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14 of the Best Squarespace Templates for Photographers, Bloggers, Musicians, and More

Squarespace has 113 templates at the time of writing. These are split across 14 categories, from portfolios to real estate, which makes finding your perfect design much easier. The question is, are these templates really as good as everyone makes out? We certainly think so – we awarded Squarespace 5 stars out of 5 for its designs, beating out competitors including Wix and Weebly.

And we’re not the only ones who think Squarespace’s templates deserve the hype. It’s also won more than one Webby award, and was an honoree for best visual design aesthetic back in 2017.

So there’s no doubt that Squarespace’s templates are good. But you might be feeling unsure about which one is best for you. And that’s where we come in. We’re going to show you the 14 best Squarespace templates for each category, so that by the end, you’ll be ready to start building. 

14 Best Squarespace templates

  1. Nevins Best for portfolios
  2. Zion Best for photography
  3. Hester Best for online stores
  4. Paloma Best for blogs and podcasts
  5. Almar Best for professional services
  6. Colima Best for local businesses
  7. Lusaka Best for community and non-profit
  8. Ocotillo Best for events
  9. Dario Best for weddings
  10. Vandam Best for musicians and bands
  11. Auburn Best for restaurants
  12. Noll Best for personal and CV
  13. Cailles Best for real estate and properties
  14. Zorayda Best for launch pages

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Best for Portfolios


best squarespace template for portfolios nevins

Why we recommend this template

We chose Nevins as the best Squarespace template for portfolios because of its clean, modern, and minimal aesthetic.

The last thing you want for your portfolio is a cluttered design, and with the Nevins template, there’s no chance of overcrowding your site. It puts your work at the center of attention, while creating a professional tone for your website with plenty of white space.

We particularly liked the fact that it automatically includes a blog page for you to further engage your visitors, and keep your website up to date with fresh content. The in-built social media icons and contact page are also perfect for making it easy for clients to get in touch.

Best for Photography


best photography squarespace template zion

Why we recommend this template

We love the full-screen image of the Zion template’s homepage – it creates an immediate wow factor, and makes sure your photography is the first thing visitors see.

When you hover over the different categories, the background photo changes to reflect that collection – it’s a beautifully simple way of enticing visitors to click through to view your portfolio of work.

This template comes with both an About and a Contact Us page built-in, which is helpful if you’re building your online profile and want visitors to get to know you – or even reach out – after viewing your photography.

Best for Online Stores


best squarespace template for online stores hester

Why we recommend this template

Hester is a fun, modern template for online stores that can be easily customized to suit a range of styles. Its large, simple sections use color to make products really pop, and it keeps customers scrolling down with its bold, clean layouts.

This template automatically includes Shop Now calls to action on its homepage to hook customers straight away, as well as a featured products section so you can show off your favorites. With a dedicated About page and built-in blog, the Hester template has everything you need to kickstart and grow your store.

Considering you can expect an average return of $42 for every $1 you spend on email marketing, we especially liked the inclusion of a Subscribe call to action on the homepage – Squarespace obviously understands the importance of email marketing for growing businesses!

Best for Blogs and Podcasts


best squarespace template for blogs and podcasts paloma

Why we recommend this template

We love the full-screen image that welcomes you onto the Paloma template’s homepage, but the real reason we chose Paloma lies a little further down the page. First, a built-in “Latest Episodes” section makes it easy for listeners to catch up on your latest podcast episodes, while a generous About section helps new visitors get to know you.

This template comes with everything you need – we especially liked the inclusion of a built-in blog, as well as a dedicated episodes library. The social icons include YouTube for easy linking to a video channel, and the Donate button is perfect if you’re starting out and in need of funds.

This template uses full-screen images and designs with easy-to-navigate grid sections, to keep things organized without sacrificing creativity. Listen Now calls to action and a separate contact page complete the podcast package!

Best for Professional Services


best squarespace template professional services almar

Why we recommend this template

Almar is perfect for professional service websites – not only does it look the part, with large strips and banners breaking up the page, but it also comes packed with features. It balances images with text, and has plenty of opportunity to provide social proof to potential clients.

This template includes testimonials, newsletter sign-up, a blog, a place to list awards you’ve won, and plenty of calls to action. Our favorite feature was the membership function, and the ability to book appointments directly through the site. It even features a logo banner on the homepage, so you can show off the other brands you’ve worked with!

The overall design is simple yet bold, with large image headers and text snippets. Almar could easily be customized either to suit a fun brand, or to reflect a more serious tone depending on the images and colors you choose.

Best for Local Businesses


best squarespace template local business colima

Why we recommend this template

The Colima template caters specially to local businesses, and has the features to support them too. We liked the emphasis on connecting clients with businesses – the About and Our Instructors pages are both designed to build a relationship with the visitor.

The design itself is neutral and professional, yet welcoming, with lots of large images paired with text to convey information. Testimonials and a newsletter sign-up put the relationship with clients at the forefront of this template.

One of the key things that stood out to us with Colima was the Locations page, which comes with a built-in map to help visitors find your business. This is a very informational template – the main call to action comes in the form of “Book a Class” buttons, which can be repurposed for any type of appointment you may need.

