Best ASP.NET Hosting Providers 2024

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Globally there are around 8,945 coding languages and over 330,000 web hosting companies. That’s why choosing the right web hosting provider can feel like learning another coding language — especially when you’re wondering which is best for ASP.NET.

We’ll be outlining the best three ASP.NET hosting providers and who they’re good for. Our experts have put in the hours to cover all the ASP.NET hosting basics, so you can focus on learning HTML, CSS, and C# to get your web applications up and running.

One tip we’d give right away for what main ASP.NET features that your website host should come with are the right bandwidth, disk space, and security for your website’s needs.

#1. Hostinger

For Security and AI Assistance

Starting Price for ASP.NET: $5.99/month

Four Hostinger VPS hosting plans and pricing
You can get ASP.NET hosting from Hostinger via one of its VPS hosting plans, which start from $5.99/month if you choose a 24-month subscription. Source: Website Builder Expert

✔️ What We Liked

We loved that Hostinger has the second best ASP.NET prices after HostGator, and has the best value for money. That is because it offers a far more tailored experience than HostGator in terms of its list of features, meaning you can get the right amount of RAM, bandwidth, CPUs, and much more for your site.

We also like that it has integrated weekly backups on the cheapest plan, to keep your site content safe. The cheapest Hostinger plan offers secure malware scans too, which is a neat bonus for keeping your ASP.NET site safe from attacks.

Additionally Hostinger has a nifty AI assistant that makes site hosting as easy as 1s and 0s. Hostinger states that this assistant is able to help sort through tasks such as configuring your firewall or even installing WordPress.

Hostinger malware scanner for your website
I used Hostinger's built-in malware scanner to check that my website was free from threat. Source: Website Builder Expert

What We Didn’t Like

Hostinger doesn’t offer full ASP.NET hosting. Instead, it gives you VPS hosting plans with ASP.NET features. VPS hosting is a reliable option, but this lack of Windows-specific tools is a big drawback.

It’s important to know all this before signing up, because Hostinger isn’t as scalable an option, instead better suited for personal and smaller websites. Hostinger only provides Linux-based VPS servers, without any dedicated hosting plans to move up to, meaning that ASP.NET is limited and some modules may not work.

Who We Recommend Hostinger For

Hostinger is good for content heavy small websites or complex projects like online gaming servers orWordPress multisite.That’s because you’d be using a VPS plan that means you’re not sharing CPU power or RAM with other users.

Hostinger is ideal for tech-savvy users, who might even sell a few items – whether that’s products, services, or digital content. That’s because it’s got ecommerce baked into its hosting plans with features that support ecommerce sites, whether that’s:

  • Worldwide data centers
  • Wanguard DDoS and firewall protection
  • A suite of AI tools

It’s worth noting that Hostinger only supports ASP.NET projects on its Linux-based VPS hosting plans – to launch your application on Hostinger, you need a VPS plan paired with operating system Ubuntu 22.04 64bit, with ASP.NET template installed. Hostinger’s VPS plans aren’t specifically designed for ASP.NET hosting, but once you’ve got the right setup, it’s ideal for intermediate site creations using Linux.

Reliable Security and Performance

During testing, we were impressed by Hostinger’s security and backup features. It offers a malware scanner called Monarx which automatically scans through your files for any threats, and can automatically be removed too at an extra cost which is hard to track down exactly.

One drawback is that Hostinger doesn’t include a free SSL on its VPS plans. You’ll have to get an SSL certificate yourself, unlike a web host like GoDaddy which includes a free one for you for the first year.

Hostinger ASP.NET Pricing

Three subscription prices for one of Hostinger's VPS plans
Hostinger has different prices available for each different subscription length. The cheapest is the 24 month term. Source: Website Builder Expert

Hostinger has four ASP.NET hosting plans, in the form of its VPS hosting plans, and although the above image is for 24-month plans, below we’ve added the yearly plans for you too:

  • KVM 1: $6.49 per month (renewal $13.99)
  • KVM 2: $7.49 per month (renewal $17.99)
  • KVM 4: $11.99 per month (renewal $29.99)
  • KVM 8: $19.99 per month (renewal $49.99)

Starting at $6.49 per month, Hostinger is cheaper than GoDaddy’s ASP.NET plans, but HostGator wins for the cheapest plan at $2.57 per month (when opting for the yearly plan). In terms of value we’d say Hostinger beats both providers with features like an AI assistant, weekly backups on all plans, and a malware scanner. 

