Best ASP.NET Hosting Providers: For Creating Web Pages and Applications

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ASP.NET hosting is designed for developers who use Microsoft’s ASP.NET open-source framework to create web pages or web applications.

It can be difficult to find the perfect ASP.NET hosting because not all providers offer it as a service. This is because ASP.NET usually runs on expensive, specially optimized servers, and comes with specific requirements. For example, to store your data, you’ll need a host with an SQL server database (like MySQL).

We carried out in-depth research to compare the top web hosting providers on the market, looking at everything from features and pricing to security, uptime, and beyond.

3 Best ASP.NET Hosting Providers

  1. Hostinger Best for secure and affordable ASP.NET plans
  2. HostGator best overall ASP.NET hosting provider
  3. GoDaddy best for first-time ASP.NET hosting
Our list of best hosting providers for ASP.NET was conducted through our research and testing process. We love giving evidence based information about providers so that you can make the most accurate decision on hosting products.

All three web hosts on this list were tested (among tens of others) and analyzed on the following criteria to calculate our ratings:

  • Pricing – price range, number of plans, money back guarantee, billing cycle, and more.
  • Performance – server response time, storage space, bandwidth, cores, threads, RAM, and more.
  • Features – migration, domains, control panel, green hosting, and more.
  • Security – we gave more importance to this feature alongside backups for secure hosting with ASP.NET.
  • Market analysis – competitor reviews, search volume, and more.

There are plenty of different routes to take when it comes to hosting, and we know first hand how confusing it can be for beginners. Even us as experts, need to refresh our knowledge consistently, and that’s why we are happy to share all that we’ve learned about this hosts.

With our in-depth testing, we can fairly compare and advise you on the best hosting providers for ASP.NET.

What is ASP.NET Hosting?

ASP.NET stands for Active Server Pages Network Enabled Technologies, and it is an open-source framework developed by Microsoft to create dynamic web pages and apps. Web developers use it for backend development and, due to its high speed and low cost, is very easy and accessible for beginner coders.

It’s a much easier choice than the likes of PHP or Node.js because it’s much more efficient at building, but you’ll need the right hosting tools to get the most out of it.

3 Best ASP.NET Hosting Providers Comparison

Just because there’s a small choice of ASP.NET hosts, doesn’t mean choosing one is a walk in the park. There are still different features and prices to consider, as well as varying uptime guarantees, levels of user-friendliness, and the quality of support. Luckily, you can compare the three best ASP.NET hosts side by side in the chart below, making your choice much easier!

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0 out of 0




Starting from


Starting from


Starting from








Money-back guarantee

30 days

Money-back guarantee

45 days

Money-back guarantee

48 hours to 30 days

Free backups
Free backups
Free backups
Storage space

30GB – 200GB

Storage space


Storage space

25GB – 100GB

Free SSL certificate
Free SSL certificate
Free SSL certificate

100GB – Unmetered





Server locations
Server locations

Utah, Texas

Server locations

Arizona, California, Illinois, Virginia, Amsterdam, Singapore

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#1. Hostinger

Best for Secure and Affordable ASP.NET Plans

Starting Price for ASP.NET: $5.99/month


Best for cheap ASP.NET plans



out of 5
  • ASP.NET needs VPS plans
  • Custom control panel
  • Linux-only hosting

Paid Plans: $2.99 - $109.99 / month


  • Lots of plans and tools encourage growth
  • Cheapest entry plan costs $3.95/month
  • VPS advanced features e.g. root access


  • No Windows plans; use Linux VPS instead
  • Lowest prices are for four-year sign ups
  • Lack of Windows-specific features
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Hostinger doesn’t actually offer Windows hosting, meaning it doesn’t directly support ASP.NET hosting. However, it does support ASP.NET projects on its Linux-based VPS hosting plans – making it ideal for small site creations.

While Windows is still a market leader with over 74% of the market share compared to Linux’s 2.9%.There is still a movement towards Linux as it is a more open source platform, making it ideal for programmers. Linux, this is a great option for those who want the best of both worlds and don’t mind missing out on some of Windows’ features. Let’s go over why we’ve placed it as our number one.


Hostinger doesn’t offer full ASP.NET hosting, which is a shame. Instead, it gives you VPS hosting plans with ASP.NET features. VPS hosting is a great, reliable option, but this lack of Windows-specific tools is a big drawback.

In fact, if you need Windows hosting, Hostinger is a non-starter.

It’s important to know all this before signing up because Hostinger isn’t a scalable option. Hostinger only provides Linux-based VPS servers, without any dedicated plans to move up to, meaning that ASP.NET is limited and some modules may not work.