Best for Community and Non-Profit


best community and nonprofit squarespace template lusaka

Why we recommend this template

It’s a sad truth that community and non-profit websites are often pretty dated and, well, boring in terms of design. But Lusaka proves that you can be serious and stylish, with large images and plenty of white space that draws attention to your on-site messaging.

Whether your visitors are looking to donate or learn more, Lusaka caters to their needs, with dedicated pages for your projects, mission statement, team gallery, and blog. Clear headings and large images encourage visitor engagement throughout.

We liked the balance of images and text in Lusaka – this layout lets you highlight your messaging with examples that visitors can resonate with. We particularly liked the fact that Lusaka comes with both a testimonial banner and a contact form on the homepage.

Best for Events


best squarespace template events ocotillo

Why we recommend this template

We chose Ocotillo as the best Squarespace template for events because of its big, bold layouts – large headings, colorful backgrounds, and huge calls to action really bring the fun, and are sure to get visitors excited for your event. (Don’t love the orange? Don’t worry – you can change that!)

Ocotillo keeps it simple with a page for the program, line-up, and buying tickets. The homepage features a large banner explaining the essence of the event, and a run-down of the dates and line-up. There’s a large “Buy Tickets” call to action at the very bottom, too.

The secret of Ocotillo’s success, however, is its FAQs page. This is an awesome feature for any events website to have, so we recommend you make the most of it!

Bonus Template!

If you just need a website for guests to RSVP to your own personal event – a party, for example – rather than buying tickets or viewing line-ups, check out the Wycoff template. This one-page wonder has everything you need for a personal event, including an RSVP form!

Best for Weddings


best squarespace template weddings dario

Why we recommend this template

Wedding templates all too often fall into the plain white page with a fancy serif font category. We picked Dario as the best Squarespace template for weddings because it brings a fresh, personal feel, with plenty of photos and a mix of layouts.

The main page elements of Dario are:

  • Homepage – displaying wedding details with photos and words from the couple
  • Location page – with a built-in map, plus tips on where to stay and what to do in the area
  • Gifts page – featuring details and links on how to donate to the honeymoon fund
  • RSVP form – an essential for any wedding website, with guests’ details and a box for questions

The built-in map to help guests find the location is a particularly winning feature of the Dario template.

Dario also features a lot of large images, interspersed with banners and text boxes so you can tell your story and give guests key information. There’s plenty of white space throughout, so it never loses that classy aesthetic.

Best for Musicians and Bands


best squarespace template musician vandam

Why we recommend this template

The Vandam template for musicians got us pretty excited. It has everything you could need to promote music, from “Listen Now” SoundCloud calls to action to a built-in merch store.

Other cool features include a tour dates page and a press coverage blog, both of which also feature on the homepage. Although this template features a muted gray and white color palette, you can easily liven it up with your own color choices.

Best for Restaurants


best squarespace template restaurant auburn

Why we recommend this template

Restaurant websites have pretty specific needs, and Auburn ticks all the boxes. It’s a feature-rich template that comes with menu, reservations, news, and locations pages built-in. The social icons are also tailored to restaurants, with links to Yelp, Instagram, and Facebook.

Although there’s no dedicated gallery page, there are plenty of images to show off your food, location, and team. Large image headers top each page, and the homepage is especially visually pleasing, broken up by full-width images and large headings.

Altogether, Auburn’s design creates a bold, modern aesthetic that feels professional – and, most importantly, useful – to its visitors.

Best for Personal and CV


best squarespace template personal and cv noll

Why we recommend this template

Say goodbye to boring CVs – Noll is the perfect Squarespace template for personal websites and online resumes that actually have some personality!

All text is framed by tons of white space, making it easy to read, and there are plenty of large images to show off any professional photos and keep visitors’ interest for longer. We love how the contrasting calls to action instantly catch your eye and pop compared to the neutral background.

Noll doesn’t overcomplicate things – an About page, a testimonials page, and a consultations page complete the template.

Best for Real Estate and Properties


best squarespace template for real estate cailles

Why we recommend this template

Although Squarespace has specific designs for hotels and even property listings, we chose Cailles as the best Squarespace template for real estate because of everything it has to offer. It’s a very visual template, and its structure delivers key information in a digestible format.

We like that the homepage gives plenty of space to featured listings – the size of the images highlights the small details, and is designed to help visitors picture the property. “Schedule a Viewing” calls to action and a newsletter sign-up both encourage engagement from visitors too.

Other features in the template include an About page and an Our Team page, which helps to build trust with potential clients. The Contact Us page has a built-in form where visitors can book viewings for the properties listed on the website.

Best for Launch Pages


best squarespace template launch page zorayda

Why we recommend this template

Squarespace has launch page templates for different industries, so you can scroll through to find one that suits you best. Our top pick, however, has to be Zorayda. While Squarespace’s full-page image backgrounds are visually stunning, it can make text harder to read – what we loved about Zorayda was how clear and digestible it is, thanks to its neutral background.

