14 Best Weebly Templates for Websites

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Weebly is a popular website builder that scores particularly well for small businesses and portfolios in our research. When you’re building your Weebly website, you may wonder which theme is best for you – which is why we put together this article!

Weebly has over 50 themes to choose from, split across seven different categories, from business to events. Picking the right design is important, so we’ve combed through every single one of Weebly’s themes to bring you the best of the bunch.

All Weebly’s themes are totally free and easy to customize – you can use drag-and-drop tools to change the layout and add new elements, such as text boxes or galleries. So, once you’ve chosen the best Weebly template for you, you can easily make it your own!

Good to know… 

You’ll need a free Weebly account to preview these themes fully. You can easily create one using an email and password, but if you don’t want to do that, don’t worry – we’ve included a gallery with photos of each theme for you to browse at your leisure!

Best for Businesses

#1: Southcorner

Weebly’s Southcorner theme is ideal for small and local businesses. It’s simple and stylish, with clear sections, full-width image backgrounds, and plenty of white space. We love how it balances images and text, and encourages users to keep scrolling with horizontal banner-like sections. It has helpful features already built-in, including:

  • ‘Schedule Appointment’ calls to action – let visitors book appointments with you through your website, to easily manage your bookings
  • Gallery – show off your products, venue, team, or location with a built-in gallery on your home page
  • Location map – this is a great way of helping online visitors become real-life visitors, by placing your location on an interactive map so they can easily find you
  • Blog – keep your customers up to date with a blog on your website; this can also help your SEO (search engine optimization) to drive more visitors to your site

#2: Acquire

Weebly’s Acquire theme can easily be customized for any type of business. It features a large image header on the homepage, as well as an interactive menu – each page has an image header, which instantly creates a smart and engaging aesthetic. You’ll also find grid gallery sections and plenty of images throughout the theme, defying the “boring business website” stereotype.

As well as looking good, the Acquire theme also comes with a range of features for businesses, including:

  • Blog – we love the minimal layout of this blog, and the expandable “Details” section at the bottom of the page with information on the author, archives, and categories
  • Contact form – the contact page features a handy contact form where visitors can get in touch with you
  • “Hire Us” call to action – this is particularly useful if your business offers a service
  • Search feature – to help visitors find exactly what they’re looking for as quickly as possible

Best for Portfolios

#1: JS Photography

JS Photography instantly grabs attention and puts your work front and center with a large, full-width image at the top of the homepage, along with a link to a dedicated portfolio page. We love this focus on making your photography shine, as well as the collage-style gallery grid displaying different sized images. It helps to create a dynamic, more interesting look, rather than relying on a uniform square grid.

The features that come built into this Weebly template include:

  • Galleries – there’s plenty of room to show off any visual work – such as photography, art, or design –with a dedicated portfolio page
  • Blog – you can keep clients or visitors updated with your latest projects using the blog, which features space for large images to document your progress
  • Contact form – new clients can easily get in touch using the built-in contact form, which asks for a name, email, and message
  • Social integration – this theme comes with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram icons at the bottom of every page, ready for you to connect your own accounts

#2: Modus Operandi

Weebly’s template Modus Operandi is perfect for simple, minimalist portfolios – if you’re just starting out or don’t want to distract visitors with too many pages, this is the theme for you. It features a gallery on the homepage, putting your work front and center, and also comes with an about page and a contact page. You can add extra pages once you’re in the editor, but we love its clean, uncluttered look.

This template’s standout features include:

  • Sticky navigation menu – the site menu stays at the top of the page when you scroll down, making it easy for visitor to quickly navigate your portfolio
  • Social icons – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram icons are already built-in at the bottom of the homepage
  • Contact form – it’s important that prospective clients can get in touch quickly and easily, which is why this contact page is so crucial!

Best for Personal Websites

#1: Mandy Miller

If you need a website to promote your freelance business, Weebly’s template Mandy Miller is a great choice. It’s a robust theme that can be customized to fit a range of needs – you can also switch up the color scheme if you’re not a fan of the dark background.

It mixes up large-screen images with neat grid galleries and banners – this means you can show off a lot of images without the page feeling cluttered or overly long. There’s a “Hire” button and space for testimonials, too – and that’s all just on the homepage!

