own.

10. Noble: Hostinger

Noble by Hostinger
The bold font and imagery remind me of a magazine. Source: Website Builder Expert

Noble is one of our favorite photography templates thanks to the Hostinger template’s clever use of font to create an eye-catching user experience.

Large bold font helps to draw the eye and, combined with background images, creates a magazine-style design that is engaging and unique.

You can divide your projects up into categories to showcase them to users and the portfolio page uses a collage-style layout that adds to the overall fun and modern feel of the template.

This is therefore a great choice for modern and art photographers looking for a website template that mirrors the style of your work.

11. Unite 2: Weebly

Unite 2 template on Weebly
The simple navigation bar keeps the focus on the images, something I think is crucial for photography websites. Source: Website Builder Expert

Unite 2 is a modern and sleek photography website template from Weebly.

The layout is simple and the navigation bar is easy to access, keeping usability at the forefront.

The thing that we really love about Unite 2, however, is the fact that it includes the capability for a blog.

If you want to publish longer-form content on your website to position you as an industry expert then Unite 2 is a great choice.

An on-site photography blog can be a great way to add a new dynamic to your otherwise image-heavy website and is a great way to keep your website updated with new content, even if you have no new photography projects to share.

12. Falodu: Squarespace

Falodu Squarespace template
If you shoot in landscape then I recommend Falodu to really showcase your images. Source: Website Builder Expert

Falodu is a Squarespace template that we think would be perfect for those photographers who create mainly horizontal imagery.

Why? Because the template features huge full-width banner layouts on its gallery pages that fill up the whole screen as a user scrolls through.

This helps to create an immersive experience and would therefore work well for photographers who work in industries such as nature and travel. Due to the focus on banners and landscape galleries, the template probably wouldn’t be the best for those who shoot in portrait, so bear this in mind.

You can also add small text boxes to the images you feature on your homepage which we really liked as a way of adding context to your work and helping users to understand the story behind your photos.

Check out our Squarespace review to find out if it’s the website builder for you.

13. Gain: Shopify

Gain template from Shopify
The Gain template includes a pop-up where you can offer special discounts or encourage newsletter sign-ups. Source: Website Builder Expert

Gain is a modern and flexible Shopify website template that can be used for any ecommerce store, but that we think works well for photographers who want to sell photography online.

The design is sleek and image-focused, making it easy for you to showcase your work and convince users to make a purchase, while the customizable product categories allow you to organize your products such as prints, tote bags, and canvases.

The template also includes a panel where you can display all of the options for one product in one place, great if you offer the same print in different mediums or formats (e.g. digital, canvas, mounted, etc).

14. Creative Mess: GoDaddy

Creative Mess GoDaddy template
The sidebar navigation is unique and adds a fun element to this theme. Source: Website Builder Expert

GoDaddy’s Creative Mess template made our list of the best photography website templates thanks to its use of oversized images to showcase your portfolio.

On the homepage users can scroll down large images, meaning you’ll want to choose your very best work to display here.

We really like the addition of a side navigation bar, rather than one along the top, which helps to keep the photo scroll clean and uncluttered.

You can also add key features to your about page such as a contact form, making it super simple for users to get in touch with you and make a booking.

15. Gleam: WordPress

Gleam by WordPress
I think the unique header on this template offers a great way to showcase key photography projects. Source: Website Builder Expert

The Gleam template from WordPress focuses on allowing you to create a high-quality portfolio to showcase your work.

It’s fully responsive, meaning users can view it on a desktop, mobile, or tablet and the simple layout design is all about putting your photographs in front of users.

We love how customizable the template is – there are 19 different homepage layouts for you to choose from, which means you can still create a website design that’s unique to you, even though you’ve used a template.

Check out our WordPress review to find out if it’s the website builder for you.

16. Keo: Squarespace

Keo Squarespace template
The white space and smaller imagery of this theme keeps things feeling modern and fresh. Source: Website Builder Expert

Squarespace’s Keo template is a contemporary and modern website template that makes the most of white space to help your images stand out.

The homepage features a responsive grid of small images, allowing you to showcase a large number of images on the page, and users can scroll through your portfolio.

We like the addition of a scrolling section, which you can use to say anything you like from “now taking new clients” to “currently shooting in: Alaska”. This is a great bit of dynamic copy that helps to keep your users engaged.

The heavy use of white space on the website mimics traditional photography studios too – clever!

17. Mandy Miller: Weebly

Mandy Miller by Weebly
I love the way this template combines imagery and font together, it shows off a creative side! Source: Website Builder Expert

The Mandy Miller photography template combines imagery with stylized font to create a modern and sleek design style.

The homepage features everything you need to showcase your work to clients, in particular client testimonials – something that you absolutely should be including on your website.

The boxed-in header remains no matter what page you navigate to or where you scroll, meaning it’s always easy to find your way around or to navigate back to the homepage.