We recommend the KMV 1 plan for personal sites, but moving up to the KVM 4 plan for those selling or if you need 4 vCPU cores, 16GB RAM, 200GB of NVMe disk space and 4TB of bandwidth.

Plus if you’re not satisfied with you Hostinger plan, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What To Know About Hostinger’s ASP.NET Capabilities

In this section we will discuss common questions you need to know about Hostinger and its ability to host ASP.NET sites.

Does Hostinger support the latest versions of ASP.NET, including ASP.NET Core?

In short, yes, but you might need to convert your web applications project to ASP.NET Core MVC before it can be deployed into Linux VPS with Hostinger.

The ASP.NET supported on Ubuntu is ASP.NET core, so keep that in mind. As Hostinger itself has said:

“To launch the ASP.NET application at Hostinger, you need a VPS with Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with ASP.NET template installed.”

How easily can the hosting plan be scaled to accommodate the growth of ASP.NET applications?

It may take some configuration but Hostinger is capable of scaling ASP.NET applications. Its three plans offer a range of features that support everything from ecommerce, WordPress features, and above standard security features – even in its cheapest plan.

Further Information

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  • Hostinger’s CDN: See the latest news on Hostinger’s CDN and how it might improve your website performance.

#2. GoDaddy

For Speedy Global Servers

Starting Price for ASP.NET: $8.99 per month

GoDddy Hosting VPS homepage showing featuresand pricing
You'll need one of GoDaddy's VPS hosting plans for your ASP.NET hosting. These are self-managed, so require some technical confidence. Source: Website Builder Expert

✔️ What We Liked

GoDaddy offers eight payment plans and provides global data centers, helping your website load fast worldwide. Four plans are standard for small sites and the other four are for high performance, supporting business growth and scalability.

What we love about GoDaddy’s plans is it offers shared CPU and RAM on lower plans – but on the high performance plans you get 2 CPUs and 4GB of RAM to yourself.

GoDaddy plans generally offer cPanel too, making app installations easier.

GoDaddy cPanel dashboard
GoDaddy's cPanel dashboard was easy for me to find and navigate. Source: Website Builder Expert

What We Didn’t Like

What we don’t like about GoDaddy is its poor site speed and the price tag. While it’s got a ton of wonderful features, the price is a little steep starting at $9.99 per month (yearly plan) and goes up to $219.99 per month on the most expensive eighth plan. The competitors above begin with much cheaper prices and don’t add as many extras at checkout as GoDaddy does, which we will explain in more detail below.

Who We Recommend GoDaddy For

We recommend GoDaddy for larger websites with a slightly bigger budget. We also recommend GoDaddy to those who want a good guaranteed uptime of 99.9%, daily automatic backups on all plans, and a top performer in our server response time test.

Graph showing GoDaddy's performance score over six tests
We tested GoDaddy's performance over six tests and its page speed needs improvement. Source: Website Builder Expert

Reliable Security and Performance

GoDaddy provides a free standard SSL certificate at checkout for one year, which then renews at $99 per year. GoDaddy throws in 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection no matter which plan you choose, which should give you extra peace of mind. But if you want boosted security tools, it might be worth looking at the previous two providers, since Hostinger offers the latest protection technology.

GoDaddy ASP.NET Pricing

GoDaddy four VPS hosting plans with prices and features
We recommend starting with the Standard VPS plans, which start from $8.99/month. Source: Website Builder Expert

GoDaddy has a total of eight ASP.NET hosting plans – four are “standard performance” Self Managed VPS Hosting plans and four are “high performance”. We recommend starting out with the Standard plans, since the high performance plans start from $69.99 per month for a 12 month subscription.

Below are the four Standard plan prices if you choose to pay yearly, each renewing at the same 33% discounted price:

  • 1 vCPU / 2GB RAM: $9.99 per month
  • 2 vCPU / 4GB RAM: $19.99 per month
  • 4 vCPU / 8GB RAM: $39.99 per month
  • 4 vCPU / 16GB RAM: $49.99 per month

However, it’s worth mentioning straight away that if you want to add a control panel – whether a cPanel/WHM or Plesk – it’ll cost you an extra $16 per month. While it’s nice you get to choose what pre-installed software you need, this extra cost can quickly add up.

The 1 vCPU / 2GB RAM plan is great for single websites, while we recommend the 16 vCPU / 64GB RAM plan for $199.99 per month if you have a business that needs 64 GB RAM, and 16 vCPU cores.

Overall, GoDaddy’s prices aren’t bad as long as you keep your wits about you at checkout, due to the extra add-ons such as security for $6.99 per month.

