Road Map to a Successful Website


STEP #1What Do You Actually Need To Build A Website? Here’s A Practical Checklist.

What you “think” you need and what you “actually” need can be quite different. Don’t over-complicate things with unnecessary “stuff”. Here’s our Checklist to everything you need to start building a successful website.

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STEP #2A No “BS” Guide To How Much A Website Should Cost You.


We know this is a burning question for you. Cost matters especially if you have a limited budget. Here’s our comprehensive pricing guide to estimating how much a website might cost you.

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Oh by the way, you don’t have to hire a designer or coder to build a good website that works. They have important roles to play helpful in certain situations, but they’re not an absolute necessity when you are getting started.

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STEP #3How to Filter Through All the Website Builders & Choose the Best Website Builder for You.

Aren’t you tired of reading laundry list after laundry list of different website builders? They all look the same and don’t actually show you how you should pick one that works for you.

To help you save time (and your sanity), here are a few guides to help you filter through the clutter.

  1. 9 Logical Questions You Should Be Asking: A practical guide that shows you what you should consider when you’re picking a website builder. If you ask the right questions, you’ll likely get the right answer.
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  2. Website Builders Comparison Chart: Do all the website builders look similar to you? This chart will break down how they compare with each other across different categories. This chart works really well if you already have an idea which website builder your are interested in, but need a bit more guidance on which one is better.
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  3. Website Builder Selector Quiz: This quiz will ask you a few simple questions to understand what you need – then give you personalized suggestions. It works really well if you have absolutely no idea which website builder you should consider trying.
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STEP #4How to Pick An Awesome Template Design – Even If You Have No Clue How To.

Most website builders offer you hundreds of design choices and it is pretty overwhelming. Choosing the right design template for your website can often be a challenging experience plagued with uncertainty & self-doubt – especially if you don’t have a keen sense of design!

But it doesn’t have to be a miserable process. It’s a myth that you need some sort of 6th sense on design, or rely on your “gut feeling”.

Picking the right design can actually be quite simple and methodical – if you have the right formula!

Here are our practical guides on how to pick the right design template for your website.

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STEP #5Must Have” Tools & Resources To Make Website Builder A Breeze For You.

Chefs, carpenters, artists, mechanics – they all have their own “go-to” sets of “must have” tools to help them get their jobs done. Without their tools, they will likely have a much tougher time.

Similarly, there are a few tools that can make website building closer towards “a walk in the park with birds chirping over your shoulder“, and further away from feeling like you’re “climbing Mount Everest – in sub-zero temperature!

After choosing a website builder to help you create a website structure (see Step #3), you still need to populate it with your content. You need to know where to find professional looking images, how to edit them, create logos, etc.

Again – “No” – you don’t need to be a design rockstar to do this. We’ll show you some “go-to” tools to make content creation an easier and enjoyable experience for you.

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STEP #6Overlooked “Forgotten” Details That Can Make A Big Difference To Your Web Design.

When most people think of building websites, they often overlook some important aspects to creating effective designs.

These include how to pick the right color to attract specific customers & demographics, which fonts to use to influence your website visitors, how to lay out your home page so people actually stay on your website to browse more, etc.

You might not have thought of these details or be ready for them yet (that’s why this is the last step to this Road Map), but they’re important for you to be aware of.

At a minimum, you should definitely browse through our guides so you keep these important details in mind while you construct your website.

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