You can also add an on-site blog, allowing you to showcase your industry expertise or offer tips for clients who may be booking a shoot with you.

Check out our Weebly review to find out if it’s the website builder for you.

18. Pixoto: Webflow

Pixoto by Webflow
The darker background of Pixoto feels unique and modern. Source: Website Builder Expert

Webflow’s Pixoto template adopts a dark background as default, which we love as it creates a dramatic atmosphere and provides a great backdrop for vibrant and bright photographs.

Images, text, and icons combine in this template to showcase your work and content in a user-friendly way. You can also add an ecommerce store to the template, great if you want to monetize your prints and sell them online.

Social icons also allow you to link to your social media channels, a great way of adding some social proof to you and your brand.

19. Talva: Squarespace

Talva Squarespace template
Talva’s white borders make it easy for me to see each image clearly, there’s no sense of overcrowding. Source: Website Builder Expert

Squarespace’s Talva template uses a grid layout that reminds us of an Instagram feed thanks to the borders around each image.

You can add as few or as many photos as you want, and the responsive layout will work with a variety of different image styles.

Talva is another template that includes an on-site blog but what we love about this one is that the blog post pages also include large almost full-screen images, meaning you can create super visual and informative pieces of content for users.

The header bar is also collapsible meaning it won’t get in the way as users navigate through your imagery but it’s easy to find when they want to move to a new page.

20. Millen: Hostinger

Millen Hostinger theme
I like how this template keeps things simple and opts for a grid layout and nothing else on the homepage. Source: Website Builder Expert

Millen is a simple and minimalistic Hostinger template that is perfect for photographers who want their images to do the talking.

The homepage is simply one large grid layout of photos, perfect if you have multiple images that you want to display to users as soon as they land on your website.

We like the way the header and footer of the Millen template are kept simple and minimalistic, helping to prevent distraction from the images and keeping the overall page looking clean.

Check out our Hostinger review to find out if it’s the website builder for you.

21. Gusto Photography: WordPress

Gusto Photography by WordPress
A template that allows you to add captions to your images is a winner in my book, adding context and better usability! Source: Website Builder Expert

The focus of WordPress’ Gusto Photography template is, you guessed it, images. The template is super simple and adopts a grid-like layout for you to showcase your work.

The grid layout creates an almost polaroid photo effect making it a great choice for portrait photographers who shoot individuals, couples, and families.

Gusto Photography adopts a more unique navigation system too by having a vertical navigation bar down the left-hand side of the page, rather than running along the top. This adds a unique element to a website but still ensures navigation is simple for users.

We also love that you can add captions to your images, not just a great way to provide more context to users but also a plus for your website SEO too!

22. Banjo: Shopify

Banjo template by Shopify
This is one of my favorite layout styles on offer from Banjo, displaying different sized products and images clearly. Source: Website Builder Expert

If you’re using your website to sell your prints then Shopify’s Banjo photography template could be exactly what you’re looking for.

The theme supports everything you need for an ecommerce store, such as safe checkouts and SEO tools and the minimalist and contemporary design helps to showcase your imagery to users.

The homepage alone includes a variety of layout styles including a grid and collage style, making the journey through your website an interactive and immersive experience.

23. Oasis: Weebly

Oasis by Weebly template
The addition of more text within this template adds context and information for users who may want to find out more about your business. Source: Website Builder Expert

Oasis, a website template for photographers from Weebly, is one of the most unique templates in this list.

The template follows a split-screen design – half of the screen is for imagery and half for written content.

This is great as it allows you to provide users with content and information that they otherwise may not have access to from your photos alone.

The template also features frequent CTA buttons, a great way to encourage users to get in touch with you and make a booking.

You can customize the layout of the web pages by adding galleries or even maps – a good choice therefore if you have an in-person studio that you want to direct users to.

24. Street Life: Wix

Street Life by Wix
I think this is a great way to showcase a specific image that you want potential customers to see. Source: Website Builder Expert

As you might be able to guess from the name, Wix’s Street Life template is perfect for street photographers who want to showcase their work online.

The template offers unique ways to display your images. The homepage, for example, is just one large image, which then becomes the page background as you move around the website.

This is great therefore if you have one special photograph that you want to showcase, perhaps you have a favorite or even an award-winning shot? If so, use it here!

You can also choose a split-screen design for your gallery, giving users the choice of which collection of photos to view.

25. Elemento Photography : WordPress

Elemento Photography template from WordPress
Elemento Photography proves that sometimes simplicity is best, especially when you want your photos to do the talking. Source: Website Builder Expert

The Elemento Photography template from WordPress is the perfect choice if you’re just looking for a super simple website that showcases your photos and not much else.

The layout is basic and clean, but it doesn’t appear dated or unprofessional, and you simply upload your photographs and your website will be pretty much complete.

The plain and simple design lets your images do the talking, the homepage automatically sets your images to full-screen for the most impact and the header navigation bar has a translucent background so that it doesn’t detract from the imagery.