Hostinger is good if you want some ASP.NET functionality but don’t need all the bells and whistles. For a fully supported ASP.NET hosting plan, you’ll need HostGator or GoDaddy instead.

Another big difference when it comes to Hostinger is that it uses a custom control panel – the “VPS Control Panel” – instead of Plesk. It’s still flexible and easy to use, letting you manage your hosting in just a few clicks.

Here are some highlights of Hostinger’s VPS plans that fully support ASP.NET projects:

  • Full root access
  • 1TB+ bandwidth – network port speed 100 mbps
  • 1 – 8 Cores
  • NVMe storage – 50GB-400GB
  • Weekly backups on all plans
  • Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 Internet protocol on all plans
  • Minimum 4GB memory

Every plan includes a dedicated IP address, which is useful if you’re running unique apps or server scripts, or if you want more control over your server.


During testing, we were impressed by Hostinger’s security and backup features. In recent months, Hostinger has added an AI-powered firewall that uses machine learning to block malicious activity in real time, which is a really neat use of AI! Each Hostinger VPS  hosting plan comes with automatic weekly backups, ensuring you don’t lose any of your hard work. All of Hostinger’s servers are protected by BitNinja and advanced DDoS protection alongside AI.

One drawback is that Hostinger doesn’t include a free SSL on its VPS plans, meaning you have to install one yourself. While you can get a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, we think it’s a shame Hostinger doesn’t do this for you.


Hostinger has four VPS hosting plans:

  • KMV 1: $5.99 per month (renewal $7.99)
  • KMV 2: $7.99 per month (renewal $10.99)
  • KMV 4: $12.99 per month (renewal $24.99)
  • KMV 8: $21.99 per month (renewal $49.99)

Starting at $5.99 per month, Hostinger is a lot cheaper than HostGator and GoDaddy’s ASP.NET plans, making it an affordable alternative if you don’t need heavyweight Windows features.

Every plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can easily get a full refund if you’re not fully satisfied, which removes any risk or hassle.

It’s worth pointing out that Hostinger’s prices reflect the monthly cost of a one-year subscription – if you choose a shorter contract, then the price will be a little more expensive. Still, Hostinger’s renewal prices aren’t too bad, in fact they are the cheapest renewal prices on this list.

Ultimately, choosing your perfect plan comes down to:

  • How much memory you need
  • How much SSD storage you need
  • How much bandwidth you need

These are the key factors that set the various plans apart, and it’s worth choosing with these in mind rather than basing your decision purely on price. That said, the two cheapest plans are great starting points because they come packed with features that can support your project’s growth.

Save money with this high value host.

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  • Best Cheap Hosting: Spoiler alert, Hostinger achieves the best cheap hosting score.

#2. HostGator

Best ASP.NET Hosting Features

Starting Price for ASP.NET: $6.36/month


Best ASP.NET hosting features

Very Good


out of 5
  • Industry-topping uptime
  • Feature-rich plans
  • Windows-specific hosting

Paid Plans: $3.95 - $159.99 / month


  • Unlimited databases on all plans
  • No risk, 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Easy to use Plesk control panel


  • Only two price plans – lacks scalability
  • SiteLock subscription costs extra
  • Other hosts are cheaper
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HostGator provides ASP.NET hosting on Windows servers, which is the most common solution. With this comes a Parallels Plesk control panel that’s flexible and easy to use.

In terms of the basics, HostGator gives you:

  • Unmetered bandwidth and disk space
  • 1 domain
  • 24/7 support
  • Instant backups
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

These are all designed to make your life easier and let you focus on running your website or application. HostGator also promises a 99.9% uptime guarantee, meaning you should stay up and running most of the time.

When looking at the technical features of ASP.NET hosting, HostGator doesn’t disappoint. There are too many to list here, so we picked out the highlights:

  • Unlimited MySQL databases – the most popular open source database; HostGator currently runs version 5+
  • Unlimited MSSQL databases – another database option on top of MySQL
  • Scheduled tasks – you can have Windows automatically carry out tasks at set times
  • Password-protected directories – nobody can view chosen directories without a password
  • Pre-installed phpMyAdmin – makes it easy to manage your databases
  • Multiple programming modules:
    • Curl
    • GD Library
    • MVC 3.0
    • AJAX

In short, these features give you choice, as well as tons of control over your hosting and ASP.NET applications.


HostGator includes free Shared SSL security on all of its hosting plans. In addition to this, you’ll also receive automatic, off-site data backups that happen weekly and 24/7 server monitoring.

HostGator even performs regular audits, and notifies users with weak passwords!