This theme is packed with helpful features, including:

  • Testimonials – encourage more people to get in touch by including testimonials on your site
  • Instagram feed – visitors can view your recent posts directly on your site when you integrate your social account
  • Sticky navigation bar – the homepage is pretty long, so it’s great that the sticky navigation menu is really user-friendly, and makes it easy to switch between different pages
  • “Hire Me” call to action button – make it as simple as possible to turn visitors into clients!

#2: Bella Marcel

Weebly’s Bella Marcel theme has a classy, modern feel – it’s a light, bright template that uses plenty of white space and interactive scrolling to engage visitors. We especially love the mix of images and text next to each other – it creates a sense of fun, without sacrificing its professional look. Speaking of professional, there’s even a logo in the bottom corner of every page, which is a nice touch when it comes to building your brand!

Features that may interest you in the Bella Marcel template include:

  • Top and bottom navigation menus – the menu is located in both the header and footer of the site, which is a neat little value-add for users
  • Interactive scrolling – the header text grows smaller and disappears as you scroll; it’s a simple but effective feature that adds a sophisticated feel
  • Plenty of calls to action – the homepage has four call to action buttons, so it’s perfect if you want visitors to engage and convert
  • Portfolio – this template comes with a portfolio page to showcase your work
  • Contact form and map – visitors can get in touch via the contact form or view your location on an interactive map, both of which are included on the contact page

Best for Events

#1: John and Maggy

John and Maggy is perfect if you need an events site for a wedding or party – it’s designed for weddings, so comes with handy RSVP features, photo galleries, and even a contact form. In terms of design, it’s clean, classy, and modern, contrasting light pinks with dark greys and a light background. That said, you can still customize the color scheme to match your own vibe!

The features we liked the most in this Weebly theme include:

  • RSVP forms – on the homepage and on the dedicated RSVP page are forms for guests to confirm attendance, along with how many extra guests they’re bringing
  • Registry page – for weddings, the registry page is a helpful addition, with logos of businesses on your list, as well as donation suggestions
  • Contact form and interactive map – guests may have questions for you – or will need to plan their journey – so both these features are great perks!
  • Gallery – whether it’s photos of the venue, the happy couple, or snaps of past events you’ve hosted, the gallery is really useful – especially its slideshow feature!

#2: Run

This Weebly template is best for charity events. Its blocky, bold design is punchy and attention grabbing, and it’s designed for minimal clutter. The focus is on getting people to sign up and get involved – we love how this template gets straight to the point! Plenty of calls to action, large headings, and photos work together to encourage action from the visitor. Registration and contact forms complete the set.

We would’ve liked to see a donation feature on a charity events template, but this is something you can add later. It’s easy enough to do using a free app such as Donorbox, which you can find in Weebly’s App Center and install with a single click.

Here are the features we particularly liked in the Run template:

  • “Sign up” and “Volunteer” calls to action – these leave visitors in no doubt what they need to do to get involved; taking action is at the heart of this design
  • “Learn About the Foundation” section – this is perfect for putting faces to the names when it comes to the people  behind your charity or event (you can use it to introduce whoever you like)
  • Email registration – this makes it easy for people to register for your event, or sign up for more information
  • Contact form – if people have questions, they can quickly get in touch directly through your contact page

#3: Century Arts

Century Arts is best for corporate events – we especially like its sections dedicated to speakers, with photos and bios to provide detailed information about the lineup. Large, full-width image headers prevent the design from becoming boring, as does the vibrant mix of text and images the speakers’ galleries offer. The demo content features bold fonts and bright red tones, which we love!

The features which caught our attention in this theme include:

  • RSVP homepage ‘block’ – using a block of solid color with a little text and an RSVP call to action is a great way to grab visitors’ attention
  • Quick fact section – overlaying numbers over an image is a quick – but effective – way of delivering key information to visitors
  • Speakers ‘About’ page – a photo and short paragraph with a link to each speaker’s bio is a neater and snappy way of introducing your key lineup
  • Dedicated RSVP page – this allows guests to register for the event, and the interactive map helps them plan for their visit
Good to know… 

Weebly’s other corporate events theme, Vue, also has ticket sales built-in, which is a nice perk. You can easily add that functionality to this theme if you want to!