That said, you do get a 30-day money back guarantee on all plans – so you can try it risk free.

GoDaddy checkout page for a VPS hosting plan
GoDaddy offers various term lengths for its self managed VPS plan. Be aware of the extra cost for adding a control panel to avoid any surprises! Source: Website Builder Expert

What To Know About GoDaddy’s ASP.NET Capabilities

Some more details on what you need to know about GoDaddy and if it fits your ASP.NET needs:

How easily can the GoDaddy hosting plans be scaled to accommodate the growth of ASP.NET applications?

Simply, GoDaddy is great for scaling with eight ASP.NET capable plans. You can start on one of the standard four plans and work your way up to the four high performance plans.

What kind of traffic spikes or resource demands can GoDaddy handle for ASP.NET applications?

GoDaddy is one of the leading hosting providers, ranking number two on our overall list of best website hosts. It’s fully capable of handling large traffic spikes, depending on which plan you choose. We recommend the Web Hosting Plus Expand plan for $74.99 per month if you’re dealing with huge traffic spikes and require the best resources for your website. That’s because it offers unlimited databases, 400GB storage, 32GB RAM, and 16 vCPUs – having the sheer power to handle more depending on your website’s architecture.

Further Information

#3. HostGator

For Large-Scale ASP.NET Hosting

Starting Price for ASP.NET: $91.98/month (36-month subscription)

HostGator recommends its dedicated plans for ASP.NET as these are the only plans you can opt for a Windows OS. Source: Website Builder Expert

✔️ What We Liked

What we liked about HostGator is that it caters to a much more advanced level of ASP.NET hosting on its dedicated plans, allowing much larger sites to be hosted and continue to grow. If you have a large budget, technical expertise, and big plans to scale up, then HostGator’s dedicated hosting is a great choice!

HostGator is one of the best dedicated hosting services for larger sites that we’ve tested, with excellent help and support on hand for the extra technical needs that come with hosting on dedicated servers, including server monitoring and remediation. You get unmetered bandwidth and root access on all dedicated plans, and a minimum of 8GB RAM.

If the other hosts’ VPS plans seem too limiting for your needs, HostGator is the one for you!

What We Didn’t Like

Mostly the price tag. HostGator only advises its users to host ASP.NET on its dedicated plans, because this is the only way to select Windows hosting, which is still the most recommended operating system for ASP.NET, even though you can techncially host on Linux if you wish.

However, dedicated hosting is way out of budget for small websites. Running a site on a dedicated server also generally requires more technical upkeep, which could put off beginners. Considering the price of dedicated plans, we think it’s a shame HostGator doesn’t include a free SSL certificate. Instead, you can add one at checkout for $39.96 per year.

Who We Recommend HostGator For

HostGator’s ASP.NET hosting is for large websites that have outgrown shared server options, such as shared and VPS plans. If you’re currently on a VPS plan and finding your site is running slowly, or you’re frustrated with limited resources, it may be time to upgrade. HostGator is designed to support large-scale growth with customizable options.

When looking at the technical features of ASP.NET hosting, HostGator gives you choice, as well as tons of control over your hosting and ASP.NET applications. For example, you get to choose between HDD or SSD storage, and whether you want a Linux or Windows operating system.

Reliable Security and Performance

Advanced DDoS protection via Scrub Center comes built into every dedicated hosting plan, and you can create manual backups and scheduled backups for peace of mind should anything go wrong. An IP-based firewall also protects your server, to keep things running smoothly.

However, as mentioned, SSL does not come included. HostGator includes the ability to add SSL security on all of its dedicated hosting plans for $39.96 per year.

HostGator advertises an uptime of 99.9% which is very dependable. That said, our tests painted a slightly different picture:

Graph showing the average uptime of HostGator after six tests
HostGator had an average uptime of 99.1% during our testing. Source: Website Builder Expert

HostGator ASP.NET Pricing

Here you can see how to customize your plan at checkout, choosing whether to include a control panel, whcih operating system you prefer, whether you want HDD or SSD storage, and also your subscription term length. Source: Website Builder Expert

HostGator has three dedicated price plans for its ASP.NET hosting, and here are the yearly rates:

  • Value Server Plan: $109.97 per month (renewal $199.99)
  • Power Server Plan: $139.99 per month (renewal $269.99)
  • Enterprise Server Plan: $159.98 per month (renewal $299.99)

Please note these prices are based on selecting the Windows operation system and SSD storage. Prices will vary depending on how you cusotmize your plan.

These are the sale prices for when you sign up for a year upfront. You can save money in the long-run by choosing a longer subscription term.

