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Hi, I’m Zara:

I’m the newest Content Writer for Website Builder Expert, bringing you some of the articles you’ll see floating about. 

Not so long ago, I sat down in my local coffee shop with the appealing idea of starting my own personal blog. I had the creative vision in my mind but absolutely no clue on how to act on it. Three hours later, and I was still staring blankly at my screen, hesitant to ask any of these cool, coffee shop entrepreneurs for help. Thankfully, growing up in a family obsessed with all things tech, I learnt a thing or two about the digital scene (which sparked a pretty close relationship between me and my beloved laptop!). But I definitely needed to expand my knowledge if I wanted to step into the world of web. 

I joined the Website Builder Expert team to share my true experiences so far and give you the tips that I wish someone gave me to avoid the ‘heavy sigh’ mistakes. I want to make it as simple as possible for others to bring their ideas to life and to see the website building process as a progressive opportunity, rather than an annoying virtual barrier! 

More About Zara

Zara took the long route round before she found herself navigating the digital world. Before Shopify and Squarespace entered Zara’s life, there were lipstick shades and eyelash curlers! By day, she was whizzing around busy makeup counters and by night, an enthusiastic blog writer sharing her stories through Medium with the hope of inspiring other young women balancing work and education. One marketing degree later, Zara sits among the WBE team and writes away with the fulfilling purpose of getting more people online. 

Aside from writing for the web, you can find Zara chatting away on her weekly podcast show or baking a batch of her famous fudge brownies for the family, either way never letting a creative moment go to waste!  As a well-known homebody, a dim-light evening for Zara consists of a skincare routine in progress, hazelnut hot chocolate clasped in one hand, and a mindfulness book in the other.

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