Best for Blogs

#1: Lily & Rue

Lily & Rue is Weebly’s standout blogging theme – we recommend it most for individual bloggers, rather than a team of writers.

It instantly grabs attention with a large image header and “Read More” call to action – scroll down and you’ll find a truly user-friendly homepage. Featured categories, latest articles, and a newsletter signup form are the homepage highlights – it’s easy to browse different posts, and keep up to date with new content.

This template also features a sticky image banner that appears on every page, and a collapsible corner menu. The features we think you’ll want to know about are:

  • Featured Categories image blocks – visitors can hover over an image to view each category, which is a nice interactive touch
  • Latest Articles homepage feature – visitors can easily browse your latest articles in an aesthetically pleasing grid layout; each one has an image, title, date, description, and “Read More” call to action
  • Newsletter signup – engage visitors by encouraging them to sign up for your newsletter
  • Search feature – help your readers find what they’re looking for with a site search bar

#2: Upstart

Weebly’s Upstart template is best for business blogs or those with a larger catalog of content. We love this theme because it’s so smart and sophisticated – it’s a joy to browse as a user, thanks to its use of white space and blocks to separate content.

The features that make Upstart so useful include:

  • Read More calls to action – the homepage features titles of articles, along with their category and date stamp and a large “Read More” button inviting visitors to engage
  • About Me sidebar – this is a neat way of introducing yourself to your readers, with a photo, paragraph, and social links in the right-hand sidebar
  • Newsletter signup form – another handy feature in the sidebar is a newsletter subscription
  • Join the Community feature – take advantage of this community call to action to help your readers connect with each other

Best for Coming Soon


weebly coming soon sol home
Sol gives you a stylish landing page while you build your site, and even gives visitors a way to stay updated by signing up to your newsletter.

Sol is a lovely template for sites that may be coming soon, under construction, or even experiencing tech issues. You can select your own image background, insert your own logo, and invite visitors to sign up for your newsletter to stay updated with your news.

This template really has one feature: its newsletter signup form. All users have to do is enter their email address and click Submit, and you’ll have another subscriber for your email list!

Best for Other: Miscellaneous

#1: Urbandine

If you need a website for a restaurant or food business, Weebly’s Urbandine theme could be your perfect choice. Visitors can browse your menu, reserve a table, enjoy photos of your food, or find your contact details. Each page has an image header, and the template creates a modern look by switching between grid galleries and full-width images – the homepage menu uses asymmetric layout to let the food photography take center stage.

The features that make Urbandine such a great pick include:

  • Table reservation – this template comes with a built-in reservation feature via OpenTable
  • Menu – visitors can browse your menu online, which is important as 77% of diners check restaurant websites before visiting in person, and many want to see the food available!
  • Galleries – there are plenty of galleries to show off your food, venue, or catering team

#2: Loveseat

If you need an online store template, check out Loveseat – it’s a clean, simple theme designed to let your products shine, rather than opening up the floor to large chunks of text. Above the fold, there’s a “Start Shopping” call to action button, as well as a sticky navigation menu, logo, and image header. It’s a robust theme that comes with a shop, blog, contact page and about page, so you’re covered from all angles.

This Weebly theme template comes with a cornucopia of ecommerce features, including:

  • Featured products on the homepage – you can select which products you want to promote on your homepage, to draw more attention to them
  • Product pages – each listing you create has an image, name, price, and “View Product” button, making it easy for customers to browse your products
  • Business information – the footer on each page lists your business hours, telephone number, and email address, to make it easy for customers to get in touch

Weebly Templates: Summary

It may seem hard at first to pick your Weebly theme, but when you start thinking about the branding and features you need for your site, it becomes much easier to sort through the many designs, and pick the perfect one for your website.

Remember, you can customize all Weebly’s templates, so don’t be put off by color or font style – these are all things you can easily change, without any coding skills. All Weebly’s templates are free, and you can switch your template at any time – so let this take the pressure off while you choose!