It’s worth noting that HostGator’s money-back guarantee does not apply to its dedicated server plans, meaning a refun is not available if you change your mind.

What To Know About HostGator’s ASP.NET Capabilities

Below are some common questions relating to HostGators ASP.NET abilities, our experts go over some need-to-knows:

Are there specific HostGator features in place to support ASP.NET applications and databases?

HostGator can support ASP.NET versions 3.5 and 4.8.

You’ll have everything ASP that you need to get your project off the ground and on the web.

What kind of technical support is available for ASP.NET-related issues with HostGator?

HostGator provides 24/7 support for ASP.NET plans all year round. It scores well for help and support as they offer phone, chat, and email.

Further Information

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How To Choose an ASP.NET Hosting Provider

Choosing the right ASP.NET host can be challenging depending on what size website you’re creating, your budget, and finding out what features you need. Do you need 16GB RAM, major security features, or just the basics? This quick decision tree chart below will help you outline what’s important to you. It’ll highlight what you need to focus on throughout our article.

Decision tree chart showing the features you need to consider when choosing a host
Use our decision tree to help you choose the right ASP.NET provider. Source: Website Builder Expert

As you can see, the chart above shows:

  • Large websites or websites that sell products will need to focus on robust security such as malware protection, large storage capabilities of above 36GB, and decent marketing tools.
  • Technical websites will need a range of ASP.NET applications and require the maximum RAM, bandwidth, and ASP-specific features.
  • Personal websites can usually pick the cheapest plans and maintain them well enough.

How We Test Hosting Providers

Our top three list of the best hosting providers for ASP.NET was conducted through our research and testing process. We love giving evidence-based information about providers so that you can make the most accurate decision on hosting products.

All three web hosts on this list were tested (among tens of others) and analyzed on the following criteria to calculate our ratings:

  • Pricing – price range, number of plans, money back guarantee, billing cycle, and more.
  • Performance – server response time, storage space, bandwidth, cores, threads, RAM, and more.
  • Features – migration, domains, control panel, green hosting, and more.
  • Security – we gave more importance to this feature alongside backups for secure hosting with ASP.NET.
  • Market analysis – competitor reviews, search volume, and more.

There are plenty of different routes to take when it comes to hosting, and we know first hand how confusing it can be for beginners. Even us as experts need to refresh our knowledge consistently, and that’s why we are happy to share all that we’ve learned about these hosts.

With our in-depth testing, we can fairly compare and advise you on the best hosting providers for ASP.NET.

The Verdict: Who Is the Best ASP.NET Hosting Provider?

It completely depends on what you need from a hosting provider. All three offer great value for different types of websites and businesses, so choosing the right one for you is about looking into the features that are right for you. Overall Hostinger is great for ecommerce, personal sites, and digital businesses.

That being said, GoDaddy comes through with plans that are easily scalable, and HostGator caters to much larger sites with its dedicated plans.

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  • GoDaddy Hosting Review: See our overview of its features, pricing, pros, and cons.


It used to be that you could only use Windows for ASP.NET hosting, but you can now run ASP.NET on Windows and Linux servers. However, you’ll find that most ASP.NET hosting is run on Windows servers because it is still the optimized choice.
Just like hosting a normal website, choosing what type of ASP.NET hosting you need comes down to personal requirements. For example, Hostinger provides ASP.NET hosting via its VPS plans, which comes with more tools that you won’t need to share like you would on shared plans. But if you want to save the most money then HostGator’s starting prices are the cheapest ASP.NET hosting plans around.
In our testing, we found that HostGator is the cheapest ASP.NET hosting provider. Its Hatchling plan begins at $2.57 per month but you’ll be sharing tools and resources with others. Whereas the best value is Hostinger as its prices start at $6.49 per month (yearly) but you get a VPS server – meaning RAM and bandwidth are all yours.
We haven’t come across any free ASP.NET hosting providers in our research. We recommend instead taking a look at our best website builder list if you’d like to create a website for free.
Here’s a list to give you a quick overview into the differences of ASP and the newer ASP.NET. You’ll be able to see the main differences and why ASP.NET was created to make it easier to create web applications.
  • ASP is an interpreted language while ASP.NET is a compiled language which means the first processes code much slower.
  • ASP is only partially object oriented while ASP.NET is fully object oriented
  • ASP has poor error handling while ASP.NET has great error handling
  • ASP makes debugging a little hard, and ASP.NET makes debugging easy
  • ASP has just four in-built classes (Response, Request, Session and Application). ASP.NET has over 2,000 in-built classes

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