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best website builder templates

We’ve compiled a list of the most stunning free website templates out there, so you can choose from the best of the best!

Trying to choose a website builder template from the thousands of options available is like being taken to a buffet, then being told you can only pick one item to eat. Except no buffet could boast the sheer volume of options that most website builders do – Wix alone offers over 500.

It’s hard to figure out which template is best for your specific goals. If you’re a creative, you’ll want a template that beautifully emphasizes visual work. If you’re looking to sell online, you’ll want a layout with an easy-to-navigate digital store. If you’re a local business, you’ll want to create a user experience that encourages potential customers to visit in person… the list goes on. And you don’t want to choose lightly, since nearly 40% of users will stop engaging if they think a website’s layout is shabby. 

Our team at Website Builder Expert has tested and researched the best website builder templates extensively, creating sites that cater to all of our different interests. So now, you don’t have to sweat the hard part – we’ve compiled an ultimate ranking of the best free website builder templates, organized by industry.

Best for: Visual artists

1. Utica by Squarespace

best website builder templates 1

The Utica theme from Squarespace is perfect for creatives looking to show off photography, artwork, and the like. Its simple black-and-white framework and clean fonts allow your work to take center stage, and you can choose singular images to serve as links to the rest of a project. That means points for organization and style!

Utica’s clean layout also lends itself to a great “Our Team” page, which is invaluable – 52% of visitors said the first thing they want to see on a company’s website is their “About Us” page. The theme emphasizes big headshots with personal bios underneath, so every team member can add a personal touch.

Squarespace is also a great place to start if you’re considering an entry into the world of podcasting. With an array of aesthetically-pleasing podcast website templates on offer, you can create the perfect online presence to accompany your show, in moments.

2. Christian Adams by Site123

best website builder templates 2

Site123’s Christian Adams template will inspire any creative. It allows you to customize a background image for your landing page, meaning you can impress visitors with your work right from the get-go. Then, once they inevitably keep scrolling, they’ll find a preview of your portfolio organized as thumbnail images that enlarge with one click. All of this engagement can happen without navigating away from the landing page, so your work is more likely to be seen by as many visitors as possible.

3. Kevin Matsuya by Squarespace

best website builder templates 3

The Kevin Matsuya template from Squarespace is unique in its bold presentation of images. The landing page features a striking arrangement of photographs of different sizes – a visual disruption that makes the overall arrangement more exciting to look at. Since posts with images produce 650% higher engagement than all-text posts, this is the perfect template for calling attention to the work that you’re most proud of.

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Best for: Local businesses and community non-profits

4. Acquire – Slick by Weebly

best website builder templates 4

When you’re going for a site with a professional vibe, it’s still important to engage people with images. The Acquire – Slick template from Weebly gives you tons of control over the number and placement of those images throughout your site. It’s great for enticing people to come by in person, whether you’re displaying delicious menu items or action-packed fundraising activities.

5. Barbosa by Squarespace

best website builder templates 5

Squarespace’s Barbosa template commands attention with simple style – ideal for smaller, local organizations, or for eateries looking for one of the best restaurant website templates around. As users scroll through the landing page, you can use “Learn More” buttons to link to other parts of your site – essentially giving people a preview of the rest of your content.

You can also link to social media pages in the site’s navigation menu, which means that checking out your company’s Instagram account is as easy as visiting an internal page.

6. Clean Lines by Weebly

best website builder templates 6

The Clean Lines template from Weebly infuses your site with an ideal amount of personality, without becoming overwhelming. This balance allows your organization to come across as both unique and professional – a winning combo for sure. The default centered navigation bar directly below the site header also racks up points for neatness and ease of use.

The “News” section of this template, which basically works like a blog, has a built-in sidebar with an “Author Profile” and “Archive” section. Curious readers will have all of the information they need to learn more about you!

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Best for: Musicians

7. Kitui by Squarespace

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The most important part of any artistic website is the art itself. Squarespace’s Kitui template is perfect for rising above the noise and talking about the music. You can choose to showcase your latest project proudly on the landing page, so it’s the first thing visitors see.

Squarespace’s signature visual emphasis is also in full swing with Kitui. The minimal text on this template lets your work speak for itself.

8. Press Kit by Wix

best website builders template 8

Wix’s Press Kit template offers just about every function you could want in a promotional website. The organized layout shows off your discography, bio, tour dates, and performance videos in style.