It’s a good idea to pick a theme within your industry, because they have relevant, useful features already built-in. While you can add extra features to any template, picking one that already has what you need saves you time and effort, meaning you can publish your site sooner.

Now you know the best templates for each of Weebly’s categories, you can go and explore them for yourself – happy building!

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Are You Ready to Pick Your Weebly Theme?

Now you’ve seen our pick of the best Weebly templates, you can go and explore them for yourself to find the one that’s best for you!

Find Out More

Weebly Templates FAQs

All of Weebly’s templates are totally free. Even if you’re on the free plan, you don’t have to pay to use any of its templates, which is a great perk!
Yes, you can! However, we don’t recommend it. The only time you’ll need to pay for a Weebly template is if you source one from outside Weebly – for example, if you use a third-party theme. These usually cost around $40. We don’t recommend using them over Weebly’s themes because it’s more expensive, and – depending on who you’re buying from – there’s less guarantee of design quality.
To view Weebly’s wide range of themes, simply visit its theme library. However, to preview themes, you’ll need to log in first. You can easily create a free Weebly account with just an email and password – it’ll ask you if you want to make an online store, or a website (without ecommerce). It will then take you to the theme library where you can browse Weebly’s themes by industry, and click on each one to view its demo site.
No matter how much you love your chosen theme, you’ll almost certainly want to put your own unique stamp on it. Fortunately, Weebly makes this easy, with drag-and-drop editing tools. Once you’ve selected your theme, you’ll go to the Weebly editor. Here, you use the sidebar to add new pages, sections, and elements (like text boxes or images), and can also edit the existing settings, such as color, font, images, and text.
Yes! You can switch your Weebly theme at any time, so if you realize you don’t like your theme as much as you first thought –or want to rebrand your site later down the line – this is easy to do. Weebly will try to reformat as much content as it can, but you’ll still need to go over your site and check that everything looks as it should.
If you spotted a lack of ecommerce templates in Weebly’s library, you’re not imagining things! Weebly was acquired by Square, which now manages its ecommerce offering – so if you use Weebly to build an online store, you’re actually using Square Online. This means Square is responsible for Weebly’s ecommerce templates, and you’re automatically given a Square theme as part of your store setup.