Should you feel the need for extra security, HostGator has partnered with SiteLock, a website security tool. This means you can buy a SiteLock subscription directly through HostGator, receiving automatic site monitoring, malware scanning, alerts and removals, and more.


HostGator has two price plans for its ASP.NET hosting, and here are the yearly rates:

  • Windows Personal: $6.36 per month (renewal $14.99)
  • Windows Enterprise: $15.96 per month (renewal $23.99)

These are the sale prices for when you sign up for a year up front. These current prices are also on sale, with a discount of 20%-30%, which is great news if you’re looking to buy one now. What we enjoy about HostGator’s prices is the option to choose 36-month plans and thereby reduce the price further.

With HostGator plans you can get a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as 24/7/ live chat and email support.

Hosting pricing can be tricky, but you need to keep in mind that the longer you’re able to commit to a hosting provider, the cheaper your hosting becomes. Below is a quick look at the Windows Personal plan prices for different length plans by month.

Plan length Sale price /month Renewal price /month
1 month
$7.96 $9.95
12 months
$6.36 $14.99
24 months
$5.56 $13.99
36 months $4.76 $12.99

As you can see, the longer the plan, the lower your spend. That said, renewal rates might be cheaper in the long run monthly.

In our recent survey, 1 in 3 respondents said the main reason they’re looking to switch providers is because their current host is too expensive. We want to create happy hosting customers, so we listened to your feedback!

HostGator is one of the most affordable ASP.NET providers around, with plans starting at $6.36 per month – it’s not the cheapest, but combining low prices with great features puts it firmly in our hosting good books!

HostGator combines great features with low prices.

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#3. GoDaddy

Best for ASP.NET Hosting Performance

Starting Price for ASP.NET: $6.99 per month


Best for first-time ASP.NET hosting

Very Good


out of 5
  • Limited cheap plans
  • Best for small projects
  • Windows-specific hosting

Paid Plans: $2.99 - $469.99 / month


  • Free domain name included on all plans
  • Flexible Onyx Plesk control panel
  • Manage the extras you need in one place


  • No money-back guarantee
  • Low number of databases on cheap plans
  • SSL only included on most expensive plan
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GoDaddy offers plenty of features with its Windows hosting, but it’s worth being careful about the plan you opt for – choose poorly, and you could find your resources limited.

To cover the basics, all GoDaddy plans offer unmetered bandwidth, a free domain, and one year of Office 365 email for free. However, when it comes to its technical features, things become slightly more complex.

On the cheapest plan, you get 10 MySQL databases, each of which has 1GB of storage. This increases to an unlimited number of databases on the most expensive plan (with each one still giving you 1GB storage).

Similarly, you start off with only one MSSQL database (with 200MB storage each) on the cheapest plan. You can then upgrade to get an unlimited number.

While 1GB storage in MySQL should be plenty for most users, 200MB storage for MSSQL could quickly become limiting – especially if you only have access to one database!

Compare this to HostGator, which gives you unlimited databases on its cheapest plan, and you can see why GoDaddy is better suited to smaller projects. What really stood out to us in testing was GoDaddy’s performance, getting scores upwards of 4.1 out of 5 for performance on certain plans, while Hostinger and HostGator didn’t reach above the 3.6 out of 5 mark in many plan types.

The main thing to look out for is that GoDaddy only includes a free SSL certificate on its most expensive plan – and even then, you only get it for free for one year. You’ll have to sort out your own SSL security on its other plans, which seems a shame considering other ASP.NET hosting providers include SSL for free on all plans.


As we’ve already said, GoDaddy only includes free SSL security on its most expensive plan. If you’re on one of the cheaper plans, you can either get a free Let’s Encrypt SSL, buy a premium certificate through GoDaddy, or add a standard SSL certificate at checkout.

This last option is only available if you sign up for a minimum of one year, and costs $6.67 per month. It will be added to your bill as an upfront fee.

GoDaddy throws in 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection no matter which plan you choose, which should give you plenty of peace of mind.

If you want extra protection, you can select Website Backup at checkout for $2.99 per month. This gives you a basic level of extra security, providing you with automatic daily backups, daily malware scanning, and continuous security monitoring.


GoDaddy has three ASP.NET hosting plans, but on it’s site you will be shown the three-year plan prices, but below are the prices if you choose to pay per annum:

  • Windows Hosting Economy: $6.99 per month (renews $9.99)
  • Windows Hosting Delux: $9.99 per month (renews $13.99)
  • Ultimate Windows Hosting: $14.99 per month (renews 17.99)

These prices show the discount price for your initial term – the plan will renew once that sale period has finished. The Economy plan is great for single websites, while the Deluxe or Ultimate plan are great options if you have more.

