12 Square Online Store Examples to Inspire You

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Square has been a market leader in payment systems for many years, especially for small businesses. To expand on its offerings, it’s recently ventured into helping these businesses get online as well, in the form of the Square Online Store platform.

If you already use Square products for payment processing and other purposes, then Square Online is a no-brainer. But even if you’re as yet unfamiliar with what the platform can do, this powerful and affordable ecommerce platform is worth checking out.

That’s why below, we’ve compiled a list of 12 online stores that use Square Online, so you can see what’s possible with this platform, and get your creative juices flowing.

1 Just Table Tennis

Just Table Tennis is an Australia-based online store that sells a wide range of table tennis products. The website impresses visitors from the get-go with a comprehensive navigation menu, while another highlight is the currency option panel on the right. Such factors help create an easy shopping process, and boost customer engagement.

2 Indigo Wolf

Indigo Wolf sells high-quality garments that are tailored to the customer’s preferences. The website offers a lot of helpful content to establish trust among buyers, such as company news, user testimonials, and FAQs. In addition, its social media icons and email address for support are clearly visible in the footer, helping potential customers feel confident in buying from the store.

3 Whistler Wines

Whistler Wines is a family-owned wine business that has been around for more than 80 years. So it’s important for its online store to reflect this rich history and expertise in wines. And, as it happens, that’s exactly what it does, with elaborate product descriptions and unique bottle designs adding the necessary touches of class and flair.

4 Embroidery Super Deal

Embroidery Super Deal’s Square Online store sells fabulous embroidery products, design packs, and other accessories for creators. Pay attention to how the store calls attention to its best products in different ways on the homepage. Visitors can find products recommended by experts, added recently, favorited by others, as well as the bestsellers. This helps the company’s potential customers discover what they can buy to improve their DIY projects.

5 Is Press

Is Press is a studio whose mission is to publish short-run art books with conceptual and urban art trends. Each publication’s product page wows the visitor with its impressive design, which can be magnified with the zoom feature, helping them see the book and preview its pages up close. This lets the visitors appreciate the finer details of Is Press’ products, and gives them more of an incentive to buy them.

6 The Green Pharmacy

The Green Pharmacy offers a rich selection of certified dietary supplements and homeopathic herbs made with natural ingredients. What’s really noticeable on the company’s ecommerce store – created with Square Online, of course! – is a green ribbon at the top, which offers a special discount and free shipping. Putting this sumptuous deal right above the fold makes it hard to miss, and prompts the visitor to take advantage of the exclusive offer.

7 DashBar

DashBar is a salon and spa in Miami, Florida. It uses Square Online to create a website that lets visitors not only shop for products, but also book appointments, and purchase gift cards for a special occasion. This makes the online store a perfect extension of its physical location. The button to book appointments is separate from the rest of the navigation and helps ensure healthy foot traffic.

8 Parlour

Parlour is a hair salon in Vermont. Just like DashBar, this Square online website helps users book services and shop for products. Unlike its competitor, however, Parlour emphasizes its online shop right on the front page, starting with a stunning cover photo showing all their products arranged in the physical store.

9 Pretties and Company

Being a fashion retailer, Pretties and Company makes heavy use of product visuals throughout its website, arranged in an organized layout, supported by the Square Online platform. The homepage ends with a maps widget and customer testimonials. All these aspects make the business seem both legit and stylish.

10 Ouid

Ouid sells herbal smoking blends made from GMO-free and sustainably sourced plants. The biggest highlight of Ouid’s Square Online-created store is a video that starts playing automatically with soothing background music, while also showing the product in action. This chill vibe fits perfectly with the brand and its products, giving the visitors a glimpse of how it would feel to try the herbal blends.

11 Curriculum

Curriculum is a barbershop, which uses Square Online to add an online presence to their barbering services. The company also uses the store to sell products such as candles, potpourris, incense, and body scents. Better still, you’re greeted with a 25% discount popup right when the website loads, tempting you to check the products, and potentially make a purchase.

12 Beauty Marked Vintage

Here’s another fashion retailer using Square Online. Apart from the really clean and elegant design, notice the messenger chat option in the bottom right corner. By integrating its store with Facebook Messenger, Beauty Marked Vintage makes it easy for visitors to chat with its team, and get answers to any immediate queries.

Final Thoughts on These Square Online Store Examples

As the above examples show, Square Online allows you to create a powerful online store with plenty of bells and whistles. Regardless of your niche and target audience, you can choose from a variety of options, templates, and widgets that help you engage customers, and increase sales.

So if you don’t want to wait any further, start building an impressive ecommerce store with Square Online, or learn more with our in-depth Square Online review. Alternatively, check out our guide to how to customize a Square Online website, and get your ecommerce store off the ground – and looking sharp!

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