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  • BroA
    There was once another company that made some wonderful Weebly templates. Wish they were still in business.
    1 reply
    • Tom Watts
      Hey BroA, If you're in need of Weebly templates I'd recommend checking out Mojo Marketplace, which has a decent selection of themes and designs. hope it helps, - Tom
  • anais
    Great tips, thank you !
  • Nate Jasper
    Hi Jeremy! Nice article. think you are right on a few points here. I think Weebly is great but it could really use more header customization for sure like logo size across all themes, navigation options, and also have built in H1, h2, h3, h4, h5 text formatting instead of having to buy an app or hand code for those heading tags. Also mobile theming could be a little more elaborate. I like that clients can easily blog without trashing the site and not as much maintenance as Wordpress or others CMS systems.
    1 reply
    • Tom Watts
      Hi Nate, Thanks for sharing your suggestions with the discussion. Weebly are always expanding their offering so hopefully we'll see some more design and customization options in the near future. - Tom
  • Marjonneke Grech
    Love Weebly! Can't beat them for ease of use and design.
  • Kenneth
    Hi Jeremy, Nice article. I have been using Weebly for years and find it fantastic in every respect except the Templates. I have 2 Weebly pro accounts and have tried just about all the templates at sometime of the last 5 years. Each time I test a template, I change and change and then find out how far I find out what potential it has for me and what I want and almost always there is something that I can't do that is important to me and then have to try another template. That's all very time consuming and frustrating. I must say that I have never found a Template and thought “wow this is just what I've been looking for. It's always, “ok, this seems to be the best I can find”. Yesterday I widened an older 5 years old website. Widening the text body was no problem. However, the Header wouldn't widen properly. So then I had to make a screenshot of the published header, turn off the header in Weebly Edit and place in the screenshot as image and all the other pages without header or image at present. However, I'm not happy with this. It's time consuming and doesn't give me the qualitiy I want. I would like more flexibility within a template, more training videos as to how to create own templates or at least take template parts from one website design and exchange them with parts in another. Kind of swapping. Then, on my 5 year old website for example, I could have taken changed the old Header Template and put in another that I could have widened with no problem. As I said, I'm a little tired of all this and may, one day go over to Wordpress as I'm really not happy about this part of Weebly. I have 2 Weebly pro-accounts and need to open another this week so it's not as if I have too little experience with Weebly.
    1 reply
    • Jeremy
      Hey Kenneth, Have you considered another website builder such as Wix? they have a lot more flexibility when it comes to customizing your webpage layouts. Here's our review on Wix. When it comes to Weebly, they do allow you access to edit the templates' HTML / CSS codes. So you can make a lot of advanced design customization there. Having said that, you do need to be a bit handy with codes. If you migrate to WordPress, just be aware that if you want to make edits to your design, you'll have to be proficient with codes, too. So from that perspective, migrating over to WordPress might not solve your problem. We have a discussion that compares Weebly and WordPress here. If you don't know how to code, it might be a good idea to establish a basic working level if you want to make customizations to your design (whether in Weebly or with WordPress). We have a beginners guide to coding that talks about some good resources. One other alternative is to hire a coder to help you make modifications. You don't have to splurge or have a big budget. There are a lot of capable coders out there that can help you make modifications. You don't necessarily need to hire a rockstar unless you are building out a custom website. Here's a guide on how to hire and find web developers. Jeremy
  • Kevin D.
    Good article. I've been saying for years that Weebly needs to publish a directory of designers that are strong on the platform. Any designers out there? KD
  • MJ
    can you recommend someone that could help me make very minor adjustments that are not drag and drop and help me properly edit code to use someone's plugin for my website. i'm hitting a wall... thanks! MJ
    1 reply
    • Jeremy
      Hi MJ, Try searching for "weebly templates" in Google and you'll find a few premium template design providers. I think some of them might offer services to adjust codes for you. Alternatively, visit Upwork.com and you can hire freelancers to help you modify codes. The benefit with the first approach is that these template designers are probably well versed with Weebly's platform already. Jeremy
      1 reply
      • MJ
  • Hanneke Basart
    Hi Jeremy, I have already build a website on Weebly, but as you describe here above: they don't have enough templates I like. Is it possible to take my website adress and rebuild it somewhere else? Hanneke
    1 reply
    • Jeremy
      Hi Hanneke, Weebly does allow you to export your website design and content, but they are all in HTML and CSS codes. So while you can upload the codes into your own hosting service, you won't be able to upload them into other drag and drop website builders, as those builders have their own specific code base when they built their platform. Even if you managed to upload the codes into your own hosting service, to make any changes to the website, you will have to make them by editing the codes. So this option is only viable if you are very proficient with coding. But you are asking specifically about website address (meaning your domain name), then yes you can take that domain name with you. So you can move to another service, such as Wix or Squarespace, build a new website there, and have the website connect to your website address / domain name. Jeremy
  • Hārsh Yādāv
    Hey, I'm going to build a website and am confused between Weebly and Squarespace ... I'm happy with the starter plan provided by Weebly but the templates aren't good enough for me. I love Squarespace templates on the other hand. In fact Adversary is my favourite. Is it possible to get Adversary on Weebly .....!?
    1 reply
    • Jeremy
      Hi Harsh, Unfortunately you can't use a Squarespace template on Weebly's website builder, as the codes are not compatible. However, Weebly does offer you the ability to use a custom built template, as long as the codes to the template is compatible with Weebly's platform. So you can consider hiring a capable developer to code up a custom template for your Weebly website, a template that resembles Squarespace's Adversary design. Jeremy
  • Mike
    Now that Weebly has changed their platform and deleted most of their themes, what does that mean for those of us who want to purchase 2nd-party Weebly themes? Will they still work with Weebly's platform? I personally think all of Weebly's "new & improved" themes are complete crap - from a design & aesthetic sense. Where should we go to get themes that will work?
    1 reply
    • Jeremy
      Hi Mike, There are a few other decent third party Weebly theme creators out there, such as Webfire, Baamboo, etc. Or, as suggested in the post, you can go to Mojo Marketplace and take a look at some of the themes there. Good luck! Jeremy