Unless you’re just starting out with ASP.NET, we recommend the Deluxe plan because it offers a generous list of features, which include:

  • Unlimited websites
  • Unmetered storage
  • 25 MySQL databases (1GB each)
  • 2 MSSQL databases (200MB each)

This plan gives you more room for growth and is flexible, while the Economy plan is limited and only offers one website and 100GB of storage. If you do choose the Deluxe plan, be sure to add an SSL certificate.

In our recent survey, 88% of people said they wanted to spend less than $25 per month on their hosting. No wonder GoDaddy is such a popular choice, with prices starting at just $6.99 per month.

An important thing to be aware of is that GoDaddy doesn’t have a money-back guarantee, so make sure you’re confident about its offering and your needs before signing up.

Overall, GoDaddy’s prices aren’t bad – you just have to be careful that the extras don’t add up at checkout!

GoDaddy tested well for performance.

Further Information

Are There Any Other Providers That Offer ASP.NET Hosting?

We’ve brought you the best three ASP.NET hosting providers, having tested, compared, and scored the top hosts on the market. However, there are plenty more options to pick from. Here’s a quick look at some alternatives:

  • Starting price: $8 per month
  • Windows hosting
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited MySQL and MSSQL databases
  • Plesk Control Panel
interservernet hosting, much like HostGator, provides a great balance of affordability and solid features. You’ll find a strong focus on speed and performance with this web host, and it comes with all the usual features like a Plesk control panel and phpMyAdmin.

One standout feature is that it only uses 50% of its server capacity to reduce performance issues as your site grows.

AccuWeb Hosting

  • Starting price: $3.52 per month
  • Windows hosting
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Min. 10 MySQL databases
  • Plesk Control Panel
hostgator hosting features description

AccuWeb Hosting prides itself on its modern and specialized service. You’ll find all the latest hardware upgrades – it currently runs Windows Server 2016 and IIS 10.

There are three plans to choose from, starting at $3.52 per month, all of which come with 24/7 security monitoring, daily backups, ASP.NET AJAX, SSD storage, and more. This makes AccuWeb Hosting a great value choice – its plans are packed with features!

In fact, there are almost too many features to wrap your head around – but what is clear is that AccuWeb Hosting is determined to see its users succeed.


  • Starting price: $4.95 per month
  • Windows hosting
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 1 MySQL database and 1 MSSQL database on cheapest plan
  • Custom Control Panel
winhost hosting plans

WinHost is the only ASP.NET hosting provider on our list that is 100% dedicated to Windows hosting – all the others divide their attention between Linux and Windows. So you’d expect it to come with every trick and tool in the book!

Although WinHost’s cheapest plan only costs $4.95, it’s only suitable for those just starting out. Instead, WinHost recommends its $9.95 per month Max plan for most ASP.NET users. This gives you unlimited storage and bandwidth, 2GB SQL and 2GB MySQL, plus free site migration.

Best ASP.NET Hosting Providers: Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect ASP.NET hosting provider that is simple to use and sets your site up for growth is worth every minute spent perusing renewal prices and the ins and outs of bandwidth allowances.

Hopefully, we’ve saved you precious time by doing the research for you! Take another look at these top ASP.NET providers before settling on the perfect one for you:

Recap: The 3 Best ASP.NET Hosting Providers

  1. Hostinger best for cheap ASP.NET plans
  2. HostGator best overall ASP.NET hosting provider
  3. GoDaddy best for first-time ASP.NET hosting

Overall, we want to shout about these top three hosts because they wowed us in our research and they offer comprehensive packages for their users. Hostinger is our top recommendation because it combines affordability with punchy, powerful features.

GoDaddy is better suited for those just starting out and are building a small site that requires good site speed and performance. HostGator should be your pick if you have an ASP.NET project that you’d like to grow your site with and need top features.

Have you found your perfect provider? If in doubt, take a closer look at HostGator – it’s a great starting point with lots of room to grow. We’ve laid out the facts, now the rest is up to you – happy hosting!


It used to be that you could only use Windows for ASP.NET hosting, but you can now run ASP.NET on Windows and Linux servers. However, you’ll find that most ASP.NET hosting is run on Windows servers because it is still the optimized choice.
Just like hosting a normal website, choosing what type of ASP.NET hosting you need comes down to personal requirements. For example, Hostinger provides Windows VPS hosting, which comes with more powerful features and a higher price tag. If you don’t have use for all of those features, then starting off on one of HostGator’s shared plans should be perfectly fine.
In our testing, we found that Hostinger is the best ASP.NET hosting provider overall and offers the best value for money. Its plans begin at $5.99 per month when paid annually, and it’s also our top-rated provider for security.
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