Press Kit’s chic emphasis on visuals is ideal for musicians in particular, because your album artwork can really shine here if you want it to. There’s also an option to write a brief, polished-looking bio with a button that links to your longer, fleshed out CV – so your most devoted fans can keep up!

9. DJ Beat by Site123

best website builder templates 9

DJ Beat is Site123’s coolest music template. Its fresh font options and simple image placements come together to create a simple and attractive user experience. 

The “Next Gig” page is unique because it accentuates each individual event, rather than blandly listing all of your upcoming shows. Visitors will appreciate the chance to read tailored descriptions for each performance, and you’ll be able to put the spotlight on your next appearance.

For more of the best music website templates on offer today, head to our dedicated guide, where we’ll showcase the picks of the bunch!

Best for: Wordsmiths

10. Bedford by Squarespace

best website builder templates 10

We’ve already covered the undeniable connection between images and engagement. If words are your medium of choice, you might think this leaves you in a tough spot – but there are plenty of templates that skillfully use images to accentuate your writing, rather than overpower it. The Bedford template from Squarespace is one of them.

Bedford features an optional banner area at the top of every page, in which you can upload an image of your choice to call attention to whatever content will be beneath it. You can adapt this banner area to serve different purposes – for example, a banner area at the top of the “Blog” page could include a slideshow of featured blog posts.

11. Personal Blog by Wix

best website builder templates 11

Don’t let the name “Personal Blog” fool you – this template from Wix is pretty special. Our favorite part is the option to set up a feed of blog posts adjacent to your “About Me” section, so that users can immediately put a face to all of the great content they’re seeing. Above that, you can display a featured post at the top of the page to draw readers’ attention to your most recent masterpiece.

12. The Traveler by Site123

best website builder templates 12

Any writer knows how difficult it is to organize different stories into one neat-looking place. Site123’s The Traveler template solves this problem beautifully. Easy-to-read boxes – each with a featured image – display the title, summary, and post date of every blog entry. At the bottom of each box is a “Read More” link to the full entry.

Once you’ve dazzled readers with your contemplations, it’s nice to know that The Traveler also features a really sleek “Subscribe” section, where users can enter their email and receive updates from you at the click of a button.

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Best for: Events

13. Carmine by Squarespace

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Squarespace’s Carmine template rocks a solid background color with large text, making it ideal for advertising an upcoming event. Important information like dates and location won’t be lost on anyone, and images that appear while you scroll keep the layout from becoming a bore.

Straightforward links and navigation mean that people can sign up for your event with ease, and the minimalism of this theme feels artsy and fresh – perfect for a creative exhibit or intellectual display.

14. Tech Meetup by Site123

best website builder templates 14

Site123’s Tech Meetup template is great for communicating all of the information that potential attendees will need to know about your event. Underneath the large page header is space to include the date, time, and place of the event, so that visitors will know the essentials immediately upon finding your landing page.

With Tech Meetup, you can also include a page called “When & Where?” with a map to your event’s location. You can even add in a straightforward “Checkout” box for users to purchase tickets through.

15. Business Conference by Wix

best website builder templates 15

The Business Conference template from Wix is great for organizing a professional event. By keeping your landing page simple, you can highlight one important action at the top of the page – this is the function that the “BUY TICKETS” button serves in the demo. 

Our favorite feature of Business Conference is the option to include a gallery of speaker headshots, which each reveal a bio when you hover the mouse. Interactive touches like this make it fun to seek out more information!

For more of our favorite event website templates, check out our top 9 list.

Best Website Builder Templates: Summary

Somewhere among the thousands of website builder templates hanging around the internet is the perfect layout for your site. We’ve sifted through as many templates as possible to create this list of our fifteen favorites, so you have a more selective place to start searching. To recap, these are our favorite website builder templates for:

  1. Visual artists: Utica, Christian Adams, Kevin Matsuya 
  2. Local businesses and community non-profits: Acquire Slick, Barbosa, Clean Lines
  3. Musicians: Kitui, Press Kit, DJ Beat
  4. Wordsmiths: Bedford, Personal Blog, The Traveler
  5. Events: Carmine, Tech Meetup, Business Conference 

First and foremost, the best website builder templates will accentuate the content that you bring to your site – because it is your site! One quick tip: Squarespace came out on top in our research for best design, so if you still haven’t found your perfect match, it’s a good place to start!

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