26. McCurry: Squarespace

McCurry by Squarespace
Inspired by a professional photographer, this theme has everything a professional photographer needs. Source: Website Builder Expert

McCurry is not only a great website template, it’s actually part of a special collaboration between Squarespace and photographer Steve McCurry.

Yes, that’s right, Squarespace created the template in collaboration with the photographer which means it’s packed full of features every photographer needs on their website including galleries and a clever balance of white space and imagery.

The design layout is clean and modern and the default neutral color scheme creates a fresh and inviting atmosphere (although you can of course change this to your own brand colors).

27. Snapster: WordPress

Snapster by WordPress
Users can click through the images on the header to see more about the individual projects. Source: Website Builder Expert

Snapster, a WordPress template for photographers, combines imagery and text to create a modern and fresh design style.

The homepage header allows you to add your imagery and links to portfolio items. We like this design style as it’s pretty unique compared to most photography templates that feature one large hero image at the top of the homepage.

The template also supports ecommerce which is great news if you want to sell your photographs or any other merchandise online.

28. Elliott: Squarespace

Elliott template by Squarespace
I like how the slideshow can accommodate images of different shapes and sizes on this template. Source: Website Builder Expert

Squarespace’s Elliott template adopts a slideshow vibe to allow users to scroll through your work at their own pace while creating an immersive experience.

The overall feel of the template is fresh and clean and it would work particularly well for photographers who have light and airy shots to share.

An unusual feature is the fact that the navigation menu to access the about and contact page is at the bottom of the page instead of the top.

We’ll be honest, we’re torn on what we think of this. On the one hand, it helps to keep the design minimal and fresh, but when it comes to navigation best practice, it could be tricky for users to find the menu.

29. Darin Smalls: Weebly

Darin Smalls by Weebly template
The full screen photographs and scrolling animations make this an immersive and engaging template. Source: Website Builder Expert

If you have huge, immersive photographs to share then the Darin Smalls template from Weebly could be the one for you.

Backgrounds and images transition as users scroll through the website, meaning you can use bigger than full-screen images to create a fun experience for users.

There’s plenty of white space to prevent your website from appearing over cluttered, a common problem with photography websites, and you can add text to your images too which is great if you want to share the story behind the shot.

30. Nevins: Squarespace

Nevins by Squarespace
I love how the sleek grid layout keeps your photos organised, plus you can add a name and caption to each one! Source: Website Builder Expert

The final photography template on our list is Nevins, a template for Squarespace websites.

Nevins is another template that adopts a grid layout style, helping to keep your images organized and easy to view for users.

Unlike some gallery-style templates, you can add a title underneath each photo and we really like the gallery pages that feature full-width images to create some wow factor.

The template also features a contact page and social media links – two essential features if you want to convert users into clients.

How To Choose a Template for Your Photography Website

So now you’ve seen our top 30 photography website templates, you might be wondering how exactly you choose the one that’s right for you.

We get it, with so much choice you want to make sure you’re choosing the right one for your photography website.

Some of the things you should consider when choosing between website templates for photographers are:

  • Your content needs – what content do you want to include on your website? Do you want it to be images only? Or perhaps you want to add an on-site blog? Make sure your chosen template supports your content needs.
  • Image display – how do you want to showcase your images? As you’ll have seen from the examples in this list, there are many different ways including in grids or slideshows. What do you like best? And more importantly, what do you think your audience will like best?
  • Additional features – do you need your website to support additional features such as ecommerce? If you want to sell products on your website, make sure to pick a template that supports the addition of a store.
  • Cost – while most website builder templates are free, there are some that you have to pay for. If you do decide to opt for a paid-for template, you’ll need to determine how much you are willing to pay.
  • Customization – the best thing about website builder templates is that you can customize them to meet your needs. Think about what you want to be able to customize, such as color schemes and layouts, and then find a template that aligns with this.

Best Templates for Photography Websites: Summary

The best photography website templates should be mobile responsive, accessible, easy to navigate, and image-focused.

With so many options out there to choose from, hopefully, this list of the 30 best ones has helped you narrow down your search.

Using a website builder to build your website is the perfect choice for those with little to no coding and web design experience and all of these templates already have everything you’ll need for your photography website built in.

Now it’s time for the fun part, picking your favorite. Be sure to let us know in the comments which one you pick for your photography website.

Frequently Asked Questions

A good photography website template should be mobile responsive, customizable, easy to navigate, engaging and immersive, and have room for plenty of images. Some of the key features you should look for include gallery sections, video support, carousels, contact forms, and if you want to sell your products online, ecommerce.

No! That’s the great thing about using a website builder template, you need absolutely no coding knowledge to design your website. It’s all done for you, you just have to use the drag-and-drop builder to customize your design and add your content.

Absolutely, and we recommend that you do! You can customize a template to add your own images (essential for a photographer) and ensure it aligns with your brand by changing things such as the color scheme and fonts.

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