This template packs a lot into a single page – a nice large image, text, an email sign-up form, and location and contact details. The top right corner has social icons for Instagram and Twitter. All these features are designed to help visitors find you before your full website even goes live!

We think making the phone number clickable is a particularly attractive feature – this lets visitors click on your number and phone you directly. You can add your own branding through the colors and image you use, without worrying about cluttering your site or confusing visitors.

How to Choose a Squarespace Template

You now know the best Squarespace templates for each category in the Squarespace library – but how do you choose the best template for you?

#1. Browse and Preview (Then Preview Again!)

One of the key steps to choosing the right Squarespace template is to make sure you know what it really looks like. To do this, hover over your chosen design and click Preview:

how to choose best squarespace template hester preview

You can then scroll through to preview the template and how it displays on different screens by toggling between the device icons in the top left-hand corner. You can then preview a full demo site of the template, by clicking on the View Demo Site link in the top right-hand corner:

how to choose best squarespace template hester demo new

This gives you a full picture of exactly what the template looks like across different devices, and all the pages, layouts, and features contained in the template. You can preview all of Squarespace’s designs – you don’t even need to create an account!

#2. Think About Features

Depending on your industry, you’ll need certain features – for example, restaurants may need a reservation booking system, while a wedding website usually requires an RSVP form. Compare different templates to find one that has the best combination of features for your individual website.

Don’t worry if your template doesn’t have all your dream features already included – you can always add more as you build – but it’s a good idea to start with a template that already has the basic tools you need.

#3. Compare Designs

You can customize your template to match your own branding and design preferences, so don’t worry if you don’t love everything about your template’s design – you’ll want to put your own twist on it, after all.

Still, it’s best to choose a template that you like the look of. Otherwise, you’re working against your template, which will make life much harder. So, when you’re viewing a template, think about the design elements:

  • Layout – do you like the overall structure and layout of the template? For example, full-screen image backgrounds versus grid galleries.
  • Colors – do you like the tones and colors in the design? Do the calls to action stand out? What sort of vibe do the colors create – fun, serious, or minimal?
  • Text – is there a lot of text? Do you need a more image-heavy design? And do you like the way that text is presented?

Squarespace Template FAQs

Yes! A theme or template is a pre-designed website design that you can customize to fit your own style and content.

At the time of writing, Squarespace has 113 templates in its library (we should know – we counted them all!) That number can change as Squarespace adds fresh designs or removes old ones, but it still gives you plenty of choice!

Simply hover over any template and click Preview. This takes you to a page where you can view the template as it appears on different devices, or view a full-screen demo website of your template. You don’t need an account to preview templates, so it’s really quick and easy.

No – not with the new version of Squarespace, 7.1.

This latest version was designed to remove the need for switching templates. The idea is that all the templates share the same options for features and layouts – this means that the template you choose is simply a starting point, and you can customize it to switch to a new look without switching to a new template.

If you’re using Squarespace 7.0, however, then you can still switch your template.

All Squarespace templates are free! The cost of your design is covered by your Squarespace subscription – there’s no extra charge for using any of its templates.

We recommend starting your search in the Squarespace template library, but if you don’t find a design you like then you can look elsewhere, such as:

Yes! All Squarespace templates are mobile-friendly, meaning they adjust to display well across different devices.

You can preview how your template will look across desktop, tablet, and mobile before choosing it.

Squarespace doesn’t have an app store – all its features are created in-house in order to guarantee quality. That said, Squarespace offers plenty of integrations to help grow your website.

Examples of Squarespace integrations include Google Search Console, Unsplash, and Zapier – the last of which connects forms on your site to over 1,000 apps, giving you greater flexibility.

Yes! As long as you’re on a Squarespace plan that allows ecommerce (i.e. the Business plan and above), you can add an online store to your template. Some templates even come with a store automatically included in your pages!

You can add, rearrange, and delete content using customizable sections for each page. Customize your template’s colors, fonts, backgrounds, buttons, and so on using Squarespace’s Design panel.

If you can code, then you can carry out even more in-depth customizations!

No, you can’t pick and choose different template layouts from separate designs. So you couldn’t mix and match a homepage from one template and an About page from another.

Yes! All Squarespace sites start with a template – you can customize it to make it your own, but you have to start with one of Squarespace’s designs as a jumping off point.

You might not be able to find your exact industry or category in Squarespace’s category list. That’s okay! Simply find a category that has similar features – you can then repurpose the template for your own niche.

For example, if your site needs an RSVP form, you could take a wedding template and customize it to fit your own purpose.

Written by:
Lucy Carney is a Content Manager at Website Builder Expert, specializing in website building, ecommerce, and digital marketing. Previously working as a Writer and then Senior Writer on the brand, Lucy has 6 years of hands-on experience testing web building platforms including Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify. Lucy is passionate about using her knowledge to help small business owners build their online presence and achieve their goals. She’s reported on industry trends over the years, attended events such as the eCommerce Expo, and advised readers directly with over 400 comment replies on the site to date. Her work has also featured on other online publications such as the Shopify Partners Blog, Usability Geek, Serpstat, and Open Source, and has over 100 articles published on the Website Builder Expert blog.


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