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Did you know that 94% of first impressions about your business are related to the design of your website? No, we didn’t either! But research shows that web design can make or break your nonprofit organization, so it’s important to choose carefully.

The best website templates are visually impactful, persuasive to the visitor, and convey your ideas clearly. And, perhaps most importantly, they’re easy for you to use – and for your user to navigate – and you shouldn’t need to be a professional web designer to create them and keep them updated (it’s also nice if they’re are a free website template too).

The nonprofit website templates we’ve found are quick and easy to create and update, and include lots of brilliant functionality: including donation buttons, events listings, and contact forms. Behind the scenes, you’ll also want to ensure that the template you choose can be optimised for SEO, so it’s easily discoverable online.

One obstacle you may be up against is the sheer volume of themes and templates to choose from. There are a huge amount of platforms you can use to build your own template, and thousands of different themes and templates. So, to help make things easier and save you the time and hassle, we’ve scoured the web for the best nonprofit website templates.

Here are our top 9.

1 Environment NGO


First up is this beautiful, photography-led template from Wix. Described as a perfect template for nonprofits and charities, the ‘Environment NGO’ template allows you to personalize it with your own photos and video backgrounds.

An advantage of this template is the clearly-designed onward journeys it encourages. Alongside the striking photography, the template has simple and bold block color sections pointing the visitor towards the ‘Donate’ and ‘Volunteer’ pages.

Why choose this template?

  • Integrated chat functionality
  • Brilliant blogging tools, helping you to tell the story of your nonprofit
  • Capture interest and data with the online form tool
Environment NGO nonprofit template by Wix

2 Roseti


‘Roseti’ – from the popular website builder Squarespace – is up next. This minimalist design is chic and sophisticated, meaning the key information is easy to find, and that the page won’t look cluttered. The understated colours are also a plus – although of course, these can easily be customized to suit your organisation and brand palette.

This template includes options for:

  • Clear ‘join the community’ sign up box
  • Easily integrated social accounts and other plug-ins, including G-Suite
  • A programme of events page
Roseti nonprofit template by Squarespace

3 Climate Change


This is another impactful template from Wix, which is ideal if your nonprofit has a fundraising or charity event coming up. The template encourages visitors to sign up or get a ticket, with vital information such as speaker bios, agendas, news, and timings all clearly displayed. The template is also visually stunning; it utilizes technology called parallax scrolling, which makes the background appear to scroll at a slower pace than the foreground of the page.

The key takeaways from this template:

  • Ideal for showcasing a fundraiser or charity event
  • Functional yet beautiful
  • Has a ‘login’ section, allowing you to display more information for those already signed up
Climate Change nonprofit template by Wix

4 Into the Woods


We’ve included a template from Site123 next, primarily because of the builder’s brilliant reviews and reputation. Those who’ve used Site123 often refer to the great customer service and support you receive. For example, there’s a 24/7 online chat functionality, so you can get round-the-clock help should anything go wrong. In terms of our preferred templates, this one, called ‘Into the Woods’, is relatively no-frills – yet profoundly visually impactful.

This template features:

  • Imagery-led home page with the option to add a quote or mission statement of your nonprofit
  • Built-in contact form as standard
  • Easy-to-use functionality and excellent customer support
Into the Woods nonprofit template by Site123

5 Social NGO


Next up is another striking template from Wix. For any charity or non profit organization, cutting through the noise of the web and really standing out is important. We’ve chosen this template because it will do just that: the simple black, red and white colour palette is impactful, and shines a light on your organization’s message.

Choose this template to benefit from:

  • A simple, striking and uncluttered homepage
  • Dedicated donation page
  • Built in chat functionality
Social NGO nonprofit template by Wix

6 Unity


The ‘Unity’ template from GoDaddy is perfect for any nonprofit business looking to build their online presence around striking visuals. We like how GoDaddy templates are geared towards charity and nonprofit organizations in particular, with whole sections of the template dedicated to explaining your mission statement and goals.

Choose this template for:

  • An artistic visual identity
  • Clear, clean and effortless design
  • Social media and ecommerce integrations
Social NGO nonprofit template by Wix

7 Train of Thought


‘Train of thought’ is a template from Wix that’s built for blogging. As a nonprofit organization, keeping your audience engaged and informed is important, so a template that puts your blog front and center could be a great approach. The template is clean and visually appealing, putting your latest blog post in the most prominent position on the site.

There’s also tons of customizable features: including a contact form, subscription button and a tool to display a round-up of your past blogs.

Benefits of this template include:

  • Brilliant blogging functionality
  • Minimalist and modern design
  • Features that encourage your audience to stay in touch
Train of thought nonprofit template by Wix

8 Squared


If donations are important to your nonprofit, then a Weebly template could be a great choice. One of the advantages is the variety of integrations on offer, including a Donorbox which allows your audience to make a donation at the click of a button. The ‘Squared’ template from Weebly has an unusually clean, line-focused design that commands attention, too – we love it!

Choose this template for:

  • An integrated button to collect donations instantly
  • Bold, graphic design
  • Pages for your blog, ecommerce store, and more
Squared nonprofit template by Weebly

9 Youth


Last – but by no means least – is Youth, a burst of color and fun from Wix. This template warrants a mention because of its energy-filled design, ideal for any community-based, community-serving organization. The bold color blocks add personality, whilst also ensuring that your site’s UX (user experience) is straightforward and uncomplicated.

Benefits of this template:

  • Integration with your organization’s social channels, including your Instagram feed
  • Bold color palette and fun design
  • Easily-updatable schedule, agenda or events section
Youth nonprofit template by Wix

The Best Nonprofit Website Templates: A Summary

We hope this article has been a source of inspiration, and has gone some way toward demystifying the process of choosing a template for your nonprofit, charity, church or community organization. Whichever template you choose, make sure that it’s visually impactful, as well as containing all the functionality you need.

The best templates allow you to collect donations, promote your events, keep your audience engaged with blogs and social media feeds, and stay in touch with ease. Keep your website frequently updated and SEO-optimized to make sure your site has the biggest impact.

What’s next? Well, hopefully you now feel ready to start making your own nonprofit website.

If that’s the case, check out our guide to the best website builders, to choose the right platform for you. Or if you’d like a little more guidance on how to build your website, explore our guide to how to build a website – in just seven simple steps. Finally, we’ve showcased the best non-profit website examples to inspire you. Good luck!

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